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    Why don't you get off your arse, go and buy eggs, flour, milk etc and make the proper pancakes yourself, instead of bitching about your mum basically running about after you, ya lazy wee ungrateful shite?
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    He's probably hiding from JBL all night
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    As mentioned on the rtbc thread, I have a job. I really should try and get some sleep but its difficult when you can't wipe the smile from your face
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    Created by popular request A thread for the latest match highlights. Blasts from the past no doubt deserve their own thread so create one and plonk them in there. The last couple of weeks, from 26 Feb say, might be a good place to start. Please include a bit of extra info regarding each video along with the link so that people can search the thread with a bit of ease. Please note that this forum is not YouTube (other video sharing sites are also available) nor are we attempting to make it so. By all means advertise the rest of your goodies alongside each link but remember the purpose of this thread - latest videos, hot off the editing suite. Match discussion should also be kept to a relevant thread elsewhere in the forum - to keep this place (relatively) clutter-free. An example: Haddington Athletic 2 - 3 Fauldhouse United East Region South Division, Millfield Park, Haddington 5 March 2011
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    Looks like Cena's rap battle skills have rubbed off on yourself . RAW was good last night, whilst it was obvious that The Miz was going to appear at the end, it was still typically Awesome. Does anyone else think that with the new Johnny Cash entrance and the "Last Outlaw" nickname for Undertaker that they could be gearing towards a more realistic theme/gimmick for him? Hard to explain but I was thinking more "Old Western Gravedigger" than "Supernatural" when I saw him. Which is a good thing IMO.
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    Yas Decent lift for those singles and doubles.
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    It will probably be fine. My wife goes to all the bother of making proper custard and I prefer Birds custard any day.
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    I just realised how little I have to offer this forum. I have probably looked at 50 threads and couldnt think of anything constructive or helpful to say in any of them. Even the Ross County threads are all a bit abstract these days as I cant get to many games. Even this post is pointless. Thats my PTTGOYN.
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    New Slash album out in December
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    If the prices suit when they are available, I'll be looking to back Trans Sonic, Mexican Jay and Kipchak today at Southwell
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    Devin Townsend was fantastic in the Garage tonight - one of the best I've been to in a while. Highly recommend all of his music.
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    Every single match I have available is on my website in the archives: Clydebank Till I Die The three latest matches are as follows: (12th February 2011) (19th February 2011) (5th March 2011)I don't like directly embedding the videos on pie and bovril because it isn't full-sized - easier just clicking the links.
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    Just tell her you'll use the sink in future. That should get her to back down and have the added bonus of enraging xbl.
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    Yeeeahhhh. Nothing to do with you being a sad boring virgin with no life, not at all.
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    i once baked a hangover shite from greenock to inveraray in my mates motor. it was a wee burgundy lada and there were 5 of us in it. i was farting the turtles breath the whole way much to the chagrin of my chums. anyhoo by the time we got to inverary the dolphin's nose was nudging my gussett and i couldn't find a bog. i ran down to the shores of loch fyne, whipped off one leg of my jeans and y's and opened the bomb-bay. f**k me, this thing felt like king kong's thumb. i then made the mistake off bending over to have a gander at it through my legs. it was like a big nik-nak that had been dipped in cuprinol. as it swayed in the wind - one end still lodged up my bangle - it became a temporary landing strip for a colony of blue bottles. i waggled my bum till it snapped off and then had to wipe my freckle with a wee bit of snottery hanky. i'd have got more wipes aff a spangles wrapper. anyway the last i saw of that behemoth was it steaming on a rock while an alsatian barked at it
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    You should get your own TV show. Nobody would watch, but it would sure take your Sally Sensitive routine elsewhere and give us peace.
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    Snort it. Might be a bit difficult to start with, but I imagine it would get progressively easier as you moved along the line.
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    Not really. Made one. It was edible but it wasn't very nice. It didn't flip properly, so I was left with a line of pancake. k
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    Oh aye, and Michael Cole pretty much ruined Raw again ... I liked him when he started this heel persona (on NXT?) but by god has it gone completely overkill.
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