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  2. Just watch lesbian porn then and this removes men from the equation all together.
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  3. I'll try harder. You can't have the former without the latter.
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  4. Can't find the plants at the school, and I can't find the graveyard itself.
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  5. I didn't recommend it, the title of this thread is "what was the last movie you watched" not "what was the last good movie you watched" and i said what I seen of it was good not go check it out, so yeah, no recommendation from me on that one. To the guy who posted above you (didn't check your name cause I couldn't be bothered) I like people like you.. you act smart on the internet, trying to slag folk and stuff, you probably claim to have a wife, good job and good friends but when you get off this website you'll probably still be old, fat, balding and lonely like the majority of P&B users, you are an internet joker/funny guy but in real life.. you are a w**k..anyway enjoy your night yeah??
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  6. I did this as well when I was at uni but I was walking across playing fields in the dark and put my foot in a rabbit burrow. I also remember hearing something pop and after landing on the ground hesitated for a second then screamed like a banshee as the pain hit. Even though I was only about 100 yards from my flat I rang my flat mate and told him to bring his car across to get me. A visit to A&E the next day confirmed it was the ligaments that had been damaged. The worse of it was that the ankle this happened to is still weak. For about a year after this it'd buckle without warning and I remember one occassion when I was walking to a bus stop and it went. I ended up on the deck in tears moaning and rubbing my ankle and this other student just walked right past me without saying anything. On the subject of tattoos though I'm still looking for a decent animal artist in the central belt.
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  7. My link Hope the link helps
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  8. £1 Accumulator £1 Accumulator £1 on SM Caen to beat Brest at 13/2 = £7.50 £1 on Spurs/Man Utd draw at 2/1 = £3 50p on Accumulator (Valencia, Nacional Madeira, AEK Athens, Panionios + Qatar) = £10.92 Total = £19.42
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