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    Stick your hand in it. See which one it feels like.
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    Therein lies the problem, the wee c**t doesn't have any pals.
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    I'd do my Mum if I was drunk enough. There I said it, I'm not scared of you!
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    Aye an assumption based on about 4500 posts worth of mind-numbing drivel. f**k off you c**t
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    He'd be posting on here asking what he should do and how there was nothing on the internet about sexual intercourse or naked ladies in general.
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    If you accept Barnett - as PF does - Scotland is a net recipient. The question's really for him. Also, why is it that Germany is a massive net contributor yet repeatedly report among the highest levels sympathy towards the EU project? It's almost as if sometimes economic gain isn't the sole driving factor of peoples' opinions or something!
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    Rovers will surely win the league with this new signing!!
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    Listen. It was under Labour's watch that Chomps and Freddos rose to 17p. I'm taking no lectures from those c***s!
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    The Olly Murs album aint half bad. Aint half bad.
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    Been a couple of times in the last few years, first time stayed in Dubrovnik, next time on one of the islands about half an hour or so from the port, Lopud. There's two parts to the city really, the old town that you always see in the tourist pictures, and the new town, where the majority of the hotels and the main port is, it's probably half a mile/a mile between the two, but there's regular buses going back and forth between the two. It's nice enough but there's not a huge amount to do/see, the usual streetside cafes/restaurants to sit and watch the world go by, or you can go to one of the islands off the coast. You can also walk around the old town walls and spot the bullet holes that are left from the upheaval in the early nineties! Most of the beaches in the area are rock outlays or pebble beaches, one of the few sandy beaches in the area (Sunj) is on Lopud. I stayed here : http://hotel-ivka.com/hotel-ivka-engleski.htm the first time I went (2008) and it was fine, clean and tidy and not too dear.
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    Yep the battle for second place should be a cracker!
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    Morrisons self service checkouts. By far the worst of all the supermarkets. Fecking useless.
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    Can i ask why you have a tattoo of a penguin?
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    Starting this tonight, any tips. Not played any of these before.
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    I'm still drunk from last night. But my head has started to pound. Is it actually possible to be hungover and drunk at the same time?
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    Can't find the plants at the school, and I can't find the graveyard itself.
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