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    I use AVG but when my computer was virus-ed it wouldn't work because the internet was needed and the internet wasn't loading up. I've never heard any problems with Norton, don't think you need the internet to put it on either. If your OS has an option to load with safe mode then I'd give that a bash, usually gives you the option in the first couple of screens after you've turned it on, before any logging in happens.
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    Can't wait to see the number of complaints they get when it's finally revealed Pat Butcher has a cock
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    I assume the video is already on your iTunes. My iTunes has the 'manually manage music and videos' button ticked so I just dragged videos over onto my iPod and it syncs them like that.
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    Only shower for a couple of minutes?
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    Buried - 9/10 I absolutely loved this! Ryan Reynolds is great in it, and it's one of the best endings to a film I've ever seen.
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    But not an Orange Hall. I did that and it's a completely different thing.
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    Try traveline Scotland website.
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    127 hours. Saw this today and thought it was one of the best iv seen in the past 6 months. Stunning performance from James Franco. 9/10
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    I was laughing at the fact his joke sailed right over your head. His reference to dry cleaning was a joke, hinging on the pun on one guy coming (ejaculating) in a tux. You really are an idiot.
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    If it's raw chorizo it'll probably be quite oily, so gently fry it without oil and add paprika, peppers, tomatoes, maybe some olives. Season and you can do what you want with it, pasta, rice, on crunchy bread.
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    1-10? 0, ya big wuss, grow a pair!
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    December (starts page 166) The anniversary month begins with Leanne and Nick’s affair being discovered by Ken. Lucky Chesney is repeatedly getting it on with his ripe young girlfriend. The Stape meets the parents of Charlotte the Harlot. Jim gets hospitalised due to a kicking arranged by Owen. Jason starts to spend the nights with Rosie at the Webster’s. Molly tells Tyrone she’s leaving him and that he isn’t baby Jack’s father. Speculation grows as to which characters will make an exit in the forthcoming tram crash with certain posters clear as to who they’d like to see go. A feast of episodes lies ahead. The first ever episode is aired again and goes down well. Charlotte goes completely off her head before the Stape whacks her head back on again with a hammer. The viaduct explodes and a tram comes off it, smashing into the street. Many lives hang in the balance. Fiz goes into labour three months early. Some posters liked the crash, some thought it looked terrible and doune castle thought this. IainMorton saw the practicalities of the disaster. A landmark is achieved. Activity on the thread goes into overdrive as page after page is filled with reaction to the crash and who people expect to or want to die. The emergency services seem to take an unreasonable length of time to make it to the scene but this is explained. Ashley appears to die and then the announcer at the end of the programme tactlessly confirms it by mentioning his touching farewell interview online. Tension is high before the live episode with few believing it will pass without any errors from the cast. A few of us think it’s a bad idea to begin with but there is still a huge sense of occasion. E********s slips in an acknowledgement to Coronation Street when Dot Cotton says she never misses an episode. A running commentary begins as numerous contributors post during the live event. Sally is allowed to hang around inside a collapsing death trap so she can chat to the trapped Molly. Admirable concern is shown on the thread for Peter Barlow as it looks like he may be checking out. Carla publically freaks out over Peter’s potential demise but the main man lives long enough to have a hospital bed wedding with Leanne. Fiz gives birth to baby Hope. Rita is trapped in the Kabin. The live episode is going surprisingly well and emotions are running high. It turns out crazy Charlotte is not yet dead. Molly tells Sally that Kevin planted the seed for baby Jack and then dies. Peter hangs on the brink of life and death. Rita is rescued. Sally confronts Kevin over his affair. Charlotte’s life support machine is turned off and she dies. The anniversary week comes to an end and the overall response is very positive. Peter survives and the alluded to fourth victim of the crash turns out to be the taxi driving father-of-three Weatherfield County season ticket holder that was crushed in his car – a red herring planted by the producer. The Stape discovers Charlotte’s diary, which is the collected ravings of a truly troubled person. It’s announced that the programme will build a new, larger set at Trafford Wharf and move there in 2013. We don’t get to see Ashley’s funeral. Tyrone decks Kevin at Molly’s funeral when the truth comes out about the affair and the fatherhood. The Stape ludicrously shows up at Charlotte’s funeral when there was absolutely no need for him to do so. Peter and Leanne move into the Barlow’s for assistance while he is in his wheelchair. Steve and Becky have another major fallout. Kevin sticks around despite being a pariah on the street. Some on the thread think Sally has a cheek treating Kevin as she does considering her affairs in the past. Steve seems to find it impossible to forgive Becky for stealing Dev’s money during the disaster. Rosie announces she’s moving in with Jason. Rita sings Winters Tale in the Rovers. Tracy shows up out of the blue and reveals she’s been released in lieu of a retrial due to a discredited expert. Struggling with his recent army experiences, Gary starts to get violent. Steve and Becky stay together. Tracy discovers that Max was bought from Kylie. The Stape struggles to cope with his recent actions. Tracy is rude to everyone and horny as hell. Demon David goes to confront the Barlow minx only to be dragged to bed for sex. Sally and Tyrone nearly kiss. Sophie and Sian get drunk and decide to consummate their relationship. Tracy snogs Nick but ends up going home alone after insulting yet more people in the Rovers. Once home, she goes out back where she is apparently bludgeoned over the head. Steve is found squatting by her with blood on his hands but there are many candidates for the act of brutality. December ran for a whopping 18 pages which is probably some sort of a record. This is undoubtedly down to the 50th anniversary. I got out of breath just reading it all again.
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    I always found back door sluts 9 was the best for man trapped in a tight space
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    She comes clean next week
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    Andrei Kanchelskis is one of the funniest people i know...
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    Anchorman. Can't be arsed writing a review that none of you will read. Plus I'm not even getting paid for it. Don't know when it was made, probably 2004, or something like that. But, yeah it was really good, I've already watched it about 5 times. 10/10.
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    Q. What do you call a successful Scot? A. An emigrant Q. What do you call a successful person in Scotland? A. An immigrant
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    Nope, completely uninteresting and random, now please leave me in peace! And everyone else better leave me be too! I'm just a RandomGuy, nobody interesting or controversial enough to warrant the attention i have got recently from certain posters
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    What do you call a Scot who doesn't prostrate himself in front of the English cricket team? Chippy!
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