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    I read that as Kevin Kelly at first
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    WWE performer Kevin Kiley (a/k/a Alex Riley) was arrested this morning in Tampa, Florida on charges of Driving under the Influence. Fanny!
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    It will sting like feck and you will end up like a greeting bairn who's just been told Father Christmas doesn't exist and his Paw's spent all the holiday money on booze, fags and a cheap whore! Here to help!
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    Has anyone here actually completed a rubix cube? I have one and not even close.
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    Goodfellas offers so much more than the Godfathers for me, there's so many elements to it. You have a real sense of fear in the Joe Pesci character, he's so unpredictable. You feel yourself drawn towards Ray Liotta just as Lorraine Bracco is. She knows he's bad news but the appeal of that lifestyle is too much. I found myself grinning from ear to ear in the scene where Henry takes Karen out for their first date and he's shaking hands with everyone, getting tables moved for him, how could anyone not love that? De Niro in the scene after the heist when he is chastising the henchman for buying a car with the money is also classic stuff, there's almost a touch of dark humour about it. The music is awesome as well. My favourite scene of all is the car scene when he's off his face on ching. Liotta captures the panic of cocaine abuse magnificently well in my opinion. An excellent, excellent movie.
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    didn't think you would. edit: VL.
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    For anyone stupid enough to deface themselves with ink that they will undoubtedly want rid of when they're older, consider instead coming and seeing me, where I will boot your baws for a tenner. Cheaper, more painful and doesn't require a lazer to remove afterwards.
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    Anyone who says standing on a plug is worse than getting kicked in the chuckies clearly hasn't been booted in the baws by anyone other than a big pansy.
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    That is an excellent scale and should be adopted globally. When I had my tattoo I would say the pain started at 8/10 (kicked in the nuts) but once you get used to it, down to 5/10 (catching the side of the bed with your leg)
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    Passed it 3rd time with only 2 minors!!! Woopah!
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    Ouchie!!! As a fives veteran of a broken rib, sprained finger and bruises too many to mention, I feel for you, bro! Heal up soon.
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    New camera - great Downloaded holiday photo's - great Copied to memory stick to upload onto girlfriend's PC - great Try to post a sample - "file too big" Try to downsize RAR/ZIP it to email - still too big Modern technology - every little thing designed to "make your life easy and hassle free", load of shit. PS StewartyMac - I have read the instruction booklet - it still doesnae work! LUDDITES UNITE AND RECLAIM THE SIMPLE LIFE!!!
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    1-10? 0, ya big wuss, grow a pair!
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    Wasn't whinging was just asking fuckwit! And no it wouldnt
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    Well done. I passed on my 1st attempt. My cousin took 3 attempts to pass hers...................she's now a driving instructor
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    1-10 how much pain is involved? Going to get it on my upper arm about the length of a tshirt sleeve.
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