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    Bishopbriggs Area VL's - M.Wallace
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    I used to pee in the pool every time I went in it.
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    That's exactly what I was coming on to say Neilly. When I first started gambling I was putting £1 and 50p on daft accys, but as I grew more and more into gambling I genuinly laugh at myself for being such a stupid idiot for betting on accys that come up about once every 2 seasons. Nowadays I very rarely bet more than trebles. In the last month, since I opened an online account for the first time, I think I've won more bets than I have in my whole life put together, purely down to keeping my selections to an absolute minimum, and it's gradually building my bank up very nicely indeed. I know what you're saying, The_Belgian with regards to the added excitement, especially if it's a Saturday in front of Jeff Stelling, but I'd rather have money than excitement to be honest.
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    David Otunga should learn to wrestle first.
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    Can you not actually post your availability instead of some cryptic message designed to fool Enigma?
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    Jakey smoking a joint on the bus.... Bastirt won't pass it!
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    The AOF forum used to get on my nerves but the step up in the last week has been night and day. Well doneto all the informative folk.
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    Kev will be getting a lift off McGowan
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    Not that close an eye clearly, if you aren't aware of who the new directors are.
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