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    Look at my team,by the time a special occasion comes along they'll be fucking vinegar
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    Your on here ALL the time , do you not read what other people post?
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    I had a similar situation happen to me in the chemists today. The vast majority of people in this world are inconsiderate, rude arseholes.
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    A player must be cautioned if: • in the opinion of the referee, he makes gestures which are provocative, derisory or infl ammatory • he climbs on to a perimeter fence to celebrate a goal being scored • he removes his shirt or covers his head with his shirt • he covers his head or face with a mask or other similar item Under the rules removing his shirt, even if he's wearing more than one, is a compulsory caution.
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    Conversely, you don't marry the first one that gives you her hole though
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    Well that was fucking horrific. Sitting "working" away around 15 minutes ago, I heard the call of the porcelain throne. So off i trotted. I opened the door to the gents and walked in avoiding a grinning gentleman as he left. He seemed awfully pleased with himself but I assumed he had maybe went for a monkeys fag break. Anyway, I reached the cubicle where It all became apparent why the smiling assasin was so pleased with himself. He befouled the throne in a manner which I have never seen and hopefully never see again. Despite obviously flushing, there was shit smeared all over the crapper. That was nothing compared to the smell though. Couldn't breathe in through my noise due to the putrid smell, so I took the decision to breathe through my mouth instead. Big fucking mistake. I could taste it. The heat in the cubicle was something else too. If I could've held on I would've left and came back when it was safe but I was already 4/5 engaged. There was no returning. There was only one thing to do, hold my breath and push like I had never done before. I still had to come up for air once or twice but thankfully it was over relatively quickly. Despite the trauma involved, I would gladly shake the guys hand. God knows how he survived his arsepocalypse.
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    Aye, aye, aye but when she said yes I pushed her in a big dirty puddle whilst shouting "ONE NIL!"
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    I dunno. Seriously, there isn't legitimate reason for it! I think that when I was a wee kid, I just hated the sound of the name, "St. Mirren" sounded all horrible and guttural, as did "Paisley". So from childhood, I disliked them. Then I got a bit older and happened to visit Paisley, and it really was that horrible. To reinforce that, when I first started posting online, there was a strong Falkirk - St. Mirren rivalry, and the Falkirk fans as a group just came across as better! Same for the club, they always seem to me to be a horrible wee club with horrible wee fans and delusions of grandeur! Remember the Spartans(?) game a few years back when your chairman broke into the ground? Oh, and my stepdad hates St. Mirren as well (not sure why, but he's a Celtic fan so there is probably some reason). Now I know that St. Mirren and their fans are no worse than any other club, in fact, they have many great posters on here, but after all these years I just really, really fucking hate them now! I even listen out for their result every week and hope they lose.
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    Our rosie is lookin good PHWOOOAR !
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    Yes, that joke was in the Daily Record yesterday.....
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    Explain how you feel about her and find out what she thinks. Or is that too grown up an answer?
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    All good answers, especially the Doctors and Nurses idea.
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    When steaming, Maggie May is up there with the greatest songs ever to sing along to.
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    Fuckin dancer!! £2.00 on chelsea, coventry, norwich, brighton, rochdale, southampton, chesterfield, crewe, hearts, raith, and livi returned £539.87 £5.00 on chelsea, brighton, southampton, chesterfield. raith, and livi returned £64.91 £5.00 on chelsea, coventry, brighton, rochdale, southampton, livi, and berwick returned £136.43 total of 741. 21. get in!!!!!!!!!
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