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    I don't have a Facebook either (I actually signed up last week to cyber stalk girls but my activation time expired) but might I suggest that if women want to use Facebook to raise awareness of breast cancer, they post pictures of their breasts?
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    That actually annoyed me reading that.
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    Absolutely; I didn't renew because of Massone and nothing to do with what the "Trust" may or may not have said. Actually going by the threads on Livilions the trust had little credibility with their "we've got a plan but we're not telling you" sort of stance. I'm afraid this sort of alienated many who saw it as a "we know best" sort of attitude. For Alex to suggest that the Trust's statements could have had a significant effect on whether or not people renewed their season tickets is really taking things too far. Personally all the court cases and liquidity problems (players not being paid, utilities being cut off, etc. etc.) had a far greater effect on my decision not to renew my season tickets at the time. Based on what I saw, not by what others told me, there is absolutely no chance the club would still be in existence with Massone in change; lodged accounts can present one figure but they do not represent true cash flow and liquidity month by month; likewise ongoing liability for season tickets etc. can be a little misleading. However the idea that he sold the "sell-on" clauses etc. because he was being force out by the trust is really a bit unrealistic. The trust never have that kind of power or influence, even under Flynn when they gave away £X000 for some paultry share value, and any other belief is frankly pie in the sky. Some saw it as the supporters mouthpiece but in reality only represented the members of the trust (however many that may be).
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    Finally, 2 weeks late, and a labour lasting less than an hour little Chloe make her appearance. Mrs WB was in HDU for most of the day, so daddy has bonded and become totally smitten by his wee girl.
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    Aye, well, it'll mean that mean that everyone will get to use the same banners in a year or so probably. Think of the money that will save the fans.
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    I suppose you might take offence at any suggestion of being related to our palSandy/Stonded or whatever his name du jour is, but nothing rude in being factual. You are dim, not understanding the meaning of the word "memorial"
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    Oh, and Harrington is a cunt who only ever chugs over cunts. Hope that clears it up.
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    Cant fucking wait for the Zombie gig myself. Mind and hook a brother up with the presale Mik. Too bad its a Sunday so the Monday will more than likely be taken off, whole day of drinking what with the Old Firm game being that day too. Lamb of God gig all over again! A band worth checking out for some is Evile, im not a massive fan but I can see why they are getting some hype. I have both their albums on my Ipod and they're not bad at all. Quick list of the bands im into: Megadeth Lamb of God Metallica Black Sabbath Ozzy Slayer Testament The Haunted Children of Bodom Disturbed Judas Priest. Take from that what you will
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    £6.99 and £12.99 respectively.
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    I would have able to seen where hicks and gillett were coming from, if they hadnt got greedy. Who would want to come out of a deal £70 million down for the both of them? so I guess it would be understandable if they wanted to recoup their cash. But instead of asking for maybe around £450 million to break even they asked for a ridiculous amount in £800 and then £600 million(which even then, would give them £75 million each if such an offer was made). The fact of the matter is that they got the club into this mess in the first place, and then asked for a well over-the-odds money to reward their failures. If they come out of this £70million down each, then it will be imo, everything they deserve for putting the club at risk, and getting too greedy in the first place.
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    Myself and quite a few others i know didn't renew our ST's because we didn't trust Massone, he wasn't paying staff, never had a float for tills, so you didn't get served in the AS unless you had the correct change, away fans came in and couldn't get lager and other drinks because Massone hadn't paid suppliers and the place was running dry. He'd done too many things over the season and even the most trusting Livi fans had seen he was a liar, and had lied to them one time too many. Theres not a hope in hell Massone would have ran the club any better not matter how much help he got, he wasn't living in the real world, guy was on another planet FFS, he was getting worse by the day. IMO the council did what need to be doen to get the crazy c**t out and we're lucky to still have a club, as he tried to block the CVA and put us into liquidation. You already know all this though, you don't really believe what you're saying, it's obv your hatred for the Trust is motive for all this Massone might have got through it pish.
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    Great quote on the C4 News from the Boston Globe's financial guy. When asked about the new owner's approach to running Liverpool, he said "It's not all about putting fannies on seats at Anfield"
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    I was in a similar situation last year with a Nokia I had upgraded to. Despite the phone developing several faults, Orange were un-willing to provide a different handset. I eventually, after about 15 phone calls a week (for a fortnight) and several e-mails, managed to get them to back down and I got a Sony Ericsson handset that I had chosed as my desired replacement. I'd reckon they will try as hard as they can to avoid providing a different handset, but if you ask for their complaints department, advise in shop that their service is shoddy (so prospective customers can hear etc), and advise that you won't hesitate in contacting someone higher to complain about their service, they may agree (albeit reluctantly) to provide a different handset, although I wouldn'd expect much lee-way with regards to being able to cancel your contract. Good Luck!
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    Borderline RTBC. Gamu has been deported
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    this is like neighbours you know it's shite but have to keep watching
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    That's not a quick question, but a quick search of the forum will unearth the answer for you. There's been a few threads on that topic.
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    Bit touchy about others commenting on Bankies eh? Maybe if every second thread wasnt about them it would help Other teams regulate themselves and only start threads when there is something valid to say Seems like the bankie fans operate differently Im really not obsessed with anything to do with Clydebank, they are not relevant enough for me to care
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    I can't stop listening to The Wanted's new song.
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    I was watching it on a laptop, so wasn't taking 3D into account at all. It was watchable, you need to look up the meaning of predictable as it was not predictable until you saw the entire set-up of the scene - from the visions you could put a very rough assumption on what would happen, but they made it as interesting as possible for a very tired concept. Also I didn't say it was good you moron, I said watchable and nice. It was still the worst one though... I thought Williamson made it, and the effects were well enough done for a horror that was very cheap for 3D Hollywood film. I, however, didn't like that they knew about the previous occurrences of these visions (the flight 180 disaster), but didn't think anything of Clear Rivers water... and the H&S issues I said earlier!
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    The stadium being sold will just be the beginning
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    Athlete in December then possibly The Script in March
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    Its good that MCL and McDougall have given us the truth. Once the stadium is sold we can close this thread. Well down MCL. Years and years of posting has paid off.
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