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    Mark Campbell is playing for the reserve team (on as a sub) in the reserve league cup tie against Cowdenbeath tonight.
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    If you are handing this homework in (and in the absence of someone else coming along and telling you I used the wrong equation) show the working for it as printed, giving the solution 7.5mm. Then below it say: "But that would be absolutely ludicrous and a waste of NHS funding because you wouldn't be able to see the baby if it only penetrated 7.5mm. On the other hand, it would make sense if an ultrasound scanner were to penetrate tissue by 7.5cm to display an image of the foetus in the uterus. Hypothesising that the quoted echo time has an erroneous extra zero in the denominator, given the otherwise unconventional placing of the comma, I enclose the amended working for the most conceivably operational equipment and data. Loving you always teachy-weachy, Sooky Swot" The fabricated final two lines aside, you can now see why my teachers probably loathed me.
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    The frequency could just be a red herring. They did that sometimes through my class sheets. The time being 1/10,000 seems like a decent shout. I would write down both and explain that you thought it could be either.
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    The royal mail one at baird st,can be 5 minutes upwards depending on queues and staff.
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    As a slight aside, does that place do styling rather than just cutting? Basically I want to go to a place where I shut up and they decide what looks best, being the person paid to do the job, rather than follow my instructions. I don't have a fucking clue about hair. Just make it good.
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    PTTGOYN: missing something on P&B like the above and not knowing what people are on about
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    21:00 tonight on BBC2 First Light
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    The Invention of Lying 37% Smoking Aces 2 52%
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    I'm just about to start my 4th year doing single Honours Statistics. I went to uni with the intention of doing maths, and chose Stats and Spanish as my other subjects. The Spanish was just for something a bit different because I didn't fancy doing another science subject. I stopped Spanish after first year and did Maths and Stats in second year. I ended up really hating some of the maths in 2nd year, so I ended up just doing Stats. The problem I had with some of the Maths in second year was that it was really theoretical and I couldn't really see where it was going. That meant that while I could do it all and pass the exams (without meaning to brag, I got all As and won a prize), but I felt as though I didn't really understand some of it. Stats is a lot more applied, and I think it helps to be able to work with real life examples. First year is fairly basic, and you'll find a fair bit of overlap with maths. The lecturers are all very approachable in comparison to some of the maths ones. You might find some of it a bit easy if you're fairly clever, but I think that allows you to settle into the other aspects of uni a bit better anyway. Hope you enjoy Freshers Week this week. If you have any questions about either Maths or Stats you can stick them on here or send me a PM. Can't help with Computing Science, although I know a few folk who did it in 1st year. If you like the programming side of it, then you might be interested to know that there's a fair bit of programming used in 3rd and 4th year stats.
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    Youth in Revolt 45% Crash 78% Smoking Aces 75%
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    I was once on jury duty and had the surreal experience of one of the advocates in his pinstripes, wig and gown, reading a statement in his plummy accent that went along the lines of "so I seen him outside the chip shop and he called me a wee fat c**t and said that my sister was a fat wee slapper so I challenged him to a fight and stabbed him in the buttocks with a Stanley knife."
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    Deserves a thread of its own. Completely new game, but more of the same in terms of gameplay. I'm not complaining though, must have racked up a few hundred hours playing F3. Actual canny wait, ken.
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    That's not the point. You said she was a fresher who was by herself and you didn't know her. It might well be the first time she's lived away from home and her first night out in a strange place and you terrified her. It sounds absolutely vile and you thought it was funny. Whether the second story was you or not doesn't matter as you seemed to find someone almost raping a girl to be funny.
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    Mcl you can investigate about this. Tesco will relocate the stadium. The council canceled the debt to the new consortium ( Neil Rankine.................). Private money to the council people???? Easy. The CVA was a big fraud against the creditors. They decided to put the club in administration for private reasons. WLC refused money from Massone. Why???? Scottish Mafia ????? The new consortium decided to play in 3 division. Do You Know wHY? Because they wanted show to the people that aldomvale is too big for Livi. Is better to sell to Tesco..... Neil at the public meeting said : Aldomvale is a big elefant!!!!!! Ciao ragazzi aprite gli occhi. Il calcio deve essere prima di tutto un divertimento. Questa gente uccide i sogni della gente per ragioni private. Il Livi era pronto per vincere la 1 division. Hanno creato tutta una serie di problemi per realizzare i loro interessi. Sveglia amici. A presto....
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    I have been off work for 14 weeks now and can't see me going back anytime soon,I am so bored
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