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    Posters like Kris Boyd, pertshirebell, livicurrycider that have soiled the misc other football chat, and now the world cup forum, with their awful posts and smilies. Get them banned.
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    Probably one of Supras' aliases.
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    Go get your own shopping you idle midden.
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    Produced by Hugo Boss I'm led to believe.
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    What? two whole people? out of a 40,000 crowd? well excuse me while i go and retract my statement. Of course there are going to england fans that bring it on theirselves. But then nearly every country has them, but surely they are not hate england solely on the reason of some of the fans dressing like complete utter morons.
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    Is this the same as when you both made that alias together? I refuse to believe that either of you have ever had a bird.
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    I went to Uni once, unfortunately it was tae shag a fat burd though.
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    Oh hush, I'm perfectly manly, but with awesome, awesome, awesome, magnificent, sexy hair. Maybe, but I keep her heavily sedated.
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    That'll now be Bon Jovi, again, on Saturday night in London due to the wonderful people of AEG offering me half price tickets for being at the first gig
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    That's interesting, because ravens look nothing like small Italian cars.
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    You should have said hello! My Admin Assistant is on holibobs, hence me, his manager, having to stoop to menial tasks like taking out the days' post in his absence. He will not be back until 2nd July! It's at times like this I should be annoyed at the daft twat who authorised his leave - except, that was me!
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    What is all this B1, C2 crap? Use numbers like normal fucking people! Sitting on a 2:2 just now, which in Strathclyde terms is valued as a 2:1 if I want to do a PhD due to having a post grad diploma. Managed to up my ridiculously bad mark for health and safety in the first semester with a 60 in Occupational Toxicology, and somehow got my lowest mark (52) in the exam I thought I did best in. Overall marks 43 (the one I got 26 for H&S), 52, 52, 53, 56 and 60.
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    Gah, would have loved to get to Montrose and Stenny but can't stretch the funds for any preseason games! Sack McGlynn!
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    There were two England "supporters" dressed in 2nd World War RAF Pilot's uniforms at yesterday's game. Imagine the uproar if any German supporter had turned up dressed in a Waffen SS uniform. The fúckers bring it on themselves and deserve everything that gets thrown at them (verbally, of course, I'm not condoning violence!)
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    There's an incredible irony that this is page 1941.....
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    If I was just talking to Wullie the Postie, then no. If I had someone in an armlock and was marching them to a flight, then yes! If there was a fire in Glasgow Airport, naked dancing or not, I'd be out of there like a shot. Remember the last one we had..... Hi Sam btw yersel'
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