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    He is currently 145 in the world and is in the Final of a Challenger event in New York state, which is a 2nd string event(the events you do before you are on the main tour). He should get into the top 100 this year.
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    I'm working No problem though as I can catch all the action thanks to LiviTV
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    Extraterrestrial is the way forward.
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    Given the circumstances the use of a "Live News" Link was particularly insensitive.
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    Well, it's still there NOW when I click on it so NOT very LIVE Have a minus for your cheek
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    Not any more - because you put up a 'Live News' link, so it keeps changing! And when it said initially Bath Street, I was cacking it because the Ex works near there. However, it was much further down the road than that, thank feck! Fecking tragic all the same!
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    I got some baldy American bloke wittering on about Avatar, so you can have one right back! God this plus and minus thingy is pathetic!
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