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    The club wanted to issue every P7 child a season ticket but on the advise of the education board and the police, they decided to run it on a game by game basis. Safety concerns it may have been, that's not certain, I apologise.
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    Nice chebs - but a face like a badly drawn and slightly surprised kid's easter egg! It must have been relief when you got down then.....
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    I've never once said I'm "being ganged up on". As always, words are being put into my mouth and accepted as something I've actually said. I know you're masquerading as an infallible being, but what part of "evidently I was wrong" did you not understand? Derby County? You hurtful barstard! Fúck this bollox - I'm awa tae the footie!
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    (got blue laces on the Sambas as well which look better, jumper is OTS in navy blue its hard to tell)
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    I guess Livi getting off without punishment means all those intelligent windbags were wrong after all. No wonder Googles share price is dropping like a stone.
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    The game was rearranged to a date that meant I couldn't make it. If only the volunteers had worked a wee bit harder and got the game on earlier ... :lol:
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    I've been registered with a recruitment agency to get some temporary work over the holidays before I get back to Uni. I registered with the Stirling one (which covers Falkirk, Stirling and Clackmannan) but their Livingston branch was short so I've been doing work for them (West Lothian, Edinburgh and Fife). Normally I wouldn't mind where I go as I get a travelling /mileage allowance but thanks to one of their staff messing up my details when I registered, I haven't been paid any travelling for three days I did in Fife. Meaning that I've been paid just £100* for three days work, which involved being out of the house for ten and a half hours a day, spending a tenner on petrol each day and a tenner on buying food to make into sandwiches for my lunch. £100 - £30 - £10 means I've been paid the grand sum of £20 a day for being out of the house ten and a half hours. What's more, they're not sure if the travelling can be backdated. To say I'm miffed would be an understatement. *I should have been paid more than the £100, but they haven't processed my P38(S) form, meaning that I've been deducted tax when I've declared that I won't earn more than £6,475 this tax year.
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    I managed to pull an earphone out of my ear taking my hat off, drop my weekly bus pass whilst getting on the bus and trip over my coat whilst taking it off. I have a feeling that today is going to be full of those kind of petty annoyances.
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    The getting started is easily the worst bit. It's the feeling of "aw, hell. I'm going to be here all day doing this" when you look at the bare expanse of wall that needs done that does it. The cleaning up after doesn't help much either.
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    Got our Contract Exam back today. Was a wee bit disappointed with my grade, but considering only one person got an A (and the lowest A mark available at that) at least I'm in the same boat as everyone else.
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