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    He's lucky he wasn't done for bleach of the piece.
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    A foreshadowing of events to come in the next few hours when the pubs are finally chucking out....
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    Current odds from Oddschecker Gordon Strachan - 4/1 David Moyes - 4/1 Steve Clarke - 6/1 Malky Mackay - 8/1 Derek McInnes - 10/1 Craig Levein - 14/1 Alex Neil - 16/1 John Hughes - 16/1 Scott Gemmill - 18/1 Then a host of people at 20/1 including Michael O'Neill, Paul Lambert, Big Sam, Ross Jack and Neil Lennon.
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    Hopefully not revealing any sensitive information here - I think it has been covered in podcasts and interviews over the last couple of months. There are 12 regular guests on the podcast right now, split across Glasgow and Edinburgh. The TV show is a distinct entity from the podcast, though it is inspired by the podcast. When the pilot was made, Craig Fowler picked the four people who he thought would do the best job on the couch, and I think pretty much all of us would have agreed with the line-up. The very best podcasts the Terrace does are the lower league ones with Craig Telfer, Craig Fowler and Shaughan, and Joel is the most knowledgeable about the Premiership as well as bringing a certain comic quality. The BBC really liked the pilot and therefore wanted to stick with that same line-up every week. Almost everyone else has been involved in the VT side of things at some point or the other. I'm sure we'd all have loved to have been sitting on that couch, but it would have been difficult for me and several others to balance it up with work commitments anyway. At the end of the day, you can't argue with the quality of the programme which has been produced, so I think the decision on the line-up has been totally vindicated, and I think everyone involved in the Terrace is delighted with how the show has been going.
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    Are we the minnows?
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    Look on the bright side Falkirk fans. If you guys do end up going down, think of the crowd wanks you'll be able to have in League 1. You'll be happier than a pig in shit.
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    Don't interrupt his work, I'm on my way to a full house.
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    I read it as completely made up.
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    Didn’t realise Scottish football had this high a volume of jammy wearers watching it. Shithousing is a part of the game at all levels. If anything, it’s one of the more entertaining elements of our game. If the behaviour on display yesterday was enough to justify violence, the cities of Barcelona and Madrid would’ve each looked like current day Syria in the Pepe/Ramos days. On Brown, a Ranger player - I think Jack - had a wee clipped heels effort on him early doors and he literally laughed it off. The fact that he has the last laugh 95% of the time is less to do with Brown being some kind of super-villain and more to do his club’s main rivals being a gang of perma-raging losers who pretty much never turn up for a big game. The only morally questionable aspect of all this, is deliberately targeting a literal simpleton to wind him up. I wasn’t complaining when McGregor smashed him 5 mins into our last game v Rangers though.
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    Before Dunblane, schools were pretty open areas and our high school was a throughway to and from the local college. We were deep into a high stakes game of jingles, ten bob game, serious stuff. We all have that one mate who is a man before the rest of you and ours was Big Jack. Sound guy and very good amateur boxer. He and I were last two in and were walking up to the wall to check who's coin was closest and would lift the lot. Before we got there, two bams, probably 19 or 20 year olds, heading to the college cut in and lifted the money, walking away laughing. Being a wee c**t with a big heid, I did f**k all, but Jack went after them. "Haw that's my money ya p***k" One guy just laughed, but the other got noised up and came at Jack. Before he got close enough to grab him, Jack stepped in and landed an absolute beauty of a punch to his jaw, swiftly followed by a flurry of punches before he went down and out. His mate tried to have a swing at Jack, who just ducked it and one punched the boy who landed on his arse. Absolute scenes ensued. The headmaster had been nearby and seeing the gathering crowd came over and split it all up, told the two guys to be on their way and lead Jack away to his office. Apparently he said that whilst he could not condone gambling, nor fighting, he was pleased to see Jack sticking up for his friends against "a couple of wide men". Instead of punishment he just asked Jack to promise he would never ever hit any of his classmates (or he would kill them), to which he agreed and that was that.
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    Thank you very much for the comments and feedback about the show over the last few weeks - it's great to read it's struck a chord with supporters and we're delighted with how it's been received so far. We're still learning as we go and trying to make each episode better than the last. Working on the show has been the best fun I've ever had in my life and I'm delighted to have the chance to continue up until the Scottish Cup final. We hope you keep on watching until then!
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    Why at lower league games do the commentators apologise for some old boy swearing but 45000 singing f**k the pope is fine?
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    This is the last bastion argument of anyone who doesn't want change to happen. It doesn't matter what the change is. Change always requires both the management of risk and the acceptance that not everything will happen as planned. Some things will be better and some not. The real question is whether you think the risk is being managed and what are the chances of it becoming a reality. In any assessment of the risk around Scotland being accepted as a member of the EU, you'd score it Green. Similarly, you'd find any assessment of Scotland's ability to work to EU requirements whilst the process of full membership was worked through would also be Green. In both cases because the will of both parties is to make it happen. Only morons can honestly believe that Scotland would be cut adrift. The same applies to currency. Every country in the world uses currency. Scotland will not revert to bartering with porridge and wind power. There may be a migration to the end point rather than a big bang but that is actually preferable in terms of securing a stable platform for disentangling from the UK. Brexit on the other hand has been managed as a xenophobic clusterfuck where the UK has spouted endless pish whilst delivering f**k all - hence the reason we're 10 days out and they're arguing about 17th century protocol. Utter fannies.
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    Falkirk have loads of fans though. How is this result possible?
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    c**t at Motherwell barged into me while simultaneously saying sorry, so he could get on the train ahead of me. I was too tired to react, but, I did take great delight in telling him to get off my reserved seat he'd decided to plonk himself on. Instant karma.
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    We have a weekly email quiz at my work. One question was "what country is the football team Getafe from?" Colleague (female) put Iraq. "because of colonel Gadaffi" She is entitled to a vote.
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    Start walking, lads.
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    A rousing chorus of 'There's only one Ray McKinnon' helped get the local vermin utterly rattled at Cappielow today. Thank you x
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    '"The decision to part company was not an easy one, especially given Alex’s status as a Scotland Hall of Fame member, earning 77 international caps, having played in three World Cups and taken charge of the national team for two spells," said Maxwell.' Sums up everything wrong with the folk in charge of our game. Who gives a f**k how many caps he earned, or whether or not he's in our 'Hall of Fame', he was a pish manager and oversaw arguably our worst result ever. Get him to f**k.
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    He'd have got out - probably had a hunch something was wrong.
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    Might as well post this before the St Mirren fans arrive with their Goody pictures. What a fucking team .
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    ‘Shite like eyemouth’? Cmon to f**k mate thats not what our club is about? Regardless of the fact we’re not going EOSL ‘shite like eyemouth’ said we were welcome last year, that takes a bit of decency and it should be shown back to them?
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    Kazakhstan clearly getting the traditional new President bounce.
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    Horrendous entitlement and arrogance from the Sevco fans. Absolute scum. They are hate and fans of almost every club would be utterly delighted if zero Sevco fans ever set foot in their ground again. They however think that they pretty much fund all of Scottish football and that clubs would die without them. That of course won't ever happen and they were the ones who died. They say they don't care no one likes them but its one of the things they all care about most in the world. Thick, disgusting, bigoted cretins. I despise them.
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    They’ve just won a derby so it’s nothing unexpected. At least you’re not bothered though.
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    Hoping for another 3-0 rovers win here
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    Not a lot. Just taking things Juande at a time.
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    Partick Thistle - KEEP Falkirk - PUNT QotS - UNDECIDED
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    Lennon wants him to do it. Lawwell wants Lennon to carry on like a fanny. The same hierarchy of scummy behaviour and intentions exists in their blue reflection. This shit sells to its intended recipients. The thick, low order bigoted scum who follow them. Its why strict liability will never exist here. Its why no genuine attempt whatsoever is made to deal with sectarianism or fan behaviour by either club. Its why the Green Brigade and the Vanguard Bears are pandered to. Bottom line is, the business model of both of these clubs and the lynchpin of their commercial success is fuelling the fire of hate and intolerance of the other. That will never change.
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    This was definitely, definitely you, wasn't it Brian?
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    It says something for an extraordinary level of ineptitude in performance that we opened with a doubleheader against Kazakhstan and San Marino and are on course to emerge with negative GD.
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    I can't be the only one thinking about this just now.
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    I think it's unfair to pin this on Rangers and Celtic, and 100% right to broaden it out to a problem in Scottish football. For example, last season against Hearts in the cup at Fir Park, tense game, players niggling at each other, fans getting rowdy, and then McHugh pops up with a last minute screamer, almost the last kick of the ball getting it right up them to send them crashing out and us to Hampden. Walking out the ground and a group of 4 Hearts "fans" who had obviously targeted me and my mate as Motherwell fans, came straight towards us and said "How do we get back to the carpark at the Civic centre from here mate?". Obviously we're not for backing down so we started pointing the finger going "just head down there til you come to the crossroads mate, turn right and then go as far as you can. It's right across the road from there you can't miss it". At this point he actually taps me on the shoulder, right in front of the Old Bill and says "Cheers mate, all the best in the semi". I looked right at him and came right back with a few verbals that I'm ashamed of now, but at the games you're just not thinking with the same brain. Something along the lines of "better wipe the tears away before you drive!". And we all just walked away chuckling at what had just went down, and how close it had all came to utter carnage. But that's just Scottish football for you, and I don't blame the fans. I'm not really like that but you change as a person for those 90 minutes.
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    The EOS aren’t being difficult they’re doing exactly what they should be doing by refusing to allow an overlapping league in at tier 6 which they could lose teams to. The only thing that’s screwing the West Juniors is that they’re trying to negotiate joining as a package with the East Juniors, if the West Juniors applied on their own the EOS would have no problem they even offered in the past to help set up a WOS league. Don’t get why the West Juniors are so attached to the East when they’ve both happily forgotten about the North. Let the West Juniors join this coming season and the East and North can continue to negotiate does it really matter they both join at the same time.
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    Like you, I'm currently domiciled in England, with family on both sides of the border, but I'm prepared to give this undertaking : As soon as a date for Indyref2 is announced I will make sure I am living in, and registered to vote in Scotland on that date. Assuming a win for yes I'll be more than happy to make my move back to Scotland permanent and will look forward to consider myself, not just Scottish, but also a proud European. Britain can go and f**k itself.
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    Use to work with this big fat lass. I mean really fat. HUGE. A giant fucking moo. She used to go on and on about all her medical problems trying to elicit sympathy despite being a total arsehole to everyone privately. She just about sooked the sphincter off the boss while being utterly cunty to every one else. Due to being clamped limpet like to the bosses arsehole she was the unofficial second in command or at least she thought she was. The office boss left and the big boss from down south came up and gave the position to a young guy. The fat moo scumbag was gutted. You should have seen her face! She was no happy to say the least. Ragin'. Big red blubbery cheeks quivering. She tried to suck up to the new boss, new best friend and all that, but he knew she was full of shit and her status declined a bit but not long after this guy left as well and the boss position was open again. Fatty thought she was now a shoe in for the job. You could see it all over her fat, smug face that she was going to be in charge. Then something totally unexpected happened. The original boss came back. When Gargantua Stinkypits saw the old boss come in she had a full scale mental break down in front of everyone. "NOOO!!!! NOOOOOO!!!!!" NOOOOOOOO!!!!" She started going off on some giant rant....and started hurling abuse at the returning boss. She gathered up all the keys in the office and stomped off into a side office, locked herself in and refused to come out. Once again the big boss was coming up from down south and he arrived just at this point. Big fat lass was screaming and shouting through the door, giving dogs abuse to both the office boss and the big boss. She'd totally lost her mind. Big boss from down south was absolutely livid and was saying he'd make sure she never worked again. Eventually after a while she came stomping out the side office and launched the office keys at the returning office boss who had to put a hand up to deflect them. Then Fatty just sort of exploded into tears and wailing. It was fucking glorious. I've never seen anyone just burst into tears like that. I smirked at her as she left, no words exchanged but essentially saying "you lost bitch". A couple of hours later when every one left for the day she was still in her car in the car park sobbing, head down on the steering wheel. Her name was Vanessa and she was the worst person I've ever met in my life. I hated her, there wasn't one atom of goodness in her and I absolutely reveled in her demise. You got everything you deserved Vanessa, ya collosal fucking pig!
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    It's been nearly three fucking years now and some people still think that there is some 'ideology' underpinning the government as opposed to 'just cling to my job for as long as possible and stop my party from imploding'.
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    This couldn't be more Fife if it tried.