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    I know they're hurting but still find posts like that remarkable. They lost - not because Killie scored more goals than them and their overpaid wasters - but because of Catholics. Catholics that they "allowed to run the game". Just imagine living with that kind of mindset. Being so unable to deal with losing or that fact that you just can't beat your rivals when it counts that you blame your problems on a religious conspiracy. Not to mention the subtext that the c***s should get to "allow" who runs Scottish football as if it's their right to have their people in charge. A thoroughly horrible, horrible shower of b*****ds. This is why it will never not be fucking brilliant when they get beat and implode so spectacularly. Hahahaha.
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    Fucking delighted for the two rangers supporters' bus I saw leaving inverness this morning. The c***s will be almost there.
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    Was just coming on to do exactly that. For years Hibs were the *** skelping swag daddies, causing cranial detachments from the bigots for a huge portion of the Banter Years, but the second they started stumbling, the bold Killie picked up the batton and have just fucking ran with it, to utterly hilarious effect. Thank you for your service. A great bunch of lads.
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    Everybody's releasing club statements and we were beginning to feel a bit left out... "The division between junior and senior football in Scotland has always been an artificial one which is rooted far back in history. Maryhill FC – it’s worth noting we’ve NEVER actually been called Maryhill Juniors – were formed in 1884 and spent our first decade or so as a senior eam. There were no leagues back then, and as protectionism set in with the bigger sides more and more only wanting to play each other leaving the smaller teams out in the cold, the two groups coalesced into senior and junior grades. As this process happened, those in charge of Maryhill FC at the time had a decision to make, and as one of the smaller Glasgow clubs opted to join the ranks of the juniors. And so it remained through thick and thin for more than a century with the glass ceiling firmly in effect between the league and non-league systems operating side by side with virtually no congruence between the two. Finally several years ago the pyramid system was introduced which allowed for non-league teams to progress into the Scottish league structure proper and conversely for league teams to go the other way. For the last few seasons the pre-existing East of Scotland League has been absorbing a large proportion of the East Region junior teams, but for junior teams in the West Region there was no pre-existing league structure to join. Until now that is, as it is now expected that a senior West of Scotland League at Tier 6 of the Scottish League system will be in place for next season. The talks to incorporate the West Region en bloc into the pyramid now appear to have reached an impasse, and after several years of assurances that a solution was imminent, we as a club share the sense of frustration felt by many others at the lack of progress thus far. We are proud members of the SJFA – we’ve walked too many miles down the road along with them for it to be otherwise – but for the first time in a long time there is a fork in the road ahead of us. It would be remiss of those currently in charge of Maryhill FC if we failed to have a look to see what lies down the alternative path which may soon open up and to investigate all available opportunities for our club. We are merely the current torchbearers for the flame the late Victorians who formed the club ignited, but it appears that in common with them we may soon have a decision to make. As always, it will be the one that we feel is in the best interests of the future of Maryhill FC."
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    Once again the debate on independence is being hijacked and turned into some sort of Scotland v England grudge match but in reality it's nothing like that and indeed far more simple and easy to understand. Increasingly the values, needs and views of the Scottish people are becoming further and further detached from their English counterpart, Brexit was a good indication of this in itself and under the current Government we will increasingly see Scotland being treated as a distraction which should be seen and not heard. The latest proposed move by BJ and his Government to remove the climate change conference from Glasgow and send it South to London is just another example of the complete and utter contempt in which they hold for Scotland. HS2 will do nothing for Scotland, Heathrow will do nothing for Scotland, further Crossrail projects and add ons will do nothing for Scotland and as the Tories don't require our votes to retain power then we can expect absolutely nothing from them. Independence is NOT about wearing your kilt and Glengarry and shouting out "1314 ya bass", it's about governing our own country and shaping policy in a way which best suits our citizens from both an Economic and Cultural perspective, it's about playing to your strengths as opposed to being a region of an inward looking country which doesn't recognise your voice. Nobody's saying it will have instant success as re-joining with Europe will come with caveats and require sacrifices, however that will be OUR choice to make. As for the SNP, it won't be a dictatorship, so if people aren't happy with the Governing party there will still be elections and the opportunity to vote in our own Labour, Conservative, Lib Dem, Green or whoever party, but instead of having their strings pulled from London, they will be able to actually run our own country from right here in Edinburgh. Honestly, what are people afraid of ? Why would any country not want self determination and a right to Govern themselves and make their own decisions ?? I'll never understand those who don't I'm afraid.................
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    The racial abuser is older than rangers.
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    I love the fact that the above post's author has no idea quite how well he's punctuated it.
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    Pretty much every Rangers fan on here thinks that Traynor's a cock and that he should have no role at ibrox. As far as the statement goes, it's pretty clear that Traynor is using it, partly, as a twisted form of self-justification/gratification and that is unacceptable. I am sick to the back fucking teeth of Traynor's statements and wish we had someone as a media lead who hasn't Traynor's baggage and sense of grievance. He is a liability and not an asset. As far as a 12 yo being charged with racist abuse goes, well that is actually heart breaking. Of course, one can be criminally responsible aged 12 and the young man deserves appropriate punishment if found guilty. However, who raises their kids to shout racist abuse at footballers? What sort of parent nurtures their kids in this way? His maw and da are a culpable as the boy himself.
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    Reading through pages and pages of this thread and the disparaging comments towards the South League is frankly embarrassing. We have a league that caters for football from Gretna to Stranraer. Yes, we may not have clubs that are of the same standard as some East Teams or Juniors, but so what? We've always been accommodating towards teams looking to get their foot in the door and offer nothing but a foundation to play football and progress. We have 4 licensed clubs and other clubs within looking to spend time money and effort to do the same. Maybe some clubs aspirations aren't to get the the LL or SPFL. Maybe we know our level, but maybe there are some who might want to give it a bloody good try. We are at T6, and whatever the future holds for our level we will deal with it. If any team in the South want to go to the WoSL I can assure you the other clubs will support them; because that's what's we do.
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    His age is irrelevant here. Jim Traynor is an intelligent man who wilfully exploits sectarianism and tribalism by appealing to the bottom-feeders who make up a significant proportion of the Rangers support and he makes a tidy living off the back of it. He is no better than the likes of Katie Hopkins or Tommy Robinson. He’s a professional hate-mongerer. If neds feel compelled to throw rocks at him, he only has himself to blame. Traynor is trash.
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    Honestly, when will we get the credit we're due for the Banter Years? Gerrard just about in tears at the end 🤣
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    Club statement by Rutherglen Glencairn FC :-
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    This is where I am. We have a football media that is astonishing in its sycophancy towards the two big clubs in Scotland. The Brendan Rodgers era at Celtic was vomit-inducing and the BBC's utter desperation to get back into Rangers' good books is excruciating. In a media landscape where Alex Rae and Charlie Adam's views are promoted as worth listening to, it's nice having someone like Stewart around who is occasionally prepared to put his hand up and call a spade a spade. He's not always right and he's not always as articulate as he thinks, but he is pretty much alone in being prepared to ask 'why?' when people at home are shouting it at their radios. Or to point out that Jim Traynor has disproportionate influence and maybe media organisations shouldn't dance to his tune. Reminds me of the time when Ally McCoist was Rangers manager and did the 'Who are these people?' thing about Rangers being fined by the authorities. Ewan Murray was on OTB around that time and said "Wouldn't it be interesting if it emerged that Rangers had actually asked to be fined?". Of course, soon it emerged that this was the case. If Ewan Murray knew this, then you can bet your baws the rest of the Scottish football media did, but nobody else put their hand up to stop Rangers spinning the story to their public. Murray, like Stewart, is not everyone's cup of tea. But we are vanishingly thin on the ground for people who will actually step out of the party line. Murray gets slagged for being a golf correspondent. But perhaps his other professional focus means he's not as scared of being blackballed by Rangers. Likewise, Stewart has never really sought to win friends. We need more like that.
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    I did, at first she was slightly taken back, then was in stitches about some of the comments. Luckily she didn't seem to understand the meaning of "paps". Also a lot of confusion about a football forum having a thread about work colleagues. Went back to the very beginning when the milk was delivered to the wrong building, and her one woman crusade to get it back. She simply said "people get upset if there is no milk". She didn't actually realise how bad her signature was, then someone else mentioned that it always made them chuckle how she signed off. Unfortunately, she will not be signing up to P&B anytime soon. Thanks Many Thanks Lots & Lots Of Thanks.
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    Here we go, Kilwinning Rangers
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    They will be disappointed with drawing the game after being in a winning position against this diddy club - but nevertheless it is a decent result for St. Johnstone.
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    Once didn’t tell the new guy about the cow killing gun thing and just gave him a hammer. Some carry on that was!
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    What a day to be a Rangers man. Lost the league and the moral high ground in less than 24 hours.
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    In the the season before Rangers 2.0 came into the Premiership, we were 3 points behind Celtic at this stage. The season before that we were level on points after the first round of Feburary fixtures. Really shows what Gerrard has achieved with the vast resources at his disposal.
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    Pyramid Statement Features 07/02/2020 By Media Team Official Statement regarding the latest update from the Pyramid Working Group It is with regret that recent talks at the Pyramid Working Group (PWG) ended without any consensus on a way forward for the introduction of a West of Scotland League at Tier 6. The Scottish Lowland Football League (SLFL) and East of Scotland Football League (EoSFL) are strongly committed to the principle of having a structure in place that allows clubs from all parts of the country to find their level in Scottish football. Both Leagues fully support the expansion of the Pyramid in a constructive and orderly way that allows this to happen. The current system works well for clubs in the East and South of the Lowland League catchment area however there is an obvious gap in the West of the country, both Leagues feel strongly that a West of Scotland league at tier 6 is therefore required to allow clubs in all grades within that area the opportunity to participate in the Pyramid should they so wish. As a result, we now plan to take the process forward, respecting the interests of all clubs and bodies but ensuring that every club in the Lowland area has opportunity to progress through the Pyramid. Issued by – George Fraser (Chairperson,SLFL), and John Greenhorn (Chairperson, EoSFL)
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    Just like The Rangers, they melt away after January each year.
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    Where’s Harry Clarke when you need him?
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    Upgrading my previous opinion to be that this, in context, is one of the greatest things ever posted on the internet.
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    Apologies I never banned him properly. I have now. Carry on.
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    Confirmation bias is a hazard. My own position, for what it is worth, is not far off Andy from Talbot's. Were I able to watch Lok week in, week out (and family circumstance prevents it), I would enjoy the local familiarity of games. I would enjoy the fact that i would be able to leave for most away games no earlier than 12 and be home no later than 6. I would not relish watching Lok struggle like Brechin City this season. But I do believe in the virtues of the pyramid, in teams finding their level. The SJFA is a pyramid in its own right. I don't see why there should be a concrete ceiling above it. That concrete ceiling has a hatch that allows Junior league winners and the cup winner through, but it is temporary. The SJFA has a proud history but it served a purpose in the past and in the amalgamation of the future, has not shown the leadership required (IMO) to stake a place. That leadership was (IMO) assuming responsibility and control for ALL football below the Lowland and Highland Leagues. The East of Scotland League was severely wounded by their big guns doing in 2013 what the East Junior big guns (and the rest) did to their own leagues in 2018. It was emaciated. It was evicerated. But even though that league, shorn of all its big names departing for the Lowland League, was ripe for a takeover, the SJFA didn't act because they were not on board with the pyramid. Teams showing interest were threatened with multi-division relegation upon any future return to the SJFA. That failure to act decisively was (IMO) a fatal error that leads us to the current situation where they find themselves, effectively cast aside from having a say with the disbandment of the PWG. I am sure it would have suited the SFA for that to have happened, for the SJFA to have assumed responsibility and control for all football below that level. When it came to it, what the SFA chief executives might have wanted couldn't happen because the EoS had quite firmly established itself as the de facto feeder in the East.
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    There is that certainly, I was worried we'd have to make a decision while not being entirely sure if it was the right one as well so we've avoided that situation. I've managed to grab around 4 hours sleep but wound up on my laptop since 4am looking through photos that we want to have printed. So far I've managed to narrow it down to 74. I'm pretty sure this is the first photo I took of him, he'd been handed in to the dogs trust at 9yo after his elderly owner had to go into sheltered housing. He really struggled in the kennels and when we got him home he howled for around an hour solid. He quickly struck up a bond with hubby though and we had our other older dog at the time too so luckily he settled pretty quick. He loved to play with balls. and sticks He really liked sticks He did a few hills in his time, he was far more sure-footed than you'd think given he was having problems with his vision from the day we took him home. Off the top of my head he went up the Meikle bin in the campsies a good few times and also did 4 munros, a Corbett and Ben An. He went on holiday with us up north and to the west coast quite a few times. Off the top of my head he's holidayed in Aberdeen, Inverness, John o Groats, Glen Feshie, the Isle of Mull, Blair Atholl and Tighnabruich. He was the best mongrel at our wedding in 2018. The bandanna was a compromise as my MiL wanted him kitted out in a kilt. He campaigned for the good guys in 2014 In his younger days he was a really happy wee playful dog, not a bad bone in his body at all. It's only really been in the past 6 months that we ever really noticed him slowing down to any great degree and despite having his cancer it never really seemed to bother him that much. He had maybe 3 days that I'd have described as hard since he was diagnosed with it and the rest of the time he just took it easy. Our vet said last September that we might get a couple of months with him if we were lucky but we got four and a half. Overall he's not had a bad life at all I don't think. This is the last photo I took of him on my big camera.
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    It’s a classic case of boxing themselves into a corner believing everyone would be behind them. once the cracks appear in the support and they find out they are still in the corner the only way out is to plead. Going to the EoS/LL to negotiate after they’ve laid out a plan is a waste of time and the only benefit is a bit of PR, “big boys did it and ran away with our clubs” this has been on the wall for months, some clubs could see it coming, most hoped they were being represented but no news wasn’t good news, especially when your new potential partners (EoS/LL) didn’t have a clue what was going on. The Negotiators for the SJFA haven’t done what was asked of them, they’ve failed in their promise and not delivered the mandate in any form. While I’m pleased clubs will be entering the pyramid it’s still a sad time for what looks like the ending days for the SJFA. unfortunately it looks like the Buffs, Clydebank, Darvel etc will carry the burden of the breakup, we only carried out what we voted for and had been working towards for the past 2 years
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    Not good enough I'm afraid. Blame refs all we want but the team's been shite after the winter break whilst Celtic have kicked on. Well done Killie.
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    Hahahaha. Where’s your statement now, Traynor? You fucking disgusting slug.
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    Pyramid Statement 12/02/2020 By Media Team The latest Pyramid Working Group Update Following the statement issued on 7 February 2020, numerous informal contacts have been made by Clubs interested in the formation of a new West of Scotland League [WoSFL] at Tier 6 in the Pyramid. This shows clearly that there is an appetite for such an expansion of the Pyramid. The Scottish Lowland Football League [SLFL], in conjunction with the East of Scotland Football League [EoSFL] can now lay out the high level plan to introduce the WoSFL by the start of season 2020/2021. The next step will be to invite Clubs to register an Expression of Interest to George Fraser, Chairperson of the SLFL by Sunday 1 March, to geo_fraser @hotmail.co.uk. Any expressions of interest must include the contact details of at least one club official. These will be treated in the strictest confidence. Clubs should not contact the newly formed email address relating to WoSFL, this Is not run by either the SLFL or EoSFL. At the same time the Clubs are welcome to ask any questions on how the Pyramid works currently as the informal contacts suggested this would be useful. The sending of the Expression of Interest does not of course commit any Club to any particular course of action, but it would be very helpful if we could gauge as closely as possible the actual level of interest in the WoSFL. The next again step will be to invite Clubs to complete by Tuesday 31 March 2020 an Application to Join the WoSFL. Once again these will be treated in the strictest confidence. The process surrounding these applications will be announced by Friday 6 March 2020. This plan is to allow every Club at all grades in the SLFL area the opportunity to progress through the Pyramid. There will of course be issues such as geographical integrity to be considered with the introduction of a third Tier 6 League alongside the EoSFL and SoSFL. This and any other consequences will be addressed in a respectful, constructive and orderly way. Issued by – George Fraser [Chairperson SLFL] and John Greenhorn [Chairperson EoSFL]
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    If they're looking for a head of church who has history of facilitating the occasional car crash then they need look no further than their beloved Queen.
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    With all these new licenses, the real winners are the toilet block manufacturers. They must be rolling in it, well played lads.
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    How come "he's not here to defend himself" is never used when they are trying to get managers sacked?
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    After the shite of getting fired last week and feeling alright about it, and not how I thought I would, I got an email today saying I’ve been accepted into the PGDE in secondary education. Honestly haven’t felt this good in a while. I hope it will last.
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    What exactly do they think the legal challenge might be? SJFA: "Our clubs are being denied access to the SFA Pyramid" Court: "I see, so there is no league within the SFA structure for your clubs to apply for membership of?" SJFA: "Well, no, there are two league's and 25 of our members applied and were accepted into one two years ago and 30 applied and were accepted into another this year" Court: "So how many clubs who have applied have been denied access thus far?" SJFA: "Well none m'lord, but ra juniors and that" Court: "What's ra juniors, is that some youth football organisation?" SJFA: "Well no, it's a different grade of football, we operate separately to the Senior grade" Court: "So you are by your own design separate from the SFA and you want to remain so, but any of your members who do want access can and have been able to move and not a single one has been rejected?" SJFA: "Well yes, but you're missing the point, they're poaching our clubs and not letting us run the show and junior football is special" Court: "I see, does it play to different rules than normal association football with different requirements or some such?" SJFA: "Well, no, it's the same rules and that, we just charge money for friendly permits and take money off teams in fines for extra things and a few other things out of 1800's Scotland" Court: "OK, so any of your clubs who want to play in the Pyramid do have access and none have ever been denied?" SJFA: "no, you're not understanding, they're not being accepted in by the terms that we want to set, and they're taking our clubs" Court: "So these league's are actively canvassing your members and building their organisation only with those clubs?" SJFA: "Well, no, they've got a set criteria and have accepted anyone from any organisation who successfully meets the entry criteria, some of whom used to be ours but not all" Court: "So, basically none of your clubs have been denied access to anything, you just don't like that you are not in charge of it?" SJFA: "We should be in charge, yes" Court: "And you were never given any opportunity to be involved at the outset, this was forced upon you?" SJFA: "Well, no, not quite, we were at the table originally but we thought it was garbage and the juniors was the dogs danglies so we laughed at them originally then spent the next 5 or 6 years claiming it was inferior and scaring our membership into not going with talk of £150k toilets and wet Tuesday nights in Elgin for £30 a ticket, but it's not as bad as we thought" Court: "Wait, so you walked away originally and actively discouraged your members from wanting to join with claims you knew not to be true and now they've realised you were lying they are leaving you?" SJFA: "Well that's a simplistic way of looking at it, but sure, it was going well till those pesky kids at Kelty figured it out and everyone realised we were talking nonsense, then we were denied access" Court: "So you didn't even want access till your members started figuring out you were lying and the decision to resign from your organisation to pursue their future in another?" SJFA: "Well, you could interpret it that way" Court: "Sir this is a Burger King Drive through window, there's a huge line behind you, could I please take your order or ask you to move on"
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    Requiring football clubs to be self sufficient should be in the interest of everyone. I don't understand why people think any financial fair play rules are a bad thing. The implementations might not always be great, but the idea is sound. Every time a football club goes down the pan because of dodgy owners, folk say "how did the authorities let this happen", but then when the authorities bring in the sort of rules that might stop it, folk are up in arms.
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    This has no doubt been said before but for f**k sake it's pathetic Rangers: "We refuse to work with the BBC" Celtic: "We refuse to work with sky" Banning journalists for speaking out or criticising them. Absolute tinpot pathetic b*****ds. Folk outside Scotland must see it and cringe. No wonder we can't get a decent TV deal when the only team's those TV channels are interested in showing are fucking banned by those clubs. Folk say Hamilton's crowds are tinpot, nah being so far up your own arse that you're convinced every jurno or tv organisation is out to get you is next level.
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    That Rangers statement tonight is their worst ever. This is not a wind up from me - that statement is gleefully delighted that their own player was racially abused by a child, so they can score points against Michael Stewart. The final paragraph is unbelievable. Dignity? They wouldn't know it if it slapped them in the face.
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    Hospital radiographers are lucky, they get to work beside the ultrasound guys.
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    Leaving do is this evening, I fully expect that I will be explaining what a "Pie & Bovril" is and then up before HR on Monday. As much laughter as her signature caused, she is a lovely woman. Gives up most of her weekends to help with the homeless, and was our go to person in the office for any mental health issues. She has just sent out her leaving email. God bless Milky Gem Thanks Kind Regards All the best xoxox
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    There can’t be anyone who still has doubts about whether McGlynn was the right man for the job can there? The difference in professionalism and attitude about the club this term is night and day. Even if we don’t go up this year I’m delighted with how we’ve improved. I’m actually proud to follow this little club again and it’s down to super John McGlynn.
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    Well, I was glad to see the back of 2019, but holy f**k this year has been bloody awful so far. Friday was my last day of employment after being fired only 4 months into the job. A bit like[mention=78512]FalkirkBairn93[/mention] above though, I was really just feeling relief at that miserable period of my life finally being over. But then yesterday, the younger of our 2 dogs died. She’d been sick for a few days, having a hard time breathing and off her food. The vet was treating her for bronchitis and while she seemed to have improved a bit Friday night, on Saturday morning she took a turn for the worse. The vet recommended we take her down to the Emergency clinic in the city as they had more specialized equipment and could care for her over the weekend. They put her on oxygen straight away but after about an hour, the doc came out to tell us she wasn’t responding and basically her brain had shut down. Euthanasia was the only real option at that point but by the time we made it through to the back room, she’d already gone. The bronchitis had turned into pneumonia and there was just too much fluid in her lungs. We’d been mentally preparing for losing our older dog but this came right out of nowhere. We didn’t even give her a proper hug before they took her back. So now it’s after 1am and I’m stuck on the couch almost too afraid to go to sleep. Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck. Although I suppose if my truck won’t start tomorrow, I could write a Country song. (Feeble smile) God, I’m going to miss her.
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