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    Hello everyone, Mrs Madwullie here. You all have more words than me right now and it's been a pleasure to read how highly he was respected on here. God knows every single time he took a crap he was was on this forum, glad to know this was time well spent. Although maybe I should post this infuriating behaviour on another thread ๐Ÿ˜‰ That brutal honesty was just how we rolled tbf. We are lost without him.
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    It is with great sadness that I inform you that P+B semi-regular madwullie (Woody in real life) died yesterday at the age of 44, after a long battle with cancer. I'm sure a few of you are thinking "who?", and whilst not the most prolific of posters, he did enjoy sticking his oar in on the politics forum, as well as forays into the FIFA, parenting, chess and quiz thread. IRL, Woody was one of the warmest, soundest, cleverest and funniest people you could ever hope to meet. Woody leaves behind a wife and two sons, and we all miss him dearly. Edit: For those just reading this, so many of you have been so generous already, but in case anyone out there wants to donate to Mr + Mrs madwullie's chosen charity, here's a link: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/woody-willowfoundation ... thank you.
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    Aye, he's a fucking hero. Put Eriksen into the recovery position, kept his airway clear and started CPR before the medics arrived, then was comforting Eriksen's wife and coordinated the blocking of cameras by his teammates. Not something he would ever have expected to have to do, but what a fucking man for how he responded.
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    As someone who got bad medical news about 18 months ago, me, Wullie and others on here used to share worries and better news with each other, and Wullie was the first to congratulate me on getting good news on what is still a terminal thing. Gutted I wasn't around the last few months, thought I was spending too much time on here so took a break. Always thought we should have set up a Cancer Squad sub forum on here, by special invitation only. Apart from that we agreed on most things politically and laid waste to the numpties on here, backing each other up when needed, which it rarely was. I'll miss him.
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    Although the 20-21 season has just finished, there's much to be intrigued about in the forthcoming season. There are a number of clubs emerging as strong contenders for the title of Banter Kings of Scottish football. A competition dominated by rangers in its first few years, Celtic finally managed to wrestle the trophy from their big rivals in a dominant display during 2020-21. The following is a summary of the contenders in this season's Banter King Title Race, feel free to skip down to the Too long couldn't be arsed ending. The runners:- Aberdeen - set their stall out early with the appointment of the chairman's best pal as manager and talk of strategies and visions, compounded by the announcement of Scott Brown as assistant. A few decent signings on and some far bigger plays by rival clubs means the Dons have slipped down the reckoning a bit. This could go either way, and be a sink like a stone or an incredible season. Alternatively, they might finish top half but win f**k all just like usual. Will it be high 5's and yeehas all round for the Dandies? Celtic - Didn't just take the Banter title from their arch rivals last season, they ripped it from their grasp and carved their own name onto it half way through the season. Some 'interesting' managerial appointments at other clubs had left Celtic unsure how to better them, until they top trumped everyone with the 'appoint no one for 100 days' strategy. Just as the novelty of that is diminishing, they look set to appoint a complete unknown who might not be qualified to coach in Europe. It's been a strong early showing by the current Banter Champs, but can they keep it going for another full season..? Dundee - a club steeped in the tradition of point and laugh moments. Look fairly settled just now, and have possibly passed the city of discovery Banter baton along the road.. Dundee United - On paper, appointing a relatively unknown youth coach and playing your under 14's before selling them on for millions seems like a sound business plan, but who's to say? Will he end up the Daddy Mac, or be another Jackie Mac? Could be one to watch in this race.. Hearts - An incredibly consistent performer in this contest over a couple of decades, yet all seems surprisingly quiet down Gorgie way. They may well have completely changed strategy and going for a run things smoothly approach to provide a foundation for success, but you can never write off this behemoth of Banter, as the next maroon implosion is never too far away. Hibs - Seem a long way down the running for this. Fairly steady with a decent manager. The sale and failure to replace a couple of key players might disrupt things, but the only thing likely to involve Hibs in this battle is going into full meltdown and panicking if Hearts are having an outstanding season. Livingston - Will the sugar man be able to reproduce his team's early form, or was the stuttering last couple of months a precursor of what's to come? Livi struggling wouldn't be a huge shock, but the manager completely losing the plot, and no happy ending to the fairy tale with horse's heads being uncovered in beds all over West Lothian could bring the Lions into contention. Motherwell - The steady reliable veterans of the Premiership are like your Gran at family gatherings; friendly, inoffensive, and almost part of the furniture as you know they'll always be there. Until one day you get a phone call and they're dead. If we learned one thing watching Kilmarnock this season, it's that they were shite. Even when Motherwell were having a honking season and swimming in sewage a few years ago, they ended up smelling of roses as they skelped Rangers in the play offs. Again, a poor season and relegation wouldn't be that strong a bid, Well are going to have to come up with a lot more than that to be in with a shout. Rangers - The founders of the competition, and dominant force in its early years appear to be on the rise, and to have left the Banter race firmly in the rear view mirror. But Gerrard being poached, boardroom splits, the taxman finding a dusty old folder that needs looking into.. As a wise man once said; never, ever underestimate a club whose fans celebrate by bottling each other and setting off fireworks in their own hands. Ross County - Galloping up to the front runners from the outside lane with some magnificent early season form. Hiring the same marketing team as Fred and Rosemary West might be the kind of modern thinking which isn't to everyone's taste, but it's been a master stroke in this particular competition. Can County sustain this early season form, or will they fade into the pack? St Johnstone - The Perth Saints look set to dominate Domestic and European football for years to come; but it just takes the manager and one or two young stars to move on and suddenly the garden looks a lot less rosey. On paper, as steady a Premiership ship that you could hope to sail on, Saints look like rank outsiders for this particular trophy. But it just takes the tea lady to punch Gerard's lights out, or a couple of players getting caught injecting heroin down that lane between Tesco and Canal Street, and suddenly the envy of diddy clubs all over the world become a shambles and force themselves into contention. Could this be yet another trophy that ends up in Perth? St Mirren - last and probably least. A lot riding on things this season; can the buddies hold onto their 7th place crown, or will they be forced back down into 8th? It's a tough call, but should make for fascinating viewing. Lower leagues - Could killie or Accies do the Double Slide for a trip to the seaside? Special mentions to Morton, and especially Falkirk who have always been frontrunners in this particular event. Or could there be a surprise newcomer.. would big spending Kelty being relegated straight back to the lowland league be enough to take the title? All to play for. TL;CBA So who's it going to be? Give your predictions for the season ahead...
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    Meanwhile, Mumsnet is discussing Steve Clarke's likely first eleven.
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    Indeed. I'm so touched and delighted (as is Mrs madwullie) that so many of you have been so generous. I will be in touch to thank you all individually, but in the meantime, please know that your thoughtful messages and donations are a great comfort to everyone close to him. I don't wish to embarrass anyone, but I need to mention Welshbairn, who I know has had his own health problems and nobody had seen for several months. I'm very grateful to him for not only replying to this thread to let us know how he's been, but also leaving a very generous donation - then wanting to clarify his earlier comment and providing another donation in order to do so Tynie was good enough to pin this thread and I'll unpin it in a few days after his funeral. But in the meantime, without wanting to sound too maudlin, it's nice that even though something as tragic as this has happened, some good has come. From a personal perspective, friendships have been reforged and people have set aside differences. A fuckton of money has been donated to a good cause, and people are just generally being nicer to each other. Long may it continue.
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    Ah yes, the famous seafaring tradition of Luxembourg.
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    My final post in this thread is just to say thank you to so many of you for being so very generous. Unless any more donations come in, the final total comes in at a few pence shy of ยฃ4,200. That is a phenomenal amount and will help lots of other young people who have life-threatening illnesses. A significant proportion of that total comes from you guys yet to the best of my knowledge, none of you ever met him. It is the mark of both madwullie and you guys that you can achieve something like this. His funeral was last week and it was and continues to be a difficult time, especially for his wife and kids. But both she and I are touched and more than a little humbled by all your kind messages and donations. Thank you. Richie x
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    What joy to some people get in always trying to find the negatives? We are 10 days aways from our first tournament game in 23 years, we have just drawn with a decent Dutch team because of a wrongly awarded free kick, we have two of the best left backs in the world and real strength in midfield. I am nearly thirty and this is the first time I'll have been old enough to appreciate seeing Scotland at a Major Tournament. I am bloody well going to enjoy it even if we lose all three games and so should all of you. Don't know when it might come round again.
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    You can apologise for Spoony swearing in an interview when you start apologising for bigoted songs
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    A new candidate has thrown his hat into the ring.
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    Winning the league and failing to get anywhere near any cups with massive overspending or cup double with massive underdogs with minimal spending. Not even a comparison Davidson should have it hands down.
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    In an important turn of events Iโ€™d you plot the daily cases per million in the US and UK in a graph you get a brontosaurus.
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    Joking about mental health never a good look lads.
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    Not sure East Linton should be in. Likewise anything West of Prestonpans
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    Really sad news. Far too young. My sincere condolences to his friends and family. I myself beat cancer 4 years ago but after going for an MRI yesterday on what I thought was a fucked disc at Ninewells it would appear my spine is fucking riddled with it. Outlook not great for me and I am scared as f**k but ready to fight. Hope to be spouting my shite on here again soon. Adios until then and remember to tell your nearest and dearest that you love them.
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    I don't think i have ever been so happy for a player as I am for Stephen O'Donnell. The balls on him and Steve Clarke. Wow. Just imagine if that volley went in.
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    To think some of the folk getting savaged here actually had to go on TV with a straight face to say that driving 30 miles with a kid in the car to test your eyesight was a perfectly acceptable and normal thing to do in order to keep Cummings in a job. Fucking mugs.
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    Iโ€™m an Arbroath fan and am totally embarrassed by your post. Do you not remember that we were 2 or 3 games away from potentially the same fate just a few short years ago? This could happen to any part-time team in the league and possibly even some full-time ones too. We could easily be in that position within 5 years. Brechin and Cowdenbeath before them were recent championship sides playing way above us, yet a 3 or 4 bad years and look what can happen... and believe me, Iโ€™ve been a fan long enough to have seen us have way more than 3 or 4 bad seasons in a row in the past. Personally Iโ€™m very sad to see Brechin go down and really hope they bounce back soon.
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    If madwullie is reading this from the other side, part of him will be delighted by the fundraising but with his P&B hat on heโ€™d be hoping Cardinal Richelieu embezzles the lot and spends it on a cruise round the fjords and getting some home improvements done.
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    Barry Ferguson a massive draw? Only if you are one of those gimps who have been scrawling โ€œUnion bears 55โ€ on walls and road signs recently.
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    Imagine seething at a billboard.
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    Everyone looking at this appointment
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    Those Wright brothers would have struggled to get the plane off the ground.
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    "Barry Ferguson could have gone anywhere for his first managerial job but he chose Kelty." As much as we all wish Clyde FC didn't exist...
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    Dykes is limited, but he was a massive part of that performance tonight, constantly occupying their defence and held it up well. Even just smashing Shaw after about 3 seconds set the tone for the night.
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    Cheers KB. I actually mentioned it to his wife and she mentioned the Willow Foundation, which organises special events and things for cancer sufferers under the age of 40 (which is how old Woody was when all this kicked off). I'm going to set up a Just Giving page over the next couple of days. I'll post the link here for anyone who wants to donate. Thanks again.
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    Firstly thank you to everyone that took part, a fantastic response, makes it worthwhile. Sorry for delay in posting scores, sometimes life gets in the way. Anyway the team event first The winners with a whopping 183 points scoring 49 in final round was team Scotland, top effort. @The Hologram @Leeds Saint @Silky Si McFly @jagfox BLM @Snobot @Spring Onion @Ross. @ArmadaleKillie The gallant runners up with 176 points, team Brazil. 45 points this round @WhiteRoseKillie @Eednud @peasy23 @Culter Away @Arabdownunder @The_Kincardine @BigBo10 @Jacksgranda Third place on 170 is France - 43 for this round @Arch Stanton @The DA @Bully Wee Villa @gkneil @JamesP_81 @LincolnHearts @JustOneCornetto @The Captain In fourth place with 169 points and 43 this round is Italy @Helpma @Perkin Flump @alang1993 @Geaky @mathematics @SlipperyP @kingjoey @pleslie99 And finally bring up the rear (insert Kenneth Williams meme) is team Germany. 161 points @Rugster @Salvo Montalbano @Cardinal Richelieu @German Jag @101 @NJ2 @Blootoon87 & bloody Aidan Excellent well done all . Now individual prizes for highest cumulative scores over four rounds Winning a trophy we have @Rugster @WhiteRoseKillie @Arch Stanton & @Eednud on 35 points Well done Now its time for the Rous Cup The final saw @Perkin Flump score a ten, v Rugster a 7 and Arch Stanton an 8 - Well done Perkin old chap In the kirin cup it was german jag 7, P Leslie 7, Kincardine 8 but winning with a nine was @Snobot @SlipperyP please award the following trophies The Hologram x 1 Leeds Saint x1 Silky Si McFly x1 Jagfox x 1 Snobot x 2 - what a show off Spring Onion x 1 Ross. x 1 Armadale Killie x 1 PErkin Flump x 1 White Rose Killie x 1 Arch Stanton x 1 Eednud x 1 Rugster x 1 And that concludes the award ceremony It's time for me to disappear, I have Margot coming round to the hot tub Anyway good night everyone until next time
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