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    "Whurs oor gaffer?" Unlucks x
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    Am I the only one that doesn't give the tiniest shit how good or bad Albania are? Why do we always have to qualify how we do with "aye, but the opposition were pure shite". This competition is specifically designed to pit sides against each other who are on the same level. Five more games like this and we'll be in Euro 2020.
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    Being too cold for five minutes while you get back to your car >>> being too hot for three hours while you get to the airport and wait for your flight.
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    “I always dreamed of playing for Rangers, but I think that club has passed”. FTFY Dobbs
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    Kenny Miller will be replaced by The Kenny Miller, I’m told he’s still the same person though.
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    Tell you what is broken, Cardoso’s nose.
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    That's a bit of a strong word for one fan to use about another. Particularly when the fan in question is an inoffensive little guy who's been following Falkirk for decades. I made a post recently, in response to Shodwall I think, in which I explained the reasons why the likes of FFCTV have to be so tactful when interviewing managers. I'm happy to dig that out and post it again if you want. In the meantime, what exactly has Lewis done to be deserving of the word "coward"?
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    Be good if fans of bottom six diddies could pipe down tbh - this thread doesn't concern you lads.
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    Falkirk are a bunch of top boys. Had Morten fans seething all week and fucking hate the Pars. I obviously hope we win this game however if we drop points to kick start Raymond's revolution then I would be ok with it.
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    Morelos would still miss him.
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    It's the hope that kills you, eh Rangers*...........................well, that and the HMRC.
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    You’ve got to feel for Lee Wallace. He put in a hell of a shift.
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    Steve Clarke's statement on the Dicker red card. Absolutely sensational, so glad to see him vociferously stand up for the club. Steve Clarke has issued this statement following the decision to uphold Gary Dicker's red card against Hearts. The midfielder will miss matches against Aberdeen and Hibernian after he was ruled to be guilty of serious foul play over a challenge on Callumn Morrison. "I have to say that I’m disappointed but not surprised by the decision of the confidential panel, who chose to ignore our appeal and back the referee’s original decision. "An appeal process that excludes the people involved, namely the player, the referee and officials of the appealing club from putting forward their case face to face with the adjudicating panel will sometimes be open to strange and inconsistent outcomes. This panel will usually be made up of three people and will, in all probability, include no former players, coaches or managers who understand football and the decisions that are made within a game. "My belief and that of the majority of people with a good knowledge of football would say that Gary Dicker’s tackle was a genuine effort to win the ball without malice or recklessness and with minimal contact on an opponent who proceeded to roll around as if seriously hurt only to get straight back to his feet on the issue of the red card. "The period of time between the tackle and red card decision was ridiculously short and lacked a calm and rational approach from such an experienced official. "I don’t want, or need to, go through recent instances where red cards have been rescinded or downgraded on appeal or where violent conduct on the field of play has been overlooked by officials because they are there for everyone to see. "Maybe smaller clubs like ourselves are fair game. "However, as I said at the start, I’m in no way surprised at the outcome of our appeal. As soon as I heard the news, very early in the week, that the referee in question had been appointed to take charge of the first Old Firm match of the season before our hearing had taken place I, and many other people, knew that the decision would go against Kilmarnock. There is no doubt that the perception of most and certainly of our club is that the hearing was pre-judged by this early appointment. "To finish I would like to reiterate my support for Scottish referees and believe that I have been a big voice in backing and supporting these sometimes maligned figures and despite issues like this one, they will continue to have my full respect and support."
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    I’ll never forget the time at Glasgow Sheriff Court when a dodgy market trader was up for stealing a chandelier from a country house. The court heard that he was having a secretive talk on tactics with his old man and younger brother, who were waiting below with a sheet to catch it. Well, he must’ve been preoccupied with what he was saying because he didn’t notice that there were 2 chandeliers in the room and he was hammering the wrong fitting! He went to hit it with a hammer and it fell to the floor mid sentence, it was utterly hilarious.
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    Well. That was a bit of a day. After HSF's waters breaking two weeks ago she felt cramping this morning about 11am. Called hospital told to go in at 3pm. Baby boy born at 4.34pm weighing 2lbs 15ozs. From being wheeled into labour ward to him being born was about 20 minutes. Breathing on his own which is a good sign. He's in SCBU just now for up to 10 weeks so we're at the start of a long fight to get him fit enough to come home. Been an emotional last 14 weeks as it was with HSF pretty much couch bound in pain but now we've hopefully turned a corner on that front and we can concentrate on the wee man and his daily fight to get to full health. Hospital have been amazing. Thank f**k for the NHS. HSF been an absolute trooper and couldn't be more proud of her. Home now for some sleep and back in tomorrow to see her and the wee man.
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    There's a guy in my office who just looks like he does stinking farts so it's pretty much open-season for everyone else as our dear colleague absorbs all blame. I do feel quite sorry for him as he's regularly chastised for it, but he provides a vital service for the office. A fartyr, if you will.
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    Nearly a year to the day since Sakura was discharged from hospital and her latest bloods and CT Scan came back showing no relapse or metastasis.
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    We don't mind Falkirk, mainly because you're not Dunfermline. All the best for the rest of the season.
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    ...if this was any other team (bar Celtic), we wouldn't be having this bullshit, from an off-the-cuff quip. Rangers have turned into a Club who love to be offended, they love to be the victim, they love to have a reason to say 'see, everybody hates us'...f**k them. The media latch onto this, and before we know it we're putting out grovelling apologies to a Club whose fans have got themselves into bother umpteen times already this season, fighting and coming off second best at home and abroad...this is a Club that condones, by continually turning a blind eye to the 'special atmosphere' created home and away, glorifying in the death and destruction of all things Catholicism. This is a Club, that along with the other c***s from the East End, have consistently bled the Scottish Leagues dry, and we're apologising to them because our captain said that he laughed at the way Cardoso moaned about a broken nose? A broken fucking nose, not a life-threatening injury, not a leg-break or a decapitation...a broken nose, and while the way he put it across was clumsy, its been blown out of all proportion by the victims from Ibrox and their self-serving pals in the media, meanwhile we've got Motherwell fans wringing their hands and worrying about, what the rest of Scottish fitba' thinks of us...I've got news for you, they think we are a team of cloggers and thats down to our style of play and whether Hartley said that or not, they would still think that this morning...our fans are worrying about Steven Gerrards team talk, c'mon tae f**k really? If he needs Peter Hartley to get his team wound up and up for it, then hes in a bit of bother...our fans are worrying about the referees take on it, but its Craig Thompson and he'll f**k us over whatever the f**k we say or do, we could send the physio in to give him a massage with a happy ending before the match and he'll still give these c***s everything on Sunday. I've heard others ask, 'but what if the roles were reversed and it was a Rangers player laughing at our player for being a big fucking lassie'...my answer to that, 'the compliance officer would be giving not one single f**k'.
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    On behalf of Irvine Meadow I would like to thank the committee for there help when 1 of our fans took I'll in the Social Club. Just to let you know he was taken to RAH by ambulance where he was checked over. He twisted his ankle when he fell He was given the all clear on other problems. Thank You all once again and good luck for the Season.
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    Falkirk - Shaggers Morton - wee guys
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    Going to tabloid it: Five Things we Learned from motherwell vs STEVIE G's REBORN RANGERS: 1) Bigirimana can be trusted in "big" games. His effort level was as good as it's been for us and by my biased view, was pretty much the best man in midfield today. His delivery from set pieces was crucial today. This is the player we hoped we'd got last season - up to him to show it again. MOTM. 2) Curtis Main looked like himself today. Whether he takes a few weeks to get going or he was just more motivated, I thought he gave the (hilariously poor but much hyped ) Rangers defence a right hard game of it. 3) Danny Johnston will be our top scorer this season. 4) Rangers have the most unlikable forward line since Hitler and Himler starred together for the Third Reich Strollers between the wars - absolute cunthooks both. 5)
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    The c***s, THE UTTER FUCKING c***s, who stand with their knees touching the baggage carousel so you can't get your bag. Stand back and step forward when you see it you fucking wankers.
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    Maureen. We get it. Ha ha. Ha
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    You really should have a think before you post. Slating Fitzpatrick for posting stuff like that after what he has been through, very poor stuff.
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    I for one welcome our new Heart of Midlothian overlords.
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    There was actually a full blown and hilarious debate about it on the telly between Rusty Lee and Levi Roots (who is chilled as f**k). Old Rusty screaming 'this is our recipe by our people and no one else should be allowed to interpret it' was particularly disturbing. I don't know if it's a symptom of getting older but more and more I can't understand the absolute fucking trivial shite folk get their knickers in a twist over. Racism, sexism, homophobia, paedophilia - bad and should be tackled. Misnaming a packet of rice, wearing a kimono despite not being East Asian, white people doing gangster rap, non Scottish people who wear kilts etc - could not give a smidgen of a f**k and can't understand those who do.
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    Tonight’s show was a disgrace. Review of the weekend supposedly. 45 minutes talking about the Glasgow derby. “Jig” sticking up for the company that plays at Ibrox and McDonald doing the same for Celtic. What’s the point ? 1 minute to discuss the Devlin sending off. Nothing on the handball before the goal or Referees this season in general. Nothing on the Partick incident. Nothing on Hearts start to season. Nothing on lower leagues... Dobbie on 18 goals and 5 nil Queens win) Pathetic beyond belief.
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    Set off a flare at the football and you will be jailed, but its ok if your on a sinking ship, lost on a remote mountainside or about to launch a Military attack on an enemy position, all of which are far more dangerous scenarios than attending a football match. Once again Football Supporters are treated as social Pariahs and singled out for unfair treatment.
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    Special mention to the Celtic fans - do you really think singing songs about the IRA encourages your team to play better? Absolute fuckin scum.
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    TBF, I don't think anyone wanting Strachan out was wanting him replaced by Alex McFuckingLeish.
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    I think 100k is worth it for the absolute state Morton have got themselves in.
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    Ryan buddy. You should have seen the goal we got disallowed on Saturday. But, we just picked ourselves up and won the game anyway. It's what big teams do.
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    You pretended to be a woman in a B&B and got banned for incessantly posting about child abuse. Sit down you absolute roaster [emoji38]
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    How on earth do you infer that from Lichtgilphead's post? You're every bit as bad as WATTOO - the posters you're responding to aren't the ones sacrifiing his accusers on a political altar here. Saying any investigation needs to be given time to run its course by following due process to allow the facts become clear rather than jumping to snap judgements is the view that shows concern for the rights of victims, because it's the approach that allows their complaint to be heard and taken seriously. The views that disregard potential victims of sexual offences are those which amount to, on one side, 'Westminster conspiracy there can't be any truth in it because see me I'm SNP!' which effectively says anyone on their side of a debate should have impunity to behave how they like and they'll always cry conspiracy regardless of the truth of any allegation. Whether this particular investigation results in Salmond being referred to police and/or charged and found guilty or not, jumping to such a conclusion shows a willingness to throw victims under the bus if the crime they've suffered is politically inconvenient and that's a deeply concerning and abhorrent position to take. The other viewpoint, which you're trying and failing to conceal is yours, of 'Yas I always knew Salmond was a creep, I hope this destroys the SNP because I don't like them politically' is also one that shows no concern for the women, because you're actively hoping someone is the victim of a sex offence then celebrating if that's the case because it's convenient politically. It's a small step away from Rangers fans showing their concern for victims of child abuse by singing 'the bears are having a party, the **** are shagging weans', or someone responding to news of a celebrity being charged with such offences with 'I hope it's *other celebrity* next!' Of course, everyone should hope that no one is next because we should hope that people stop committing sexual offences and no one has to be a victim of it. It's a view that actively celebrates the suffering victims have had to endure, which is also a deeply concerning position to take.
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    Milliband was on it Labour would replace the House of Lords with an elected senate if the party won next May's general election, party leader Ed Miliband has said. Brown was on it Replace House of Lords with elected senate, urges Gordon Brown Blair was on it Blair lost interest in House of Lords reform once most of the hereditary peers had been removed, and the Conservatives no longer enjoyed a preponderance in the second chamber. John Smith died, but his widow is on it Elizabeth Smith, Baroness Smith of Gilmorehill Kinnock was on it The House of Lords must go - not be reformed, not be replaced, not be reborn in some nominated life-after-death patronage paradise, just closed down, abolished, finished. Foot was on it I think the House of Lords ought to be abolished and I don't think the best way for me to abolish it is to go there myself et al. et al. et al. All the way back to Keir Hardie and the picture in my previous post. 100 years of failure to deliver on promises.
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    This last Sunday morning I was awoken by my other half as she came in off nightshift and was furious at the mess I was in. As she went to bed, I went to the pub on my own, drank several pints of Tennents lager before going to watch my mates play Sunday league. I then returned to the pub where I watched football and consumed more Tennents, before staggering up the road to see a furious girlfriend head off to nightshift. As far as Sundays go, it was glorious.