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    I’m reasonably content
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    It's in a sub forum called General Nonces.
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    Tough night for the queen with both her government and XI getting absolutely dicked. How pleasing.
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    We're 8 games unbeaten and won 2-0 last night, having had the worst full time team in Scottish football history less than three months ago. With all due respect, shut it.
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    Gerrard's "We're a class above Aberdeen" remark at the start of the season, followed by three defeats in Glasgow to them, including being fucked out of both cups. Absolute peak banter years stuff there
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    This is the last bastion argument of anyone who doesn't want change to happen. It doesn't matter what the change is. Change always requires both the management of risk and the acceptance that not everything will happen as planned. Some things will be better and some not. The real question is whether you think the risk is being managed and what are the chances of it becoming a reality. In any assessment of the risk around Scotland being accepted as a member of the EU, you'd score it Green. Similarly, you'd find any assessment of Scotland's ability to work to EU requirements whilst the process of full membership was worked through would also be Green. In both cases because the will of both parties is to make it happen. Only morons can honestly believe that Scotland would be cut adrift. The same applies to currency. Every country in the world uses currency. Scotland will not revert to bartering with porridge and wind power. There may be a migration to the end point rather than a big bang but that is actually preferable in terms of securing a stable platform for disentangling from the UK. Brexit on the other hand has been managed as a xenophobic clusterfuck where the UK has spouted endless pish whilst delivering f**k all - hence the reason we're 10 days out and they're arguing about 17th century protocol. Utter fannies.
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    Hammer the clubs, by deducting a single solitary point from their league total...everytime there is a political song sung, a sectarian song sun, a coin fired onto a football pitch, supporters breaching pitch-side barriers, seats broken (because of over-exuberance or otherwise), flags flown in support of terrorist organisations... ...Celtic would be absolutely fucked if that was the case, or they might actually get their house in order.
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    English top flight titles in the last 28 years; Leicester City 1 Liverpool 0
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    An 18 year old kid making his first start has 60,000 in tears. Lovely.
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    A good idea, lets do the same with the Highland teams merge Forres, Ullapool Cove Keith with Oban Fraserburgh and Fort William and call it FUCKOFF for short
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    Thanks again for the comments and the feedback. It's always interesting to read what we can do better going forward. I'd probably agree with the comments about the Alternative Timelines section about Albion Rovers and the Scottish Cup - it was brilliant fun to record and seemed to flow very well but it missed the mark on the show itself and came across as self-indulgent. Nevertheless, there's some great stuff coming up in episode three and I hope to see you all there!
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    TBF he called out Kenny Sheils too. Never bad that
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    Just like to wish my Dark Blue Brothers best of luck in their upcoming fixture against the fluorescent fannies. #dunkirk
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    Cause ur fuckin shit Tory farmers mate. Cheers SB x
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    I don't think we'll score 10 against them. There isn't a professional team in Scotland that would concede 10 to a league rival. Oh, wait...
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    Cheers folks, didn't realise it was in the paper as I only told the lottery staff and I only buy the paper on a Saturday. It's a drop in the ocean compared to the annual wage bill but every little helps and all that. I'm getting a wee day out in the directors box on Saturday by way of thanks so hopefully a victory will give me a chance of grinning smugly at Dunfermline's management after the game
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    3 years ago today we came back from 2-0 down to beat The Rangers 3-2. f**k the Rangers.
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    Provincial noun 1. an inhabitant of a province of a country or empire. 2. an inhabitant of the regions outside the capital city of a country, especially when regarded as unsophisticated or narrow-minded. Thick Rangurs twat
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    Can we all take a moment to appreciate Ian McShane's TFS set piece delivery. Scores against Invenress, then against Queens he whips one straight on to Edgenguele's napper for him to score, and puts it on a plate for McKenna today. Some boi
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    I feel a guard of honour for Steve Clarke before he heads into the ground is in order Saturday after his press conference tonight, Killie fans on one side, Livi fans on the other. Its about time someone called out these animals for what they really are.
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    Rangers to win on penalties in normal time
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    “If the penalty had been given in the first two minutes it would have been different. The red card is a joke. “If that’s the standards we might as well go home. Why speak? “It’s every week, every other week. Why? You’ll probably write Morelos four goals but the officials decided the game. “It’s embarrassing. The goalie just lifted his arms. “Every goalie does it every week. It’s embarrassing. I’m talking in general, bad decisions. “All we talk about is our refs. How can I talk about football tonight? “It’s nice being back in the west of Scotland – really nice. “When I was approached by Rangers about taking over the job here I was assured, nah, we didn’t have that in the west of Scotland anymore and it had gone. Hahaha. “They can call me a b*****d or w****r but to call me a ****** b*****d? Come on. “We’re living in the dark ages. They’re not allowed to call my assistant a black B but they can call me a ****** b*****d. Is that correct? “What are we doing in Scotland?
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    We have been given Kinship of the children
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    That's the thing I don't get, though. If nothing is going to change for these lower league clubs (which is the case), then what have they got to lose by going into the pyramid ? Absolutely nothing is the real answer. The lower league teams won't need to apply for grants, they won't need to set up youth teams, they won't need to become Community Clubs, there are no unnecessary chores. Their existence won't change in any way. They will still be playing the same teams in the same league structure. The benefits to them will be that they will be more marketable, i.e. they can tell their potential fans and sponsors that they are at tier "X" in the Scottish football pyramid, instead of Joe Punter on the street thinking that junior football is for kids, like way too many still do. I just don't get why any club in the West Region would not want this to happen, as there are absolutely no negatives for them, only positives and opportunities.
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    The Whatabout Inspectors are clearly on the ball today. Under their eagle-eyed scrutiny they have discovered that Steve Clarke's moans about the arsecheeks might not be absolutely and perfectly symmetrical. Clearly he's just yet another one-sided Rangers-hating bhigot - or possibly even a f****n b*****d. That settles that and Rangers fans can disregard him and go back to whatever they were doing before.
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    Just to add something positive to this thread and remind us all that it’s not always been shite being a Rovers fan. My uncle was a sports photographer for the courier back in the day and used to print me off photos he’d taken from the Rovers games. I found these ones the other day in my mums attic. They were taken after the game in which we clinched the 1st division title in April ‘93. I spotted a few familiar faces in the crowd.
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    Let's her fucking 8 year old son boss her about and rule the roost. We've just moved in together and the wee cunt is a nightmare. Gets to eat what he wants, screams bloody murder if me or his mum have the audacity to have more food than him (he's 8 I may have mentioned) and he also is fucking obsessed with his PS4. Like it's a part of him. If he gets told to turn it off he has some kind of what looks like a fit. If he has go literally go outside for any reason he has a complete meltdown. His whole life has been him sat in front of his PS4. His mum just fucking lets him too. She gives in to him all the time and I'm stood there asking her is she on a fucking wind up and to boot his arse outside to get some fresh air. It's apparently the same at his dads too. He's soft as shit and generally a fat, useless waster who should've been a hand job. Both of them have zero authority over an 8 year old. A fucking 8 year old. He's 8. They're in their early 30s. He's fucking 8.
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    Controversial name for the programme IMO
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    Really enjoyed that. They were able to stay a lot more true to the podcasts than I expected and the show was a lot better for it IMO. Also nice to put faces to the voices I've been listening to for years now. Slightly disappointed they're all handsome, relatively normal young guys rather than the circus freaks I'd been picturing though. Bit of a cliche but I do actually feel a bit of pride for them as if it's my lifelong pals doing well themselves, rather than some boys whose podcast I listen to twice a week.
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    Bump. So given that Scottish football has predictably descended back into the sewer and absolutely no meaningful action is being taken by the football authorities: when will James Kelly MSP, the assorted Unionist branch offices and above all the lentil-eating morons in the Scottish Greens hold their hands up and admit that they were entirely wrong to repeal OFBA without putting any credible alternative mechanism in place; and then send their apologies to Steve Clarke and countless other victims of sectarian abuse that was abetted by their political posturing?
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    Ah, the irony of a Livingston fan giving a lecture about ethics and calling other clubs scum. Selling t shirts down the barras doesn't really compare with heavy duty drug dealing, stoving someone's head in or waving your willie at young women, but they are a strange bunch in West Lothian.
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    Join us for another round of Condemn or Condone..... Naw. Almost every Falkirk poster said their piece on the eyeballs thing. Absolutely no need to revisit it. Also absolutely nothing wrong with questioning the fact that he never spoke out about abuse in Scottish football when he was at a club whose entire Modus Operandi is religious intolerance. As was said at the time, Shiels and his arsehole father tried to injure a fellow pro, then used the same whataboutery you are calling out to try and justify it respectively. The fans responsible, Kevin O'Hara, and even somewhat bizzarely Joe McKee were all dealt with comprehensively at the time by the club and the authorities between them. Tell me what more you want? Shall we build a shrine for the wee p***k? Or are you just looking for another opportunity to point score? (Something that we are all guilty of on here, but given so many instances of pish behaviour from fans recently seems to be dying a death)
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    There's an uncomfortable relationship building here with regards to results. Cheers for beating Alloa. Also, you're a shower of piss stained tramps.
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    They couldn't get a better character witness than a guy named M.Lester?
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    Mind when we had the chance to be free from this utter shitshow and completely shat ourselves?