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    Dont care if I get banned for saying this, but if you vote Tory tomorrow you are a fucking c**t and I hope by some absolute fluke of coincidence that you personally are hardest hit by their austerity policies and lose your job when brexit impacts result in a widescale economic slowdown. f**k the tory vermin scum. A vote for the tories is a vote to kick every vulnerable person in this country in the face.
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    I live in a key SNP/Tory marginal. Me and the wife have already voted over 120 times for the SNP this morning as we work in a care home and have appointed ourselves the proxy for all the residents.
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    I saw the front page of the Sunday Times this morning And I was put in mind of something...
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    Mental that we’re gonna stop 10 in a row.
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    The signing of the highly rated American in the summer just hasn't worked out for her. Tbf, it's been all downhill since she offloaded Spencer in the 97/98 season.
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    Met the welfare state at a charity do once. It was surprisingly down to earth and very funny.
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    Wow, that's an incredibly shite phone.
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    That’s all I have to add on the matter.
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    We have just fired our manager for gross incompetence and we are only three points off the top of the table. It is a horrifically badly assembled Falkirk squad off to a bad start and we are one win away from the lead. It is a crap, crap league.
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    Whoever made that (a) is an odd individual with too much time on their hands, and (b) a fucking genius.
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    @Im_Rodger has an SNP mp. With a majority of over 5000. unlucks m8.
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    In the last three games we have played 6 defenders and a holding midfielder. The first game the opposition was pub league stuff, Stranraer are as bad as anyone in the league. Then we play the first competent side M&M have faced and lots are shocked it is no better than the previous goon in charge. If M&M have any chance of getting this job they need to ditch the dross in the team and those who can’t create. So for me 4-4-2 with the wide players creating the width not the wing backs because neither are good enough against the better teams. Tidser and Longridge have to play. Durnan and miller not
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    I've counted 6 players in here that were regular starters for Falkirk last season.
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    Preferred last years Betfred adverts tbh.
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    This’ll be a cracker. Two grand old clubs, also clubs of a similar size. I’ve always loved these games. I’m so happy Airdrie are back as the Airdrieonians
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    Two months after being diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer and you'd still be struggling to notice anything wrong with him.
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    The RaithTV team thought there was a lot of great insight in the interviews from Sunday's brunch so we've decided to put them up in full as part of 27/11 day. You can view all the interviews in full on video here - https://youtu.be/uy_xwPV0yRo Alternatively, we've put them up as a podcast here - https://anchor.fm/raithtv/episodes/Coca-Cola-Cup-Win---25th-Anniversary-Interviews-e97irq?fbclid=IwAR3s7umJuSvQl5Xn9ro8ySGBr-_aigzgyr5XsRmSYigeB-c-evEBiTwqkF4
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    Aberdeen away. Would've preferred a more winnable tie but at least we avoided drawing a diddy club like ICT and will stand to make some cash from our tie.
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    If you don't like it, don't come. A policy Dundee United took to the biggest possible extreme three years ago.
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    Last 24hr illustrates in microcosm what's been achieved. Last night saw Linlithgow host Falkirk live on TV. Today saw Penicuik take 1,400 fans to Partick (and give fright) while Bonnyrigg + Broxburn reached Scottish Cup R4. It's about quality, facilities, U20s, professional approach, true - but it's also about opportunities, matches, occasions and these have been outstanding.
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    "I was only in there to get directions on how to get away from there"
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    Getting my Spotify Wrapped decade thing (bangers each and every one btw) made me think about our decade. It's open to debate whether the 09/10 season should be included or if the end of this year is actually the end of the decade but anyway by my count: 6 Top 6 finishes in 10 seasons - this season TBC obvs 6 seasons competing in European competition 6 Managers 3 Cup Finals 2 2nd place finishes 1 3rd place finish 1 PFA POTY (Higdon) 1 Golden Boot (Higdon) 1 Premiership Play-off win (6-1 agg vs Rangers) 1 FW YPOTY (Turnbull) plus fan ownership becoming a thing. 2009/10 - 5th - Top Scorer (all): John Sutton (13) 2010/11 - 6th (SC Final) - Top Scorer (all): John Sutton (17) 2011/12 - 3rd - Top Scorer (all): Michal Higdon (16) 2012/13 - 2nd - Top Scorer (all): Michael Higdon (27) 2013/14 - 2nd - Top Scorer (all): John Sutton (22) 2014/15 - 11th (Scottish Premiership Play-off: Winners) - Top Scorer (all): John Sutton (13) 2015/16 - 5th - Top Scorer (all): Louis Moult (18) 2016/17 - 9th - Top Scorer (all): Louis Moult (18) 2017/18 - 7th (LC Final / SC Final) - Top Scorer (all): Louis Moult (14) 2018/19 - 8th - Top Scorer (all): David Turnbull (15) 2019/20 - currently 3rd - Top Scorer (all): Liam Donnelly (9) Managers win %: Jim Gannon (30th June 09 - 28th Dec 09) - 28% Craig Brown (29th Dec 09 - 10th Dec 10)- 46.67% Stuart McCall (30th Dec 10 - 2nd Nov 14) - 42.5% Ian Baraclough (13th Dec 14 - 23rd Sept 15) -35.3% Mark McGhee (13th Oct 15 - 28th Feb 17) -35.5% Stephen Robinson (28th Feb 17 - present) - 46.9% So there you go...
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    I fear the worst for Kilmarnock in this one, I really do. Sadly for them, we are absolutely loaded with Killie Kryptonite this season, with no less than 3 Welshmen in the Hibs team. If that isn't enough to strike fear into the h**rts of the Ayrshire billy boys, each one of them possesses the superpower of being actual professional footballers and not just some random sheep farmer/molester. Having said that, Christian Doidge is shagging his way through absolutely everything at the moment, so even the sheep aren't safe. The Kilmarnock defence certainly aren't.
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    I wouldn't judge football at this level by the standards set at Greenock. Cup games are one offs. Teams lower down raise their game against superior opposition. Its nothing new or nothing to get knickers in a twist over. Or not to use paragraphs.
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    It's still there, between page 2 & page 4, HTH.
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    No he won't. Whatever the result is, admitting to being a Tory is massively embarrassing.
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    Just 11 months ago, we hammered “the big boys” 3-0 with a far, far weaker team than we have now.
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    I’d like to see us bring in some cheerleaders. Ones with really big tits.
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    Is Louis Theroux the most famous person to post on the forum?
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    Wtf is the problem with heading to the tables? More leg room and you get space to put all your stuff. The cuntishness only comes in if you spread your shit all over the table and other chairs so nobody else can sit down.
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    Because he doesn’t have the flu.
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    Is the correct answer 12.6 billion?
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    I hope Dalglish and Law enjoyed their spell as Scotland's top scorers.
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    The amount of folk claiming to know how much the club will make from the Killers is bloody embarrassing!
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    If McPake wants to salvage this and get the fans on side, he needs to inject some fire in the way he coaches. Too many times have I seen him in real time or in picture with his hands in his pockets and his eyes pointed to the ground. The lack of support from Jimmy 'sit n' do f**k all' Nicholl and the rest of the peanut gallery that form our management team is startling, and Jazza needs to know that the fight needs to come from him. The negativity from the manager embeds itself into the players, and thus they become flat and unimaginative. When the team suffers a setback or even a positive, they seem to switch off, hence why we've experienced so many collapses this season. The 10 minutes of torture in the 6-2 derby, the last second goal from Aberdeen, Partick's 3 goals in 7 minutes, Ayr's goal against us, Morton's equaliser, and of course QotS' winner, all lapses in concentration caused by the negative, uninspired attitude of the team. Aside from the freak results at Tannadice and against Partick, we aren't getting 'hammered' by teams. We're conceding just enough to make us need desperately to rely on the strikers scoring from the meager amount of attempts they are able to have with the shitty service they get. Skill-wise we're relatively fine (Mackie and possibly Forster notwithstanding), it's the mental issues that we suffer from, and that is largely down to the mentality of management. The crowd response is also now a factor, but I see that as more of a product of the downward spiral rather than a cause of it. I read McPake's analyses every week, and every week we f**k up his response is to not make any excuses, but not offer much emotional opinion. I understand the wish to be respectful and professional, but never do I get the impression he is angry, instead just sulking and promising things will improve. If you truly believe you're the right man for the job and your squad is to be a top team in the league, you better not be complacent about losing. I wouldn't believe for an instant a manager like Dick Campbell sulks after a loss and says "Oh well, we'll do better next week." I believe he would give his players a firm boot up the arse if he was upset and let them know exactly how they need to improve. McPake is new and doesn't have that confidence yet, but he needs to find it fast if he wants any chance of getting the dressing room and the fans back. Once Gowser came on on Saturday, the team got a boost and took control. Gowser is a far more important piece in this team than Byrne, as Gowser gives a shit every second of the game. I'm not saying Byrne doesn't give a shit, but with Gowser you know he's fired up, and he's going to fire up everyone around him by doing so. I'd say play the same team next week, except replace Byrne with McGowan (and obvs Mackie out for Marshall if the latter is fit). McPake needs to take inspiration from Gowser's attitude, let the players know what the f**k he's doing wrong and how he can improve that. I'd like to see a bit more animation out of him, more emotion. He needs to shed a bit of the meek respect he always gives, gain a sense of pride and believe he's the man for the job, and that "we're better than you, and we're going to fucking show you just how". If he believes that, the players will believe it, and the periods of quick passing, high tempo football we only play for short periods will become more consistent, the fans' attitude will improve, and the results will start coming. If he doesn't 100% believe he is the man and he knows how to get this team on all cylinders, and keeps looking down at his shoes at every setback instead of screaming for the lads to get their heads up and respond, he needs to resign. Simple as that.
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    An Aberdeen fan crowdwanking Hibs
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    Saving all my greenies for pictures of Ryan Jack crying.
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    Of course that point stands. Johnson is a unrepentant homophobic racist and it’s an absolute disgrace that the media don’t bring this up at every opportunity, never mind not mentioning it at all, or only bringing it up to say ‘it’s not as bad as another party.’ That being an undeniable fact doesn’t mean you give other parties a free pass though. You said no one gives a shit about what Hanvey posted; it literally depicts a Jewish puppet master, with a further puppeteers hand with Rothschild written on it above him. It’s not even up for debate as an anti-Semitic cartoon. Knowing that Boris Johnson is a racist and that the media have appallingly failed to report this doesn’t mean we make it open season for every other party to indulge in bigotry themselves. You can rightly point out the hypocrisy of the reporting as the media continue to ignore Islamophobia while there is no record of any other major party leader making racist remarks versus pages of them from Johnson, but when there are instances of blatant bigotry from other parties deselection and suspension/expulsion is absolutely the right thing to do.
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    I managed to get my first ever 10, couldn't believe it. Is there some kind of gift/prize for your first ten out of ten? 😀
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    VT argues that no one can taste the difference between original irn bru and the new stuff when blind folded so you can disregard anything he has to say about anything else.
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    Russia have always been cheating b*****ds in every sport. First Ivan Drago, now this.
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    2019 and still no statue of Kirkcaldy's greatest athlete........hang your head in shame
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    Saints were excellent today. Very positive and impressive in possession. Night and day in comparison to Ross Co, St J and Hamilton. Fingers crossed you have more luck in front of goal [emoji106]
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    I'm not sure how McDaid is making it into quite a few "teams of the decade", in all honesty I can count on one hand the really good games he had for us, as all too often he flattered to deceive..........
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    Tbf, he did take Majid Bougherra's soul, so fair play.
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