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    At least nobody would be there to watch us turn you over for a fourth time this season.
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    Buying them with the money from a hedge fund?
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    To show my appreciation for the NHS, rather than clapping, I will simply just continue to not ever vote Tory.
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    Rangers fans will still ask though, they're never arsed about saving their various clubs
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    Just so we've got this right. From the very start of the pyramid discussions the SJFA were in the driving seat if they wanted to be. They could have basically shifted their entire league system over. They might have had to make a joint East/West Super Duper League at the top. They might have had to get a few Tayside clubs to move North. They'd have had to find a place in their own system for the SoS, NCL and EoS leagues or amalgamate them in but, by and large, a few (minor) concessions here and there and they would have had the run of all the non-league. They didn't bother and spent a decade ripping the pish out of the leagues that were set up. The EoS league? Gave up all their best teams. For a while it was nothing but a glorified amateur league dangerously close to single figures. Same for the SoS. They did make sacrifices to get it up and running. The EoS (a member ran league) were also happy to not only allow junior clubs to come in en masse, making their own chances of progression slimmer, they went out of their way to let them come in as complete equals. They could have created an EoS First Division and let the better teams bottleneck and take advantage and never. The SoS, too, has been happy to let clubs come in and make the possibility for progression of their better teams drop. They're supporting a WoS league despite the fact it will see them lose clubs and, let's be honest, increases the chances of them dropping a tier in the future. Now the EoS and SoS are helping set up a WoS league. They're, again, diluting their members own chances of progression. They're diluting their chances of Scottish Cup runs and prize money. They're bending over backwards to get something in place for teams from the West Coast to have the same opportunities they've been granted and fought for. Of course it's not entirely altruistic and I'm sure Tynecastle and Tweedmouth are enjoying bigger crowds and all the other benefits a greater pool of opposition has created but they've been able to bend and negotiate and make sacrifices and make efforts to improve the game at their level and collectively improve all clubs in their league, even the new Junior refugees, ahead of only caring about themselves. And now, at the very last minute, some Junior blazers SUDDENLY decide it's time to act, when they've lost all their bargaining power they once had, and are being told that they can't just make demands and expect everyone to acquiesce they're claiming it's bullying? It's like a bunch of weans deciding to have a game of fitba and one wean wanting to play rugby. That wean spends all their time slagging off everyone else for playing fitba before realising he's got no-one else to play with and demanding to join the fitba game but only on the condition he's still allowed to pick up the ball and run with it.
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    Absolute bullshit. I'm working in a Covid assessment hub and we arent testing patients who are actually fairly ill. The blue blooded gimp is barely symptomatic yet gets tested, why? Can he not isolate in his 100 room stately home. Absolutely genuinely fucking furious about this. Elitist piss and absolute lies about clinical need. c***s.
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    The P&B Coronavirus thread curve: Calculated using every fifth day (as I'm a busy person).
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    Frankly I think it’s a disgrace that there isn’t official recognition on this forum of the deep, fraternal bond that exists between St Mirren and Hibernian Football Clubs. It’s time for Paisley and Leith to become sister cities, and for us to adopt each other’s club anthems. Love Street 86, Hampden 87, Fir Park 10, Hampden 13 and now tonight in Paisley 20. St Mirren, there’s no other way to put it, you have given me some of the best footballing days of my lifetime.
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    Prince Charles is isolating at Balmoral with Covid 19. Prince Andrew is isolating at Windsor with Jennifer, 14.
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    A self employed person I know has spent years laughing at how they bump the tax man. Now almost in tears because they will hardly get anything under this scheme.
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    Further proof that every one of you Junior haters hang on everything that comes from Burnie as being solid gospel truth. "Junior haters". Do you realise how mental that is? Every person you're raging against either follows a Junior club now, or followed a Junior club until their club left less than 2 years ago. The Juniors is the clubs. It's not some esoteric abstract concept. If the clubs all move, everything that is the Juniors, everything you love about it, moves too. This fixation on an arbitrary collection of non-league football clubs is irrational.
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    This is when the Unions such as USDAW, & the GMB should be making demands regarding basic pay and terms and conditions for their minimum wage and zero hours workers, many of whom will be expected to keep the country operating at great personal risk and also that of their families. They'll also be subject to abuse, both verbal and possibly even physical. For decades they've been screwed over, but things have suddenly changed and the "lowly" supermarket check out girl or the "expendable" delivery driver or the "invisible" shelf stacker and warehouse worker are now the people that society in general are relying on to keep them alive. Is that worth more than £8.21 per hour do you think ??? I'd say so.
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    Do you work with Bob Geldof?
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    Anyone on here who is connected with a West Region club who would like a run-through of our experience in the licence process/move to the seniors, given we're a former West Region club who have taken that opportunity, feel free to message me. I ran the licence process for us, in terms of figuring out the requirements and working with the committee to get the boxes ticked and get us through audit, so I know the process/requirements inside out. When we left the juniors we were third bottom of the lowest Tier, essentially Tier 9 and plenty of people questioned the logic, not knowing our plans behind the scenes. Next season we'll play in the Scottish Cup and this season we're competing at the top of Tier 7 (2 levels above where we were in the WRSJFA) and play the South Cup Quarter Final on Saturday, our first such tie in over a decade, having beaten Bonnyrigg in the last round. Anyone from any of the Top West clubs close to drinking the Kool-aid on why progress can't be made need only look at the size of club we are and what we've managed in less than 2 years.
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    Gordon I take it the boys club reference is us (BSC) and he’s talking about the guy that’s done in 2 weeks what those incompetent, self serving wasters couldn’t do in 10 years. I for one salute you George Fraser. The game owes you a great deal of gratitude.
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    Good evening ladies and gentlemen, a brief update on the life of RN Completed rehab as previously mentioned and now in a sober living house run by an organization called Hope For Tomorrow. It’s quite rigid in some ways but that structure is definitely a benefit to me at this point. I have found a full time job which I should be starting next week, not my ideal but it’s something I can do with little stress. Been doing the full AA thing, complete with sponsor and finished step 5 last week. So far I’ve not had any real craving, possibly due to the vivitrol shot, and my mood has been mostly positive. Managing more sleep at night thanks to 200mg of seroquil up to 5 hours on a good night. Depression is kinda there at times but I’m doing a good job of not letting it get to me. For example, after my last relapse my oldest stepdaughter is not taking to me. Normally I would be really upset and trying to talk to her any way I could. This time, I’m accepting it’s her right to be mad at me and ignoring me, I’ve made a couple of attempts to reach out which didn’t work so I’m leaving well alone. Time will tell. I’m still getting amazing support from stepdaughter no2 and no3 is being positive, so it’s not all bad. I’m just letting you good people of P&B know that the f**k up wasn’t the end of the world and I’ll be here to post for a good while yet. Thank you for all the support [emoji106]
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    Each to their own but have you ever needed the nhs - like really needed them? I've (unfortunately) got frequent flyer miles at ninewells and every now and then i realise how ridiculously lucky i am. My care has been in their hands so many times, on a few occasions the type of care that keeps me alive. But i remember having the same feeling when my daughter was born in an emergency section through the night. At one point i just looked around at all the staff and all the equipment and it just made me feel small. Yes they're doing their jobs. But they're part of something (a state run healthcare system) that i think is truly extraordinary. If i lived in the United States i could not continue to have the career and life i have. Simple as that. The national health service is something that most people in this country deeply appreciate, and rightly so. But it's made up of hundreds of thousands of individuals going about their job day in day out. Fucking right i took a wee minute to applaud.
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    Van Nistelrooy Van Basten Van Man Van der Sar
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    Think I preferred “every little helps” tbh
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    The lad that sat next to me as I worked on Friday talked utter nonsense and proceeded to shit himself mid conversation and carry on as if it didn't happen. Working from home has its drawbacks especially with toddlers involved
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    Well I had a bit of a minter on here last night.... @Futureboy @MONKMAN @Bairnardo @Fullerene you guys are completely correct, comparing offshore workers to NHS staff was a terrible comparison and I have no idea where I was going with the Piper thing. @The OP @woolf @pandarilla I am sorry for any offence caused it was never my intention. I do not think I am generally a roaster, I am putting last night down to tiredness and stress. I hope you and yours all stay safe.
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    I wonder what clubs would die if Coronavirus takes hold meaning no ticket revenue? Rangers a certainty, possibly Hearts and the Dundee sides as well? Falkirk would still bring 2000 fans wherever they go, behind closed doors or not.
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    Daughter was born on Friday. Majik.
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    They will be fine, a Nigerian fella has offered them some money to see them through.
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    Hahahahaha get that right up @Musketeer Gripweed and all the other Liverpool ‘supporting,’ weirdos on here. Glorious.
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    You can almost guarantee a Rangers fan saw Livingston take the lead against Celtic, thought to himself there could still be a title race, only to then hear through the radio that Hamilton had taken the lead. Delicious.
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    I must confess to having a wee chuckle at folk I've regularly seen on Facebook berating benefits and "scroungers" over the years, now absolutely shiting themselves over money. My favourite post so far is from an AirBnBer who is sitting on a now unused asset worth a fucking fortune demanding to know why "that Nicola Sturgeon" isn't helping her. She then devolved into a rant about not being entitled to universal credit when "all these scroungers get everything", got absolutely dragged and deleted her post in a total strop. Fantastic stuff.
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    And what my table looks like now. Still need to flip the chairs over and stain the underside but now I have seating and table space for 6. Reckon I'll have a few imaginary friends by the end of the month so it's all good.
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    The thread was depressing enough without getting into a discussion around the shithole pubs of Dundee.
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    What's the bets in 50 years time Celtic and Rangers fans will still be arguing over the 2019-20 season and whether it 'counts' as one of Celtic's titles.
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    Dr Adrian Chew? A Chew?
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    I used to spin that toilet roll like I was on Wheel of Fortune. Now I turn it like I'm cracking a safe...
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    I'm sure more detail will be incoming through official channels, but IMO that went well. Very well indeed
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    Me going for 4 walks tomorrow.
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    I don’t get the “how will the police know if it’s my first, second or third jog of the day?” comments. Why is it that many people’s instant reaction to authoritative measure to be ‘how can I get around this one?’ It’s staggering to think of the number of people who will genuinely go out for a second walk, for no other reason than to ‘outwit’ the polis.
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    They'll get booted into the Championship for 'being fucking shite' which is how a league system works.
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    I'd say that's what happens if you get relegated but if you do this while you may see a few gates that are perhaps lower (and by the way, how arrogant and disrespectful sounding can you be about other clubs gates?) you'll get a fixed fixture list so you can sell hospitality, you're on the way to getting into the Scottish Cup every year with the potential for big gates there, that you will get to visit places you haven't been for a while and that pretty much every club will have something to play for (title, Premier League status for the following season, etc) rather than just having maybe 2 or 3 going for the title. More meaningful games, games publicised in advance, games against novel opposition, games being played midweek in decent weather, teams not going months without a game to fit in the Junior Cup - all these things would potentially increase crowds which is exactly what we saw with many clubs in the East. As for why the Junior blazers are treated with scepticism, that's been done to death. When the pyranid was first mooted, the SJFA could have lobbied for their SuperDooper League to be the de facto feeder in the South; they could have lobbied for a 4 way play off between Team 42 in the SPFL, the West Super Champion, the East Super Champion and the Highlanf League Winner; they could have arranged a merger/takeover of the Lowland League with the bulk of the clubs being Juniors... they decided the pyramid wasn't for them. When Kelty said that they wanted to join the pyramid, the SJFA could have lobbied for access to the Lowland League for the Super League champions; they could have had talks about a merger/takeover of the East of Scotland League which some felt was a poorer league; they could have looked at a way of getting all the clubs who wanted access to the pyramid into it while remaining Junior... they decided that Kelty were a one-off and not worth saving. When there was an exodus of East Juniors to the East of Scotland League, the SJFA could have looked at that as a warning and tried to negotiate a way for all the Juniors to have pyramid access - while this would probably see any other East Junior club who wanted to go join the East of Scotland League, it would have meant guaranteed entry to the pyramid for every club in the West who wanted it... instead they decided it had to be all-in or none-in, ignoring the fact that the North Region was ignored in their plan, that the Lowland League boundary would mean some East teams might not get into the Lowland League and that some clubs in both the East and the West may have wanted to remain Junior. The SJFA has had three openings to get this sorted and at each step they've decided that it wasn't for them. Only now, with the threat of a WoS League is the West Region (with the implied support of the national SJFA) trying to get pyramid access and even then it is totally on their terms - the tiers below the Super League remaining Junior (will this mean reinstatement fees and fines?), still running the show at the lower levels, no thought of how to integrate non-Junior clubs, wanting senior clubs who find themselves relegated from the West Super League to become Junior clubs to join their Tier 7 and lower. I could go on. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck...
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    Can we talk about junior football here again? This regionalisation of the SPFL keeps coming back here, but is massively off-topic. That should be discussed in the appropriate subforum, not here.
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    We're going to build a wall between Accies and relegation and make Hearts pay for it.
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    First time on this thread so thought I’d make a contribution. Last Thursday night I came down with a high fever,breathing issues and a bit of a cough.After calling my GP on Friday i was told to isolate the family for 14 days as in all probability it was Covid-19,later that day my Wife also became ill.At first I was sceptical and reckoned I’d came down with a “normal virus” but this is unlike anything I’ve had previously. The Friday and Saturday we both had a high fever,real shortness of breath but only a slight cough,much the same Sunday & Monday but with the added insight into why all the bampots were stockpiling fkn loo roll. Tuesday for me was the worst,adding hot sweat,shivers and feeling faint but it passed by late afternoon and I started feeling and breathing better. Yesterday and today I’m better,still a bit short of breath but no temperature and not much of a cough.My Wife has had Exactly the same symptoms 24 hrs after me.Thankfully my 2 boys haven’t showed any symptoms and obviously our main concern is protecting them from this. TBH I have experienced worse physically but mentally it’s a different proposition when all you see are people being stretched into hospitals or bodies being taken into morgues!Must admit I was terrified of going into hospital on my own with no family allowed anywhere near me,You do have the option of getting some breathing apparatus in house but thankfully it hasn’t got that bad. The one thing that would have helped me mentally would have been contact with people that had been through what was I was likely to experience,it would definitely have helped me. Stay safe.
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    A wipe out of the royal family, would make the economic catastrophe and general fallout all more bearable.
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    Old Man Danger's abacus malfunctioning wildly.
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