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    Will go on record and say that the last 4 months have been the only time in my life I've been even remotely embarrassed to be a Thistle fan. I can always accept shite players, shite games, shite seasons and shite managers. Relegation and cup pumpings are part and parcel of supporting a diddy team, so you can always accept it. But the utter nonsense we are hitting out with just now is beyond parody. The world literally came to a standstill. Hundreds of thousands of people have died, many thousands more have lost loved ones, jobs, etc. Football was and is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. There was never going to be a solution that satisfied every team, so it makes complete sense the worst teams in each division bare the brunt of it. Hearts and Thistle only have themselves to blame.
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    They're not very sectarian and mostly vegetarian And otherwise contrarian The Thistle Family They like to drink craft beer Their stand's called 'Colin Weir' Their mascot makes you fear The Thistle family They didn't want relegation They went to arbitration That just led to frustration The Thistle Family
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    League to be stopped after 36 games with Hamilton bottom. SPFL to vote that relegation is unfair and cancel promotion/relegation for 20/21.
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    This is the 4th or 5th time Hearts have been relegated in the last 4 months. You'd think it would get less enjoyable with repetition. Yet it doesn't.
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    It’s all our fault because we won most of our games, and had the fucking audacity to expect some sort of promotion for it. In the words of Tom English “what did they expect?” and in the words of any Jambo with a fucking megaphone, “any club in our position would do the same thing”. Clearly what they expect of us is to accept that even though Hearts were fucking rancid all season, we should forego our promotion, just because it’s inconvenient for them not be in the top league anymore. Clearly, in order to claim the moral high ground these days, what you have to do is lose most of your games, use the cover of a global pandemic to try to save your arses from the inevitable outcome of ending up dead last, go in the huff when you don’t get what you want, trying to bankrupt everybody else in the process, and to cap it off, express a real desire to shite all over the front lawn of the people you are trying your very best to f**k right over. Hearts fans continuing to uphold the fine traditions of their club I see.
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    "Unanimous." So even the panel member THEY FUCKING CHOSE told them to get to f**k. Aw, this is so fucking delicious.
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    Sorry lads, thought I was on my 8Gamestogo account there
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    That feeling when it's August 1st and you're a quarter of the way to matching Hearts' wins for last season.
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    Mind when Hearts were going to: - Get an interdict to stop the season starting - Get £10M compensation - Have relegation overturned - Get £8M compensation - Relegate Dundee United, Raith Rovers and Cove - Bankrupt Scottish football - Put multiple clubs out of business - Get the Dundee overturned - Have the vote to end the season be done again - Reconstruct the leagues so that they stayed up - Cross exam Neil Doncaster and expose his corruption - Bring down the SPFL - Bring down the SFA - Stick it to Lawwell - Shite on Dundee United's doorstep (literally) - Go to the Court of Arbitration for Sport - Win their last 8 league games and stay up - Win at St Mirren Park
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    Felt sympathy with Hearts, Partick and Stranraer as it was bad luck to be bottom when the music stopped same for Falkirk who we were lucky to be a point ahead of. However Hearts and Partick couldn’t accept it and dragged ourselves Dundee Utd and Cove into this at legal cost to our clubs while being shite bags in not naming Celtic too, classic picking on the wee guys bullying tactics. Get it round you both, hope the legal bill and impending fine are large.
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    When you wear maroon And your team's sent doon Who ya gonna call? Hearts-busters! When the league's called 'done' But you still need fun Who ya gonna call? Hearts-busters! I aint 'fraid of Ann Budge I aint 'fraid of Ann Budge When Tam cries "no fair" "Expulsion's" sair Who ya gonna call? Hearts-busters! For a petted lip In the Champioship Who ya gonna call? Hearts-busters!
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    The only real winner here will be the seats in the away section.
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    Dundee Shamefully Fucked Ann's Scheme IMO.
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    My prostate cancer related PSA marker is back to about normal for someone my age after 6 months treatment, which is nice, considering it started at a near record breaking high. Going to risk booking flights for next years Euros to celebrate.
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    I can only speak for myself but this diddy supporter is only here putting the boot in because your club and a large number of your support are wilfully engaged in trying to put my club out of business, all because you didn't get what you want. Forgive me if I show some delight at the fact it's all blowing up in your face and the best you c***s have got to say now is "look at what a big club we are". GIRFUY.
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    Worthy of a thread of its own. The recent self-inflicted grave misfortunes and actions of Heart of Midlothian Football Club will be unveiled to all in an intimate, all-areas documentary which is a complete and utter sure-thing to be nothing other than unfettered, unrelenting TV Gold. "Inside Tynecastle will be screened on BBC Scotland, and aims to explore the ups and downs of the 2019/20 season. Taking a fly-on-the-wall look at the inner workings of the storied Midlothian side, Inside Tynecastle will grapple with the daily challenges of running a top flight Scottish football team in the modern age. In particular, it will tell the story of the tumultuous 2019/20 season so far." https://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/sport/football/inside-tynecastle-what-new-hearts-documentary-about-and-when-it-tv-1370338 Quite simply lads, this has the potential to out-gun the Tiger King. Enjoy.
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    Naughty! https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/scottish-fa/football-governance/disciplinary/disciplinary-updates/
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    That’s the last of the highlights by the way folks, I’ll stop spamming the thread every night now! I’ve really enjoyed doing them and hopefully some of you have enjoyed watching them as well [emoji1360]
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    I think P & B as a whole sums up Scottish football for me. I whole heartedly support the utter ripping of my club in the full knowledge that when another club makes an absolute tit of themsleves as they inevitably will, i will be right here with gifs.
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    I believe that most Hearts fans will accept the outcome and move on, myself included. When fans are allowed back to matches they will go home and away regardless of what is said on JKB. As there always has been, there will be anger towards the SPFL & SFA, nothing new there as most feel regardless of all the recent events that they are poorly run/administered and favour two clubs. The reality for us Hearts fans is there were very poor decisions made by those in charge at HMFC, with regards to Managers/Coaches and signing of players. Would we have avoided finishing bottom if the season had concluded naturally, probably not in my opinion, as we were terrible against bottom half sides with a Manager who was out of his depth and no better than the one he replaced. There have been some positives for us in recent weeks with the signing of RN, JJ and CG. Add in promises of financial assistance and we will move forward in a reasonable position all things considered. Hopefully the relegation clauses in players contracts are severe to the point a number choose to move on (should anyone want them). Now simply looking forward to the day that I can sit next to (or near) my mates, have a beer before and after the game and watch some live football.
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    Because at the end of the day for all their bluster and shite-talking neither Celtic nor Rangers have actually carried through with their empty threats, primarily because they know the English FA wouldn’t take them and secondly because if they did they’d be getting pumped sideways every week off teams like Wigan! Whereas, there was a specific rule stating you couldn’t go to court without going through arbitration first and your fucknugget of a CEO thought “Screw that, I’m doing it anyway!” That’s a breach of the terms and conditions your club signed up for as a member of the SFA and likely constitutives a breach of contract as well. You deserve everything the SFA throw at you! Nice of you to drag Partick down with you though! And before you come back with ‘Lord Clark said this...’, I listened to the whole proceedings, and he said nothing of the sort. He merely said that it might be something to look at potentially in future, but I doubt a court would overturn such a contractual obligation which had such clearly detailed consequences and yet your club signed up for. You didn’t stand up for yourselves, you shot you own foot off with a shotgun to prove how “hard” you were, and then complained when you realised the weapon was loaded and blamed someone else for your injuries! I’d recommend you just go back under whatever bridge from whence you came...
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    You see the problem with that is this as you haven't read the many,many pages of this thread.... A resolution was put to the clubs Resolution was from the board (made up of club reps from Prem to League 2) The board toolk soundings prior to making this resolution from clubs All clubs had a vote An extremely large number voted for the resolution (81%) A very small number voted against it (19%) If the voting structure was across all clubs rather than Prem, Champ and then League 1& 2, Dundee's vote would have been irrelevant (It isn't and it wasn't). Votes to be in by Friday was a request only, clubs had the balance.of the legally mandated 28 days to vote SPFL screwed up by having a "no" option as only "Yes" votes count. Obviously done to make sure everyone voted. Dundee were knobbled. Why? Why Dundee, why not one of the other no voting clubs? Dundee's vote was in a spam folder it's a conspiracy. It wasn't it was caught by a much more complicated system. It's very common. Aberdeen told not to vote. Not correct,. confirmed by SPFL and McCormack that Aberdeen were told it didn't matter if they voted as by that time the number of "yes" votes for premiership clubs had been reached. If Aberdeen voted "no" it couldn't change anything, "yes" would simply have been confirming what was already known. Hearts, Partick & Stranraer aren't the only clubs affected. Approx 16 clubs (someone will correct me), lost out on potential playoff places. Brechin have been saved! From a playoff as were another approx 7 clubs from potential relegation playoffs. Disgraceful Raith Rovers have been promoted, it's such a shame on Kelty Hearts. Kelty who were 6pts. ahead of Bonnyrigg who had a game in hand & 5 games to go. Consistency is important. Clubs could have done the right thing by voting for reconstruction! Problem was behind the headline grabbing 14-10-10-10 it was shit and could have damaged more clubs. Budge needed to listen to other clubs and take onboard their thoughts. If so reconstruction could have gone ahead. Hearts, ICT & Rangers tried to have league voided. Confirmed by 6 Championship clubs & since then BBC source Gardiner has been very quiet. This lost Budge goodwill. Clubs are voting with self interest. So are Hearts , Partick & Stranraer. Allowing Champions is because Hearts have shat it big style knowing they'd have Celtic (and the power behind the throne Lawell 😂) on their case. We aren't allowed to play football yet by Scot Government. UEFA has a deadline of August 3rd(I think it is) for leagues ranked below 16th. SPFL is one of those. We couldn't finish leagues, see N.I. Countless leagues have finished the same way as us, France, Belgium, N.I., English League 1 & 2. This isn't unique to us. That should have you caught up. It's not a Doncaster the Great & Powerful's doing. Very difficult situation, where no matter what was done, harm would have been done to clubs. This was trying to do the minimum amount of harm possible to the least number of clubs possible. Democratic votes, could have all been voted down if so poor. Far too many clubs & Doncaster have been involved to be one person's fault. Budge though has played a blinder in having the support completely overlooking the poor play last season and the.dreadful performances this season. Your all caught up now and shouldn't need to.go over anymore debunked ideas. Thanks
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    They’ll probably get three quarters of the way there and then just declare it finished
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    Bill Leckie seems to be the only one in Glasgow that calls it like it is: "He’s (Craig Gordon) also bang on when he expresses his dismay that Scottish football hasn’t been able to sort itself out despite its problems not meaning a toss compared to what’s going on in the wider world. Without wishing to pick an argument with one of the game’s good guys, though, I have to say that, if he’s searching for a reason why it’s all gone so pear-shaped, it’s right under his nose; right there in his boyhood club’s boardroom. Hearts are the ones who finished bottom of the table despite spending top-three money on players. Hearts are the ones who panicked and demanded those players take pay cuts before the government even had the chance to introduce the furlough scheme. Hearts backed the wrong horse in the vote on ending the season early, then again on the vote calling for an independent probe into how that decision was reached. A reconstruction plan that would have saved their bacon fell on its backside, even though their own sugar-mummy Ann Budge chaired the committee who came up with it. They dragged United, Raith Rovers and Cove Rangers into their legal fight to have the final tables declared void, a situation that has left Raith fearing they’ll be unable to risk a six-figure legal bill and will simply be crossing their fingers that the decision goes their way. As if this wasn’t heavy-handed enough, Budge then nicked Robbie Neilson from Tannadice as her new manager — a hefty investment which, along with the deal to bring Gordon in from Celtic, is an almighty boot in the stones for every employee forced into a drop in wages when Budge pleaded poverty. I know Jambos fans will be sick of reading this, maybe even as sick as I am of writing it, but it has to be put on record that, despite dominating the headlines for pretty much all of these 115 locked-down days, their club have produced not one positive, winning idea. Good God, even when the hugely-generous James Anderson offered a donation of millions to make sure no clubs went down the pan, all Budge had to do was introduce him to Neil Doncaster and let them shake hands, but even then she managed to turn it into a fight. Like Rangers chairman Douglas Park before her, she’s read the room wrong time and again. She’s been fighting shadows, punching smoke. Plus, when she and her lawyers were throwing their weight around by plunging the plans of the three lower league winners into disarray, why didn’t they have the courage to claim that Celtic shouldn’t have been named Premiership champions? After all, if they’re actually saying relegation shouldn’t have counted, how can the title stand? Sorry, but there are more holes in Budge’s defence than . . . well, there were in her back four all last season, which really is saying something. And, for the umpteenth time, let me also say without fear of contradiction that, if they’d come off the bottom by winning at Paisley in the last, pivotal match before the shutters came down, we’d never have heard a peep from them. So, sure, there will be bad blood whatever happens now. But it’s Hearts who spilled it. Sure, it’ll forever be a crying shame that they, Partick Thistle and Stranraer were condemned to the drop when they still had enough games left to save themselves. But there are also countless businesses who might never open their doors again, tens of thousands of workers sweating over when they’ll earn a crust again. All Hearts were asked to do was suck up some rank bad luck and agree to kick a ball around in a different division come August — a division they’d be odds-on favourites to win. Whatever happens next in this sorry, sordid saga, the fact that they preferred to cause chaos for everyone else around them will stain those famous maroon shirts for a long time to come." https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/5777365/craig-gordon-hearts-relegation-row-bill-leckie/
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    Naw: last season, Hearts kept having to play teams above them in the league. It was incredibly unfair.
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    First, they came for the safe barbell squats, and I did not speak up, for I did not give a shit about barbell squats.
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    Leslie Deans on seeing this table:
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    Just spoke to my haematologist and he says I don't have to shield anymore. My risk is as much as any 29 year old.
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    Especially with a panel full of lower league supporters.
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    Aye. Imagine losing in a popularity contest against Neil Fucking Doncaster. Says a lot, that does. Almost as embarrassing as, say, winning four games out of 30.
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    Now, this is a story all about how My life got flipped-turned upside down And I'd like to take a minute Just sit right there I'll tell you just how the SPFL expelled us to play diddies like Ayr... The Heart of Mid-Lothian born and raised In Tynecastle was where I spent most of my days Whinning' out ranting' relaxin' I'm a fool And all kicking some football outside of the school When a couple of guys who were up to no good Doncaster was making trouble in my neighborhood We lost a little relegation fight and Budge got scared She said ' we're no movin' to the championship to play the likes if fuckin Ayr... She begged and pleaded with SPFL day after day But the SPFL packed hearts suit case and sent them on their way.. She gave them a kiss and then she gave them a lawsuit I put my Walkman on and said, 'I might as well kick it'. Effin Championship, yo this is bad.......
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    The seethe this is likely to generate is fanfuckingtastic. I love Scottish football.
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    Hearts you say???? The Eighties???? Kidds???? Scenes????
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    You weren't getting reinstated either way. At the start I dare say a lot of fans, while laughing at Hearts' predicament, probably did have a soupcon of sympathy for the "it's no' fair" mantra. Now I'd say most of us don't give a f***, and if you never appear in the top flight again we won't care. Basically, you can take your maroon pound and stick it up your arse.
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    I personally will be attending away matches this season when crowds are allowed back, boycotting away games is childish Sevco patter.
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    "My rant is over for now" *rant continues for a further 4 paragraphs*
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    He'll say something like: "Neil Doncaster and the SPFL have achieved their pyrrhic victory, but it's a success for legality over morality. Make no mistake, this whole sorry saga will lead to bitter recriminations for years to come."
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    Tom English making light of the nonsense situation that DU, RR & CR have been brought into through no fault of their own. Absolute bellend.
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