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  2. Nice to see the dees being optimistic and confident with their squad.
  3. Most of those companies have offices in London. BP and Total (the UKCS largest producers) do. What would a company want with an office in a London which was out of the EU and politically isolated from the North East of Scotland which represents probably 90% of their business interests in Europe? These conpanies also have offices in Aberdeen incidentally. Is it beyond the reals of normal thinking that they would move the jobs from to Aberdeen or even Edinburgh in that case? One thinks not.
  4. Aye just saw it for myself. That’s shocking
  5. I liked Rocco Quinn as well, he was a classy player who could perform well in quite a few roles. Unfortunately he was just a physically broken down guy at a terribly young age. I mentioned when we signed Tansey that it had shades of Quinn about it and hoped it would fare better long term. Similar age, style of player, build and both with absolutely horrific injury records. That game against Hibs Quinn absolutely terrorised them and we never seemed to play him in that role again. Never see or hear much from the guy since he left us apart from that he retired... hope he's doing well in whatever he's up to.
  6. Final word on this from me. I feel that the fans who sang the f word are scumbags. To sing stuff at a fan who was more interested in taunting us from the kick off than watching the game is wrong and distasteful but understandable. Myself and others aren't hiding the fact we have some scumbags among our support like every team unfortunately. I was at the game and I've never seen such taunting and cry baby reactions from away fans for decades. Squaring up to children and threatening to fight people for no real reason. Take it from me if any side and I mean any side are playing at celtic park and their side is doing well their fans will react badly to you. They seem very insecure and reactionary to something that must get sung at them most games. If celtic had beaten cluj and the green brigade was there this would be an non issue. Let's monitor how all away fans are treated at Celtic park. I wont be going back. It's not safe.
  7. Big Artur 55 [emoji3][emoji3] doesn’t feck about........but Ono will waste loadsatime......
  8. Having watched McGlynn's latest interview, I'd be happy just to give him free reign over the club. He's had a turbulent week, or 11 months, but the man just loves the Rovers. * *i reserve the right to delete this if we pick up 0 points from the next 2 games.
  9. The worrying thing is you think your helping your club.
  10. Are you slow? I never said those companies HQ's were in London. What I said is that they wouldn't be moving to Scotland in the event of Scottish Independence. The complaint from Nationalists has been that money flows out of Scotland before being accounted in the GERs Report. I asked - I think legitimately - that if that is indeed the case, how would a Scottish Government change that in the unlikely event of Independence. Try to keep up. Oh and just to show you up even more - Houston is in Renfrewshire, not Ayrshire. Are you sure you are even Scottish?
  11. Looking forward to the Falkirk pound being deposited in the bank and being used towards a left back...
  12. The whole Rae appointment was bizarre from the start. It was the fourth time in 18 month we'd changed manager and he hadn't even been rumoured the previous three. Yet, within 24 hours of Murray leaving, Chick Young was on the radio saying Rae would get the job. Sounds fanciful but I still think he played a large part in that, considering he was Rae's five-a-side pal and knew Gilmour well. There are some fantastic stories about Rae that will probably only be proven if a player from that time ends up on Tell Him He's Pele. Stuff about training being Rangers v non Rangers and him and Farrell watching the Old Firm game when they should have been preparing the side for that afternoon's game against Queen of the South (where we were woeful). His signing policy was certainly staunch. I read Farrell's book after he left us and he said something he'd learnt from his repeated sackings from clubs was to play up your successes and emphasise the circumstances you were working under as much as possible. And that's exactly what Rae did. Still, it paved the way for a half season that is right up there with the Millennium Champions season for me. From going into work with a big smile the morning after Mallan's last minute winner against Queens to celebrating at Easter Road as if we'd just pulled off the most audacious bank heist in history, it was a hell of a ride.
  13. Yeah absolutely nuts that he didn't get more of a chance.. He did have some injury issues but should have got far more game time
  14. I think this crap has appeared on the thread before. I seem to recall we were all mystified as to why anyone would think this is something we should miss. Still..roll on Brexit, eh?
  15. There was a lassie wearing a pink jacket a bit down from the guy in the pink shorts who thought we were singing about her. She was mortified 😂
  16. Unstoppble yet tedious. Nobody cares about a football game where one side hogs >70% possession as usual and uses it to try and keep a clean sheet.
  17. A proper thread *is* Morton fans fighting with each other FFS
  18. Disgraceful. Anyway, changing subject completely, started my new job as an animal thief today, looking forward to working with Majcek, Juergen and Mohammad, a great team!
  19. What's happening for you guys once it redirects to ticket portal? What page are you then seeing? I'm still getting that same black screen with Uefa 2020 logo that I posted earlier, with no way to get further....maybe because I followed a c&p link? I dunno. Looks like it's not gonna happen for me though. Only hope is they are holding some back and mailing people on different days to not overload the server? Really frustrating not to have got an email
  20. Good to see that BBC Sport Scotland aren't a total bunch of fannies.
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