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  2. It is the plan we have at this moment in time - next season well who knows..... lets get this one started first
  3. Sevco fans seem very disturbed that they are away to Aberdeen 1st game. Not confident at all it would seem.
  4. This on Sunday to find out Monday his team “we cannae afford oor 3 way legal bill” time for a bake off 😂
  5. Leslie Deans is a tit, and if I were a Jambo, i would want him to shut the f**k up. Clearly he believes that the arbitration panel that the SPFL were seeking all along, will reveal deep corruption and illegality within the SPFL and the vote, leading to an immediate return of Hearts to the top flight. Can see from NDs appearance on Sky Sports this morning that he is clearly shiting himself, about what is about to be revealed!! Here’s my theory around Deegate. 1. Nelms thought the vote was dead in the water as Aberdeen and Hibs had indicated they were looking to vote no. 2. Dead as it appeared to be, Nelms joined the No camp, as if the money wasn’t forthcoming anyway, why vote to promote your rivals and risk pissing off your own support when there is nothing to gain from it? 3. The No vote is cast, however is lost, but in the interim, Nelms learns that there’s is the casting vote, as Aberdeen and Hibs have in fact voted yes, and changing theirs to a yes would mean the immediate release of absolutely vital funds. 4. Nelms realises that it is in the best interests of Dundee to get the cash now (even with the cash, they have been having to lay off staff), and swallowed the fact that they’s have to promote United to do so. Not ideal, but they left themselves in this position. This of course could be utter nonsense, however, I do not believe that there is a smoking gun that is going to be anything to excite anybody here. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.
  6. In terms of Neil Young albums - absolutely. This, for me is nowhere near On The Beach, Tonight's the night or Everbody Knows This is Nowhere - I even prefer Psychedelic Pill, with that long, langorous opening of Driftin' Back. Stacked up against any of the competition at the time or since - bollox. Some intensely personal stuff on there, and, in Words, one of the outstanding tracks to hear him play live. Not a bad track on it, and a couple of true classics. Fucking hit singles, even, ffs! If you'd gone for Re-Actor, Trans or A Letter Home (Jesus, especially A Letter Home!) I might concede you had a point*, but Harvest (and After The God Rush) are the closest Neil's output and popular taste ever came to coinciding. * Not that anyone ever claimed these were classics - some of Neil's work is, eh, "difficult".
  7. She should just have walked out at the starting the car comments.
  8. Is there any news on a live streaming service for the start of the season?
  9. It's really not given the existence of the common travel area and the joint rights to live, access healthcare, social benefits and to vote in either ROI or the UK that come with that.
  10. Fife has one ward in the top 10 for the proportion of wards in the bottom 20% of SIMD - Buckhaven. https://www.gov.scot/publications/scottish-index-of-multiple-deprivation-2020v2-local-and-national-share-calculator-2/ SIMD is very blunt, but let's not get into that here.
  11. Tokely was a fun one because I think it managed to simultaneously upset both fanbases when it was announced. But in fairness I thought he turned out to not be a terrible addition. Nowt amazing but I'd say he exceeded expectations.
  12. It just keeps going ffs. Really poor they’ve been dead quiet since the original “statement”. Not really kept up to date with wrestling at all in the last few years but disgusted at the names involved.
  13. I work offshore and have been working on a PhD for the past 4+ years (unofficial part-time), so having submitted my thesis last week, this is my first ever day just dossing about without any form of overwhelming guilt. Three nights of unbroken sleep has been a delight. eta: viva revision can wait another day or two.
  14. My Willy your a funny one ...can’t disagree with the part of my post you picked out .. they are facts . These transfers did take place .. but your saying it was all so Ferguson could eventually move to Rangers and that it was all “controlled “ by a Rangers old boy network... Bollocks .....
  15. Will he be welcomed back? Seemed a lot of anger towards him when he joined Sevco.
  16. It's always worth discussion but I think the number of young, real quality black English footballers would point to real progress in the playing side of it. At some point you do have to also consider that due to cultural differences, a lot of Asian people might simply be utterly puzzled by our obsession with football and have no interest in spending their money going along to watch it. The key here isnt forcing folk to be interested, simply making sure those that are interested get a fair shake.
  17. Fair enough, I did misunderstand that. I have to say, though, I kinda got that already. You could tell from his interactions at work and with Raj, Howard and Penny, even really early on, that he was a decent guy, exasperated by Sheldon.
  18. And then there's the sales of the new strips - 700+ at the last count.
  19. I have a long weekend booked for N Ireland at the end of August/start of September. Odds of something close to normality for this? Is it a "world leading" vaccine though? Because that's all that seems to matter to the UK Government.
  20. Didn't you? I've said plenty on the relevant thread in the Championship forum.
  21. The US should be last in the queue since they've hogged all the treatment drugs.
  22. Macca sweepy. How many times this season is Macca going to be sent off from the dugout? 2 is my guess.
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