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  2. Yeah, I thought Jak might be more likely as he knows the setup and played well with Obika. It'll always come down to money, especially in the current climate, so even a slightly higher wage package elsewhere will edge it. I'm reasonably relaxed and flat-out refuse to get excited until the guys have signed nowadays.
  3. Seem to recall his old boss at Man U saying Scots were physically inferior to their English counterparts.
  4. They had that Andy Mill, who’s just a cheesy salesman, to beg to their fans about 2 or 3 months ago and now they are doing the same again.
  5. Summer football is barely used and for good reason. The calendar doesn't really work - in normal years we play 38 or 36 league fixtures, there is 5 BetFred Cup group matchdays plus 4 knock out round matchdays, there are 5 knock out rounds plus replays for the Premiership teams in the Scottish Cup and there are Champions League and Europa League commitments too. So this season started on 12th July (pre-season friendlies and Challenge Cup ties notwithstanding) and was scheduled to end on 9th May. In other words, almost exactly 10 months. OK, we should maybe add in another few midweek rounds in the height of summer, so let's say we trim that by 4 weeks. We are still playing 9 months of the season and missing three. Which 3 do we not play in? December, January and February presumably? In which case pre-season is in the depths of winter (fine if you can afford warm weather camps in the Algarve or Middle East, no good for anyone else) and you have the denouement of the season when titles and relegation is to he decided in November. Which then leads to an increased likelihood of games being postponed or being played on the pudding pitches summer football supporters say is a major issue. It would also clash with the groups of the European competitions meaning less midweek dates are free for rescheduled games and games can't be shown live on TV. And the group stages of the European competitions come to a head in November and December, so you'd have teams maybe prioritising League points over getting to the Knock Out rounds, damaging the coefficient. This of course ignores the problem of having the Major Championships during every second season, when players at the bigger clubs might be representing their nations and casual fans would probably rather tune in to Brazil v Germany on BBC 1 than going to see Arbroath v Ayr United. Other issues are plentiful too. The pitches need the summer months to recover. If we played in the summer they would have to be re-seeded or re-laid in the winter months so wouldn't be in good condition for the start of the next season. Other stadium upkeep duties such as recladding, roofing, repairs, replacing seats etc. would have to be done in the depths of winter rather than summer making weather delays more likely and making it harder to get volunteers to help (the lifeblood for many lower league teams including my own). Teams wouldn't have the usual sides from the rest of the UK to play pre-season games against. Part-time players wouldn't be able to take summer holidays unless their clubs allowed them to miss matches. Summer football means that we would no longer have the Festive fixtures which are usually amongst the higher attended games when people are back home for Christmas or are wanting to get out the house to avoid family dramas. To many, football in the winter is ideal as it gets you out the house when the weather is lousy, whereas in the summer there are plenty of other things to do. It would also require a half-season or a season-and-a-half season to get synchronised and leads to strange situations where European qualifiers are decided in November but don't play any games until June or July. Tl;dr - Summer football has many more drawbacks than positives, and these positives are far from certain anyway.
  6. ‪106 years ago Raith, Hearts and many other teams fans and players thought alongside eachother with Macrae’s Battalion. Now Hearts fans are cheering for the clubs death. ‬
  7. You support real independence whilst supporting being totally run by another country. No bother Malky. You've no been missed.
  8. Look at the make up of the other conferences and work out why Bonnyton may have been put in conference A. It's the 1st year of the West conferences and nobody knows how strong or weak teams will be. It is trial and error for a season. Are you aware of any clubs complaining regarding the set up?
  9. Don’t always agree with Gogsy, but on this I totally agree. Not sure why, well, apart from warm welcome you always got at Park View, but so many fans wanted Fauldhouse to join them in the EoS! This isn’t just from 1 club, but a mixture, from Bo’ness, Blackburn, Whitburn, Kelty and Musselburgh, to name but a few! You just need to look a the History of Fauldhouse and the huge crowds The Hoose got in early 80s in the Junior Scottish cup. It seems most of none Fauldhouse fans want better of your club than your own fans! Great that you have local derby matches to look forward to, but you cannot deny the standard of opposition you will face is far short of what you would have faced had a transition taken place 2 years ago. So, think before you post ‘hater’ comments again. If you look at previous posts, I would say quite the opposite. However, at end of day, it is up to Faulhouse committee and supporters as to what level or ambitions they want/aspire to for Park View players.
  10. I'd take an autocratic regime over the utter buffoonery down south.
  11. No need to imagine https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/news/572371/snp-candidate-attended-school-david-cameron/
  12. Not posted since, but has given out a couple of rep points in the past hour. If he's dead it must've happened in the last half hour or so. Quick, I'd have him to suffer too much.
  13. I'm not sure how many times it has to be written, but Doncaster is employed by the SPFL to take the heat from clubs when something unpopular is done. If clubs didn't have Doncaster, they'd replace him with a fucking clone if they could.
  14. Let’s all hope everyone has a team to support come October.
  15. They said they were going to "vigorously" defend their position as champions of League 1. They're champions of f**k-all, they won nothing, they got given promotion on a vote. Now they want to vigorously defend that with other people's money.
  16. Must've eaten the dug's dinner. Greedy bassa.
  17. Well, Gordon Strachen said the Scots were inherently inferior. Does that count?
  18. Obviously there is no herd immunity Everywhere locked down before everyone could get it
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