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  2. Dunfermline fans singing about "f****n b*****ds" and "Jimmy Savile" and then being surprised at being accused of being Rangers sympathisers, is it?
  3. Bit harsh on the keeper, I think that ot was a decent enough save at full stretch. Not as though he spilled the ball, there was ample opportunity to clear the danger. Point probably stands for the 2nd goal though.
  4. Just a thumbs up to Moonball, good and fair highlights , done quickly , much appreciated thanks
  5. That stuff was shameful and no need for it. All for a bit of banter between fans, but don’t need to get involved in that nonsense. No place for it in football. It does seem ironic though, to have so many Celtic fans up in arms on social media, is it just because the Green Brigade didn’t turn up, to sing their sectarian/pro-IRA songbook today? Out of interest, do you log onto Celtic forums/threads after every league/European game (you know, when they actually turn up)? Whenever any Celtic games are on tv (which is very regular), sectarian and pro-IRA songs are heard loud and clear. Or is it acceptable when it’s then? As I say, no defending what a significant number of our fans got involved in yesterday, but you can’t sweep it under the carpet when some clubs do it, then criticise others for it.
  6. Is this the kind of shite we would have to deal with on a regular basis in Dunfermline get promoted?
  7. You ready to talk about this yet champ ?, I mean I've only asked politely half a dozen times now. It's just that, you like to ask questions and call people liars, but you don't seem that keen to answer them yourself, or retract your accusations when they're proven to be without merit. It's just not cricket old chap.
  8. It's about a 7 hour bus journey each way. Hire a coach for two days and stay overnight in a shithole Travelodge with shared rooms off a motorway about an hour north of Boreham Wood. A 3.5k subsidy and around 5k in split gate receipts would cover that easily.
  9. Watching Hibs TV goals you can’t really see if Kamberi handles it. Nonetheless, Rogers and McLean made an arse of it anyway. Still feel it was a foul on Salkeld for the 4th goal. Hibs player has come through him to get the ball rather than win it first. Pretty disappointing!
  10. If people stopped quoting him, he’d fizzle out eventually.
  11. Agreed, keepers too far off his line and as with the first goal Raith don't have anyone defending the space in front of the box. At 2-1 down I couldn't see how Faz could change the players on the park and turn the game around, Pignatiello was excellent but taking him off and bringing on Smith changed the game for Stranraer. MoM again for Elliott setting up the first goal and scoring the third.
  12. Let's hope so, all the best for you guys. With the EOSFL moving to a 3 tier set-up I just hope one or more of the Borders clubs that disappeared recently (yourselves included) can return. In a bottom tier clubs won't get regular hammerings anymore and it should be more competitive, which might be more attractive to clubs, even possibly for amateurs wanting to make a step up.
  13. Tidser reminds me of Paton (I know, I know) when the ball isn't right to his foot, he takes an age to move and seems stuck. Thankfully we do not get the whole PP show when he has the ball.
  14. Agreed. That yellow away strip is part of the problem. It should be binned. I really like our home strip.
  15. Hibs tv have all the goals and build up on now.
  16. Clyde's defence yesterday Cuddihy - 2 year deal Howie - 2 year deal McNiff - 2 year deal Rumsby - 2 year deal Petkov - until January
  17. It’s not just our central defence, but they didn’t help. Our midfield are nowhere during that move for the third goal. Of course it could be that the midfield are running on empty and we don’t have anyone to stick on in their place. You could pretty much write the script for this season already. We had played 2 league games before yesterday and were already down to that bench. I reckon a few people would give McKay at go at centre back beside Davidson. See if it works again. However, as McGlynn has signed Mendy and Bene and Davidson are the pairing, that may not happen. Looking at the rest of that bench we will struggle a bit if we don’t get lucky with injuries and suspensions. First XI looks okay but there’s not much back up. We’ll have to hope that other teams are affected more than we are. Honourable mention to Davidson and Bene falling about on their arses at the second goal.
  18. I’m glad to see the rest of you have finally progressed from the “its only pre-season” to “its only the cup” to “its early days” to the realisation that our defence are absolutely shite. Welcome to 2 months ago guys! [emoji1309] I am however shocked at Lennon getting it so wrong. Last season he had my undeviating faith, but now I have serious reservations about his decision making. To be fair the climb in standard has been far greater than most of us anticipated, but for an experienced and decorated manager like Danny to allow us to find ourselves in the predicament we currently face is very concerning. Financial constraints aside, he clearly has a soft spot for far too many players who just aren’t up to it. McNiff and Rumbsy are not league 1 standard, Cuddihy is decent although clearly nursing himself at present, Duffie is too gaff and injury prone for this level, Howie and Petkov aren’t near good enough or improving the situation in any way, and Allison is a panic signing made out of desperation. We need to shake things up immediately and perhaps even trial Fitzpatrick in there, because at present we are utterly woeful and look like conceding every time the opposition cross the halfway line. A team needs to build from the back, so there’s absolutely no point in having a strong attack with a sieve at the rear. At the moment we don’t even look close to out-scoring teams to compensate for this! A dire situation indeed, so much so that I’m not even slightly exaggeration when I suggest that Falkirk could and probably should be hitting double digits next weekend [emoji30]
  19. Not that I'm expecting anything conclusive from highlights but this doesn't show anything clearly- events or players claiming for anything. Hopefully some decent quality highlights will show it but it very much looked like Kamberi used his hand to knock it past Rogers for the 3rd (can see why the ref didn't see it but the linesman should have) and the tackle on Salkeld isn't even shown so no way of saying it was or wasn't a foul based on this. Our defence still handed you at least 2 by ball watching and being as slow as week in the jail but a back four consisting of a 2 midfielders, a past it centre half and a 19 year old were never likely to stop anyone from scoring. Seems odd to say after conceding 5 but I thought Rogers did ok, couple of very good saves when we were under pressure from a barrage of corners.
  20. The Conservatives are the largest party in the House and a significant portion of them, including many loud Brexiters are anti No Deal. For the Labour Party, Corbyns pouting demand to be made PM can backfire and make him look stroppy and ineffective if the Tories can muster a large enough group behind a plan to block Boris that would not involve Corbyn getting to be PM. They will see this as a huge open goal for them to play act the "in the national interest" card for the electorate. While you and other waffle about Swinson, the real power brokers in the House are likely horse trading right now. Where Corbyns team should have been fore breaking cover with his bid for No 10.
  21. Can't see if there was a handball for Hibs 3rd goal and Morton players weren't really complaining. From our view it looked like he cushioned it between his left hand and hip but it's really not obvious from that angle. Their 4th still looks like a foul. Gets some of the ball but went through Salkeld to get there.
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