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  2. He was done at Hibs three years ago, and he's previously retired due to injuries, so unless something radical has happened to him I doubt he'll get a game for Kelty. Contrary to popular belief elsewhere in football, the lowland league is a very decent league with very fit players. Certainly not a league for past it passengers.
  3. I have been watching this horror of a campaign for weeks now and cannot believe this is where we are. of course I am voting SNP - nobody else is in the least bit credible. Tories - Boris will win, but win badly having lied, hidden away from proper scrutiny and employed the worst fake news (I hate that term but it applies). He wins by default because, for folks in England, there is no real alternative. Labour - like the policies, but Corbyn is a loser. Whilst a lot of folk fetishise him (students and self-proclaimed radicals mostly), a lot more cannot stand him. If they had Kier Starmer as leader Labour would be romping this. But they don't. They have Corbyn, Diane Abbott and the rest who come across as incompetent. Lib Dems - they still don't get it. They are unforgiven. Tories will be tories, but the lib dems voted in all the rest too - trebling tuition fees, benefits cap, universal credit, NHS "reform". Their Brexit policy seems undemocratic and Swinson isn't a vote winner. So for me it has to be the SNP. Nicola Sturgeon is far and away better than anyone else standing here.
  4. We'll have 17 players out on Saturday with lazyitis. Beat that Raith.
  5. The ironic thing in the whole chicken pox situation, is for the last 2 weeks or so she has been doing cockle doodle doo noises as she loves Roosters 🙈😂
  6. That would make a difference. And of course, what you are used to comes into it. Some people react with horror at the various shift patterns I have did but I am hating this just now.
  7. Missed opportunity for: "Get out of my thread" IMO.
  8. Aye that's what I thought, the ones around her body haven't crusted yet but I'm hoping as she's been given antibiotics it'll speed the recovery up. She was only given them because of the infected ones on her face. Honestly, kids like to keep you on your toes 🙈. They are however the best fun 😊
  9. Looks like Boris has turned to evil dark arts to revive the ghost of Maggie Thatcher for some sinister purpose. Like putting curses on all anti Tory voters.
  10. Hoping for another win this weekend. Clyde not on the best of runs at the moment so we should definitely be looking to win this, especially with us being at home. Is Goodwillie fit and likely to play?
  11. We all made poor life choices compared to you. My work has started letting us work our 5 days in 4 which helps a bit.
  12. Rangers legend Ian Durrant reveals Neil Simpson stand-off as he readies himself for further knee surgery Sounds very dramatic. What happened when the two of them came face to face? Ah, just another click bait headline.
  13. Sgoinneil. Bhòtadh mi PNA cuideachd. Chan eil toil leam Tories idir.
  14. By my reckoning current maximums are: Kelty 87 Bonnyrigg 85 BSC 83 East Stirling 76 The Spartans 75 Civil 71 East Kilbride and Cumbernauld 68 The likelihood of anyone putting even 10 points into Kelty in 15 games is very small, and even if they did they would also have to put 8 points into Bonnyrigg and 6 into BSC. So barring snookers its between Kelty, Bonnyrigg and BSC now. The head to heads are going to be crucial, and wins away from home will be a big advantage - which BSC have already done at Bonnyrigg so I wouldn't be surprised if they are top come the end of the season.
  15. Tell the missus you're in the Shetlands, book into a Travelodge and get pished every night.
  16. Once the spots are crusted over she's not infectious anymore.
  17. Halfway through the second season - there is more to this story! Such a great show. Didn't realise David Tennant was the voice of the Lord Commander.
  18. We covering internet ads as well? Because, when I am on certain sites I see certain adverts that are, well, just getting in the way. I mean, who animates these video games for example?
  19. Not so sure about that. If it's anything like the place we had to put my old man, you'd be doing most of them a favour...
  20. 3 elections in 5 years. Could well be another one next year if it ends up as a hung parliament. Plenty of chances to change your mind, it's the sign of a healthy democracy.
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