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  2. The St. Mirren FC 2018/19 Thread

    Transfer window will see a lot more out the door. Stubbs blew it big time.
  3. 2018/19 Betting Thread

    3 spaces left on this week’s DK game. Feel free to join.
  4. Reasons to be Cheerful

    It's Putin he works for.
  5. Standing Bowl XVI

    Vikings and Rams
  6. The Queen of the South Thread

    I checked. As I thought he did indeed actually sign for us for a short term. He sat on the bench as an unused sub v Albion Rovers in the Alba Cup and Dumbarton in the CIS Cup.
  7. Sons' sorrow

    Think dundee have made a great appointment.Would expect a quick turnaround in their fortunes.
  8. NXT

    The main event between Noam Dar and Pete Dunne was an absolute belter, and a great way to main event a first show. Mark Andrews and Joe Coffey had quite a nifty big man/wee man type opener as well. Dave Mastiff's squash was fun as f**k. The ladies were the only thing I wasn't really into but the pace was good I suppose. Good opening episode.
  9. And we have a winner... It has never been taken down he has tweeted it 5 times
  10. Whitlets vics

    Are you going the the game at Benburb on Saturday. It's all about football.
  11. Moon Landing

    Perth is flat. Research it.
  12. Djokovic is back in Zen mode. He is back to his best and will not lose another match this year. From January it will all be on Amazon Prime who have hired the good co-commentators and have hired people from tennis podcasts that know the game, rather than give Inverdale a gig.
  13. The secretary of state for Scotland.

    So the same role as all other yoon politicians then. Not to actually run their country or to represent the people living there. Just to wind people up to get a few jolly's from their band of bigots.
  14. East of Scotland cup

    Fair enough m8 opinions at the end of the day and yeah anyone can win it, realistically tho you have to fancy ur chances of a good run? Won practically everything in LEAFA last term so that would say ur the associations favourite just like Pennies are favs from S&D , Stenny best placed from Caley then Steins , Tullibody & Fallin from Central. Would say thats a fair judgement if anyone is looking for a winner.
  15. The Jamal Khashoggi Case

    I just think the whole thing is almost unspeakable. And the smarm, and power politics, going on to come up with some glib explanation just about makes me puke. And really, you could pour the Saudis, Salman, Trump, Pompeo, and half the British government, and it's arms salemen into a single concrete mixer, let it run for a few minutes, and you'd hardly be able to tell the difference between the lot of them.
  16. Moon Landing

    American production? You can google Brian Cox debunking every myth as well. Why would a member of D:Ream lie?
  17. Egg and beans on the same plate?

    Mushrooms are fucking amazing. OT: beans and eggs are ok. No need for a ramekin.
  18. Whitlets vics

    Unfortunately this is what happens when you have someone like him attacking others on Whitletts Forum (and other forums) because you have an opinion I received PM today to say that he is on Vics Committee which I find difficult to believe but if it is true you would be better off without having a Troll like him on here as not doing you any good him making accusations about like of me being a BC Coach ... which I am not .... then insinuating that I run the line like a famous convicted Pop Star Paedo ..... not good considering Vics have Youth Teams and are coaching throughout the community at this level .... just imagine if I was a BC Coach & some parents read his comments and what the repercussions would be because of his mentality... all in the name of banter As I said Vics are better off being without this sort or associated with likes of this type What amuses me is that it has taken him so long and effort to try and find out who I really am .....as it’s no big secret who I am I am sure that one day I will be back at Dam Park soon but TBH Vics is a result I always look out for on a Saturday afternoon I agree that this should be about Vics & Fitba but if he comes after me again I will retaliate Ringford10 .... I will drop it
  19. The sort of things fans of big clubs are unlikely to experience. They have no idea how much they miss out on.
  20. All things Dundee FC

    Already got it mate. Infected needles an that no?
  21. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Strange they never asked the Exploited about Hearts winning the Championship and their thoughts on Rangers... Here it is anyway.
  22. Moon Landing

    Only American could get realistically and it really doesn't look that good to have 7 million people unemployed and people leaving hospitals bankrupt while you fire a few people up to a rock to have a look around at huge expense. Until they can cover it in solar panels or if they struck oil then I doubt they will go back any time soon.
  23. Favourite quirks of Scottish stadiums.

    This has popped up before. Never tire of seeing it. Imagine walking up those steps and being the last into a big game and hearing the noise. Must’ve been fucking mental. All in flat caps and tweeds. Isn’t there a similar one for Dens?
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