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    FIFA 21

    Won the next game to finish on eleven wins with ten games left. From the five losses on the bounce I turned it round and won six straight. Cannavaro done. Whole team now untradeable.
  3. Pretty glad that Ted Lasso is every bit as good as people have been saying. Just totally irresistible.
  4. What a stop on that 3rd down by Jenkins.
  5. Interview with Evan Balfour for anyone not on Facebook/Twitter https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/zATZTNzG3baav9dr6
  6. Let's see if the Bucs can't get more than the one yard of gainage they've got in the game so far.
  7. Aye but he didn't have a silent "h" in his name
  8. True. A first down here would be nice.
  9. I'll be astounded if Mahomes doesn't start next week tbh
  10. Saints need to be scoring TD's with the field positions they have, Field Goals won't be enough!
  11. Slow start for both the old fellas so far
  12. Defence standing strong in or around the end zone
  13. Cakes, fecking cakes?? What have we become, this is football, not the Great British Bake Off 😂😂
  14. Need a stop here. Or this could get away from us very quickly.
  15. Shaw - Ross County Kane - St Johnstone May - St Johnstone Joseph - Wigan
  16. Yep....being a condescending twat and labelling views held by a large proportion of the SNP membership as stupid and "yes das" etc is really going to help heal any developing rift.🤔
  17. The fact that we are no further forward than from the white paper of 7 f#ckin years ago makes it certainly a valid opinion. Given some in the higher echelons of the party are on record as being decidedly soft on indeoendence then it is an opinion that needs pushed! However I hope that opinion is wrong. I hope you are correct and that there is a secret plan B.
  18. The most obvious trip you ever will see [emoji23]
  19. Liverpool need to break their own transfer policy and panic buy this month if they want to win the league again imo.
  20. Semi final I seem to remember 👀 Can just see it now, Aberdeen decide to move in from Derek and appointment Tony Docherty to succeed him 😬
  21. So despite England not having completed priority group 1 the BBC is reporting that they're starting on group 4 tomorrow. Seems to me that they're just going scattergun and not actually doing anything methodically
  22. I thought the Ruth one was a pen but can't tell 100% as the other defender obscured the view. Certainly don't condone going down but imo the refs have caused this by never giving a pen if you stay on your feet. Natural human reaction is to do everything to prevent yourself going over, I'm sure he will have that trained out of him soon enough...... ETA Craigen was never a pen as not in the box
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