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  2. I’ve heard a lot about the old committee and some more guys going on board with obviously big Gary the manager. Should be interesting to see what happens
  3. Looking forward to next week with AJ's rumoured return to work and most likely the start of signing players for the coming season This will again be a massive rebuild but am sure there are plenty quality players out there looking for contracts. From last season we only have Leighfield, Holt & Dobbie there are only another couple from last years first team I would have back that havn't as far as I know been snapped up by other clubs yet CM Dan Pybus (22) & CB Callum Semple (21) too good young prospects that the club could maybe gain financially in future years. Now the shirt draw has been done the Betfred cup has been drawn the season is nearly upon us. Really hope by Oct the fans even if its just home fans to start with can get back into stadia to watch.🤞 Support yer Hame team👍⚽
  4. Opening the borders is a risk the government is willing to take why should anybody be punished?
  5. I wish I was calm enough to have thought that through, but I was basically just shouting "GET OUT THE WAY YOU c**t" and I'm not sure I'd have explained myself very well if they'd pulled me over.
  6. It's a stretch but not that much. Bolingoli shouldn't have been playing or anywhere near Kilmarnock, by law. Club will probably get away with pleading ignorance on this occasion but going forward I think that needs to change.
  7. What rubbish its not her fault but players who cant get their acts together.
  8. He was a lot of things, but ineligible is not one of them. The football eligibility rules relate only to registrations and suspensions, not to government-imposed quarantines. It may have been illegal (or at least against guidance) for him to have been at Rugby Park in terms of the laws of Scotland, but there was nothing wrong with it in terms of the SPFL rules.
  9. No Thankfully due to Boli having no positional awareness he didn't get within 2m of a Killie player.
  10. That is not the job of the government they introduce it after scrutiny from the parliament and then the local authority or police enforce the law
  11. The rounds thing is a weird one, it's undeniably the best way to buy pints in groups but I do agree with much of what craigkillie is saying and its a reason I ended up with a bit of an issue with drinking. At 17 as an apprentice engineer, the pub and drinking lots was ingrained in the older engineers and they would drag you along there after work or if we were working away. They drank like fish, pints gone about 7 minutes and during the first couple of sessions I was actually sat with two and half pints such was the rate they were going through them. As a 17 year old guy I didn't want to be the wee fanny who couldn't handle his drink, so I forced myself to drink faster to keep up. Same went for my mates, if you started lagging behind on the pints you'd get slagged off for it, so you forced yourself to drink a bit faster, or I did anyway. It wasn't until I was 21 and me and my dad and brothers went out for a pint together to celebrate that I realised just how quickly I sank pints. I could see my dad thinking "f**k me, is this how he drinks when he's out" after two pints. Nowadays I'm a bit better at pacing myself and I'll just politely decline a pint in the round if it's coming round too fast (unless it's my round, in which I'll just not buy myself one).
  12. Rangers will probably play in away kit. They won’t mind showcasing it to punt a few more in the shops
  13. All clubs need to be ramming the rules and restrictions down the players throats. Presumably Celtic did and this is a breach of their code of conduct. Celtic need to be seen to be dealing with this, not a quiet word.
  14. He actually said it. And tenured academics are actually trying to justify it.
  15. That really is a stretch. The club followed the testing rules and regulations, you can’t mitigate against twats like Boli blatantly lying. You basically are making up new rules here regarding punishment.
  16. Presumably Celtic’s game tomorrow gets postponed, Sky will be loving this.
  17. Aye, the authorities will throw the book at celtic - that's definitely happening. There will be a whitewash at the shite house.
  18. Rumours going around Twitter that they're going to postpone all of the Premiership games this midweek and the weekend?
  19. I’d forgotten the last time we played Livi, we literally spent the last 20 mins or so shelling high balls forward towards the front pairing of Mugabi and Manzinga. Some carry on that was, think it genuinely took us until the 91st minute to register a shot at goal that day.
  20. We played some home games on Poker Stars during lockdown, it was class! They have a pretty good setup for playing games online with your mates. As far as the UI it's not a bad casino based app at all. I do miss the PKR days though if anyone remembers that?!
  21. I didn't know that and it was a United fan that sent it to me yesterday. Seems like a lot of folk missed out on it in October if that's the case.
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