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  2. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    Apologies, the correct response should’ve been... ...well and truly cooked...
  3. Three Way Promotion Battle

    County have a better grip on 1st place now. Not counting the Chickens but we will be looking like strong favourites if we beat Ayr in Dingwall on Tuesday Hopefully last nights result will represent a turning point in our patchy away form aswell!
  4. Ayr vs Dunfermline

    Begining to look like it was good decision to get rid of AJ. Maybe it the dessenters were right? Maybe the happy clappies were wrong?
  5. North Caledonian League Expansion

    This is Guernsey’s 8th season. Started at tier 10 in 2011/12, tier 9 the next season and have been tier 8 since 2013/14 when they make the play-offs. Not much success since then and haven’t participated in any mainland cups for a few seasons.
  6. To be honest, I think that train of thought is looking at things too simplistically. Yes, the Weirs have *just* cleared our bank debt and funded the youth academy. But that has meant that the money that would normally have been spent in those areas has been spent on the first team. So saying the Weirs dont have anything to do with the first team or its budget is wrong, its just maybe not been done directly as Uncle Roy does at County. As much as we try and deny it, the Weirs investment has allowed us to spend more money on the first team. Its just a shame we've managed to royally f*ck it up.
  7. Thank you @Cardinal Richelieu, hope the visit to St Johnstone was worth it. Time has arrived for this weeks playoffs On the oche Members Only @Tynierose v @Mark Connolly & Only Member @NJ2 v @Wilky1878 Question -What is the population of Perth, Scotland? PM me the answers by 07:00 Monday TT Good Luck all!
  8. Bollocks Thomas, for starters he’d kick your c**t in.
  9. f**k right off with this pish Ali. He played for Saints, he doesn't anymore. I'd happily punch his puss if he managed to do something that fucked Saints over in some way, problem is the boys not capable.
  10. Unpopular opinions.

    Truth thread for this fact.
  11. Ayr vs Dunfermline

    In real time, I thought it was a stonewall penalty. His arm was in an unnatural position and basically completely blocked the balls path of travel. conversely Craigens arm was raised in a position to protect his beautiful unmarked face, which is natural. I would also contend that his incident is potentially outside the box as where the ball strikes him that part of the body is outside the box. right decisions made, and I thought the ref had a good game for both sides.
  12. The Tennents Lager Appreciation Society

    Watch out for an influx of Aussies. Tennents being pushed as a tourist destination.
  13. Interesting to get the view of those who see him regularly. Admittedly it was mainly 1st half as I was in the West Stand, but thought he was very good.
  14. Ayr vs Dunfermline

    If only the ref had access to slow motion replays for every single incident! It's almost as if refs have to make multiple split second decisions in every single game, almost always from different angles. It's almost as if refs should somehow be able to see all of the pitch at once as well.
  15. NXT

    Goodness. <Insert ejaculate GIF>
  16. In what way was Craigen's hand ball (4.15 mins in) any different to Roses ? A little consistency would have been welcome. In fact Craigen's is more blatant. Having looked at the footage leading up to the pen in slow motion umpteen times, I'm not even totally convinced that the ball struck Rose's arm. He was falling away from the ball as it passed him. No doubt some totally unbiased Par's fan behind the goal will clear this up for me. You see this kind of pen given week in week out on Match of The Day and I always think it's incredibly harsh. If your sliding in for that kind of block it's almost inevitable your arms go up.
  17. Wow! Well said. A comment nearly as surprising as the comeback
  18. Accies v Sevco

    Hope we give this a right good go tomorrow. Get right in their faces from the start and try and take the game to them, that's all I ask. Let's show no fear to these c* ntos!
  19. Rightly so if he's played as a lone striker in front of five. Finding space and being an irritant is great and helpful but he needs someone ahead of him to play a pass to or to run into the space he's making. He is not "complete" enough to play up there on his own and Wright is doing him no favours by continuing with this.
  20. despite the pumping, I feel like I speak for everyone in this thread. Albert Kidd thankyou
  21. Relegation Royal Rumble

    I was worried that our mental record against Ayr was slipping. Today has assuaged that quite a bit.
  22. Today
  23. What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    Yeah, just finished this and thoroughly enjoyed it. Has to be one of the best Cinema movies in recent times.
  24. EoS Conference A chat 2018-19

    Good results for the top 4 today keeps all 4 in the hunt for the title
  25. Sacrilege! If Moffat has been cold dugshite, christ knows what cold excrement that makes Moore! And a great many others for that matter... (other than Shankland, Murdoch & Doohan)
  26. North Caledonian League Expansion

    Aye subsidies for Scottish island teams would be good, to to enable them participate in league and cup competitions. Orkney FC (current champions) have been successful since they joined the NCL. Lewis & Harris FC and Shetland FC participate in some NCL cup competitions. Also, Jersey Bulls FC have applied to join the English pyramid for 2019/20, having been told they will receive financial support for travelling. This follows Guernsey (Lions) FC who have played in the pyramid for the last 5 seasons or so. I wonder what would happen if'an Isle of Man football club applied to join either the English or Scottish pyramid ?
  27. Relegation Royal Rumble

    You've a bad memory if you can't even remember back to who scored for us yesterday. (clue : it wasn't Dobbie.) Dobbie is obviously the main source of goals, as his total shows, but it's complete bollocks to say we won't score if Dobbie doesn't.
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