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  2. Yep. At least they are out a little earlier in round 4 than they were yesterday. Leaders tee off at 8.55pm (UK time). ROUND 4 TEE TIMES
  3. I do remember hearing that Italy kicked the shit out of North Korea. And they still got beat, ha ha.
  4. I deleted to correct my shite grammar while you were replying. Cheers.
  5. Another whoosh. I was taking the Michael at the vocabulary on here, not making a serious point about football.
  6. Aye, nobody could accuse Boris Johnson of being a socialist, or refusing to take a xenophobic stance. Good luck. That's been the mantra of socialists and communists since before either of us were born. Christ, even before Granny Danger was born. The Tories will have a go at each other over exactly how vicious and spiteful they want to be, but will always coalesce when the chips are down in case somebody takes something from them that they could lose and never notice. Those with the most to lose, fracture and split. Which is why there'll never be anything other than FPTP at Westminster, and why the poor are fucked for the foreseeable, likely until we take up arms again. By that point, they'll have drones to "pacify" us too.
  7. My You Tube history indicates that Baccara were deployed around midnight yesterday. Zero fucks given & I am sure the neighbours will have enjoyed my rendition.
  8. Lurkst

    Third place

    There was this one too... https://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2012/jun/18/euro-2012-sweden-denmark-2-2
  9. Booted off the park. Watched it not that long ago. It's 1966, so the tackling in general is much rougher than today. But the treatment Brazil got is eye-watering at times.
  10. Did anyone else notice that although we played more through midfield it rarely came via David Marshall who bypassed the midfield in a similar way to the Czech Republic game by trying to hit Lyndon Dykes (6'2) around 80% of the time. We never played short from goal kicks, but instead from open play - so our midfield play and counter attacks tended to begin shortly after an English attack was broken up. Dykes hold up play was more successful versus England particularly when he contested the high balls versus Reece James (6'1) and deeper against Kalvin Phillips (5'10) and Declan Rice (6'1) compared with against John Stones (6'1) and Tyrone Mings (6'5). In the Czech Republic game Dykes often lost the aerial battle to Thomas Soucek (6'4). So if we get Dykes paired up with Modric against Croatia he should win most balls in the air. 😄
  11. We could get away with it, Erhahon/MacPherson/Kiltie/McGrath all have fresh legs for doing the graft. We need someone to organise and enforce. Sadly Foley could have been that but he fell away drastically, which is why we are concerned about with this potential signing. Power was definitely nowhere near his usual standard last season but Killie were abject and their was definitely something going on behind the scenes. Again another risky one that could pay off. Big season for Goodwin he has to get these signings right.
  12. Has to be 2). To marry and divorce sisters is unbelievable.
  13. The Kiwis looking good now, hopefully get a batting masterclass from Ross Taylor & KW while the pitch does nowt for Jadeja & Ashwin, although I think Ishant Sharna & Mo Shami will be very dangerous on a seaming & swinging track like this.
  14. I seen him play a few times for South Shields and he was always good. He only moved when they went mostly full time.
  15. That's a bold shout when no one knows how any team is actually going to line up come the start of the season! Kilmarnock, Hamilton, Partick, Dunfermline and Raith all have fan bases that expect they'll be in the playoffs, and I'm sure Ayrs would aswell however they look quite frankly, pish. Someone's got to miss out, Killie will be favourites for the title, Partick will have that promotion bounce, Hamilton have spent years in the prem and with the benefit of parachute payments, I've got absolutely no idea how we'll be lining up come the start of the season, Inverness have done some really, really good business IMO however have an untested manager, Raith haven't done great business but have a tried and tested manager... Anyone's guess who comes where at the moment, and that's on the presumption that the likes of QoTS or Arbroath don't elevate themselves with some decent business.
  16. Fair enough [emoji23] still a carve up.
  17. It’s nuts. We have a flight booked in Manchester on the 8th of July. I’ve got my doubts that the trip will even be going ahead in any case but this is just adding to my bubbling, boiling rage.
  18. This list is pinned on my fridge door now. Cheers.
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