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  2. Only just reached 3 weeks and still has photo on twitter, wouldn’t read to much into it.
  3. Tbf, Airdrie played yesterday too and, for the most part, have a relatively decent pool of players already. Today is a much more ‘experimental’ line up.
  4. At my age, I've got long hair just because I'm surprised I've still got hair.
  5. I was upset to see Cagliari go down. They are "my team" but they were shite all season. Joao Pedro looks like he is off too. Only decent guy recently
  6. after carrying out inquiries and speaking to the alleged victim it is understood police will be taking no further action I'm only disappointed that due to rules surrounding anonymity we have been deprived of a British all comers record compo face picture
  7. Absolutely devastated to read this tbf.
  8. No way would we get him that cheap. That's absolutely wild if so.
  9. I’m due to play the Roxburghe at some point, it was one of my vouchers from bunkered live
  10. He's not "left us still woefully short". He's just not got to it yet. Chill oot a bit, ffs.
  11. See, the first thing i thought of was that there was a pre-season video published of McGhee taking the team out on bikes along the Clyde canal but looking through the archive on the MFC YouTube I couldn't find it. Turns out they've made it private. Footgolf is still there though...
  12. Hopes may rise in the ‘Grassmarket’. About 20 years since I’ve drank a pint of T. I’m taking all you good people at your word that it’s good.
  13. Something very meta for helmets to complain about helmets. Looking for their next teaker "My kid watched that and he now thinks its OK, thought you guys were meant to be role models?", "The pitch isn't flat?" and the obligatory "who we singing next Alan?"
  14. He might be tossing salad, he might be pumping Barbara, or perhaps eating porridge.....but one thing for certain hes a far better commentator than most of these privileged bbc lackeys
  15. Played it a few years ago, Dave Thomas design I think, wasn't the cheapest, signature hole is 14th if memory serves, lovely par 5 towards viaduct from elevated tee..........
  16. Oh, you reported me and a mod removed the post, cool. The only thing is that you quoted it, so folks can still see it.
  17. Yeah that’s wild. An Airdrie fan was on here the other day making me feel really bad about how good our squad was looking compared to theirs
  18. Agree with the financial part but is he wrong about the trialist? Debatable
  19. Noticed Bangala’s post about joining us on Instagram has been deleted, potential issues with the visa/work permit perhaps?
  20. I used to drink in the M&G club just down from there. Was well acquainted with the lad that ran the Navy Club too.
  21. Ha, that was literally the first thing I thought when seeing that. I guess a couple of kilometres in a sleepy part of rural Austria hardly the most risky mind.
  22. Imagine winning your first F1 race and getting a giant Lenovo advert for a trophy.
  23. I have taken the matter up separately.
  24. Anyone played the Roxburghe down by Kelso? My wife is going to a concert down that area tomorrow night and I’ve offered to drive on the basis that I spend the evening playing golf nearby while she watches Michael fucking Buble. Looks a fair step up from the usual council tracks I play
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