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  3. Night shift. Listening to the Boss and eating spicy burritos. I’ve had worse jobs 😀
  4. Theoretically speaking, if an alien lived 10 light years from earth and was looking our way, that alien would see what I was doing 10 years ago as "live". If that alien took umbrage with what he saw, and decided to come here in his craft that travelled slightly faster than the speed of light to kill me, would he do so in my past? And if so, what would happen to current me?
  5. Miz is still a lucky, lucky man.
  6. Responding to both posts at once... First thing to say, again, is that I'm not advocating regionalising the current tiers 3 and 4: I was responding to a suggestion of a fifth national tier, for which I can see no justification at all, other than some irrelevant notion of 'prestige'. The main problem for me is that each tier is already too small; once you fix that (e.g. moving to leagues of 16), you then need to address how many tiers can or should be national. For me, as I've said, that's a straight choice between two or three: the former, although radical, would still include the current L1 (32 clubs); the latter would mean bringing a few more teams into the SPFL (to take it up to 48). Personally, I'd go for two, but there's no reason for it not to come down to, as Invergowrie Arab puts it, 'what clubs want'. The issues that might determine at what point it makes sense to go regional are partly to do with costs; travel does cost and there are scenarios that would mean a high number of long-distance trips, sometimes midweek, for clubs like Brechin or Peterhead. There's also the issue of away fans to consider, from the economic standpoint of the clubs and the fans themselves. The most difficult issue, though, is the incompatibility of long-distance travel, especially midweek, in leagues that are predominantly (L1) or almost completely (L2) part-time. For guys whose main employment is not football to be arranging time off work to cart themselves around the country for midweek fixtures is problematic and unnecessary. How much 'professional football' can a country sustain? Germany, with millions of registered players, goes regional after tier 3; so does France, probably the biggest producer of top-class footballers in Europe. Aye, but they're big countries... Well, so does Belgium. So does the Netherlands (also with a huge number of registered players per head of population). Czech Republic after tier 2. Same for Portugal. This isn't intended to be doctrinaire or dismissive of 'smaller' clubs in an eejity-Budgy way (my club, Morton, are at the very, very bottom end of sustainable full-time football just about anywhere in Europe). It's an attempt to question why things have been done the way they've been done... and whether there might be a better way, which will maybe address some of the problems of 'decline' Scottish football has encountered over the past [insert number} years.
  7. I'm bumping this one back up for no reason other than that being a magnificent photograph. I want that image on a T-shirt to celebrate real fitba. Don't remember this chap at all...was this taken before he got the gig as the singer in Sham 69 ? "If the kids...were Ayr United"..."We would never"...etc...
  8. Good point, Taser. Sorry, Shotgun! It is so easy to get mixed up!
  9. I don't get why some think we need another target man, Cummings does this perfectly. His hold up and link up play is really good.
  10. They're taught to carry their gun on their dominant side, their taser on the other. Not that hard to remember and in fact, I would think it would be very uncomfortable to have them both on the same side. In my considered legal opinion, she's full of shit.
  11. I would certainly give him a shot against Broner. No one beats Shawn Porter easily though and he could be called unlucky in some of his losses. Hes a brute, and murderises an inexperienced fighter IMO
  12. The only thing I have a concern about with Lawrence is his physique. Yep, he has great size for a QB, and having seen him shirtless it's clear he's ripped, however, he doesn't appear to have any mass or bulk to that musculature at all. People will say 'oh a year or two in an NFL program', but that's really not how things work with QB's. Their mechanics are so important that they can't just beef up to protect themselves in the way that players at other positions can. I'd be worried that after a couple of years behind an iffy OL, if he starts taking a regular beating that he just won't hold up. This is total nit-picking, because I think on talent he really has it all, including the mobility to run away from the rush in most situations, but generally there aren't a lot of long-lived successful but stringy QB's around, even the ones that are tall and stringy like TL. I still think that in all likelihood he'll go on to have a great NFL career and just be a bit of an anomaly, but when I see him I can't help but think that he's a bit frail looking for a guy that is being talked up as the sort of prospect that comes around every 20-30 years. I like a bit of podge on my QB's. It has it's uses in the NFL.
  13. Totally missed this, when did this happen?? Hope we actually have sponsors next season
  14. The Lowland league and Highland League winners nominated this year has nothing to do with Brechin. Kelty are league champions, end of story, Brora are league champions, end of story, even if I'm a bit perturbed by 3 games only but Kelty is just luck if they only played the bottom half of the league, they are still champions. The playoff will happen and I expect Brora to win, why, as they have been playing some games recently so might be more than a match ready compared to Kelty who have had no games. Brechin have problems, being bottom of the league for the past two years when the leagues were stopped 19/20, this year, 20/21 I cant see Brechin getting off the bottom, especially after the Albion Rovers game but i will say, Brechin have been playing games and are definitely match fit and if they don't win the deciding playoff against the LL/Hl winner then you cannot argue. teams will move up and down divisions, especially if the SPFL/SFA get the structure right and if Brechin are relegated then its a bad time but so, it just means they have to revaluate what they have done, are doing now and going to do for the future to get back up the divisions. There is problems at Brechin and they must be addressed, even if they have done so now, it will take time but they can get it right, when, that's anyone's guess. the only reason why it will be harder to come back up as the promotion to SPFL2 is just a playoff so hard for any team to win
  15. Exactly! It still won’t stop him constantly droning on and trying to justify it though
  16. I thought Trapped (Icelandic) was brilliant.
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