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  2. That McAdams nearly let in the howler of all howlers today that doesn't seem to have been mentioned. Charlie Adam hit a long ball forward from just inside the Morton half for Afolabi to chase but he overhit it slightly too much, McAdams came to the edge of his box to collect but slipped and had to palm it away. It was all a bit bizarre, but he didn't look awful other than that moment tbf. In regards to Josh McPake, it wasn't that he was terrible, he looked good in one sub appearance against Ayr at home, but he looked every bit like a wee boy. He got outmuscled and outfought in every game he played. Rangers seem have put him on a pedestal, at least they did before he came to us, so it might be that he's bulked up since then. Based on a single game, I'd have Fjortoft and Salkeld from Morton. What is Salkeld's actual position though as he went from up front, to RW, to LW and prior to the game kicking off, I had it in my head he was a CM?
  3. Do you consider mcburnie a "striker coming through"? A 24 year old with 12 caps?
  4. The commentator also said that Allardice hit the bar with a shot when it was Todorov with a header,
  5. Harvey annoys me. I even refuse to use his preferred spelling of his name. Twat. Absolute cert he's a good dancer that goes far in the competition.
  6. There's being honest and critical and there's just being a fanny. He crosses the line too often
  7. Cba working at half 7 in the morning so don't care about that.
  8. Didn't realise the travelling community had names for the settled community. Hope they continue to experience racism and worse health, housing and educational outcomes TBQHWY
  9. And you can't even rely on us for three points any more. Troubling times indeed.
  10. I work in construction and just now it’s too dark to properly start work at 730 and in a months time, even when the clocks go back it’s long after 8 am when you can properly see everything you need to get your work done. Something seems pretty in natural about it still being pretty much pitch black at 9 am so I’m up for keeping things as they are.
  11. Wtf? in short, nonces and hot sauce lovers think normal folks who don't agree with their choices are wrong, when we are actually 100% correct, fellating 12 year old boys and putting capsaicin on your chips will never be right.
  12. Keep it as is at this point, but revert back to BST in late February, rather than late March.
  13. Add to that it was left to a prologue, where he wasn't even competing, for Cipolini to be allowed to say farewell at the Giro.
  14. Ah right. Didn’t know that. I’m sure the assistant would be delighted with that over winter!
  15. You couldn't possibly have a processional stage with them being so close in time & rightly so. The drama of a final day shootout, Lemond/Fignon 'esque, is insurmountable & if that's what it takes to split guys at tenths of a second apart, then so be it. Anybody within time bonus of catching a race leader should be afforded that chance.
  16. I don't know m8, but I know who isn't. You said I said he was turning things around, which would suggest that - f**k me, I'm boring myself writing this - you thought I was predicting we were about to go on a run as presumably that's what you meant by turning things around. Literally all I said was he'd spotted the issues and addressed them which is as good as holding your hands up and admitting you made a mistake, which is far preferable to some of the recent stubborn chancers we've had who have clearly not been massive Einstein fans.
  17. Hopefully keep to good results coming. Queens look like relegation fodder and if we are going to compete at the top end we should be looking comfortable here.
  18. Ayr fans were slating Nicky Cadden when he joined us for having been garbage for them. We won't easily replicate that turnaround but the signs so far suggest that we might get at least a decent tune out of McPake as well. It doesn't mean that he wasn't utter shite for Dundee but a change of clubs and the very different demands placed on wide players by Hopkin's style of football can have a positive change. By the same token I don't think that Hopkin knows what to do with Nesbitt to get a consistent level of performance: he should be playing off a striker in the centre of the field IMO but we're no closer to seeing that work. It's good to hear that Fjortoft looks like a find as the lack of proven quality in defence has been the massive, flashing red alarm signal over the close season. The goalkeeper not being another total haddy is encouraging in that department as well. We should have punted the likes of Muirhead, Millar, Blues and steered clear of Oliver though and tried to get a single credible centre forward with all that wasted budget though. Until we do then shitfesting and narrowly losing is going to be a common enough outcome this season.
  19. What is the actual reason our camera is so shit? Albion Rovers use the same gear but had no issues last week really in comparison to whatever was going on today. Points dropped in the end. I thought we battered them second half but if you give cheap goals away like we did then only have ourselves to blame. Biabi made the difference again coming off the bench. Brown starting on the left seemed a strange decision but a natural wide man on that side is likely to be an issue for us as the season goes on. McGuigan for Muir should have happened sooner. I get Mark doesn't seem the flavour of the month with the management but when Muir is offering that kind of performance up then Mark deserves more game time.
  20. Typically I purchased my stream access about an hour before kick off and sat down to watch it at 3 and wondered what was going on.
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