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  2. About time Lichtie. Season has been over for nearly three weeks man
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  4. Terror………….everyone knows you don’t f**k with the baldies.
  5. Mark Knopfler-Going home: Theme of the local hero
  6. Job Done. Getting closer to making the World Cup
  7. Wordle 223 5/6 Really must buy a dictionary this weekend. Still at least I got it today.
  8. Do you realise you've just called yourself a Jaffa?
  9. Honduras are an absolute fucking gang, what a nasty team.
  10. 3-1 Lavety hat trick with Alan Lawrence getting a late consolation via a deflection.
  11. Think I’m going Ronda for the women’s, but the men’s is as open as its ever been. Have a worry rhey’ll have Lesnar win it after losing to Lashley.
  12. She’s great, instantly pops out the screen to people that haven’t even seen her before.
  13. Even advocates of crypto will agree that market manipulation is common. There is no crime against insider dealing in crypto, and it's free money to those in the know.
  14. The USMNT have some good players but as a team they are truly awful to watch.
  15. Florida. It's a bit inconvenient when games are kicking off at 2.45pm while I'm in the queue at Universal.
  16. The marker is cyclical Busta, the gains when its good more often trump the stock market or currency. I've never had a stock 10x from when I bought it within a month. When it's bad (as it's been since early December) the losses can often outstrip the traditional investment opportunities. It's also rare for the same proportion of stocks and currencies to go to zero over a very short period of time. Since this time last year there's been a pretty fast rise to mid May, a massive drop but still now below many people who were new to things entry point and a gradual climb through September till the end of November. It seemed new coins were launching daily fuelled by it being a bit Wild Westy in some parts and the ease to do so. Definite Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) by many who got involved. Don't compare it to stocks and shares, because it's fruitless. It is its own thing. NFT's and MemeCoins in most instances are tulipmania repeating itself. Some may have a purpose in gaming and gaming coins where they fuel the ecosystem in terms of credit to use/bet/improve etc. may gether traction. Graming crypto was outperforming many others during the good times but has taken a bigger hit in many cases during the bad times. The coins that actually fuel networks, AVAX, FTM, BNB, ETH, etc. are all "relatively" stable and fighting for market adoption. Think of some of them as the VHS/BETAMAX war in the 80's. Bitcoin dominance still drives the market direction and of course whales do too, but that goes on wherever trading happens. Know that collusion is happening behind the scenes for buying and dumping too. John Oliver does a brief overview and its pretty good in his award winning style. There's over 12k coins listed now, plenty of examples that were riding high back 3 months ago have dropped 99%. Trick is finding the ones that go an x250 overnight. Issue is a lot of these inhabit the outer reaches in terms of Market Cap so down in the 5000+ range in coins and no much indicators. You could a lot worse than look back on gaz5's posts on this thread, reference some youtube videos. Like everything its determining who you can trust and who's on it to try inflate what they already have.
  17. Wordle 223 4/6* Old skool pen and paper job in the end there... and at long f***ing last, a 50/50 that I went the right way on. Rejoice.
  18. Correct, and the manager said it was pessimistic from the physio at the time of the injury and that Varian might be ready for the team sheet next week or probably the week after.
  19. That is indeed what we must hope for until Spencer returns. Given that Williamson and Stanton have only had a few weeks to get used to everyone and the team plans, it’s reasonable to expect improvement.
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