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  2. Berwick 2018/19

    Good wee player, doubt he'll score goals for you though, but will get stuck in and do a good job in midfield.
  3. Very refreshing view. I would be a lot more worried if we had been thumped in both league games
  4. Livi v Motherwell

    Can't leave Pittman out.
  5. Better Call Saul

    Gus twitching his index finger and the way he took down Hector's guy at the end, plus his demeanor in general, I reckon they could reveal that he has some sort of military background.
  6. Just call it the first division and be done with it.
  7. Today
  8. MLS 2017

    He’s been leading the line but been getting great support from Luciano Acosta who plays just behind him. No doubt he’s been signed by D.C. to bag them as much goals as possible.
  9. There is no Corruption at FIFA!

    Well that's shit
  10. MLS 2017

    Where is Rooney playing for DC? Is he sitting deeper or leading the line or somewhere inbetween?
  11. MLS 2017

    Wayne Rooney with a fantastic performance tonight bagging 2 goals in a 4-1 win vs Portland. His second a free kick was one of those that you knew he was going to score before he even took it. Just a couple of minutes before he chipped the keeper only for the bar to come to the keepers rescue. I know it’s only the MLS but he really has been excellent since coming over to the US. In the Canadian championship Toronto beat the Whitecaps 5-2 (7-4 Agg) with Altidore scoring a hat trick. Toronto will be Canada’s entree in the CONCACAF Champions league for the 3rd year running . Think it’s the biggest margin victory also since it was founded in 2008. Only watched the first 10-15 minutes from the start of each half, from what I saw Toronto strolled the game after a nervy first 10 minutes and looked comfortable after the break with Altidore getting 2 quick goals.
  12. Club vs International Football

    I can think of only two Rangers players who were selected ahead of future Lisbon Lions and both were selected by Jock Stein and before 1967. Stein dropped McNeil after he sold the jerseys against Poland in 1965 and put Ron McKinnon in his place. This was sensible. McKinnon was the much more adept and cultured defender. The bigger question to be asked is how McBungle still got an occasional gig when Scotland had Ron Yeats fit and available. I can only think it was down to McNeil having played in Lisbon as Yeats was the better defender. Stein also favoured Willie Henderson over future LL, Jimmy Johnstone. Again, this was sensible. Henderson was the faster, stronger winger with a better final ball. If you look at the iconic 1967 Scotland side which defeated England it had 2 Rangers players: Greig and McKinnon. It also had 4 Lisbon Lions. Ergo your assertion that Scotland, picked, "mediocre Rangers players ahead of Lisbon Lions" is the usual tripe we expect from the diddies. Selective memory you have. (to quote you). I'm not sure what to blame. Probably stupidity. Still, you have a chance to redeem yourself. Based on your memory of Scottish football in the 1960s which players would you have selected between McNeil, McKinnon, Henderson and Johnstone? Also, which Lisbon Lion players were displaced by , 'mediocre Rangers players'. You clearly have a list in mind so it would be interesting for you to share it.
  13. Annoying things people write on Facebook

    Shared Sydney, Australia hon xoxox
  14. Junior football, what is the future?

    Are you new to Scottish football?
  15. Junior football, what is the future?

    There's more than a whiff of the Messi-Ronaldo dogshit about this now. You can think one is better while enjoying both. You don't need to hope the one you don't prefer falls on his arse. Nobody benefits from one part of the non-league world slagging another. We may have slightly different ideas about how it should be structured, but apart from a very few exceptions we're still just watching community football clubs play in front of a few dozen to a few hundred fans, outside the spotlight. Is it possible to debate this stuff without taking ostentatious glee when something bad happens in the other grade?
  16. Junior football, what is the future?

    Listen, there's something you need to know about Rangers...
  17. scores 15/8/18

    No there is not small teams do take scalps but the way medow are u seem still to think you are a big team but it not the money talked a few year ago and u did try but u failed now use r beginning to realise that it playing against teams who ru standard if not better
  18. Horrific club photos

    [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23] that doesn't even look real
  19. Monday Night Raw Live

    Genuinely had to double take to make sure they hadn't re-cast him
  20. 2018 WWE PPV Prediction League

    Can't lie, I'm disappointed that I took -2 on the last predictions, that's really hurt my comeback chances.
  21. Berlin

    Love Berlin as a city.....think I wouldn't waste time and money on any o the aforementioned clubs tho...... Sound pretentious. Knob staff. w****r clientele. Frankly I'd rather shite a porcupine.
  22. Selkirk FC thread

    Gretna's administrators resigned them from the SFL after they failed to find a buyer, in time for Annan to get their place in August 2008. Livi were bumped down two divisions on 5 August 2009, with the first matches that season being on 8 August and Airdrie getting a reprieve from relegation. They had already been papped out of two cup competitions. All the others were either able to play through administration, or went tits up in the summer. I'm not sure if some of them didn't get a bit of help from the authorities to be sure of fulfilling their fixtures though, I recall early payments of TV or other money being made.
  23. Fauldhouse United 2018/19

    och its u brither mullen - eer sum gadgie al tell ee - that yung brycey hus goat nae chance o chingin ma vokabularry lol
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