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  2. Tbf to paddy Rose has been honking the last year
  3. They probably realised they had no option and thought accepting service had an element of damage limitation, though it’s probably far too late for that.
  4. Another baffling bunch of selections from Harrington. Absolutely reeks of him thinking he's way smarter than he actually is. He's made a bigger c**t of it than Faldo, and that's saying something. It'll be a shock if we're within 6 points going into the singles, and I'm not convinced we'll make it to double figures by the end of this.
  5. I've read the concern from Dee fans, and I hope their fears are well founded.... given recent weeks, I just find myself wondering where all our goals are going to come from. Here's hoping.
  6. I see Bo'ness Athletic twitter states the attendance was 325, I did a complete walk around from behind the away dugout to behind the home dugout, couting everyone including all the kids. It may not be completely accurate, but I would reckon any error would be in single figures, and certainly not 100!!!
  7. All the best. Has your course started working on the greens yet? My home course is not far off unplayable due to the scarifying of the greens, I struggle to enjoy a round when it’s like that. I went and paid £125 to play Western Gailes during the week and the greens had been cored and scarified as well, courses shouldn’t be charging that kind of money when the course isn’t in prime condition.
  8. Is letting off "uncontrollable explosive devices" really a 'culture'?
  9. Easier to say the bit of it thats true; I and very many others agree that great things are happening. As confirmed by YOUR attendance stats.
  10. How could you possibly know that!? It's classified information!
  11. Krasniqi looks decent though needs to give a game to actually prove that..
  12. Xmas is saved the mother in law has just sent a text to her daughter saying that she has bought a turkey and it's in the freezer
  13. Was impressed with Armadale especially after losing an early goal. Very direct but that is clearly something they worked on with some of the passing outstanding Boness played some great football at times missing their top scorer but a team full of pace and goals they are On another night it finishes 7-7 the number of chances and last ditch defending made this a good watch Conditions were difficult with driving rain and wind at times. The crowd factor possibly a issue as everyone kept moving under cover. I got 330 the club issued 325 and someone at the other side of the ground got 267. Good travelling support no doubt about that
  14. Heading up to Aberdeen in a fortnight and have Fierce, 6 degrees North and Brewdog on my to do list. Feel free to post any other recommendations, thanks.
  15. No more SlipperyP and more SturdyFootingP with his new footwear accessories.
  16. Callum MCGregor signs a new 5 year deal keeping him at the club until the Summer of 2022 when we'll sell him to Leicester.
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