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  2. They couldn't... Surely to f**k...
  3. I suppose I'm a childish individual. I hope it's slow and painful you b*****d.
  4. They could really, really do with a break and it’s boggling my mind that they aren’t taking one. In related news, UFC are hiring a private island to run shows every weekend
  5. Hibsverse has gone very Hibs in the period between the November International break and the January break. 3 wins, 3 draws, and 3 defeats has seen me fall away from the Glasgow two and even behind Hearts. James Forrest and my wonderkid Ahmed Magedy went cold during that time but I was able to add midfield reinforcements in the form of Icelandic International Samuel Kari Fried Jonsoon (who had left his Icelandic club). He scored twice on his full debut and has 3 goals in 5 appearances for me. I also lost the Betfred final 4-1 but did manage to progress in Europa League II Here is the table, need to pick it up to get back ahead of Hearts. Both derbies so far have been 0-0 draws (true to reality).
  6. I bet the second-hand Floodlight market has had a massive increase in the demand over the last few seasons.
  7. The woman is 7 months pregnant with her first child, her partner is the prime minister of a country at a time of unparalleled emergency and he's in intensive care with the disease that caused the emergency. There's a way to be a person, and I don't think slagging that woman's appearance on the internet is the way to do it.
  8. Raw after Mania has been spectacularly shit for the first two hours. The same match THREE FUCKING TIMES in the first hour, four times in 24hrs if you count the tag match at Mania. And now, the return of Nia fucking Jax. That'll get viewers back. Obviously there are outside factors in play this year, but jesus f**k this is awful. Maybe going on hiatus would be a good thing.
  9. No. Only rarely does anyone other than a monarch get a state funeral. The last state funeral was in 1965, for Churchill. Alongside Churchill, the only other prime ministers to get state funerals were Gladstone, Palmerston and Wellington. Thatcher was offered a state funeral before her death but declined. Disraeli's estate declined an offer of a state funeral from Gladstone. Both had ceremonial funerals instead - same as Diana and the Queen Mother. Can't believe we're having this discussion.
  10. Not really if you read what I wrote, I think they should be merged (with the WOSFL (exactly what I stated as my personal opinion a few days ago) however if they’re not to be merged (as others believe) and they’re to remain a Tier 6 league, then they should be treated as equals to the other leagues with regards to the playoffs. Wanting to keep them as an equal Tier 6 league but then demote them to a playoff with the other two leagues runners up seems far more disrespectful to their standing.
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    FIFA 20

    That’s all the online I icons swaps done. Up and running with the champs squad for online II. Neymar and Mbop to carry I think. Neymar Hattrick in the first win, 4-1. Hopefully get the Bakayoko card at the same time but not overly fussed if I miss out on him.
  13. Mondays League Tables are brought to you by How to make Towel art | Towel Origami Swans | Towel Folding | Diwali Decoration Ideas World Super League 2nd Division League Pontins League
  14. Whippersnapper, Maureen O'Hara and Virginia Mayo.
  15. Really disappointed to see Bert lowering himself to someone like 8miles level here. This self isolation must be taking a heavier toll on him than most.
  16. Movie 23 (Me) -- Murder Mystery 5/10. I picked this because I hate Adam Sandler movies and I hate Jennifer Aniston rom-coms and I kinda hoped that this would be a movie so bad it would be good. It was mildly entertaining for a poor man's Knives Out. Sandler and Aniston have both been in worse. A mindless way to spend 90 minutes.
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