The P&B SPFL Buzz Feb 2020

There's a buzz about the place. Or is there?

The P&B Buzz Index is a quarterly temperature take of #SPFL football fans across all four divisions.

Listed like the FIFA rankings (but far more useful) we are asking fitba fans to tell us how happy they feel about their club both on and off the park. The rating is on a sliding scale of 1-10 where 1 is "I'd frankly rather watch Rugby" and 10 reflects a happiness level on a near orgasmic scale.

We will capture the ratings in a very simple 4 day poll which takes place every 3 months, and once we've got all the numbers we will crunch them down using our amazing Excel skills, to pop out the official P&B Buzz Index showing all 42 teams ranked in order of how satisfied, or pissed off, their supporters are.

We'll publish the overall index covering all 42 clubs, with indexes by division and of course monitor the movers and shakers quarter to quarter.

And as if that wasn't enough, we'll even pick three respondants at random each quarter and post them a box of 60 Freddos (your choice of chocolate or caramel) for their time.

This page will host a link to the poll when we are gathering responses, or will show the latest Buzz Index when we're not.

Yeah, we know some scallywags will try and downvote their rivals, but it's one vote per device. Once you've voted you won't be able to do so again (unless you are a clever cookie). If we detect abuse we'll send the lads round to your place to give you a proper shoeing (and we'll also remove all your votes and block your IP address from voting again).

So play nice.

It's that simple. Vote using the button below and share, share, share.

The more votes the better. Ideally we want tens of thousands. Don't let us down.