Sunshine on Valletta

The Auchterarder Chippy - Episode 11

Hello, and welcome to the Auchterarder Chippy, the podcast which takes a sideways glance at the wonderful world of Scottish football.

On this week's show, we jump on to Scottish football's transfer merry-go-round and see who is holding Sam Cosgrove when the music stops; it's Stark's Park for screamers as Raith run riot against Cummings & Co; it's adios to Alex in Ayrshire after Killie collapse against Perth's entertainers; and in the Brussels Backstop we learn about some little known foreign leagues with more Scottish players than stadiums.

All this and more in this week's edition of The Auchterarder Chippy!

Music Credits:
Duck In The Alley, TrackTribe
Air Fàir An Là, Niteworks (ft. SIAN)