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  2. Things you want to share with P&B

    Ahem... At least he was there!
  3. Dundee v Celtic

    I think I wooshed you . .
  4. Dundee v Celtic

    Like every Celtic fan was in Seville . . . I grew up 5 miles from Celtic Park and was in Seville. Next.
  5. Dundee v Celtic

    I wasn't trying to 'get you'. A paranoid Celtic fan. Who'd have thought it?
  6. Dundee v Celtic

    If anyone ever wondered why Scotland are utter gash at international football...
  7. Dundee v Celtic

    I used to work with a Celtic fan and I asked him once 'why do you support Celtic if you are from Edinburgh, just glory hunting?' He said 'no, I'm not a glory hunter. I'm not actually from Edinburgh, just lived here a few years hence the accent. I'm actually from Motherwell.'
  8. The Official President Trump thread

    Didn't anybody tell you? Karl Marx sadly passed away on the 14th March 1883.
  9. Coronation Street

    The fight in the fountain between the two busty maidens was good but Eva on the ledge was just stupid. There's no way that flimsy sheet would have broken her fall but at least her air bags would have saved her. What happened to the Underworld roof, Hurricane Maria?
  10. Things you want to share with P&B

    Hope he asked you to spell Visakhapatnam.
  11. Squad face Slovenia and Slovakia

    Think he needs get games for West Brom before worrying about Scotland caps he is long way from the finished article
  12. Emergency loans

    He'd be better dangling off Buckingham Palace dressed up as Spiderman. He has enough to worry about just now. Easy to say, but he needs to sort some other issues out before he's in a position to see them. A week or two won't make much difference.
  13. Dundee v Celtic

    Like every Celtic fan was in Seville . . .
  14. Dundee v Celtic

    'Bigotry' a game for all the family.
  15. Dundee v Celtic

    I wasn't raging last week - I was pmsl . . .
  16. Dundee v Celtic

    Great reply. You really got me there
  17. Music Chinese Whispers

    Jo Ann Kelly - Walking Blues
  18. Dundee v Celtic

    I love how every time Celtic fans are accused of not following their local team it turns out their mother's gave birth in Celtic Park.
  19. Dundee v Celtic

    It must be really fun to support a diddy team and spend all your time getting utterly raging at everything the OF do.
  20. Squad face Slovenia and Slovakia

    5 starts and 20 subs appearances for RB wasn't amazing but it was hardly Alan Hutton territory. Given what Burke is (a potential freak star like, dread I say it, Bale) I think we should have consistently called him up. He would have been a useful sub given his lightning pace and strength. Strachan made a bit of a mess of the whole situation by sending him home from squads more than once. That said using him in the U21s and U20s hasn't been the worst alternative.
  21. Airdrieonians off season thread 2017

    Not so busy in reporting the game though, with a mere 18 lines dedicated to the biggest club in the area. They obviously have an agenda as well, I'd not trust any Record journo as far as I could throw them. The Kevin Thompson story is a case in point. Mark Pirie has run a story, with the sole purpose of undermining those in charge of the club, on a paper thin statement from Kevin Thompson. He should have run this by the club and got a confirmation or denial, but that wouldn't grab a headline. As another poster say's - they don't give a shit about us or the club - they care about selling their rag. Personally, I don't think he should have been allowed at a meeting for trust members.
  22. Italian Football Thread

    What a fucking goal from Mertens. 3-1.
  23. Italian Football Thread

    Fucking belter there from Mertens. Napoli have turned this right round in 15 minutes.
  24. Dundee v Celtic

    Yes because I made a conscious decision before going to my first game as a 4 year old to follow Celtic (at this point Rangers had just done 9 in a row) because we won all the time ... Why do you support your team? Probably because your family followed them and they were your local team. The same as the vast majority of people. As for the last bit, lol
  25. Clyde v Edinburgh

    It's absolute mental shite.
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