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  2. FA Cup 2017/18

    I fucking love the sheer anger when play is stopped for an injured player.
  3. Morton v Falkirk

    Sorry I didn't mean Jimmy Boo I meant Fucking Boo!!
  4. FA Cup 2017/18

    Choking for Norwich to score here. Conte can’t have long left at Chelsea.
  5. Whitletts Manager

    He has had his fair share of clubs In the last few years to be fair, How manys that? 5? His saltcoats team was the worst av seen play at ardeer a few weeks back, Might have been an off day. You never know he might have just been looking for the right club that suits his style, All the best time will tell
  6. Lanark United 2017/18

    Great signing all not well at carluke then?
  7. Montrose vs Clyde

    3rd league win of the season for Clyde ? Bolo is back ..........
  8. Gretna - Living (and dying) the Dream

    Why were Gretna admitted to the league in the first place? Obviously they had the right to apply like other teams, but why were they chosen over other teams?
  9. FA Cup 2017/18

    VAR will only work in England if they don't have idiots like Mike Jones, Lee Mason and Kevin Friend watching. They'd struggle to spot if a player pulled out a machete.
  10. Inside No.9

    Says something about over viewed limit or summat.
  11. FA Cup 2017/18

    Can they VAR the penalty shout for handball?
  12. FA Cup 2017/18

    Cracking block from Pinto Come on NCFC
  13. The "Old Photos" thread

    Oran had at least one of them (the one closest to the BP garage is) for a recycling processing plant. But haven't been down that way for a while.
  14. FA Cup 2017/18

    I’ll be fucking seething when Hazard scores on the 118th minute, I want (Norwich to win on) penalties. Failing that, Norwich to win in extra time.
  15. All things Dundee FC

    This thing disagrees
  16. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Shankland is the best striker in this league, and Mckay didn't even do that bad. The goal was sold by Thomson playing him on side. He's been a revelation to be honest, done absolutely fine.
  17. A few Queens Park fans at a game in 1980 at a less than jam packed Hampden. Note the old style terracing steps, common in that era which were basically compacted earth/gravel with wooden sleepers forming the step, on a warm, dry day you would often see clouds of dusty ash created by large crowds celebrating when a goal went in on cup final day.
  18. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    McKay has been terrific since he started playing regularly. The only negative of Bene coming back is that we’ll see him drop out the starting line-up.
  19. The East Fife Thread

    Alloa brought less than 50 to Starks park in Early December when they were going well, so I'd guess at least 450 would be EF fans. What's an average home (as in home fans only) crowd for you guys?
  20. FA Cup 2017/18

    the f**k is Zimmerman doing there?! Get it cleared ffs!!
  21. All things Dundee FC

    A bit harsh,Dee’s are not a mouthful,ever
  22. FA Cup 2017/18

    I bet they were doing the VAR sign in a racist way.
  23. FA Cup 2017/18

    How much would we have to pay Angus Gunn to declare for Scotland?
  24. Sons' sorrow

    And one of the finest pre-match pubs in Scotland, in Tutties Neuk.
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