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  2. Junior football, what is the future?

    I think you're overly keen on putting a structure in place, before considering how, or by whom it will be populated. The structure will work, but consensus will make it better, sooner.
  3. You guys aren't really renowned for establishing a great rapport with your players. As well as Donaldson, Wato Kuate and Gavin Gunning spring to mind as players who left with a two fingered salute to the fans. I know some players leave clubs on bad terms but three players in recent years seems a bit strange. Maybe the fans are more culpable for the position you currently find yourselves in than you think.
  4. The Binos vThe Blue Brazil

    Man bunn man, haha. He’s on loan from Ross County so he’s already signed at a higher level. Been a decent loan signing for us although he has had better games than today but he took his goal with great aplomb and had a good game.
  5. Maybe. But if you were one of the 3500/4000 Dees in Tannadice that Sunday night you’ll never forget it. That’s all it takes.
  6. The Tennents Lager Appreciation Society

    No. Left there ages ago.
  7. Clyde vs Montrose

    Have to say what a turn around in Montrose over the past 18 months good football team and it will go right to wire with peterhead the game in hand is a big one, who is it against ?
  8. East Premierleague 2017/18

    It was a great result and came as a surprise to everyone at Whitburn considering we had a player on holiday, one suspended and four out injured. We have been plagued with injuries this season and I note from an earlier post that Whitburn have once again been written off in terms of this league but with a full squad and a few more performances like this they can avoid relegation . Looking at the table there is not many points between about eight teams and till all to play for. Special praise for the manager and assistant who had to fill the centre back positions today.
  9. QoS v Livi

    Just an odd game really, I'm disappointed we didn't hold a two goal lead but relieved that we didn't lose. First half, Livingston were probably on top without really threatening after the first minute whilst we had the best chance with Dobbie smashing the post and somehow missing the rebound. So as surprised that we took the lead through the best strike Thomson had since tuesday. The swerve from where I stood... 'Kisses Fingers'. Then we somehow managed to turn up the sexiness with as good a team goal as you'd see, just everything about it was divine. But it did feel a lot like the 2-3 St Mirren game but conceding such a cheap goal from a cheap foul with Rooney having a hand on Miller (You can argue that Miller was backing in but how many times can you be told to keep your hands off before it sinks in). Leighfield tried to overcompensate for Tuesday by having the wall more over and anticipating the dive to his left but was caught out by De Vita hitting it to his side. It just kills any momentum conceding from there and gave Livi a way back in. Second half was not a pleasant watch from Livi getting another cheap goal from a set piece that seemed far too straight forward, nobody is going to throw to the far post so how is the front post so open? The third goal was a nice counter to be fair but it's annoying to concede from two set pieces. The rest of the half Livi controlled it winning cheap fouls and running the clock down whilst Queens launched long balls at the team that is probably the most proficient in dealing with them, so to get an equaliser and almost a winner was very unexpected, it felt very similar to Dundee United at home with a good first half and a very poor second except we got lucky this time . The referee had zero control over the game, Dykes and Gallacher was a flash point in the first half, if he noticed it he could have booked them both and nothing would have happened later but it kept bubbling and the only reason it didn't escalate further was because we took Dykes off. Livi didn't really do anything obvious but it's the little things like cheap fouls, sly elbows and little pushes that they do that don't help their reputation. The referee had no idea what happened at the Rooney and Dykes incident so booked someone to look like he's in control. He refereed like someone doing their first Championship game rather than an experienced ref. If I could compare Livi to any side it would be Terry Butcher's Inverness when they were in the league, where they might not be the most technical side but they give it all, very well organised and certainly aren't afraid to give it out. Surprised more teams aren't like them tbh. Not an ideal result but at least Dunfermline or United won so nothing lost on that front (Plus a game against Brechin is essentially a game in hand).
  10. Sons' sorrow

    Totally agree. Handling was abysmal and how he got 90 min is beyond me. Suppose it emphasises our lack of options. Beany is done as much as it pains me to say it. He's not a lone striker and hardly touched the ball today
  11. Stop mentioning it. I'm at breaking point here.
  12. The Tennents Lager Appreciation Society

    Are you still in Burghead? WTM tells me he's been having a bit of difficulty tracking down the pub. Thought it might be the Commercial but Google told him it's closed down.
  13. Arbroath v Stranraer

    Aye , if instead of hitting the bar then being saved on the rebound , we had gone 3 down it would have been curtains , but we stuck at it and took our chances . to the poor wee lad who wandered past us convinced they could pull it back to 3-3 , welcome to a life of misery , sprinkled in fantastic moments that make the rest of it go away , such is the lot of the “wee team” supporter , and I wouldn’t have it any other way today was one of our “ sprinkled” days
  14. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Slight difference is,we are or trying to pay our bills,you lot didnt
  15. Clearly. Dropping a 2-0 lead @ home. Fs man.
  16. VR driving simulator centre

    This popped up in my Instagram one day, looks quite good.
  17. Walking Down The Halbeath Road

    Can anyone help with the questions on this thread?
  18. Junior football, what is the future?

    The only possible issue with Clydebank moving to a Senior league next season is that the new West Premiership gets placed directly as the West of Scotland Tier 6 league. You'd imagine any WoSFL would be open to candidates as there will likely be some clubs that want to remain Junior, but you never know.
  19. Favourite quirks of Scottish stadiums.

    Not the shire they never had a brick wall round the park.always been a metal rail fence
  20. Sons' sorrow

    What would have helped today was starting with a striker.
  21. Pish Adverts

    First choice all inclusive.
  22. Dundee United 2017/2018

    Hopefully ill have paid my mortgage off by then and can try and buy United over. I shall proceed to fill the first team with defensive minded midfielders, young players who are rubbish, an aging ex old firm forward and an apathy that none have seen befo...wait...
  23. Rugby - Union And League

    Cracking results for Scottish teams tonight. Yes munster won but not with bonus and denied scarlets bonus. Leinster and Ulster humped. Both got f**k all....
  24. Crumble or Pie?

    Funny you should say that.... Mrs Johnboy just cooked up one of these for my dinner tonight and very nice it was too. She is a brilliant cook, though. She had to read the instructions and put in the oven for 35 mins.
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