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  2. Will this be Spartans year?

    Canny polish a turd mate.
  3. Dundee v Celtic

    Diddies gonna didd
  4. Dundee v Celtic

    Gowser to get a red card?
  5. Dundee v Celtic

    McGowan looks like he's aged ten years in the space of 2 months.
  6. Procycling thread

    Quintana will likely be at the Giro and/or Vuelta I would imagine. Landa leading Movistar at the Tour would add some spice and would be interesting to see.
  7. Dundee v Celtic

  8. I don't buy this 'there are decent Rangers fans out there'. Well at least not entirely. Nobody forces anyone to support a particular football team. Okay there can be a strong family connection to a team but to go and actively follow them is still a choice. That you are going to get sectarian song after sectarian song when Rangers play, especially away, is not exactly a secret so when you hand over your ticket money you know exactly what you are getting. While you might not join in is continuing to go not in essence condoning it? They may not like it but not enough to stop going. I don't always like what I hear coming from Thistle fans but if I were subjected to what I suffered at Firhill in the last two games - it was utterly vile at times - I would firstly try and change attitudes and if that was unsuccessful over a period of time I would stop going. I would stop supporting Partick Thistle if it became for a large proportion of the support all about hate and aggression. That's what any decent fan would do if their club became a vehicle to express views that they find abhorrent.
  9. The Official President Trump thread

    What is family values? Are gays, blacks and muslims excluded?
  10. Dundee v Celtic

    Queen's Park just don't win enough, eh?
  11. Procycling thread

    Definitely. Dumoulin provides a different challenge; better in a TT and so Froome will need to take time off him in the mountains. Will he interesting to see how Sunweb position themselves for next season to give Tom support for the Tour, assuming that's what he goes for.
  12. Dundee v Celtic

    Few sore losers in here.
  13. Dundee v Celtic

    Who can blame me? You're all out to get us [emoji4]
  14. Dundee v Celtic

    Couldn't give a f**k why people support who they support tbh
  15. Dundee v Celtic

    McCoist doesn't have a clue who's been booked during the game. Professional as always.
  16. Nah, McCall said the target was to win the league so that's the target. If all McCall can manage is miles off first place as a full time team then I wouldn't have any hope of avoiding relegation if we manage to get promoted through the playoffs.
  17. Dundee v Celtic

    And there we go.
  18. Dundee v Celtic

    Especially diving cheating wee c***s legs . . .
  19. UEFA Nations League

    They've released a new article on their website confiming the rules. As part of this, they've included a video which shows how the Euro 2020 play-off spots are distributed. It suggests that the process is carried out in the following order: 1. Remove all the teams which have qualified through the normal qualifiers. 2. For each league, the next 4 highest finishing teams are included in the play-offs. It does not seem to matter which mini section teams are in here - the video shows a runner-up from Group C2 qualifying for the play-offs ahead of the runner-up from Group C3, even though the winners of Group C3 had already qualified. 3. If a league does not have 4 teams to fill these slots, the remaining teams from the league below are bumped up. If I have interpreted this correctly, then if we used your league cup example, the "Championship" qualification play-offs would in fact include Morton, Queen of the South, St Mirren and Dumbarton. The two vacancies in the "Premiership" play-offs would then be filled by Raith and Alloa.
  20. Dundee v Celtic

    We dont break enough legs imo
  21. Things you want to share with P&B

    Ahem... At least he was there!
  22. Dundee v Celtic

    I think I wooshed you . .
  23. Dundee v Celtic

    Like every Celtic fan was in Seville . . . I grew up 5 miles from Celtic Park and was in Seville. Next.
  24. Dundee v Celtic

    I wasn't trying to 'get you'. A paranoid Celtic fan. Who'd have thought it?
  25. Dundee v Celtic

    If anyone ever wondered why Scotland are utter gash at international football...
  26. Dundee v Celtic

    I used to work with a Celtic fan and I asked him once 'why do you support Celtic if you are from Edinburgh, just glory hunting?' He said 'no, I'm not a glory hunter. I'm not actually from Edinburgh, just lived here a few years hence the accent. I'm actually from Motherwell.'
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