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The Moonster

The Relegation Rumble - DFC vs BCFC

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Lynas s tackle was bad enough pity it was his own bad touch that led to it . Still some great saves from Buzz and we really shoulda buried one Hill cleared of the line

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Does anyone know the reason for the cold showers? Is this a regular occurrence? I'd have thought too that some sandwiches/rolls and a pot of tea would be pretty much standard. The cost price of 20 salad rolls for example would be covered by one adult's admission to the ground. Poor show if Darren Dods' complaint is true.

Pleased to say that the club has responded http://www.dumbartonfootballclub.com/news/?mode=view&id=3233

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16 hours ago, Bring Back Paddy Flannery said:

Froxy looks like he had a blinder in the highlights. I'd be going baws oot to get that deal extended asap.

That tackle for the red is an absolute shocker. Wilson literally crumples like an accordion with the impact of it.

Nade's 2 assists are top drawer as are the finishes from Stewart and Froxy.

The Brechin keeper pulled off a few wonder saves, looks like he could earn you a good few points this season. As for Scott Gallacher... wow. It's even worse than it was described to me. We simply cannot continue with him between the sticks.

It's one of those where you lose control of the ball and go all out to win it back .  No malice intended but a cruncher all the same.   I think it merited a red but as was said could easily have been a yellow if last week was anything to judge it on as  Isaac Layne was scythed while in possession and only a yellow given. 

Buzz kept us in it right enough with a few great saves but the game could have been won in the first half when we had one cleared off the line.  

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