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Musselburgh Athletic 2017/18

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On 09/02/2018 at 18:26, Toffee fan said:

See Casey Jones is running in the last race at Newcastle tonight! In with a chance of winning? Or has it as much chance as Tranent beating Blackburn tomorrow?

So both won, one a favourite and one an outsider; so miracles do happen!

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16 minutes ago, Bendy said:


The horse: slowly into stride, held up towards the rear,headway halfway, chased leaders over 2f out, driven to lead inside final furlong, Ran on well

Tranent: Always in control, Led at half-time, went clear long before the finish, eased up, unchallenged. 



Ha ha, good analogy but outcome could have been slightly different due to recent events.

Tranent: slowly into   stride,  but picked up during the session. Got into the mix, but couldn’t catch up. In the end, lost by a short head, once again.

The horse, Always in control and aware of its own ability.  Knows when to assert pressure, and also, when to ease to victory, as it did last night.

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25 minutes ago, Bendy said:

Tranent picked up 2 cups during last season, but this season have nose-dived as cant cope with suggestion they are a top 5 team!

Blackburn : settled in fourth , lost a few places halfway , soon tailed off

Musselburgh showing the way as the current top team in EastLothian.

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22 minutes ago, Bendy said:

:o no won anything in years while Tranent are the holders of 2 cups :lol:

You started the conversation with a silly comment suggesting we had no chance of beating Blackburn. Might as well finish it the same way I suppose.

Tranent had lost 8 out of their previous 9 league matches, and their last 4 in a row. 

If. they got beat yesterday, Tranent would have been in the bottom 4 of the league (last relegation position) ; so my comment was hardly silly!

Before league campaign commenced, Tranent started favourites to win the league. So what has went so badly wrong? 

Apart from this season, Musselburgh had been in the top Junior league for the previous 7 seasons, and it looks like we will return there next year again!

Tranent have never played in the Super league, and can’t be sure which league they will be playing in next year.

No denying that winning 2 cups last season was a great achievement and certainly something that Tranent will be rightly proud about.

In last 7 years Musselburgh have been in the Scottish Junior cup final twice. Though losing both, we were not disgraced in either, 

Taking the Tranent cup wins, and also the last 8 seasons into account, overall I would still rather be a Musselburgh supporter. Whilst I would claim we are still the best side in East Lothian, I think that stands up better than a claim that Tranent are in the Top 5 of Junior teams.




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45 minutes ago, Bendy said:

Almost all are euthanised. 

I suspect the vets at Musselburgh racecourse will now read toffee fans last post to any injured in the future though as it would put anybody to sleep.


Top 5!

We’re good and you’re not!

Resuscitated - back to my best!

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Match 18 (60%) of League campaign saw Musselburgh travelling (WEST) to face Bathgate. A nil scoring draw, was result of 1st game, back in August. Two changes in the starting line up saw Asher Tufail replace Ryan McGurk in goals, whilst in midfield, Bradley Whyte was in for Ewan Ralton. 

First shot on target came in 2 minutes, when ball came to Mathu King, who had his back to the goals, However, a weak shot on the turn went straight to Bathgate goalkeeper. Five minutes later, another chance to Mathu, when Conor Thomson, crossed the ball into the area, but it was headed just over the bar.

It was 10 minutes later, before Bathgate had an attempt on goal. Brad Donaldson, was booked for a foul on the right hand side of the Burgh box. When the free kick was taken, a Bathgate forward headed the ball back towards the goals, but it landed on top of the net. On 20 minutes, there was a good move up the right wing, with Matti Lynch, Sean Murphy and Conor involved. There were two attempts at goal, but both were blocked, the 2nd out for a corner. Conor floated a cross in, met by Jonny McManus but his header went past the keeper’s right hand post.

For next 10 minutes, ball mainly played in Bathgate half. Best chance came to Conor, who had a free kick after Stephen MacDonald was brought down at the edge of box. Seemed to be a wee bit of inconsistency as the defender wasn’t booked for a similar challenge that Brad had been booked. Conor’s free kick, was tipped over the bar by the keeper.

On 36 minutes Jed Davie had a shot on target from out side the box. The keeper had to get down low to save it, with Mathu runnng in, incase the ball rebounded out, but not to be.

Haven’t mentioned much about Bathgate, but that is because in all the match to then, they had two attempts to score, but Asher hadn’t made a save. Their best chance fell in 41 minutes, when they had a free kick, just inside their half. Ball eventually played down the right hand side and crossed over goal area. Bathgate’s number 9 had a header, but he was so close to post, that instead of a goal, ball went out for goal kick.

In last minute, Musselburgh should have went ahead. Stephen had the ball and drove it into the left hand side of box. However, instead of taking a shot, he squared the ball, which went behind both Mathu and Bradley Whyte. So 0-0 at half time.

A minute into the 2nd half Bathgate were awarded their first free kick of match. When the ball was crossed in, the Bathgate captain (no.7) had a free header in the middle of the box which was directed passed Asher’s right hand side and 1-0 to the home side.

Was it going to be one of those days? That was answered in 51 minutes when Jed delivered a great cross ball over to the pitch to Stephen, who collected it, a yard from the bye-line and three yards out from the penalty area. Stephen looked up, and then hit an audacious shot, from the right hand side of his boot, and from a ridiculous angle, the ball went between the keeper and the post into the back of the net. 1-1. I think there was an initial stunned Musselburgh crowd, before big cheers greeted the equaliser. Some around me said how did that cross go in? Have a look at the goal on Musselburgh twitter page, and decide for yourself. But the writer of this post is claiming that it was a magnificent deliberate shot!

A few minutes later, it should have been 2-1. There was good play with the ball falling to Stephen in the box. He had a shot on goal, but keeper saved for a corner.

At this point, I think I should have learnt short-hand as there was so much action in front of the Bathgate goal area it was hard to watch and write at same time!!

Again, on 56 minutes, Musselburgh should have been 2-1 up. Ball fell to Jed Davie, who was coming more and more forward as match went on. He hit a shot from outside box, which had a wee deflection from a Bathgate defender, and the ball came off the post. Five minutes later, that Bathgate big no. 4 crudely brought down Conor, then raised his hands in amazement as he was shown the yellow card.  Conor took the free kick, which again the keeper tipped over the bar.

First sub saw Bathgate’s no. 12 come on (not sure who for), and a few minutes later, Michael Moffat came on for Bradley W. On 67 mins, Musselburgh had a corner, again met by Jonny, but his header was saved on line, then Stephen skied ball over bar. By this time, it was backs to the wall for Bathgate, with Musselburgh pressing for the winner. Speed of the match had gone up a notch since Michael’s arrival on pitch, and on 73 minute, he had a shot from 20 yards, which was tipped over the bar, as the keeper ran backwards to his line. 

On 75 mins, Bathgate no.14 replaced no. 7. Almost instantly, 14 had a shot blocked on edge of box by Jed. In 77 minutes Michael collected ball and ran down the right wing, crossed the ball which Mathu headed wide of keeper’s left hand post. A couple of minutes later, Michael again down the right wing, ran into box, took a shot, but out for bye-kick.

There was a mix up by Musselburgh’s defence on 80 minutes, which saw passing from Jonny to Brad to Jed, and somehow the ball fell to a Bathgate player who ran toward the goal but his shot was saved/blocked by Asher. A goal for abathgate at that time would have been sore, and certainly avoidable!

On 85 minutes, Musselburgh were awarded a penalty. From the Burgh half, Matti passed to Michael, who past the no. 3 with ease, and played a forward pass into the box, which Mathu ran onto. However, he was brought down by the keeper, who again, surprisingly wasn’t shown a yellow card. A couple of minutes later, once the old man of the club had recovered, Conor stepped up and put the ball passed the keeper’s right hand side, and into the net. 

2-1 and game over?  Well with three minutes remaining, poor play again by the Musselburgh defence, and a shot by a Bathgate player(?) came back off the post. Should have been 2-2. In final two minutes, Jackie Myles, again to a big cheer, came on for Mathu, and then Michael was booked for a foul. Michael had a great 25 minutes on the pitch, but someone should tell him he doesn’t need to get booked every game!

Final play went to Bathgate, whose no. 3 had a shot from outside the box, which went over bar. 

So, match ended 2-1 to Musselburgh. A great result, which means,  a 10 point lead in the league, at start of play, now increases to 12.

A great match to look forward to next week. Haddington’s 3-1 home win against St Andrews saw the two clubs swap places in the league. Now, Musselburgh (1st) play Haddington (2nd) for the first time in the league, this season. Indeed according to the wise secretary of Musselburgh Athletic, May McGlynn, this will be the first league match between the teams since 2002. 

Should be a cracker!

Edited by Casey Jones

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