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Agony & Irony: Scottish and Ayrshire Cup Final

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I shall watch tomorrow, what just astounds me is the fact that a good few teams started back for pre season before this game.... time for change is now!

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Absolutely loved this!

As someone who misses out on all this stuff now, it's fantastic to see how much it stills means to players and supporters. As a club, Talbot are blessed to have a guy who takes the time to do all this. As a grade of football, we are blessed to have all of the fellas who take the time to do this. Recording all these matches, along with the pre and post match footage, is no small task and the fact that dafties like me can log on from anywhere and be part of things, is ace. Thanks to Killiepiyo and all the other blokes for your hard work.

Loved the film. Highlights for me were,,,,everyone sitting out on the deck chairs before the game, the lassie going on like a maddy at the back of the stand, the hurt on the Talbot boys faces after the Scottish final (just cos it shows how much it meant to them) and big Bobby Maxi McCulloch in the crowd ranting to his pal as Mark Shankland celebrated his goal. Hahaha

Mon the Juniors!

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