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St Roch's F.C. 2017-2018

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11 minutes ago, Glenconner said:

Hopefully this trip to Port Glasgow is better than a January day in 1988. A good mate at the time now living in foreign shores gave me a shout out for a Junior cup replay. Be at Provanmill Park for 11.30 am, the Candy are running a bus, he says. Sure enough come Saturday we turn up and troop on the bus. The team, the manager plus 3 committee men. And the entire Roch support which consisted of my mate and me. Now i know a few of the Candy old timers who go back 40/50/60/70 odd years, some of them were standing at Neilston last night. But for whatever reason they weren't there that day in 1988. Anyway down to the Port we go and being there early obviously with the team we decide to wander into Port Glasgow town centre. Bag of chips later and we wander back to the ground. Now remember it's 1988 and the technological revolution was Channel Four and a BetaMax video recorder. Nae mobile phones, nae Twitter .

And nae bus, the game was called off and the team had effed off back to Glasgow minus moi.

Mon the Candy right enough.

Ha ha ha ha fantastic...where the chips good?

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I love reading the reports on here..... and on twitter. Having stood on the terraces with you guys over the last 2 seasons I can hear your writing as if you are speaking it, I can feel the emotion and humour and downright pride and belonging in every word and believe me, although I can’t be there a lot, I feel like I am sharing it with you all. I sat miles away last night and watched twitter... again.... and kept clicking refresh.... it was like my school days watching Ceefax and teletext scores and hoping.... I don’t watch quietly.... “Hang on ffs” was my mantra... “what’s Hanlon going off for?? Ahh big Bryson is coming on. Nae fannying about big man, clear yer lines and win yer headers and tackles” talking to twitter never felt so good when I saw the FT score .... keep commenting, keep writing, keep dreaming, keep loving...
Mon the Candy!

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