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Id like to see how the team would fare without him or vigurs the constant moaning about him is unwarranted.  

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3 hours ago, ICTChris said:


His pass the other night was similar to his ball for Mulraney at Tannadice earlier in the season - superb stuff.

There were people on CTO slating him so I looked up his figures for this season - he is the leading assist provider in the Championship. That’s playing central midfield, deeper than a lot of other players who have similar numbers of assists. Of all our goals this season, in all competitions, Polworth has scored or assisted half of them. Yet still people mump and moan about him.


It was comedy gold.

The moment, the very instant of leather on leather, the seethe was instantaneously boiling and the "O" in "oh Polworth" was as tangible as it was audible.

It was premature articulation.

As for young Liam, as the stats testify, we might just have a star with a brightness about him.

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Have we now turned the proverbial corner. Can and will we push onto the play-off places. 7 goals in two games. Moving up the table now within striking distance of 3rd?

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