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The shinier, improved St. Mirren FC 2017/18 Thread

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43 minutes ago, djchapsticks said:

I'd imagine that Eckersley will be more of a squad player next season so with that in mind we definitely need to strengthen at both full back positions. 

Much as I am a fan of Gavin Reilly and I want him about next season, I don't think he'll be out first choice every week if he does stay on.

I'd say pre-season, on the basis that we do go up we'd need:

  • 1 Goalkeeper - someone who will challenge Samson hard and potentially replace him.
  • 2 full backs - one on each side. Smith will go back to Hearts and Eckersley picks up too many niggly ones to solely rely on week in week out.
  • 2 centre halves - one to challenge Baird and the hopefully retained Davis every week and one as backup -  Gary Mac you feel will go with the best will in the world.
  • 1 centre mid as cover
  • 2 wingers - a direct replacement for Morgan and another who is going to challenge to displace Smith, Flynn, Hippolyte, Mullen etc...both versatile, both can work anywhere in the final third
  • 1 or 2 forwards  - dependant on Reilly signing on again

So I make that 9 or 10 in, we'll surely have around 10-14 going out the door as well. Perm any from the 19 below who could realistically go:

  • Stelios
  • Irvine
  • Donati - retire
  • MacKenzie
  • Sutton
  • Morgan - end of loan
  • McShane (?) - Can't see it as he's done a good turn but opportunities will be few and far between next season I feel.
  • Ross Stewart FW (?)
  • Ross Stewart GK (?)
  • Flanagan
  • Liam Smith - end of loan
  • Hill - end of loan
  • Langfield - retire
  • Duffy
  • Todd (?)
  • Kirkpatrick
  • Whyte
  • O'Keefe
  • Horne


I've always thought Eckersley was one of our team who could definitely make the step up. He's strolled through most of the season.

Would hope that we keep MacKenzie too. I reckon Davis is good enough to make the step up, MacKenzie has played a good level before too, and Baird will keep improving. 

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Naismith will sign for Hull or a club similar. He won’t be in Scotland come the summer.

From what I’m hearing Shrewsbury are looking at him

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