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St Mirren v The New Saints Challenge Cup Semi Final 19/2/17

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Aww some of the stats regarding that were hilarious. Scotland women scoring more goals in one match than St. Mirren had in six months was a favourite.

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I'm pleased this is an all-Scottish final and hope the lunacy of inviting poor teams from other countries to participate in a competition they'd never heard of, is junked.

That said, Welsh football has improved a lot in the last few years. The Welsh Premier, having existed for less than 25 years, was always going to struggle for attention against the English leagues and the six biggest clubs opted to stay in that system. Only Caernarfon and Rhyl were forced to join the Welsh system or face bankruptcy. In a way, it's unfair to compare a recently established league with the long established competitions in England and Scotland.

The league has improved vastly since I lived there a decade or so ago. Back then there really were a few pub teams in the league (Rhayader Town, Caersws spring to mind) and the standard was dreadful. But I'd say the top teams that were invited this season- TNS and Bala- are the equivalent of decent Scottish League One teams. 10-15 years ago no Welsh premier team would have been able to compete in what is now Scottiah League Two. Caernarfon, Aberystwyth, Carmarthen, Rhyl, Barry Town, Bangor are all sleeping "giants" too down there with potentially big supports and a fanbase that grows very quickly with success.

Whoever posted that TNS are at the standard of a mid table English League One outfit is a roaster, clearly. Conference Premier- and near the bottom end of that- at the very best. Most of their competitiors in that league are one or two notches below that standard. But it's still much better now than it was.

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