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Default Youth football debate show currently live

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On 23/01/2017 at 18:43, robbief said:

Hi all,

Shameless plug but YFS is currently broadcasting a youth football debate show, talking about the player pathway and facilities.

It's on from 6.30 - 7.15pm. Tune in @ https://www.facebook.com/likeyfs/videos/1436295706411823/ if you're interested in youth football.

Any feedback would be much appreciated.

Excellent broadcast. Some great comments by the two gentlemen from Renton club.

Too many facilities lying empty, high prices etc. Interesting complaints regarding 

"industrial language" were aimed at really young kids. Any excuse ( and a poor one

at that) to further complicate the argument.

Good insight into Pro-Youth programme at Dumbarton by HOY. Coaches told not to

coach players during games. A large emphasis on players making their own decisions

and working things out for themselves.

Hopefully, many of the points raised on Monday evening will be reviewed at 

Hampden today during "Project Brave" get together. Would love to be a fly on

the wall :)

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Thanks for the feedback guys, much appreciated. We've got another set coming up over the next few weeks, here is the info: 


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