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17 for '17 - The Official Thread

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On 1/4/2017 at 13:56, The Minertaur said:

Achieved about 9/10 of mine last year of the top of my head.  Here's to 2017 being more successful!

1 - Get fit.  I'm getting married in March next year and would like to actually look decent in the pictures

2 - Surveys. Something that I have done for the last couple of years is do surveys online (One Poll and I-Say) to get extra money.  In 2015 I must have earned about an extra £200 with £80 from One Poll and £120 of Amazon Vouchers from I-Say.  Last year I barely managed half of that as I lost interest in doing them.  Must get back into it as it makes Christmas shopping much easier.

3 - Promotion. Missed out on a promotion recently despite giving an 'excellent' interview.  Can't still be in this job in a years time!

4 - Cowdenbeath.  Last year I attended about 5 matches which is pathetic. Must improve.

5 - Travel somewhere new. Same as every year! Last year I went to Iceland and Amsterdam - this year with a wedding to pay for it'll be harder but think I'll squeeze in Budapest.

UPDATE - booked a few days in Budapest in October. 

6 - Pass my CIMA exams. Currently working my way through the second course and struggling to get into it.  Passed the first one in September and had hoped to be sitting my next exam before the end of January but that's not happening. Got this and 2 more courses to do to achieve the certificate level.

7 - Save money.  Not in terms of putting money a-side but actually sorting out my bills. Car insurance due soon as is broadband and would like to save some money! Big one in 2017 being my mortgage needing discussed.

8 - Go to a gig.  I've not been to a gig (outwith being dragged to see Jason bloody Derulo) since October 2015.  Not good enough!

9 - Get to the NFL in London.  Might not be possible financially but would love to go!

10 - Decorate the house.  We've been in our house now for 18 months and still have a spare room to decorate as well as new carpet for half the house.

11 - Eat a Five Guys burger.  Giving myself an easy one here - almost everybody I know has had one and loves it.  One opened in Aberdeen in November last year. 

12 - Walk more.  I've bought a Fitbit last year and would like to try and go a whole month hitting 10000 steps a day. I tend to smash it Monday - Friday and then do nothing at the weekends.

13 - Create a Bucket List.  Yesterday I seen photos of the Edge Walk in Toronto which I'd love to do one day. Going to try and create a Bucket List of 25 things to achieve before I'm 40 or 50.

I'll add more to this as I think of stuff!

God I forgot all about this post.  

1 - been going to the gym more this year than ever before but still not fit.  Have lost around 2 stone this year though but that was helped by a couple of bouts of sickness.

2 - this has been a massive success.  I discovered a website called Prolific Academic. Basically lots of uni students create studies/surveys that you are paid to complete.  Only joined in mid August and I've earned £105.22 from them.  Other additions have been Curious Cat (phone app) and Twitter Insiders.

3 - Still in the same job at work and still not happy about it.

4 - I've made 1 Cowdenbeath game so far this season.  I am not upset at this.

5 - Budapest has come and gone and that'll be that for my travels this year.  We are going to the Maldives next year though for the honeymoon...

6 - 8 days ago I finally passed one of the CIMA exams that had been driving me crazy this year.  Away to start my next course this weekend.

7 - money has been put aside for the wedding and it's all looking a lot more affordable than it did a few months back!

8 - haven't been to a single gig.  Mainly down to trying to save money.

9 - see above.

10 - we've done nothing in the house this year other than buy some furniture for the spare rooms

11 - One opened in Aberdeen last year and I've still not been.  However I've a day shopping planned for Christmas in November and think I'll treat myself to a Five Guys as it's halfway round.

12 - I've done a ton of walking this year.  Best run of over 10000 steps in a row was 16 days before I was struck down by sickness.

13 - Bucket List? Forgot all about it!

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My health is pretty good overall despite pigging out over Christmas but there is obviously room for improvement - 
1) Cut the drink down - Both a reduction of how much i have each time i drink and go one week each month without a single drink
2) Reduce caffeine intake - 3 cups of coffee a day maximum
3) Play badminton and 5 a sides more regularly.
4) Plan my meals in advance for a few days and take more care in preparing healthy foods on the go rather than just buying whats most convenient at the time. Both for health and for my finances.
5) Improve my diet and health in general, try different foods and exercise as often as possible.
On a financial/career level
6) Get relevant employment after i graduate so I'm taking a positive step for my career - if this doesn't happen i might go back to uni and do a masters
7) Get my name on the mortgage.
8 ) Gamble less and stick to a set weekly budget, and perhaps try to actually win occasionally. 
On a personal level
9) Holiday to Italy and another trip away when my exams are done.
10) Propose to/impregnate my GF (Failing that get rid of her.)
11) Make more effort with friends that ti haven't seen in years
12) Tile my bathroom and kitchen.
13) Decorate my bedroom/spare room/hallway.
14) Spend less time watching shit on youtube/talking shite on social media.
Cant think of more but if i can pull these off and in particular get a good job then i'll be delighted. 

Not sure what I was thinking of with some of these but I have had a crazy year that is ending on a high.

1) Still drink far too much far too often although I did do a few months where I did a full week without drinking.

2) Drink far leas caffeine, I just went off it a bit rather than making the decision to reduce my intake though.

3-5) Had phases of going out running and playing sports but haven’t done so in the past month, overall eat healthy and get plenty of exercise though despite drinking lots.

6) Secured a decent job for myself that I’m enjoying a lot, spent so many hours wasting time with stupid applications after I graduated. Got near to getting a few jobs but it was overall a pretty gruelling process. Work in between phases was awful for me as well for a number of reasons so I’m glad I got sorted before the year was out.

7) Nope.

8) wasn’t too bad over all with it but still doing it too much. Had a few very decent wins.

9) Done, paid for largely with football winnings. An incredible holiday.

10) Engaged and expecting our first child in February.

11) Made little effort with anyone and had very little effort made back in return.

12) No.

13) Yes and many other home improvements.

14) Definitely not.

Over all a year I won’t forget in a hurry!

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On 04/01/2017 at 14:27, Honest Saints Fan said:

Think I'll try this for 2017...

1. Stop eating as much chocolate and sweets. I eat far too much chocolate and really need to stop. Only have as a weekend treat. 

2. Lose the rest of "baby weight". I'm back in all my pre-pregnancy clothes but still not back in the shape I want to be.

3. Go swimming at least once a week. Now wee one is older and more settled I should manage this.

4. Decorate the rest of the house. We've done the sitting room now just need to do the rest of the house.

5. Go on holiday with the wee one. Will tick this off in May as we have booked a holiday to Centre Parcs. 

6. Save money. Maternity wage stops in February and I'm not going back to work until June. I have a few grand saved already but would love to have £4-5 grand by the end of the year. 

7. Get out the house more, try some new baby groups and make some mum friends. 


That'll do me. All of those achievable.

1. Nope. Still eat as much chocolate and sweets.

2. Kinda. Defo lost weight in the last year but want to lose more. Haven't weighed myself so don't actually know how much I've lost.

3. Nope. I was going to a swimming pool once a week but for physio not swimming. Quit that now too!

4. Getting there. Kitchen and dining room done. Hall nearly finished. 2 bedrooms and bathroom to go.

5. Yes. Went to Center Parcs in May and has a great time. Plan to book again for 2018.

6. Kinda. Did save money but spent most of it on holiday this month in NYC. Since I won the Saints Lotto this month my savings are looking healthy again.

7. Yes. Started going to a new toddler group and continue to go to one I've been going to for over a year. 

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I haven't done the previous years versions of this so we'll see how I get on!


1) learn to drive and pass my practical test before my theory test pass runs out in Nov.


2) Do at least 3 multi-day walking trips. Not necessarily point to point but want to get used to the time on my feet over a few days.


3) Climb a Munro (only done 1 so far)


4) Do some Wild Swimming.


5) Start my Librarian Chartership award (run by the professional body CILIP, I've got the academic qualifications now just need to put together a portfolio).


6) Start a Postgrad degree in Copyright Law (useful in my line of work).


7) Do some running again (up to 10km by end of the year).


8) to complete a 5km race at some point in the year.


9) Move away from Edinburgh.


10) get a better job with better pay, preferably back towards Librarianship and away from academic research.


11) reach my target weight of 10st


12) pick up learning German again


13) Pass P3 grading in Krav Maga


14) Pass P4 grading in Krav Maga (one depends on the other so I've made them separate so I can still achieve one goal if I fail P3 once I can try again after 6 months).


15) Visit at least one new football stadium.


16) Visit at least one non-European Country (slightly cheating as I know I am going to Thailand in Feb but going outside the EU was a goal of mine for a while now!)


17) Stealing from Jupe now but it's a great aim - I am going to aim to walk at least 500 miles this year.



1) No, didn’t even get out in the car to practice this year!


2) I didn’t do 3 but we did 2, so I’m reasonably happy.


3) No Munro’s this year


4) Yes! Joined a group and started swimming at Portobello. It’s magic.


5) Yes, started it and quite a way in. Should hopefully finish and submit next year.


6) No, it’s going to be too expensive to do.


7 & 8) No. I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t like running anymore.


9) Still here.


10) Not yet but a few steps closer in terms of having done stuff to improve my chances of getting something better.


11) Lost some weight but not enough yet.


12) Not restarted German yet.


13) Yep, got P3 in March.


14) Not yet, not sitting P4 till April.


15) No.


16) Yes Went to Thailand and it was fabulous.


17) I haven’t counted but I reckon we are there or thereabouts the 500 mile mark. I wish I’d kept track.

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Waste of time doing this for next year or any other suggestions as 18 seems quite a lot.
Good to have some goals or things to do I guess

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On 28/12/2016 at 23:47, jupe1407 said:

Final tally: 7/17 (11 short for the second year in succession) 


1. Do a total of 1500 bike miles this year  (FAIL) - Didn't even manage half.  Finished on 723. Not helped by unending shite, windy weather and not as many mountain bike outings as I would have liked. 

2. Climb at least a further 40 munros to get over the 200 mark  (SUCCESS) - Made the 200 on Sgurr Choinnich Mhor on the Grey Corries Ridge yesterday and looking like ending the year on 206.

3. Wild camp somewhere in the NW of Scotland (SUCCESS) - Skye is in the NW so i'm counting my camp on Sgurr na Stri/.

4. Get shortlisted in a national landscape photography competition (SUCCESS) - Heard a couple of weeks back that i've had two images shortlisted in the Scottish Landscape Photographer of the year, delighted with that. 

5. Get to a Dundee game either home, away or both (FAIL) - Couldn't be arsed :lol:

6. Get my weight below 13 stones (FAIL) - Got to about 13st 8lbs. Pretty poor. 

7. Get a photo of Loch Coruisk from the summit of Sgurr na Stri. It's a pretty special view - (SUCCESS) It's one of the best views in Scotland, maybe anywhere. I camped overnight on the hill after carrying my kit about 5 miles in and up 600m. Brutal on a scorching hot day, but well worth it. One off the bucket list. 


8. Read at least 5 books - 2 done.  "8000 metres" by Alan Hinckes and nearly finished "A Life too Short" (FAIL) - Didn't manage anything after this. 

9. Exercise at least 3 times a week throughout the year - Still on track. Through a combination of hillwalking, cycling and spin classes, I'm still on track for this (SUCCESS) - Unless I some horrendous injury, I'll finish this next week. I've done  109 spin classes, 20+ bike outings, loads of shortish walks as well as hill days. 

10. Walk at least 500 miles (FAIL) - Finished on 389 miles total. 

11. £2000 in savings by end of year (FAIL) - Had it up to over £2000 in the summer, but various expenses since have reduced it to about £900

12. Completely redecorate flat/or move house (SUCCESS) - Signed for a new build flat, can't move until Feb though. 

13. Get round to getting married (FAIL) - Far too many other priorities for spending

14. See the sun rise from a mountain summit  (SUCCESS) - together with no 7. Woke up at 6:55am and nipped over to the summit of Sgurr na Stri from the tent to catch the sun rising over Kintail. Glorious. 


15. Stay in 3 new bothies (SUCCESS) - Coire Fionnairaich, Culra and Gorton. 

16. Get my mountain bike to a munro summit (FAIL) - This was a ridiculous idea. Bike weighs a fucking ton.

17. Complete at least two Sportive/Etape events (FAIL) - Only managed one, Etape Loch Ness. 

Final tally above. 

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Waste of time doing this for next year or any other suggestions as 18 seems quite a lot.
Good to have some goals or things to do I guess

We could have 8 for 18? Manageable number, it’s been fun having some goals this year, even if I didn’t make them all. It’s nice to get them written down somewhere as well and to see how others get on.

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Bit late with my updated list...

1.    From 15 February to 14 March, spend no more than £5 each day.  This is to include breakfast, lunch and dinner and anything else.  I will obviously pay my rent/Council Tax and other bills before and during this.

Failed spectacularly

2.    Spend more time playing with my kids when I have them, and get them off their iPads as much as possible.

Putting this as a work in progress.  I think I spent more time playing with them than I did previously, and latterly towards the end of the year got them almost completely away from their iPads

3.    Buy and read Down and Out in Paris and London, Coming up for Air and Homage to Catalonia.

Done.  Also managed Keep the Aspidistra Flying, which was a cracking read.

4.    Go swimming at least once a month, whether with my kids, or after work on my own.

Utter fail.  I have joined the gym with my girlfriend this week however, so I intend on getting much fitter than I currently am.

5.    Climb Ben Lomond again.

Done.  On a date, no less!

6.    Do a long save on FM.

Done.  Played about five seasons as manager of Arsenal, which by my standards, is a fairly lengthy save.

7.    From my April wage onwards, save £50 a month in order to pay a pretty big chunk of my rent in December, thus having more money for Christmas.

Nut.  However I was planning on using my bonus as a big part of this, but then decided to move house in July so had to spend the vast majority of that on the move.

8.    Drink less.

Fail again.  I’m drinking as frequent, but not going out and getting as smashed as I did when I moved out in 2016.

9.    Write one good thing about my week every Sunday night and put it in a jar in my kitchen, and open next NYE.  2016 has been a c**t of a year in many ways for me, last year I was writing about planning an amazing surprise for my wedding anniversary.  In 2017, I'm getting a divorce.

YES!  This was my favourite thing that I done.  I kept loads of wee keepsakes from 2017 as well, wedding favours, stuff from the Stag Do I went on in April to Amsterdam and Germany, receipts and coasters from the early dates I went on with my girlfriend, stupid wee toys I got with the kids etc… I just need to get round to buying a blank workbook and sticking the notes in.

10.  Enjoy my life more.  Don't dread doing things outside of my comfort zone, so would like to do five things this year that I have never done before.  

Passed with flying colours.  2017 started out pretty horrifically for me, but I can safely say it was one of the best years of my life.  Went to a football match in Germany, stayed in one job for longer than 12 months (never previously managed before – although should point out I gained a promotion in December 2017, starting this week), s*****d a bridesmaid after a wedding, moved into a house with my own garden buying pretty much everything from scratch, having never been on a proper couples holiday before I booked to go away with my girlfriend later this month and a million and one other things I can’t think of.

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