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P&B Dead Pool 2017

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“If life must not be taken too seriously, then so neither must death”

                                                                              —Samuel Butler

Here we are again with another year nearly upon us, like a chapter in a book waiting to be written, we can only hope that the author of 2017 will be more forgiving than the author of 2016 – which I think clearly must have been written by noted literature sadist George R.R. Martin. The good news is that as the sun sets on yet another year it's time to start submitting your entries for the next thinning of the herd.

I believe it was Ernest Hemingway that said “Every man’s life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived, how he died, and how many Dead Pool Points he leaves behind that distinguish one man from another.”

To that end, if you know the idea and have played in a previous Pie & Bovril Dead Pool, send me a PM with your squad of 15 names and reasons for fame when you're ready. The rules are mostly as per previous years, with the changes highlighted in red below. Remember, I don’t vet your picks. If you pick someone who's ineligible e.g. someone who's either too young or already dead (you'd be surprised how often this happens) then your pick will stand but will be ineligible for points. In other words, you'll be playing the game with a 14 person team. That's your gamble.


Otherwise, here's the big changes:



Rule Changes

The Sub Rule is not returning for 2017.

Vices kill, but do vices die? – This year you can pick a Vice-Captain. They will be eligible for 50% bonus base points.

*** To save me a lot of time, please submit your team with your Captain first on your list, and your Vice-Captain second on the list ***


The P&B Dead Pool is free to enter and with no prizes other than the satisfaction of being a wee bit like the Grim Reaper, the strange feeling when you’re scrolling through twitter on the train, see someone on your list has died, and punch the air in celebration, and of course the opportunity to make terrible jokes and puns on this thread when someone famous dies.


There are rules however:

Standard Rules

Firstly, and most importantly, if you meet me in a pub and I’m chatting to a fine lady don’t for the love of the wee man tell them I run a Dead Pool. It doesn’t matter who’s just died, it takes a lot of awkward explaining from there. And yes, this has happened before. No names mentioned.

Teams contain 15 picks. One pick is a "Captain" and another is a “Vice-Captain” who score extra bonus points should they die. This year your Captain will score double base points, and Vice-Captain 50% extra base points, so a younger Captain/Vice-Captain will score more than an older one.

You can't pick the same person more than once.

The game starts immediately after midnight into January 1st 2017 and runs up until midnight on December 31st 2017. Entries have to be in before the game begins, so at or before 23.59 GMT 31/12/16.

To clarify dates for ages and bonuses, other than the entry, start and end times for the games, local dates and times will apply to deaths. If a person dies in Australia in the early hours of the morning for example, their death will appear in their obituary as occurring on that local date regardless if it was still the night before UK time.

People have to be sufficiently famous that their obituary makes a UK-based national news source such as - but not limited to- BBC, national newspapers, or Reuters UK. Local newspapers and special interest magazines (Gardner's Weekly etc) aren't broad enough and don't count.

Regarding this rule: I can't really rule anyone out on the grounds I've not heard of them - people in the past have picked a shedload of wrestlers who were probably all valid picks but I'd heard of none of them. However if your pick dies and isn't so obviously famous that it's all over the news then it's up to you to find a qualifying news story. The main ones where people have difficulty ticking this off are American-specific sports stars of bygone days (NFL, baseball etc) where their death goes totally unnoticed on this side of the pond.

The Lauren Hill Rule - US College Sports stars or coaches will no longer be allowed.

The Liz Taylor Rule - No, not that one. If the person is a relative of a famous person, is he or she also a celebrity? I'm going to go simple with this one; does the person have their own genuine wikipedia or full IMDB page? No, then no dice.

Picks have to be human, real people (no soap opera characters etc) and over 18 years of age at the start of the game.

You're not allowed to pick people currently under sentence of death or awaiting trial where the death penalty is a viable outcome. If they’re fugitives on the run then they are eligible.

You're not allowed to pick someone famous *purely* for being ill. This one has caused a bit of confusion before. You're allowed to pick someone famous who has for example - cancer, and indeed this is a good strategy. This rule is about not picking folk that are raising loads of money for charity as they're about to die or anyone planning a glass of orange juice chez Café Dignitas.

You're not allowed to kill any of your picks. So if you do it, please make sure you get away with it. For all of our sakes.

If you pick someone that's already dead that’s your fault, they will be a wasted pick.

If one of your picks dies in the final throes of the year I’ll try and point it out to you and offer you to choose an alternative but the overall responsibility for your team is yours. Many Dead Poolers submit “reserves” with their lists just in case.



Each "hit" is worth a base score of 125 points minus the person's age (no change from last year). So the younger they are if they go, the more points for you.



BONUS OPPORTUNITIES: The Nobel Peace Prize one doesn’t exist anymore.


"First Blood" - First pick overall to die in the year gets bonus of 25 points for each person who had them.

"Solo Shot" - If you're the only one with a pick who dies ("Solo Shot"), you get a bonus of 30 points.

"Deadly duo", 20 points for being one of two with that pick.

"Captain Calamity"- if your Captain snuffs it you get another set of base points added on.

“Vices Kill”- if your Vice-Captain snuffs it, you get another half-set of base points added on.

"Deadly December" - as with the Captain rule. To clarify, if your Captain dies in December you get 3 x base points and not 4 x base points.

"Last Gasp" - Last pick overall to die in the year gets bonus of 25 points per person who had them.

"Unnatural causes"- 40 points if your pick is murdered, commits suicide, or dies in an accident.

"Unlucky 13" - 13 bonus points if your pick dies on the 13th of the month. This is trebled to 39 if it's a Friday 13th.

"Unhappy birthday"- 50 bonus points if your pick dies on their birthday.



In Summary

PM me your 15 picks including captain and their reason for fame if it's not obvious (I do know how to use google but it’s good to hear people’s reasons) by 31st December 2016 and I'll try to have the lists up on the 1st depending on hangover severity (I have managed to do so the last couple of years but that’s no guarantee).

We don't really need dates of birth as this tends to be given when the person dies.

If you want to change your squad before 31st December you can within reason – just don’t take the piss with chopping and changing.

If you don't highlight a Captain or Vice-Captain I'll default to the two names at the top of your list. As I’ve said before, it makes life for me much easier if you put the two in order at the top of your list for me anyway. Captain first, Vice-Captain second.

We had 99 entries for this year so hopefully we’ll get more folk interested this time and break that 100 mark.

I’ll update this OP every couple of days to confirm receipt of entries just to make sure I haven't missed anyone out.

Any questions, stick them below.

Happy Deadpooling!







  1. WaffenThinMint
  2. invergowrie arab
  3. tongue_tied_danny
  4. supermik
  5. Chris_DK
  6. doulikefish
  7. tinkerbelle
  8. Shandon Par
  9. Bobby Skidmarks
  10. weejack
  11. blackislekillie
  12. irvine_buddie
  13. trainspotter
  14. broony88
  15. thelocalcat
  16. Angusfifer
  17. wellinwigan
  18. The Two
  19. Bert Raccoon
  20. Bold Rover
  21. GeeJay
  22. Savage Henry
  23. mizfit
  24. The DA
  25. Spain
  26. Sergeant Wilson
  27. gkneil
  28. D.V.T.
  29. dee_62
  30. DavidMcG
  31. microdave
  32. shotgun
  33. qos_75
  34. Weesiecodal
  35. Arabdownunder
  36. Ross.
  37. the snudge
  38. JustOneCornetto
  39. Lex
  40. aberfeldy
  41. Sloop John B
  42. 10menwent2mow
  43. 54_and_counting
  44. shieldhillsmithy
  45. 19QOS19
  46. RadgerTheBadger
  47. Christophe
  48. Eednud
  49. BalticSaint
  50. DBA
  51. alta-pete
  52. ToBeSomeone
  53. thisal
  54. Spartans Telly
  55. Wilkinson1988
  56. bazdons
  57. sureiknow
  58. tree house tam
  59. The Master
  60. EdgarusQPFC
  61. Mo Wonderboy
  62. cal234ey
  63. Aryj
  64. Expatowner
  65. I'm Brian
  66. nessies long lost ghost
  67. lolls
  68. ditots
  69. paulathame
  70. Fuctifano
  71. Billy Jean King
  72. Albino Rover
  73. harry94
  74. bluetoon87
  75. Sherrif John Bunnell
  76. meden89
  77. Indale Winton
  78. Lichtgilphead
  79. Ned Nederlander
  80. Ben Twilly
  81. The Naitch
  82. pawpar
  83. Gareth_Glasgow
  84. amnarab
  85. Miguel Sanchez
  86. weirdcal
  87. sleazy
  88. pub car king
  89. Sweaty Morph
  90. pleslie99
  91. tamthebam
  92. GordieBoy80
  93. djchapsticks
  94. Enigma
  95. chomp my root
  96. Cardinal Richelieu
  97. JamieStevenson
  98. Once A Rover always a Rover
  99. gingette
  100. Njord
  101. Willie adie
  102. Michael W
  103. mozam76
  104. sparky88
  105. Oddy
  106. 50/50 Winner
  107. Ziggy
  108. BigBadBassRock
  109. LoonsYouthTeam
  110. choirbairn
  111. DA Baracus
  112. inverg-don
  113. GingerSaint
  114. The_Craig
  115. blanco
  116. Bishop Briggs
  117. speckled tangerine
  118. Ludo*1
  119. smpar
  120. cdisaccie
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Couldn't enter this year as I had no broadband last December but will definitely make sure to get a list in this time.

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At least you might update your signature then... 

I only post on the app now and I'm not sure how to change it on this.

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50 minutes ago, Njord said:

So anyone with a captain older than the vice is an idiot ?

Not at all. A 75yr old Captain would get 100 pts for example, whereas a 70yr old Vice would only get 82.5 pts. Total of 182.5pts. The other way round with the younger captain would be 110+75=185. It's marginal, but that's on the assumption of both actually dying. If you're far more confident the older one will go, then you're better off going that way round.

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I'm right up for this. Have been doing some research.

Anyone know if the Blue Peter baby, Daniel, is still alive? 

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Lost count of the number of years I've been doing this though sure I've got a couple from my very first team still kicking about.

List almost sorted for 2017. 8)

Edited by The Naitch

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Clive James can go and jump off a cliff as far as I'm concerned. He'd probably land in a boat full of flumps for all it seems.

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1 hour ago, Njord said:

A 75 year old captain = 100 base.

A 25 year old vice = 150 base.


Reverse and 75 = 75 and 25 = 200..


To put that in perspective for folk, 25 points....


That's Kirk Douglas right there.



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That's a pretty big age difference you're talking there, which means you'd have be really certain the 25 year old would die. You're just trying to make people gamble away their Captaincies.

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