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Yeah I assumed he was maybe just training with us with the Durrant connection just to get his fitness up. But thought I would ask the oracle's on here. Would hate for us to waste a deal on him, unless as SO8 says it's in amateur terms for the diddy cups.
Hopefully the news on G. Gall isn't as bad as mentioned, would be a shame seeing as he missed the whole of last season.


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Hopefully Gallagher isn't out for as long as suggested on here. It'd be a huge blow not only for us as a team but him as a player. You'd have to feel for the guy, no luck with injuries during his time with us so far.

My slice on the whole 'attending Betfred cup games', which I didn't and don't intend to do, is, as someone else said, confirmed by the pricing, not solely the reason.

For me, as much as I want us to do well in every game we play, including friendlies etc, I'm just not that bothered.

The cup isn't prestigious in the slightest, the format is pish, and it just doesn't have any real importance to me.

I'd like us to progress and I'm sure the money to progress is half decent, which would of course be most welcome for a club like ours, but if we get papped out of this embarsssingly and finish 8th this season, it'll be a hugely successful season.

Whereas if we got to say the quarters of the Betfred, but finished 9th (aside from the revenue from the cup) it'd be a total failure of a season, and for that reason it just doesn't really matter to me.


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41 minutes ago, Bring Back Paddy Flannery said:

When yo wife opens up Instagram and shows you Nacho Novo in a Dumbarton training top


This could be the new Sons' Sorrow go-to picture for this season :lol:




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