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F.C. Pro Vercelli 1892

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I'm too poor to afford the new Football Manager game, so I'm doing this on 2011. The only difference will be the transfers.

Football Club Pro Vercelli 1892.


To say the history of this club is interesting is an accurate assessment. Founded in 1892 as S.G. Pro Vercelli, a gymnastics club, changing their name to U.S. Pro Vercelli Calcio, they soon became one of the most dominant forces in Italy after climbing their way up. Between the years of 1908 and 1922 they won the Serie A a total of seven times, winning three Scudetto in a row. They remained in Serie A for a number of years after but never managed to repeat their success, and then slowly declined into the lower regions of the Italian pyramid system, doing nothing of any real significance. Recently, the clubs fortunes haven't been in great shape, and had to dissolve in 2010. Fortunately, they merged with the other club in the city, A.S. Pro Belvedere Vercelli, and changed their name to F.C. Pro Vercelli 1892. They play in the Stadio Silvio Piola, with a capacity of 8,000, named after the club legend.

In the 2010/2011 they were playing in the C2/A, which is the first (of three) groups in the fourth tier of the Italian football leagues.

And this is where our story starts (Don't open spoilers. They, well, they spoil it...)


Season 2010/2011 - Lega Pro Seconde Divisone A (1st) [Promoted to Lega Pro Prima Divisione A]

Season 2011/2012 - Lega Pro Prima Divisione A (6th)

Season 2012/2013 - Lega Pro Prima Divisione A (2nd) [Promoted to Serie B via play-offs]

Season 2013/2014 - Serie B (12th)

Season 2014/2015 - Serie B (3rd) [Promoted to Serie A via play-offs]

Season 2015/2016 - Serie A (19th) [Relegated to Serie B]

Season 2016/2017 - Serie B (1st) [Promoted to Serie A]

Season 2017/2018 - Serie A (13th)

Season 2018/2019 - Serie A (16th)

Season 2019/2020 - Serie A (3rd)

Season 2020/2021 - Serie A (1st)

Season 2021/2022 - Serie A (5th)

Season 2022/2023 - Serie A (2nd)

Season 2023/2024 - Serie A (1st)

Season 2024/2025 - Serie A (1st)

Season 2025/2026 - Serie A (1st)


Season 2010/2011 - Supercoppa di Lega di Seconde Divisone (1st)

Season 2010/2011 - Lega Pro Seconde Divisone A

Season 2012/2013 - Coppa Italia Lega Pro

Season 2016/2017 - Serie B

Season 2020/2021 - Serie A

Season 2021/2022 - Supercoppa Italiana

Season 2022/2023 - UEFA Europa League

Season 2022/2023 - Coppa Italia

Season 2023/2024 - Supercoppa Italiana

Season 2023/2024 - UEFA Super Cup

Season 2023/2024 - Serie A

Season 2023/2024 UEFA Champions League

Season 2024/2025 - Supercoppa Italiana

Season 2024/2025 - UEFA Super Cup

Season 2024/2025 - FIFA Club World Championship

Season 2024/2025 - Serie A

Season 2024/2025 - Coppa Italia

Season 2024/2025 - UEFA Champions League

Season 2025/2026 - Supercoppa Italiana

Season 2025/2026 - UEFA Super Cup

Season 2025/2026 - FIFA World Club Championship

Season 2025/2026 - Coppa Italia

Season 2025/2026 - Serie A

Season 2025/2026 - UEFA Champions League

Season 2025 - FIFA World Cup

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Pre-season went fairly well. We won the games we were expected to win, and drew/lost the ones we weren't expected to. I was happy with the performance in them all. The game against Furth was a good result, given we were 3-0 at one point. The draw against the Belgian mob was a good result too. Fairly easy wins against the two smaller Italian clubs.


I've played a few games in the Serie C cup and in the league, but I'll update on them whenever anything interesting unfolds and after the certain stages. No losses yet though.

As for transfers?



I have a bit of money to spend but I don't know any good players from this low down in Italy, so I opted for a few loanees who I know will make a different, and a few free transfers who were rated pretty highly. My squad looks like this:


As you can see, I have a decent starting eleven and a few decent players on the bench. I think I probably have a good enough squad to win the league given how the games have gone so far, but we'll need to see how it goes for now. My defence is incredibly strong and I have a fair amount of attacking power, so I shouldn't concede too many and I should be all right going forward. I reckon I've got a good balance between young players and experienced players too - but most of the youthful ones are on loan, which is a bad sign for next season, unless we do well and they enjoy their time. Here's hoping.

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The group stage of the Serie C cup has been completed, and it was relatively easy for Pro Vercelli.


Only slip-up was away in the first game. They scored an 88th minute equaliser, although they completely dominated the game.

The other results were fairly routine and no problem at all. Went 1-0 down in the final game but caught back up easily.

I now face Lumezanne in the first round of the cup, who are a tier above me. They're also the holders. Should be a difficult game.

The winner of this will face either Spal (C1A) or San Marino (C2B).

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We're half way through the season now. A strong campaign in the cup was never on the cards, I felt, but it would have been nice to have progressed as far as possible and see how we faired against higher opposition. We played Lumezzane in the first round, the holders, after the group stage, and we won 3-1 which was an excellent result. In the second round, we were drawn against S.P.A.L but a Camporese mistake led to a sending off and a penalty and we eventually lost 2-0. At least we don't have any more mid-week games.

Here's a list of our fixtures so far:


Which makes the league table look like so:


Overall I'm fairly content with that. Our away form is something which needs to be looked at, though, as that's where we're dropping most of our points - and by doing so hopefully we can break away from the other teams. It's quite a tight league so a decent run of form would be needed. I reckon we'll definitely make the play-offs if we can't win it outright.

My best players so far have to be Christian Esposito - an Australian striker on loan from Novara. He has 15 goals in 20 appearances overall so far, 11 in 15 in the league. 6 assists too, and an overall rating of 7.39. Behind him is my centre-back loanee from my parent club Juventus, Andrea De Paolo. Incredibly solid centre-back for this level and he's scored a few match-winners too.

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With three games to go, I secured the Lega Pro Seconde Divisione A.


It was easy enough in the end. Eight points isn't too much but it was never really in doubt. Top scorers in the league by eighteen goals, and only four defences were better than mine. A "we'll score more than you" approach, but both parts of the team did a good job.


As you can see, I went on a massive run of form losing only the last game after the winter break, so that's a 16 game unbeaten run (inc. one game before the break). No other team could keep up with that kind of form. Some fairly impressive, high-scoring victories in there, but also a few results that could have been avoided in and I should have done better in. Still a decent set of results though and I'm really happy with the promotion.

We were then entered into the Italian Serie C2 cup, a cup I was completely unaware about. It's just a simple league format, with two games each, one against the winners of C2/B and C2/C. We soldiered on for some more silverware.


In the first game, Aversa's centre-back scored a hat-trick! Guilianova scored in the last minute in my game against then, but a win in the final game was easy enough, even with my make-shift defence. Happy with that win too.

So, we've been promoted to C1/A and won the C2 Super Cup. I've updated the first post with our trophies.

Next stop, Serie B.

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I'm adding staff just now, so a new coaching, scouting and physiotherapy team will be brought in, and that should make running the club easier and getting the best out of the players. I decided I needed a new assistant manager too, so I told my current one to get to f**k, and I have brought in this lad.


Good c**t.

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Oh don't worry. I have!

Because I'm a complete and utter fanny, I didn't organise any pre-season games during the time we were off in the summer. Thankfully, I remembered as soon as we were a day or two from playing Alessandria in the Coppa Italia qualifying stage, so I managed to sneak three in there for good measure.


Results were decent. A few clean sheets, and beating Alessandria and Ravenna away were decent results, as I'll be facing them in the up-coming league campaign. I was 5-0 up against Alessandria but our lack of fitness due to my incompetence came into play, and they got two late goals. Crotone play in Serie B, finishing twelfth last season - so a comfortable 3-0 victory gives me a lot of confidence going into this season. We play Reggina, who finished 8th in Serie B last season, in the fourth qualifying round - but that's not until November.

The transfer market just closed, so I can give a review on what happened there. Ins and outs look like so:


Meaning that the squad looks a little something like this:


Disabato, Corsino, De Paolo and Camporese were all on loan last season and did really well, so I've brought them all back. The first two are on full-time contracts and the other two are back on loan from their respective clubs.

Spinazzola is a youngster who has high hopes in real life, and has been decent enough so far scoring a few in pre-season. He's still really young, though, so I'm not too bothered about how he performs.

Bettoni and Ferrero give strength at the back on loan, and Romizi comes in at CM to partner Disabato while Mazzocco's legs start to tire.

Scardinia is an ex-Roma player, who can play anywhere up-front really, but he'll probably be partnering Scorza the most. Scored twice on his début.

Perucchini is just a goalkeeper, but at least I finally have a young one with some decent potential. Ledesma looks a player too.

De Vita was a panic buy, really. I got a scout report for him and it said he would be a decent acquisition. Seven goals in five for Livingston already this season, so I thought I might as well use my transfer budget, and brought him in. Should be on the bench most of the time unless he does a lot better than I'm expecting.

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Our stay in the Serie C Cup was a long one...


Annoyingly, that was the result in the league game too. They really know how to defend a 1-0 lead. Credit to them for that.

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We're now half way through the second season.



Being out both of the cups is quite annoying. It means we don't have an awful lot to play for and we just have to grind away at the league. I could have perhaps done better in the game against Varese, but against Reggina we never stood a chance when my second choice right-back was sent off, and I had to change the formation to accommodate the players on the bench.

League table:


Decent enough I feel. I told the board I expect to finish mid-table, and we're pushing up a bit more than that. We've been in the play-off picture for the majority of the season, but fell back a bit with our three defeats in a row. I reckon we can finish in the play-offs if things can go out way.

Our main problem has been scoring. Scorza, who was incredible last season and in pre-season, really hasn't been performing well at all. He's scored one goal in the seventeen league games so far - which really isn't good enough. He was scoring for fun in C2/A. Most of our goals have came from midfield - namely Ledesma - and Scardina has chipped in with a few too. I'll need to rectify this and hopefully bring in a goalscorer, and take it from there.

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January has come and passed, and here are the transfers:


Pontiggia is a striker. I needed more players in that position due to the lack of goals. He's not great but has scored one in five (3 subs).

Velardi is a CM from Palermo and he wasn't needed. He can play on the RM too, and that's where he's been. Excellent signing.

Gianni is an AMC/ST on loan. Usually played upfront, he started slowly, but has now scored five in five. Wouldn't mind keeping him.

Pasqualicchio is a youngster.

Firmani is an ex-Lazio player who plays as a DM. I didn't have anyone in that position, and he's old with a mass of experience, and usually just comes off the bench if we're in the lead. Solid signing.

Normally I wouldn't have bumped this until the end of the season, but we've been fairly consistent recently, and it's got me a little excited. As I said, the main aim for the season was a mid-table finish, which we're on course for. However, I reckon we've got an outside push for the play-offs.


Only three losses in the past twelve games, and two of them were against the top two teams in the league. A few draws which could have been avoided, but rather a draw than a loss. The game against Monza was heartbreaking. My best centre defender scored an OG in the final minute. We made up for that scoring in the dying seconds against Prato, though. It makes the league look like this:


We were twelve points behind Modena a few weeks ago, and mid-table looked the best it could get, but looking at the upcoming fixtures:


I reckon I could maybe make a late surge and hopefully get that fifth place spot. In the five fixtures left, it's disappointing that they're all against teams in the league which are just behind me, and Modena who I'm looking to overtake, but I'm on form, and they're not. Here's hoping...

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A little disappointed in the draw, but better than no points at all, like Modena. Next stop, Spal - one place behind me.


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Bottled it. Absolutely bottled it.

That was their first win in five. We weren't in it at all and we didn't deserve anything from the game but we had the two best chances and really should have won it with them. I'm really disappointed that the players never took those chances. Oh well, one game to go.

Spezia, sitting 11th, is our opposition.

Modena play Cremonese. Cremonese have won the league.

Final chance.

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In the build-up to this game, my captain Disabato was injured in training, as was my on-loan left-mid set-piece extraordinaire Ledesma, so already I was two very important men now. Other than that, I had a full squad for the bombardment on Spezia.

Follow the spoilers.


I like to create tension with these spoilers, but it helps if things actually happen in the games involved. Nothing happened. Modena scored and won their game


So it doesn't really matter what happened in our game. And really, nothing happened. Nothing. Not a thing. Not even a yellow card. It was the most boring game I have ever witnessed. I'm quite embarrassed how bad that was.


So that ends the season. The final league table looks like so...


Overall, I'm delighted with that. We were predicted to finish ninth, and we finished three places above that, and were so close to getting in the play-offs, we just bottled it at the final hurdle. Lots of positives, as as my squad is a really young one, I reckon we'll but up near the top next season if we can get someone to start scoring goals. My top goalscorer was a midfielder...

Bring on next season.

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Took a bit of a break from this but as I have prelims and exams to study for, I might as well start my third season.

Pre-season went reasonably well and fairly content with it.


The loss against Wolfsburg was respectable with them having a full-team out, and the two goals were absolute screamers from Diego. The game against Den Bosch was a cracking result too. The cup game against Mantova was a promising result, but against Varese haunt me with a devastating result - they're a Serie B side now, though, so it's acceptable I guess.

Transfer time.

I was really disappointed with the board's intervention but I completely understand it, and I would have probably accepted it too. €550K is an incredible sum of money for a player I got on a free the season before.


Sad to see him go, as he was vice-captain and an excellent right-back who could play in midfield too, but I hope he does well at Verona (and it's the good one, Hellas, not boring Chievo).

The full list of in and outs looks like this:


No player, bar Corsino, is any great loss. All youths/reserves/old guys.

As for signings - Pasquale, Campo, Villaova and Oddo are youths who has decent potential.

Ledesma was on loan from Genoa last season and did very well, so it's good to have him here full-time. Set-piece master.

De Paolo and Ferrero were the same guys as last season (the former was here the season before, too) and both were excellent, so they're both a year older now, and I hope they can continue. Gavazzeni is a LB and Bagnai is a RB. Both solid players.

Libertazzi is a striker with a lot of potential, and he's been excellent in pre-season, so I have high hopes for him.

Vecchione is a right-sided player and can play anywhere along there. Good enough player, and fairly cheap.

Malagó is a RB who's pretty old, but gives some much needed experience at the back.

Therefore, the first team squad for season 2012/2013 looks like this:


Bring it.

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Half way through the season and it's safe to say it's going brilliantly.


(Joint) Top of the league! The only reason that Reggiana are above is because of the head to head record. I still need to play them at home so hopefully I can even it out.


Results have been excellent. No massive losses and a few hammerings. Also beating Modena and Monza away from home are great results.

Top scorer so far has been Scardina and he's been great alongside Libertazzi. Ledesma on the left wing has had eight assists in the league so far too. My goalkeeper, Ciro Polito (signed on a free transfer after the window closed) has been in excellent form too and saved my team from losing sometimes. Twice the player my other 'keeper is.

I was knocked out of the Coppa Italia earlier by Varese, but my fortunes in the Serie C Cup have been good.


Easy enough in the group stage, and the qualifiers posed no problem either. Taranto from the C1/B await for the two-legged semi-final.

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