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  1. C'mon now TGIG, you'd have happily had David Gray's babies last May!
  2. This is fucking rancid. Is there anyone actually at the game - commentators sound like they're rattling round an empty stadium.
  3. I've not seen much on here about the Pollok v Kilbirnie match. Surprising really - anyone want to share how their day went ...
  4. Hold the back pages, we've got an emerging story here - "fan of local rivals wants team beat". Way to express the blindingly obvious.
  5. Use the M80, M876 and M9.
  6. Come on to f**k - a bite would have involved taking his guff with any hint of seriousness. This is more of a bite - well played!
  7. Tremendous effort. Absolutely tremendous.
  8. Aye we did. Hey ho.
  9. 1982 - conservative because the prospect of Michael Foot so recently after the fiasco of the late 70s just didn't seem sensible. 1987 - Labour 1992 - Labour 1997 - Labour 2001 - Labour 2005 - Labour 2007 - SNP/Labour 2010 - SNP 2011 - SNP/SNP 2014 - Yes but only really made up my mind about early July as Project Fear kicked in and really sickened me. 2015 - SNP 2016 - SNP/SNP EU - didn't vote. Couldn't vote for Gove and co but refused to vote for another Project Fear. Almost felt like legitimising absolute fucking arseholes irrespective of how you voted given that the whole thing seemed more of a tory/ukip bun fight. Wankers to a man and woman.
  10. Tremendous boost for you boys.
  11. Who knew fixing it meant getting pumped up the hoop
  12. I hope it gives Pollock its plaice.
  13. Disappointed with over-use of "hooker" in this thread. Aye, it's lot of drugs and it's big time stuff but can we stick to our roots here people. I'd even prefer the Fife vernacular.
  14. Don't talk pish. May is a fucking calamity. Sturgeon has made umpteen offers to May but none are palatable because Scotland is fundamentally different in its political view as a nation and has been for generations now - at least from right wing govt. The one thing we can absolutely guarantee from not jumping in with May on Brexit us that it will definitely not haunt her. Corbyn on the other hand gave her a cheque to fuck it up as much as she liked. It would have been a suicide note if he wasn't already a dead man walking.