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  1. Anas Sarwar

    I would tend to disagree on their position. I think for them to be a credible opposition or even scrutineer of the Brexit process, they need to be able to articulate the options they would consider if they were at the table. I'm not sure they can do that because they're all over the place. The fact that they've shut down - as far as possible - the extent of the debate at their conference is a sign of how unprepared they are. This all belongs in the Brexit thread though. Sarwar - good choice if you ask me!
  2. My daughter worked in Camp America this summer - first time in the states. The very first conversation we had after she arrived included her noting that "the flag is a very big deal for these Americans". That's not just a Trump thing. I'm sure the reverence will have grown since 9/11 and everything that's happened since. There is bound to be an element of "flag fascism" similar to the "poppy fascism" over here where folk can get harangued for not wearing one - particularlythose with a public profiles. Perfectly laudable symbols being hijacked by super sensitive arseholes.
  3. Anas Sarwar

    They have even less of a position to take on Brexit than May and her mob. I doubt if Labour has any consensus on the matter. The tories have been through that and are now just focusing on making a c**t of the country. It would be laughable to see the current Labour leadership steering through Brexit. Sturgeon should be laying into them and prepping Indy2 right now.
  4. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Aye that's me convinced. Nugget.
  5. Banana - has your heid fried and melted over the last few hours? Even by your own trolling standards on American politics you've been having a fucking nightmare. Get yersel together needs.
  6. Arnold Clark Horror Stories

    I had a brief foray with a Megane estate about 10 years ago. What a fucking heap. Actually the kit in the car was decent for the money but they seemed to miss the car's primary function of getting about the place. The electrics went with monotonous regularity. I took it for an early headlamp bulb change to kwiki fit - £12 to supply and fit. Poor c**t was swearing like a bear for an eternity. He did finally get the thing in and then told me never to bring it back. Took it to Arnold Clark in Grangemouth who were doing the job at a subsidised £28 (I think) and the boy told me it was £150 job if charged properly because of the bits of car that had to be removed. I only had it 20 months and went through 5 headlamp bulbs. That was the least of its problems but where Arnold was involved they did me a decent turn. Never again. No French car ever again. No wonder the c***s cannae fight.
  7. Car advice

    I'm considering buying a hyundai i40 - 9 months old. Looks like it's got plenty of toys for the money - heated leather seats on this version. Anyone got one/had on and if so how was it to own?
  8. East super league

    We had one at each end ffs.
  9. Rouhani came across as a beacon of common sense at the UN today - certainly when measured against that fucking halfwit and his finger/thumb thing yesterday.
  10. When will indyref2 happen?

    Or Belgian. Or Icelandic. Or Norwegian. Or any other country who happen to not be subsumed into a bigger one?
  11. When will indyref2 happen?

    Don't talk pish. The only people who believe this are the "Scottish Nazi Party" brigade who are complete and utter morons. Whatever else you might be, I'd give you credit for not being at that level of oxygen thieving.
  12. Catalonia

    Barcelona need to show some balls here and suspend their participation in La Liga. That alone would bring this whole thing screaming to the top of the news and the Spanish govt would really need to show its hand. I'm sure Barca would get hauners from Bilbao and a couple of others.
  13. Martin Shkreli jailed

    I couldn't give a single solitary f**k tbh.
  14. The bigger question is why the c**t hasn't been emptied. He's clearly trying to get emptied and just seeing how far he has to go before the trigger gets pulled. @tynieness - get a fuckin grip here.
  15. Tinder

    Come on now, if that's an issue then we're all fucked.