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  1. I might have missed it - apologies if so - but does anyone have a definition of "public consent". Am I imagining the 2015 General Election result or the 2016 Scottish Parliament results which returned an overwhelming majority of SNP MPs in the first and an independence majority in a system designed to make a majority difficult to achieve? And that the latter built on a 2011 majority. How much public consent is needed to hold a referendum and why is more public consent needed than Cameron ever got before slinging this country down the shunky.
  2. She should go to Shettleston now that it's apparently a tory stronghold.
  3. That's unfair on your guys. We all know what a tough season it's been and there was a lot of relief around the place. Everyone gets a bit of fatigue at this time of the season and maybe tonight Musselburgh felt that. We have been worried for a while because we're not used to this sort of stuff - it's definitely better at the other end of the table! And from some of what I've seen, others are more used to what's needed when it comes to the scrap. Thankfully we found that in time.
  4. Fair play to you for indulging the c**t. He's a fucking moron and needs treated as such.
  5. Feels like the tory was a sacrifice for the purposes of this programme. Not a hint of putting up Mundell, Davidson or anyone else who is currently part of this alleged resurgence in Scotland. Shitebags as ever.
  6. By and large - and for the first time in ages on QT - the right wing w****r element of this country is getting an absolute tellt.
  7. Now now - in today's brave new world Oaksoft is merely supplying alternative facts.
  8. Page doesn't exist
  9. I'd like to see how the turnout shaped up in terms of age profile. I have a suspicion that the greater part of last night's turnout was older age groups rather than younger ones. Come June we'll see the SNP vote grow again.
  10. I stopped putting in numbers at 3. SNP, SNP, Green. The green owns a chip shop and I'm all for sustainable fish suppers.
  11. Aye but "strong and stable", "coalition of chaos". She's an utter shitebag and the media should be calling her out for avoiding the public or any serious examination at every turn. Complete fraud of an individual.
  12. You express almost nothing but opinions so what the f**k are you on about. And your opinions are usually big sacks of shite.
  13. This. McSpreader won't see it though on account of him being a complete c**t.