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  1. Brilliant picture here of man trapped in a bog in Norway - a real Trainspotting moment if you will. Any P&Bers ever found themselves raking around in shite in a toilet and unable to get out? I particularly liked the quote "I didn't think twice" - ain't that the truth lol!
  2. Threave v Linlithgow is £6 & £3.
  3. I was talking to someone a couple of weeks back who used Uber Van in London to flit from one flat to another. Apparently it's the dogs bollocks because there are vans parked up reasonably closer across the city.
  4. I'm disappointed that my offer didn't even get the courtesy of a response. Tynieness - have you no morals?! I could have been hoying goals in left right and centre for you boys but no, you just get someone else to do it.
  5. Seems to me he's doing ok. You're coming across quite hooky ...
  6. In the midst of the angst with which P and B will have been monitoring progress on the kidnap of Bernie's mother in law, it's almost possible to overlook the fact that mummy dearest is 18 years younger than the bold Bernie. Any p&bers out there with parents or acquired parents who are from a different generation on account of them being so much younger than you? Seems quite weird really.
  7. I've never seen any evidence of that following the Rose. I've absolutely never seen any Rose team in the last 15 years keel over in the face of a partisan crowd. When we lost to Kilwinning we just played terribly whilst Kilwinning played really well. But the same players had just stood up and been counted at Forfar and Dingwall. If they were going to crumble they'd have taken a hiding off Ross County. But they didn't - they went toe to toe with them. At Kilwinning we were tactically gubbed too. But nothing to do with bottle or anything like it. Ayrshire has a few decent sides at the moment - that's about the size of it for me. The wheel will turn again soon enough.
  8. In the name of f**k. It's RUARI!!!
  9. I agree there is s lack of depth in the east (financially too) but the top 4 are pretty decent. Kelty got pumped by Lothian Thistle in the Scottish Cup but I reckon they'd beat them consistently just the same. I think the east top flight is also suffering a bit now as a result of some competition for signatures from top end Lowland League teams.
  10. The west is stronger but you've taken that too far. None of these sides would get near the top 4.
  11. A number of those trains on the routes you mention are crammed to f**k in the morning and evening. They definitely need a second person on them to assure safety. Outside peak hours then fair enough.
  12. Well firstly, the assumption that senior football is a "social disease" is a load of shite. That in turn invites ridicule. That quickly shifts to the search for bites (taken in spades) and then becomes a circular heap of pish with some decent levels of mud slinging. It's a recipe for a p and b saga/soap opera. The boy with the popcorn gif early doors called it spot on. It's just the Internet though. Hints of Gold Forum emerging all the same.
  13. Maybe so but without him we'd have had to focus on the original point.
  14. I tip my hat to you Itzdrk sir - from a standing start of "thickos" you've been rewarded in spades. Who'd have thunk it?!
  15. On admission costs - and I'm only putting this here because there was a wee conversation on it and not because it's Kilsyth - but Hearts have a home friendly coming up against Fleetwood for which entry costs are £5 and £1. That's a cracking recognition of the value of a pre season friendly. For what it's worth I would pitch junior pre season games at £2 and £1.