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  1. I agree with you. We've had a dreadful season and injuries are causing havoc. But we played some decent stuff and could have been in front by a couple at half time with some composure. Second half we lost 2 goals chasing the game whilst missing more decent chances and hitting the post twice. It all felt like the Raith Rovers game 2 seasons back. Apart from getting stuck in and putting bodies on the line I couldn't see anything in that Stirling team that I don't see at our level most weeks in the league. All the best for the season but if you keep playing like that it could be long and uncomfortable. And I liked the Rave On stuff! All the best for the season.
  2. UKIP has always been a misnomer.
  3. You're not perchance referring to the sashes some fathers once wore are you?
  4. To some extent you're asking for answers to impossible questions. Firstly, the last referendum was built around statistics and damned lies with the 2 converging at times. There will be another refusal to engage on use of currency pending EU acceptance. There will be a continuation of the too wee, too poor shite which will point at Scotland's deficit without any attempt to profile how it could be different in a vibrant economy where access to the single market might see significant levels of large business relocation and a booming financial sector. None of these aspirations can be proven before the breaking of the chains though so the No side will tell us it can't happen. We know the Treasury was not even handed by any stretch last time round and nor will it be on this occasion. So we will all need to decide who we trust and who we don't. I wouldn't trust Theresa May as far as I could throw her. I wouldn't trust Labour to ever form a govt in my lifetime. Beyond the economics of Indy2, there is a further issue to deal with. Are the people of Scotland as racist as large tranches of the population in the south of the UK? Do I want to be part of the scandalous disregard for fellow human beings as evidenced in our media and political discourse? Do I f**k. It's time we were out and set about building the country and economy we aspire to and stop fucking about in case we've a bit of a deficit to inherit as part of the divorce.
  5. I should add for the record that Teresa May is an absolute trout.
  6. Cameron should get the fuckin jail for this. Fucked the country to save his skin in a general election. Weasel of the highest order and an absolute coward to stroll off and put absolutely no effort into fixing it. Like Blair, he'll be remembered for making an enormous c**t of the job. On the plus side, in winning the election he's absolutely fucked the Union because we're not that daft and we've got better options. It's for my intelligent English friends that I'm saving my limited sympathy.
  7. He's a beautiful wee boy with a fantastic nature. Doesn't like anyone that doesn't feed him regularly. Just turns his nose up and fucks off. Great judge of character.
  8. If I find you using "bandwidth" again I will hunt you down. Completely unnecessary Jupe - shame on you sir!
  9. Snivelling drivel. We're off. Time to detach from the British Empire - particularly given that we're one of the last vestiges of it. Let's get the vote on and get it done. Oh, where's the emergency budget gone? The one thing I'll give Leave voters credit for - they learned the lessons from Scotland when Cameron and Osborne were giving it large. When Indy 2 arrives absolutely nobody will be fooled by the economic doom predictions of an independent Scotland trading freely with the EU. In fact certain sectors of our economy will explode with activity.
  10. May has absolutely fucked it today.
  11. Andrew Coltart on the other hand is decent. His comment last night about "this is like putting on linoleum - you've probably not got linoleum Butch" was a belter. Butch had nae fuckin idea what linoleum was.
  12. I don't think anyone wants anything but Camelon to be a strong club in the area. Banter is banter but they need their support behind them. As for what folk are saying on here, it's just gossip that they are hearing around the Falkirk area. Good luck to you.
  13. 2 things. One have plenty toys to chase to mitigate damage to furniture. I use a laser dot and Dexter goes nuts at it. Second, with kids in the house, make sure the cats have got quiet space and that the weans know to leave them alone when they're in there. We've got a wee house and it's his personal space. Also, they'll probably wreck your furniture anyway. You can try a scratching pole but be prepared - there's not much you can do given their natural instinct.
  14. Hi Life tuna - can't go wrong.
  15. Here's Dexter looking slightly indignant at no getting peace to just get on with his arse cleaning. He's big furred ...