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  1. Where's Liam and his "Eh'll paint it" thread when you need it eh? By the way, greenie provided to move you off 1690 - no fair for anyone to be stuck there for any length of time - even folk fae above Fife.
  2. Are you staying dry?
  3. To be fair, this is in relation to an incident at a national cup final and the junior connection is pretty incidental. You need to remember it's all just football. The goals, the ball, the number of players - it's all standard stuff. Without reflecting on the boy himself, Rangers as a club were adamant in the aftermath of the game that their supporters were "defending" their players. That doesn't really stack up with a plea of guilty to booting someone who was already on the ground.
  4. Cheers - I'm still wiping away the tears and snotters with my sleeve.
  5. It's disappeared out of sight - just like the team.
  6. London is ok. Obviously it's got plenty going for it but the number of these organic, superfood, walls-painted-lime-green places that are springing up in ever increasing numbers just makes me shake my head. There is a guy I worked with for a while until he switched jobs recently who drank beetroot juice as his morning pick-me-up of choice. That's the sort of pish that should get you a good hiding. Fuckin beetroot juice my arse.
  7. I've got Julia Roberts and John Malkovich along with Stephen Frears - all on the one card. I'm not a habitual autograph hunter but I wasn't sure we'd all work together again. Mine wasn't to be a stellar movie career.
  8. 2 lucky breaks!
  9. He'll not be going in alone!
  10. Anna Soubry will be lucky to escape without a lawyer's letter landing first thing in the morning.
  11. I think a merger of the Angus clubs would be worth pursuing. 1320 Lichtie is at heads gone levels of raging at the very mention and it rather looks as though going through with this would drive him to PC Cabe levels of rage. It would make for terrific viewing on here anyway.
  12. Of course it is but we're talking about tier 5 of Scottish football here and if we're all honest about it we should really be aspiring to better than a scenario where you win your tier 5 title but still need to go through (and win) the play off games. And at the bottom of tier 5 absolutely nothing happens in the north whilst the tier below in the south still contains a significant number of clubs who cannot move up. Blackburn would need junior football to open up to the amateur game but they do have the opportunity to move to a consistently higher standard of football even within the framework in which they play. Clubs like mine don't of course and I personally find that dispiriting - back to the circular argument.
  13. "Naewhere to go at the end of it" whilst tongue in cheek is a bit of a riddy from someone who's team is in tier 5 but has very limited opportunity to go up the way and a fair chance of not having to go down the way - and even if they did they'd have nowhere to go after that. Then of course we have our tier 5 friends in the north where you can get pumped 14 - 0 every week with absolutely no consequences. Aye, it's a proper pyramid up there ...
  14. Whatever it takes we need to batter through all these barriers. I'm not fussed or interested any more in who should have done what. Clubs need to be supported to find their best level. Demographics make it blindingly obvious that a regional split in Scotland should be 3 way. We played Threave the other week and whilst the scoreline was close i think we had a bit more up our sleeves. But ... Threave have got a great wee set up and they look like they're very much at the heart if their community. Loads of so called better junior teams should be replicating what Threave have achieved. Bo'ness have started to make strides with their quality mark award. Long way to go but the impetus is really starting to build with the redevelopment of Newtown Park on the horizon. It would be good to see a few junior teams actually position themselves to challenge current thinking. If everyone remains entrenched then the only thing that will happen is more circular chatter,.
  15. Don't have the year to hand on my phone but within the last 10 years or so, I have a recollection that Whitburn won 10 on the spin at the start of the season.