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  1. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Yes. And the Spanish will border check so hard to ensure that Gibraltar quite rightly becomes Spanish sovereign ground Gibraltar is a weird place - in p and b terminology it's trying way too hard to be just like Blighty. I'm not fussed about Spain having it - they've got their own enclave over the water in Morocco which kind of takes away any moral high ground. Newsnight suggesting hard Brexit has won at Chequers. Start the car Nicola.
  2. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    I was in Gibraltar yesterday. In the event of a hard Brexit, the place is fucked. There is a significant movement into and out of Spain for working people. That will grind to a halt. It's a mini Ireland situation but there is no Irish Sea fallback.
  3. Does the NRA actually run America? It's time these c***s were told to sit down and shut the f**k up. Remember when the tobacco lobby was "all powerful". Well it's not now. Get the NRA in the sea - the boy on BBC news more or less just indicated that gun reform wouldn't be acceptable to the NRA. Boo fucking hoo.
  4. Junior football, what is the future?

    There should be a consequence attached to not moving up - if only to act as an incentive to get your house in order. Does LTHV have a massive budget in comparison to other eos clubs?
  5. Kelty Hearts & the EOS League

    Gets worse when the team finishing bottom of the league above gets offered a reprieve and says "f**k that we'll take the relegation please".
  6. Junior football, what is the future?

    As things stand there is no forced promotion from the EoS or SoS league as far as I can see. LTHV or Leith have won the last 4 EoS league for the last 4 seasons. Both are still plying their trade there rather than in the LL. Nobody has forced LTHV to move to alternative premises, secure a licence or whatever. All that's happened is that nobody has been promoted. In fact, when Threave finished bottom, they ought to have been relegated but neither Leith nor St Cuthberts were licenced. Therefore, Threave were given the opportunity to remain in the Lowland League. They declined and relegated themselves because of the travelling. So, there is no reason why any club should be compelled to go to a level they feel they cannot sustain. The precedent within the current pyramid structure is already established on that front - although moving up/down between SPFL and HL/LL is compulsory which feels fair enough to me - there has to come a point and Tier 5 is probably right. Therefore junior teams should not feel they have to over stretch. But the promotion spot wouldn't pass to the next team. It would stick in the craw for me if I was a supporter of a licenced team who was consistently blocked by a team like LTHV. I need to find out more about them but it feels like they should be getting licenced, moved or whatever.
  7. When will indyref2 happen?

    Massive boost to the EC as a result of Brexit. Lucky fuckers.
  8. Club Licence

    That wouldn't get you into tier 5 up north. I get the point that they're trying to be practical but the bottom line is after 5 years we still don't have an aligned standard in the pyramid. I daresay they'd be just as practical about clubs who nearly meet the LL reqts ... not.
  9. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Yup. GIRFUT
  10. Club Licence

    Sorry but enforcing a different standard on a tier 5 applicant based on geography is nonsense. There are tier 5 teams in the south who couldn't or wouldn't be tier 5 teams in the north. But the current pyramid is a mish mash of bollocks so we shouldn't be surprised. The sfa never wanted it. It's the absolute minimum to shut UEFA up.
  11. Junior football, what is the future?

    Of course they should be automatically relegated and the second bottom side should go into a play off same as in the other divisions. It's typical of the approach taken by Scottish football to reward failure rather than success by putting the clubs who have had a really good season through far more hoops than teams who have demonstrably shown themselves to be not good enough for the level they're playing at.
  12. Club Licence

    There really shouldn't be a difference in requirement at tier 5. If one part insists on it then so should the other. And that should have been the case from day 1.
  13. Junior football, what is the future?

    Anyone got the quote from Banks o Dee?