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  1. Satire based on the outcome of the Smackdown MITB ladder match?
  2. When Yogi said 'i'd take a playoff place', when sitting 8th in the league and about to play st mirren, this is nothing less than you deserve.
  3. Get doon, cretins
  4. Save money on the new badge. Just fold...
  5. Just beat the fuddies in 2 weeks, ok?>
  6. And even Doyley spells Kudus wrong!
  7. Kudus knows where you can take your big sexy Falkirk patter:
  8. I did enjoy the cowshed waving homemade linesman flags during the Tuesday game that followed the Chic Kavanah game
  9. The Final will be rescheduled due to Hibs participation in both that and the Scottish Cup final.
  10. That second goal. WTF was he even doing... Tough call on which is worse, this one or the one Clangers gifted to Dumbarton. If St Mirren want to make some money to fund their League 1 challenge next season, they should release a DVD of the highlights from this season on which both of those goals should feature heavily.