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  1. Samson ran at Jai to shout at him for the beautiful little dance and taunt he did at Baird immediately after the penalty was awarded.
  2. So absolutely no credible foundation in the controversial claim then. What a surprise.
  3. I know it's a fair trek to Inverness, but leaving now is maybe a tad early.
  4. Actually agreed and went with a similar bet. Only black mark on a glorious day. Not a f**k given.
  5. There was a lot of interest in him last season before he got injured. Most of us assumed he would be off in the summer as he was out of contract but he signed on again.
  6. Ya fuckin glorious beauty of a b*****d
  7. Sitting far too deep and pinting to nowhere. For no reason
  8. 2 big chances just before the equaliser. Some save from Samson then don't know how O'Ware missed with his. As happens so often, misses like that often seem to bite you and the equaliser came soon after. Some strike but should have been closed down and stopped way before it got to that. Disappointing to go in level. Duffys half time team talks can go either way, hope it's one of the good ones coming.
  9. Ticket fiasco or not - it's the first home league game of the season and a Renfrewshire derby to boot. Do you honestly not think the vast majority, or all, of those that want to be in attendance will be in attendance?
  10. If they aren't allowed in the shed, rip it down. Pointless.
  11. Will be gutted if you are not - what's the point of having it if it is not used when it could be at it's most fun. I'd imagine the police would not be permitting it though.
  12. There very well might be. It's pretty common that the green light, with games that tickets are sold for, is only given the day before. Same scenario when we come to yours. Otherwise, why would people go out their way to buy a ticket in advance if they know they can get it on the day. For the playoff away to Dundee Utd - it was literally really last minute they agreed we can pay at the gate up there. I'd be surprised if the green light isn't given today once St Mirren let us know how many tickets they have unsold. The only barrier could be staffing if the club feel they need all the staff they can get at the Sinclair St side due to the car crash that is home ticketing arrangements.
  13. I don't think that's true at all to be honest, for now anyway. Cashless is for the home end with the away end to go cashless at a later date. For the time-being, the majority of away fans (who will use the away section of the shed rather than just main stand) will likely be paying at the gate except for the expected bigger crowds like this one which was made ticket.