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  1. He meant Goodwin now Ross is confirmed away.
  2. The comments of the St Mirren chairman do seem like that is the case.
  3. All seems a bit strange. It was reported 2 days ago that Sunderland had already spoken to him. There was no rebuttal of those stories from the St Mirren Chairman then but there has been now that the reports are that a deal has been agreed. If he knew it was nonsense, and had spoken to Jack, he'd have just said that it was nonsense but to even mention the word 'skulduggery' hints that maybe something underhand has gone on.
  4. They had a meeting, prepped a deal, were going to offer it but Jack pulled out/wasn't getting the Barnsley gig, so the new deal never happened. He was always due a renegotiation after promotion. http://www.the-gazette.co.uk/sport/16029213._He___s_showed_unbelievable_loyalty_to_our_football_club__St_Mirren_chief_Tony_Fitzpatrick_delighted_with_Jack_Ross__decision_to_stay_in_Paisley/
  5. He didn't get the improved contract at the Barnsley interest.
  6. Wonder if it's the same offer or bigger than the one they prepared but didn't give him after the Barnsley interest.
  7. And what would you be proposing that they offer him in exchange for that commitment? Increased salary? Reduced compensation demands when he does leave? Because nobody in their right mind is going to give that for free.
  8. [emoji38] Go ahead and breach his contact, get taken to a tribunal and have to pay it up rather than receive compensation when he leaves of his own accord. [emoji38]
  9. Good thread, will read again.* * No it's not. Probably won't.
  10. 18/19 kits thread

    Seems a pretty consistent 'Ayr supports tits oot' marketing message to me.
  11. 18/19 kits thread

    Have you just woken up thinking it's still 2016?
  12. The original post stated one hour away from flights, not one hour away from Glasgow.
  13. Nope, plenty of other reasons why he shouldn't get near it.
  14. Eurovision

    But yet Australia got a better result from the jury for their rehearsal performance than they did from the public for their final performance