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  1. TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs 2017

    No dice - unless it's a stair lift match.
  2. Smackdown Thread

    Possible spoiler:
  3. Smackdown Thread

    Vinny Mac still awesome. Which commentator at the end of the Gable/Benjamin Hype Bros match claimed 'the Usos looked good earlier when retaining their titles' despite them losing them earlier on the show?
  4. Greenock Morton v Dunfermline Athletic

    Could have been, fair enough. Just saw an older guy carrying the ball across the road after the game, people around him saying he nicked it. Hope the young boy was ok.
  5. Greenock Morton v Dunfermline Athletic

    Fess up, who was the Pars fan that walked out nicking the match ball. Thieving Fifers. Desperate for a memento after witnessing such a glorious turnaround?
  6. Greenock Morton v Dunfermline Athletic

    'Unearthed'. Next you will be calling him a 'find'.
  7. Greenock Morton v Dunfermline Athletic

    Doesn't even need to apply only to consecutive saturdays. Ok, some won't want to or be able to purchase 2 weeks in advance, but some would. Maximising options for people is needed when they are surcharging the most convenient option.
  8. Greenock Morton v Dunfermline Athletic

    The 1pm deadline does nothing to ease the 3pm bottlenecks. It's too early. Anyone likely to go down for that deadline are likely to go away again due to gates not being open for a considerable time after. They will reappear closer to 3, adding to any bottleneck. The 2pm suggestion has merit but the Sunday suggestion still isn't great. Get the tickets for the next home game on sale at the preceding home game. Sell to your customer base when they are actually in your premises.
  9. Greenock Morton v Dunfermline Athletic

    There were few reactions other than WTF when that contract was announced.
  10. Greenock Morton v Dunfermline Athletic

    1 league win since mid march. I would expect most sets of fans to be questioning their manager by now to be honest.
  11. Morton v Livingston

    Nope. Time to rip it down if they aren't going to use it or at the very least explain why.
  12. Morton v Livingston

    Brechin are cheap, will give you that. You won't be going to many away games this season though if your basis is 'we aren't going if it is more expensive than Brechin.' Morton are at least comparable to the majority of the division. For your specific group: ICT £45 Brechin £26 Livi £35 Falkirk £40 St Mirren £40 QOS £30 Dumbarton £40 Dunfermline £42 Dundee Utd £40 Morton £40 (£38 if arriving before 1pm).
  13. Morton v Livingston

    The incentive is that tickets cost £20 after 1pm. Clubs can save their fans money by selling them. What's Livi's incentive for selling the Hibs tickets for them?