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  1. McKinnon's earlier strategy seemed to be to bring in a small number of well-known players who have proven themselves at this level. Keatings, King, Scobbie, McMullan, and erm Fyvie I liked that. The more recent signings seem to be a more panicky (we need more players now) approach. I may be wrong, but our record of signing 'randoms' in recent years hasn't been very successful.
  2. I mind walking past Robertson, Gauld and Souttar a few years back, in Tesco. They were discussing which frozen chicken would be the cheapest, or some such thing. I chuckled and thought, they'll all be on around £10k a week in a few years - the lucky b*****ds. Dare say Robertson is on a wee bit more than that now.
  3. The Barry Douglas approach? I mind everyone thought he was shite - he went and won the league in Poland, played a season in the Turkish top flight and is now at wolves. No bad career path for a diddy. Nice stadium they've got in Lviv...
  4. Chances are it'll be 10% of any profit, so take off some tax and you're looking at around £500k for United. Great move for Robertson though. Hope he manages the step up.
  5. Name me a United keeper who has. This criticism gets levelled at 95% of goalkeepers on planet football. Bell has his faults but is relatively solid - this new boy sounds anything but.
  6. Let's hope he is better than the last central midfielder we signed from the Netherlands.
  7. Well, that's on them! On the player front, I'm a huge advocate of quality over quantity. Occasionally you'll have to rely on younger players to fill in, but better that than having a huge squad of shite like that which Jackie/Mixu accumulated. 3/4 quality signings now would do the job.
  8. Well, obviously. I measure all United youngsters on the Malpas scale, which makes things doubly difficult for Robson.
  9. And it was instantly obvious to me (and I presume everyone else) that he had great potential. BTW he was playing pretty regular at 19.
  10. I hate to break it to you, but unconditional praise on a internet message board doesn't progress the club either. Why else does this place exist other than to debate the merits of the team etc? I haven't seen anything in Robson yet that makes me think he'll progress into a good player. I wonder if there are any examples of Dundee United youth products that nobody rated initially, that turned into great players? I can't think of any off the top of my head.
  11. Have to agree. Robson has never really impressed me. Dixon is not the answer though imho. He can have a good game occasionally which reminds you of the quality he once had, but more often than not he is poor. Someone like Taylor-Sinclair would've been ideal.
  12. So you're celebrating signing a player that never played a first team game for United, was punted for a nominal fee from Patrick after five games, never played for Wigan, and has played a total of 13 games in League One over the last two seasons? Whatever keeps you happy I suppose.
  13. He actually spent the last year at Douglas AFC who played in the second tier of the Saturday Amateur league here in Dundee.
  14. Good midfielder for a striker.