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  1. Is Laszo your favoured manager, due to what you think he can do, or due to the fact we'll have a manager we can call Shabba?
  2. Beginning to get tot the stage where if the target was out of work and had been interviewed, they would probably have been announced. So maybe it is Wright.
  3. Wright strikes me (and I have no way of backing this up, but intuition) as one of those managers who is great at a certain club but would flop nearly anywhere else.
  4. If it is to be Csaba László, I won't be too upset. His record at most teams he's managed is pretty good, which is unusual in itself for most managers.
  5. Jim McIntyre got sacked by Ross County for a reason, right? I'd prefer somebody that has no previous connection to my club - indeed it baffles me why we so often appear to limit ourselves to previous players. In fact the only former player that should even be considered is big Dunc - just for the lols!
  6. Dundee United 2017/2018

    Some out of the box thinking required here? Tempt someone like *insert available but unrealistic option here* into the job with a seven month contract, and the carrot of a fucking big bonus should he get us up.
  7. Dundee United 2017/2018

    I dunno. I might return to Tannadice just to see Erik roar at the fans, and not care a jot that we were getting beat every week!
  8. Dundee United 2017/2018

    I can't really state that McKinnon has to go because of recent performances, because I've stopped going to the games. Watching United these days is just depressing, and frankly I can find cheaper ways of punishing myself. If McKinnon is sacked, I cannot complain - the fact he paid money for Lewis Toshney was a sacking offence alone - but I will grumble at another formerly loved player being given his jotters, and I have absolutely no confidence at all that Stephen Thompson is capable of identifying a suitable replacement.
  9. Well you need to lighten up. If it suits a player to prep himself for the game by just soaking the anthem up, I couldnae give a fcuk!
  10. Weird. Forrest has been a stick-on when he's been shite. Has a decent game for once, and get's dropped! Ah, well, in Strachan we trust
  11. Squad face Slovenia and Slovakia

    Mulgrew is one of those odd players, who ain't really all that good (hence he's playing in League One) but always does well for his national team.
  12. Squad face Slovenia and Slovakia

    For all the Strachan bitching that goes on, here's a wee stat for you... Gordon has the best win percentage of any manager (in charge for more than a dozen games) since Ian McColl all the way back to 1960-1965. Given the players we have now, I'd say he's done a pretty decent job.
  13. Squad face Slovenia and Slovakia

    Absolute gibberish! He's not getting that much gas time because Klopp eases players into the team, and Moreno is actually playing well. Robertson was MoM on his first game, then dropped, and really good again in his second game. He'll play again soon, I guarantee it.
  14. Squad face Slovenia and Slovakia

    We've played better, but Slovakia are a decent team (ranked 19th) and they created very little. We hit the bar twice, Morrison missed a sitter (well saved, but still), Griffiths could've nodded a cross back for an open goal, their keeper made a couple of cracking saves. Not awesome, but if you're not fairly content with that performance, you're mad!