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  1. Switching over to the rugby.
  2. He's a moron. Not Toshney, he's just shite! McKinnon for playing his lovechild in the centre of the park.
  3. Every manager makes some crap signings, and every manager has that one lovechild that he will always squeeze into the team that nobody else can comprehend. So I'm willing to back McKinnon - he deserves at least a season, though, the few times I have seen United this season, we've looked just as bad as last year.
  4. Some half time thoughts... Toshney is a liability - simple! Murdoch offers nothing. Taking your best player and playing him out wide is just stupid. McKinnon has talked all week about the new guy and his ability in the air. I don't think he's won a header yet.
  5. We do. Whether it actually works or not is another issue.
  6. First game I've been at in a while. If the tactics are normally to launch the ball for Murray to hold up I've no idea how we keep winning. Donaldson coming on and gifting St Mirren that goal was the best thing that could have happened. Immediately from kickoff some urgency and passing appeared from nowhere.
  7. Was a Houston trait at United - one wide man, and three CMs with one of them playing wide, be that Flood, Rankin, whomever. He likes the 'security' it provides.
  8. Is Durnan finally beginning to show the kind of form that saw some walloper on here suggest he might be worthy of a five year contract?
  9. Masking other problems? If he got us promoted I might just cope with that. Not that he's coming back anyway.
  10. Fraser could be a good player eventually. He'd be a poor signing for any of that lot though.
  11. On a more purely United note - amazed we're only 3 points off top - we've been crap all season!
  12. Jackie Mac's career path has taken another epically bizarre turn at York City...
  13. who needs 3 passes?
  14. ...and worrying that McKinnon didn't sort this out! We may as well have a rebound wall playing up front. Little point in having player's like VdV and Andreu in the team if they can never get on the ball.
  15. England will win the group, easy. I celebrated them winning that. Slovenia, Slovakia and Lithuania dropping points is key, so celebrate England winning, and that trio drawing against each other!