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  1. Was very good in the Betfred games but, then again, so was everybody else. He's lost form and IMO that's a big part of our current failures. As you know, he's also injury prone and it looks like he's going to be on the table as often as he's on the park!
  2. I thought we were slightly better in the 2nd half than we have been so far however Houston's 'must not lose' mantra cost us the game. If he'd set us up with Austin instead of Blues I think we would possibly have won. Harris showed what he really can do during the 2nd half but we need to get him on the ball and running at defenders. McGhee and Balatoni look much more solid in defence although the latter likes a scuffed clearance with the 'pass back' to Thomson in the 2nd half being particularly bizarre! I thought McKee was, at times, good and bad in equal measure and still think it's key that we get him back to form. Along with Sibbald and Loy he just seems out of sorts and if we can get them back on form I think we'll improve significantly. McMullan should have been off for the 'tackle' on Muirhead, Beaton however is a dick and was missing stuff all over the place! I fear defeat next week as Livingston appear to be a difficult proposition this season.
  3. I don't think McKee has been shit at all, in fact I would say that the good performances in the Betfred were largely down to him. Like the rest of the team though he has gone backward since and IMO he's one of the players that crucially need to return to form to get us sorted.
  4. Looks good that. I think Harris's defensive deficiencies may possibly let that team down though, but certainly worth a try.
  5. Mmmm, not necessarily. Her indoors isn't producing milk but her tits couldn't be described as 'flat' I wouldn't say. Heading for the carpet certainly but not flat.
  6. Well, they say that you learn something new every day. I'll pass this info on to my brother-in-law as it is he who is the metaphor mixer.
  7. Am I right in saying that Grotbags died quite recently?
  8. Dunno, but it appears to be a well kent phrase in certain circles. If you think of the Wizard of Oz, that bad b*****d witch isn't particularly bosomy! Having said that mind you, the good witch had marvelous paps!
  9. This is fuckin pish, in't it! If we don't start to turn things around very soon we're all gonna be as flat as a witch's tit for months!
  10. Get him to f**k! If he's one of those players that needs his confidence boosted he shouldn't be anywhere near the team?
  11. I think it is an important game in as much as we need the new guys to settle in quickly and also need to build confidence levels before next week, so a good performance and win would be very welcome. Not aiming any disrespect at Brechin here but we may just be lucky to have today's match as a 'free week' followed by playing the perceived weakest team in the league to give us a chance to try to fix things! Edited to say that I'm sure Brechin will be thinking something similar!