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  1. Every chance he was simply winding the silly fuckers up!
  2. We got £175k for that.
  3. I felt that it was an unnecessary comment at a sensitive time and a bit dismissive of the lad in question.
  4. That's a matter of opinion though.
  5. Well, of course, it was never a penalty. Not because Hippo dived, as the keeper did make contact with him, but because he got his hand to the ball first. From behind the goal it looked like Hippo got to the ball first and the keeper took him out. Ref obviously thought the same. The really funny aspect of it though is that Pars fans were going mental at it at the time as there is no way that any of them could have been able to see whether it was a penalty or not! I suppose we'll need to buy a mantlepiece now! I'm thinking that Houstie starts with this line up hoping that we can get in front and knowing that he'll have some better players to bring on rather than having poorer options from the bench. Fuckin daft though!
  6. And I'm sure that if you somehow manage to beat us, you won't be in the least bit interested in posting about it...
  7. Aye, I realised about them standing after I had posted. Can't see the empty seats.
  8. Is that definitely a photo from yesterday? The section to the far right didn't look as full as that to me in the flesh. In fact I would say that looks more than 1427 even without counting the folk in the section we can't see.
  9. If the ticket price was the same it would be good if we could move from one stand to another during the game like we did at Brockville. I'd maybe sit in the ES when we're attacking the away end and move round when we switch ends.
  10. Please stop calling Hippo Hypo, he's not diabetic!
  11. Hippo's not pish and I don't think he has an attitude problem either. He has been a bit over hyped IMO though and I think that maybe gets to his head a wee bit. He often tries things that aren't likely to come off, sometimes just outside our own box, which really rips my knitting! He seems to drift in and out of games a bit too however he definitely has talent but just needs to work on doing the simple things when required. He may be poor on Saturday but he's just as likely to play a major part in our performance.
  12. Sorry Doug, it's not you after all!