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  1. Aye, I thought at the time, 'how can you post such nonsense'? I was actually going to try to get a hold of him personally to ask!
  2. Fine, that's not what you said though. Your statement blamed Gallagher for the loss of the goals when he wasn't even on the pitch for 2 of them. I'm told that McGhee is very unhappy at having to play at LB, however that's just something that he needs to put up with for the time being because, you're right, the defence does look better with him in there.
  3. Aye, we canny just play a team of youngsters for the reasons you give. I wouldn't be against blooding some of them in the games to come though. Stowe, in particular, looks like he may be ready for some game time.
  4. Should Gallagher have prevented the 2nd & 3rd goals by hitting Utd players by throwing his ice pack from the dugout?
  5. Fair to say you're not happy then? Give it until the end of next season and you won't have to worry about it!
  6. Morton v Queens

    WTF are you talking about?
  7. Morton v Queens

    You do seem to have more than your fair share of roasters. The gammy one and the Finch thingy and the purple dish whatsit etc.
  8. Morton v Queens

    Why do most Morton threads descend into in-fighting?
  9. Wasn't it? I was disappointed because I felt we could get through to the semi and beat some no-marks!
  10. Gallagher went off before the half hour so maybe Hartley felt that Kidd couldn't handle a full hour + given he's just back from injury? That said, it should still have been Muirhead in the middle and McGhee to LB although I have heard that he is very unhappy at playing there.
  11. Should've used a question mark, not a full stop.
  12. Ah well, fair enough. I don't suppose Hartley wanted this to get out before the match so it's understandable that nothing was said.
  13. Felt he was our best performer in the LC games, albeit against lower league teams. As I say though, when things are going well he's ok. No room at the moment for someone who can't put in a shift when needed. Sadly that can be said about many more of them!
  14. McKee's a good player when things are going well. Just looks very sorry for himself at the moment.
  15. I agree with the sentiment, only problem would be the potential damage that it would do to some of the young guys when they're getting stuffed most weeks. Look at Gallagher as an example.