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  1. Is that not the definition of Taiwo? Not saying he's a dirty player as he's hard but fair but he could certainly fill that role if that's what's required.
  2. He also stated that he wouldn't mind getting rid of both. If you had to keep one though, you'd keep Baird, he'd keep McHugh so I think you'll have to agree to disagree?. Remember we're talking about the impact both would have coming on as sub and I agree with him that McHugh has had a bigger impact when doing so. You're saying that McHugh has done nothing in 2 seasons, however, IMO he has, i.e. he's made an impact off the bench. You're also slating him for suggesting that a 25 year old shouldn't be signed to sit on the bench but you'd do the same with a 31 year old? Anyway, matters not a jot as Bob's away and Baird's still here!
  3. I think you're well aware of what the guy is on about but think your dislike of McHugh and defence of Baird is maybe clouding your judgement a wee bit? He's clearly stated that he would have punted both (so would I) but that he'd keep McHugh ahead of Baird as a back-up if forced to pick one. He wouldn't plan to start him but would prefer him if he had to have him on the bench. I don't think we can dispute that McHugh's best performances have been when he's come on, especially later in games. Personally I would have ditched both along with Kerr and maybe even Taiwo as I feel we need to freshen things up big time.
  4. Really disappointed to see Leahy leaving, think he's a cracking player! Hopefully he'll be going back south as rumoured as I wouldn't want to possibly face him in the future. Can see us being left without a left back soon as the BOD will be looking to punt Gallagher to the highest bidder I would imagine? Like others I feel the list isn't long enough however there could be more going I think as quite a few are at the end of their contracts and may not accept the terms offered. Think we'll lose Sibbs for sure, again to England hopefully and heard a whisper this morning that a few clubs could be considering Grant.
  5. Alston. Don't think Scobbie and Grant would work as a partnership as they're both very one-footed.
  6. Where would we play him though? Please don't say left back! His position is currently held by Grant who I think is better. Come to think of it, there's only one former Bairn at St Johnstone just now that I'd want back.
  7. Do you mean that they've got a 'play x# of games = new contract' type deal, as McCracken apparently had, or is that just in your opinion? If it's the former do you know if this is something that we offer to most of the squad?
  8. Kerr's been a cracking player and a great servant to Falkirk over 2 spells. He's still as good a player but nowadays needs another few seconds on the ball which often leads to him getting caught in possession and means he can't quite deliver what he used to. I think most of us just realise that this situation is only going to worsen as he gets older and that we need to be looking at fresh options for the future as a result. In saying that, I wouldn't be adverse to him staying on in a player-coach type role as he's obviously got a lot that he can pass on to the youngsters and may be a good option to bring on to close games out, but definitely not as the main man in midfield.
  9. Oh, you are awful...
  10. I'm not saying that we shouldn't be aiming to get to the Premier as we obviously should be looking to win every game that we contest. I'm looking for some crumb of comfort to make up for my disappointment last night and the reality is that, had we been promoted, we'd have probably struggled to compete next season. On the whole, I haven't particularly enjoyed the football that I've seen in the Premier as it usually does turn into a shitfest and I think that would be even more likely with Houstie's cautionary approach. I'm honestly amazed that you haven't seen any abuse, at Ibrox in particular, and I don't just mean from the 'fans'!
  11. I suppose that the only consolation of last night's capitulation is that we won't have to play in the Premiership next season! Fucking horrible league where shitfest 0-0 draws away to the likes of Motherwell or Kilmarnock would be seen as good results. I won't miss the abuse that we take at Ibrox (in particular) or Parkhead either.
  12. You seem like a thoroughly decent chap!
  13. Haven't read any of the thread since before the game and expect it's full of gloating mainly by Morton and Hibs fans? We just didn't do enough on the night to merit a win and I thought, although we had a lot of the ball, we didn't look dangerous while Utd had the better chances. Thought Kerr, Leahy, Sibbs were our best whilst Austin and Thomson picked the wrong game to give us their worst performances. I assume that McKee was injured as that's surely a waste of a substitution otherwise? I also think he should have brought on Miller instead of McHugh and should have had Hippo on a lot earlier than he did. Good luck to Utd in the final; if it's Hamilton I think they'll have a good chance but I think ICT may be too tough. Don't know where we go from here? I wouldn't be surprised if Houstie chucked it TBH as I see a lot of players, including Sibbs, leaving in the summer and can't see the BOD pushing the boat out to bring in the quality that we'll need.
  14. Och naw, I think the women'll be safe!
  15. If it goes to penalties you'll not have much time to get hammered!