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  1. Aye, I knew about that one. Am I right in thinking he wasn't very pleased about it? Thinking of all-time greats at penalties, ours was George Millar (in my time anyway). I think I'm right in saying that he only missed one, against Dundee Utd when he slipped as he took it. He would have taken a fair number of them too.
  2. You've had 8 penalties already??
  3. Quite true. I was thinking that was before Arfield but maybe it wisnae?
  4. Completely forgot about Millar but, you're right, he did miss a few.
  5. Thinking about it, I don't think we've had one this season. Only been in the box 22.4 times so far you see.
  6. Was thinking about this the other day (it's amazing what comes to mind to try to fill the weekend football void!) Our regular penalty taker at the moment is Aaron Muirhead. IMO he's the best we've had for many years as he can plant them left, right, high or low and with a bit of power and accuracy. I don't think he's missed yet either which is maybe surprising given his generally poor distribution and occasional inability to find a team mate with a ten yard pass! We've occasionally had to use a random player to take one with Sibbs, for example, scoring at Palmerston last season but, in the main, we've had a nominated taker. Working backward from Aero we've had Baird, who regularly scored by hammering the ball down the middle before goalkeepers got wise to this and he started to miss; Loy, who's penalties looked ok when he took them but he had a high number of them saved; Stewart Murdoch who scored with most of his efforts, although I always felt that he chose the same corner each time and they were quite near the keeper and Arfield who mostly side footed them into the corner. (Don't think I've missed anyone in terms of regular takers and I've obviously only gone back a while) So who takes the penalties for your team and would you rather that it was someone else?
  7. Well, it's certainly not John!
  8. I concur, with the possible exception of Hughes as I remember him with longer hair. Think it is him though. Also agree with DB's assumption on Lytwin. Edited to say that; did you know that John McCormack had a twin brother who played full back for Alloa? Think his name was Kevin, IIRC?
  9. 3 Leagues of 16, 16, 16

    21 leagues of 2 teams each. Ugly sisters in the top league, then Hertz & Hubs etc. No relegation from the top flight and the OF colts to be fast tracked through the leagues PDQ. Only the two teams in the top flight to be allowed to compete in the SC. Keith Jackson to have his happy face rather than his concerned face in the Daily Ranger each day.
  10. Fair enough. Most teams outside of the gruesome twosome will have a fair number of such fans. The guy I spoke to though was there with his daughter (I think) and it was a near deserted wee subway station; he didn't strike me as someone who was just there for the day and, anyway, you'd think that he could have at least cracked a smile. I've watched us in three SC finals, all of which we've lost, however the 2015 one didn't upset me too much as I was happy to see a wee team like ICT get it, especially having knocked out ra Sellick in such controversial circumstances in the semi! 2009 however was a bit different as we outplayed the defunct Govanites and lost to a complete fluke of a goal.
  11. Go on then, tell us what your problem with Falkirk is? You seem to want to stuff your cup win down our throats at every opportunity. You remind me a bit of an ICT fan that I met at the station after the final whose face was tripping him; went over to congratulate him on your victory and all he wanted to do was moan about the length of his journey home. Very likely to be the biggest event in your history ever but you'd rather be angry about it!
  12. Alex Jakubiak's grandfather was John Hart an electrical engineer from Falkirk who assisted John Logie Baird with early demonstrations of his 'television transmitter'. Edited to say that there's a Hart electricians in Falkirk nowadays; wonder if it's any relation?
  13. Currently every team in Scotland would be considered diddies, including the ugly sisters, in a worldwide sense.