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  1. You've got the cheek to complain about playing on our pitch too. Think your groundsman has a lot of work to do!
  2. I've watched football for about 100 years or so and obviously know how long a game lasts, yet when I looked at the clock at 85 minutes for some reason I thought there was still 15 minutes left. I nearly shit myself when it clicked round to 90 and I realised my mistake!
  3. Who do you want to come down?

    Don't want County to come down because I can't be fucked going all the way to Dingwall these days. Also think they would be favourites to go straight back up because Uncle Roy would most likely throw a shit load of dosh at it! Of the other candidates I think Hamilton would probably struggle most in this league, mostly due to the Nigerian Prince knicking their money, so I'd go with that. Don't think any of the play-off clubs would get by the Premiership one either although I think Livingston possibly have the best chance of doing so. If that happened I would favour Partick coming down.
  4. Stewart? Bergin? Swayze?
  5. Aye, we have as far as I know. Was thinking about Nelson.
  6. Aero, Longridge, Tawio and Jakubiak are the ones that I would keep for the squad. All capable of changing a game or making a significant contribution if they came on. McGhee and Sibbs would be in the team and, as you say, I would have Robson and Nelson as 1st picks also if we could get them back.
  7. I'd actually keep six of the team that started tonight. Four of them would start on the bench though.
  8. You agree with me, good. You must be paranoid too then.
  9. Put it this way; I certainly hope that the players and management don't think that it's unrealistic to expect that Dumbarton could catch us! Dunfermline will certainly lie down to them on the final day if they've secured a play-off place by then and I do think that they can get something from the two games v ICT. Our last couple of performances suggest that we're not up for a fight either so, while all of the planets would have to be aligned and all of the ducks in a row, it's definitely not impossible.
  10. Looks like a serious assault victim. He is.
  11. Falkirk vs Dunfermline - Sat 7th April

    Why would Dunfermline fans be happy that Falkirk were battling relegation?
  12. Falkirk vs Dunfermline - Sat 7th April

    Whit's happened to Jimmy's wee badger?
  13. I think McGhee, Robson, Sibbald and Longridge would be a good core and definitely Nelson & Jakubiak if we could get them back. One or two more too for the squad if need be but we probably need a goalie, RWB, two centre halves, and 3 or 4 midfielders in addition.
  14. Which makes me even more worried than I was before!
  15. I think it's more likely that we'll lose all of ours than Dumbarton winning 3 TBH. Hartley appears to have started to piss about with team selection, tactics and substitutions, probably in an effort to get us over the line but it appears to have backfired somewhat. I know what he's saying about us playing so many games in a short period and having to use the pool but I feel it would have been better if he'd gone with our strongest team until we were safe before starting to tinker. Problem is that one of those potential Dumbarton victories would be against us and, if they had managed to win the two before...