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  1. No.
  2. The BoD will set that out in the Heads of Agreement I think.
  3. Untwist your knickers, SuperHans. It was a tongue in cheek remark with regards to the mess that folk get in about the lifetime season tickets on here. I happen to completely agree with what you were trying to say with your long-winded phone tariff based analogy. Give us the short version next time though, eh!
  4. Tongue in cheek remark. Doesn't translate well online admittedly.
  5. Not much else to add. The artificial pitch has been thoroughly investigated, advice from clubs who have had/still have one sought. I also learned that there are around 40 lifetime season tickets still kicking about. *worms everywhere*
  6. Still a wee bit to do in the process, no solid timescale advised though it's hoped it'll be soon. It was a meeting at Starks with forum representatives.
  7. Regarding the takeover: I had reservations about the whole thing at the beginning, admittedly based on only one side of the story which obviously is never a good idea. Having heard John Sim speak last night, it's evident that he is determined to have the club running fluently and I'm convinced that he has RRFC's wellbeing at heart. I just hope that this goes through quickly so the club can start to repair some of the damage and possibly allow Barry Smith some leeway with regards to bolstering his squad. 'Mon the Rovers.
  8. Jeezo! Kilmarnock must be shite this season again.
  9. Probably Phantom's Livi Lass. She's aff her heid.
  10. Spoke to Ally McIntyre at half time and he now reckons we're capable of finishing mid-table in the Championship.
  11. Maybe if I combine dreams IT will be pumping my wife. Nothing I could do about that.
  12. I was in Dunfermline today looking at a style of house we fancy. Not buying in Dunfermline but there's no show homes available in Kirkcaldy yet. Anyway, nicked in to Asda along there and on the way out the car park this jakey looking ding and his strung out looking bird were ambling across the road so I drove around them giving them plenty of space. Said jakey starts gesticulating at me, trying to show his corpse bride how hard he was. Gave him the w****r sign and drove on. PTTGOYN - Skinny, adidas trackie bottom wearing jakepots having a shit attitude for absolutely f**k all.
  13. Dreamt that my wife had a *consultation in America about sleeping with other men. She was successful but decided against it. *Casting couch. I also had a dream where I was in a house with a lot of other folk and they told me not to go upstairs because IT was up there. Told them to stop talking rubbish, it was only a film etc and went up the stairs. Opened a door and IT was there bearing his sharp teeth at me. I woke up before he attacked me. Horrible.
  14. Hopefully the SFA are using this game to trial ice hockey style fights being permitted.
  15. No beer on tap. I'm incredibly friendly, just not to obnoxious folk.