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  1. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    The scoreline has already been decided folks.
  2. Stranraer v The Kirkcaldy Juggernauts

    I can't see who supports who on my phone. Easy mistake to make if Varnarover is on the same platform. Wouldn't be a disaster if this game was called off as we'll be stronger for the rearranged game barring further injuries.
  3. East Fife V Raith

    OK, Gordon. Nae bor, Gordon.
  4. East Fife V Raith

    I had you down as one of the brighter ones, tazz1903.
  5. East Fife V Raith

    The majority of EF supporters on here come across as being incredibly dim.
  6. Champions elect V Playoff chasing Ayr

    Both sets of supporters on FB by the way.
  7. Champions elect V Playoff chasing Ayr

    Think we're going to have to agree to disagree about the penalty. Though the way this thread has gone we'll probably disagree to agree to agree to disagree.
  8. Champions elect V Playoff chasing Ayr

    See if Shankland went down normally without dragging his leg, I think the penalty would have been awarded. As it is, he made a meal of it and highlighted that he was playing for the penalty. Should have been booked.
  9. Champions elect V Playoff chasing Ayr

    Have you watched the highlights? As clear a dive as you'll see all season in my opinion.
  10. Champions elect V Playoff chasing Ayr

    Shankland doing the old leg drag "Primary official! This highlight headed rapscallion appears to have made connection with my lower limb which should, by rights, result in a penalty kick and perhaps even a red card!" Diving fanny. Why do you hate Fifers so much, diegomarahenry? I imagine that it's because we're genetically superior and live in a beautiful part of the world compared to you but explain otherwise if you will.
  11. Champions elect V Playoff chasing Ayr

    Heron didn't do much wrong today but the same old lazy opinions get touted as though they are gospel truth. Watch the game with a fresh pair of eyes every week instead of deciding beforehand that players were shite.
  12. Champions elect V Playoff chasing Ayr

    Just pointing out that the Ayr supporter's hero was gash. Running about the pitch thinking he's an enforcer.
  13. Champions elect V Playoff chasing Ayr

    Ayr trying to kick their way to the title. Last resort of a shite manager. Couldn't understand the Ayr supporters singing Adams name. He did nothing but foul his way through the game and could easily have put them in trouble by being sent off. Absolute haddie. Not much between the two sides as expected. Our two games in hand are huge.
  14. The New Raith Rovers Thread

  15. Champions elect V Playoff chasing Ayr

    Anybody thinking that we're going to roll Ayr over easily on Saturday is either buzzing oot their heid on class A drugs or new to the Rovers. This'll likely be as hard a game as we'll have all season with Ayr determined not to let us open up a four point gap with two games in hand. Injury depleted or not, they're still able to put a decent first 11 on the pitch. Obviously I hope we win but I wouldn't leave the ground gutted with a draw.