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  1. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Don't think it's quite as black and white as that.
  2. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    To be fair, any non-attendance can probably be attributed to hassle avoidance. Understandable really.
  3. The New Raith Rovers Thread

  4. The Spiders v The mighty Raith

    Been said already but Queens Park were pretty decent, not far off the performance Ayr put in against us but nothing going for them in the final third. We were clinical when it mattered though and I doubt QP will be the last team that we blow away.
  5. The get fit, stay fit thread

    Braw. Something to aim for next time. Good price. I'm £22 for gym and swim at Kirkcaldy leisure centre.
  6. The get fit, stay fit thread

    I'm down to 14st 3lbs from just under 16st at the beginning of the year, mainly due to cycling about 9 miles three or four times a week. Tody though, I completed my first ever 5k run in about 27 minutes. Is this decent or pretty rubbish bearing in mind that I haven't even entertained running any distance for about 10 years!
  7. The Spiders v The mighty Raith

    Almost a home from home at the moment.
  8. The Spiders v The mighty Raith

    Looking forward to this. Staying in Glasgow on Saturday in preparation for flying to Florida on Sunday so hopefully the Rovers are just the start of a great few weeks. I'll predict a 1-2 scoreline.
  9. Raith v Ayr Ayr fya etc etc

    I thought this at the time, though having seen the highlights, the tackle on Spence wasn't as high as I thought it was. Yellow was probably the correct decision. As for the Pars supporter coming to Stark's instead of going to Greenock, maybe finances were part of that decision? Let's leave him be.
  10. Raith v Ayr Ayr fya etc etc

    I can see why Ayr supporters hate the Rovers. We constantly do them over in what must be frustrating style for them. If we're not relegating them, we're beating them to promotion. Last minute winners, equalisers etc. It's verging on bullying.
  11. Raith v Ayr Ayr fya etc etc

    Talking of things being handed in, I handed a Rovers scarf that I found at the bottom of the steps on Pratt st into the office. Ayr were no' bad today when they were trying to play. The jobby had obviously sent them out to rough our more technically gifted players up a bit though which was to the detriment of a decent looking side I thought. That's their problem though. I'm fair enjoying watching this, at times, swashbuckling Rovers side.
  12. Raith v Ayr Ayr fya etc etc

    Ayr 'keeper is gash.
  13. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    It was my pal's 18th at the Ravenscraig hotel and I was throwing pints down like a seasoned drinker. I can only assume that the buzz of having the final to go to completely obliterated the inevitable hangover.
  14. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    It was Caesars 20 years ago. I was there at 15 on the second night it was open as Caesars. The date: 26/11/1994.
  15. East Fife V's Raith Rovers

    Sore one for the East Fife supporters. Their team was never anywhere near us. Great to see our strikers scoring for fun, Buchanan should have had a hattrick at least! I'll actually greet if we lose Vaughan before the end of the window.