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  1. I suppose our defenders hoofing the ball towards our striker for 90 minutes is technically playing out from the back.
  2. Can't see anything but 3pts for Falkirk here to help them on their way to getting knocked out of the playoffs.
  3. Dobbie has whipped a good free kick in which was as close to the junction as you could get. Incredibly harsh on the 'keeper.
  4. The phrase "Turgid pish" has never been so appropriate.
  5. Derek Lyle has been on the ground more than the ball has.
  6. This ref is fucking shite.
  7. I'm a bit more confident of staying up after Saturday's performance. Battled for everything and even played some decent football. Could have scored a few more too. QotS on Saturday is huge. Cannae wait!
  8. Some season Morton are having, It'd be brilliant if they won this. Still to play Hibs twice as well.
  9. Probably would have liked the Pars to win today. Funny that they didn't though and are now baw deep in a relegation battle.
  10. Great fight shown by the players today. McManus was all over the place today in a good way but big JYM was tremendous. Bit of a pisser that the win didn't see us pull away, instead dragging the Pars back in and giving QotS twitchy sphincters (sphincti?) if we beat them next week.
  11. Stevo leaving the day before Locke gets the Cowdenbeath manager position. Hmmm... New player coach perhaps?
  12. I enjoy reading the bold Throbber too much to engage him in fisticuffs. Some boy.
  13. I'd like to compete but will be nearing 40 by the time I'd be anywhere near ready. Hopefully I'll get to a level where I'm a decent sparring partner for the younger competitors.
  14. I'm 38 but the class that I attend is for all levels. I don't think age will come into it if you want to learn. Competing may be another matter though as you'd be up against younger, quicker guys.
  15. Not yet. Not sure if I will either as I'm probably too old to be competing.