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  1. We were shit today, Motherwell were decent. Nothing positive about our performance. Moult’s finish for the second was brilliant. Hope you beat Celtic next week.
  2. 2-1 to Aberdeen. Just bought my tickets for RDS Upper. Going to be fucking freezing.
  3. I don’t think there’s much any team in Scotland can do when Celtic are playing like this. It’s fucking depressing.
  4. Considine starting...
  5. Delighted to hear about Wright extending his contract. Think he's just going to get better and better... and my loon got a wee hug from him after a friendly against Buckie Thistle and still he never stops talking about it.
  6. P&b Running Club

    Bah, my running has really gone to shit. I've bought myself new trainers to try and motivate me, but I've still not been out in them. Grr.
  7. Hibs vs Dons 14.10.17

    I’ll admit to being more than a bit worried about the game today, so absolutely delighted with the result.
  8. Oh my God, this is excruciating.
  9. Ilicic running the show. We're showing him onto his stronger left foot every time he comes down the side. And f**k, they've scored again. Game over boys.
  10. Get the f**k in there!