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  1. P&b Running Club

    Not sure about Strava, @Gaz, but I'm sure there's a facility on Map My Run where you can search for local routes that people have done. Did just over 7.5 miles earlier. Was only supposed to do 6 and I grinned and waved like a loon at someone I thought was my friend on her bike, but it turned out to be someone else who I didn't know... Oh well. It was a good run!
  2. Saw this when Snapchat stalking
  3. P&b Running Club

    I had a very enjoyable 6.5 miles around town today. I went through 10k in under an hour for the first time since my injury 2 years ago. Delighted! Now just need to find 7:30min to get back to my PB...
  4. P&b Running Club

    What's wrong with the weather? I almost ended up in the North Sea tonight Wild out there! Runuary done. 100.6 miles for January. I'm beyond chuffed considering where I started the year. Been injured for too long.
  5. P&b Running Club

    Where is the pain in your knee? Outside? Inside? Front?
  6. P&b Running Club

    If you can do 11, you'll manage 13.1, honest. I've done a few now, and toying with the idea of entering another as it's a distance I don't feel I've ever done it justice. Maybe do Aviemore again - I'd recommend it as it's mostly downhill (apart from a stinker of an uphill - Husky Hill - at the start of mile 3...).
  7. P&b Running Club

    6.4 miles tonight brings me to 92.7 for the month. Two days to break the 100 mile barrier for, I think, the very first time.
  8. Dons v DABs

    Total shite kick off time/day.
  9. P&b Running Club

    I loved parkrun this morning. Fastest I've done in a LONG time. I'm still nowhere near PB territory, but I'm on the right track. 27:23 for the 5k this morning which is a massive improvement for me. And I've now run 27 days in row. Plan for Feb is to work on strength, core and speed. Once I get my speed back up, I'll be happy to go back to my club.
  10. P&b Running Club

    I've done more miles in January than I did in the whole of 2017. Up yours, IT band. Enjoyed Loch Morlich on Sunday there. The course was almost 1km too long, but hey ho, it was great fun - though really tough in the snow!
  11. Bears vs Sheep Jan 24th

    Thought he was great on Saturday but that was agains Championship opposition...
  12. Bears vs Sheep Jan 24th

    Fucking pish, frankly. Why do we always bend over to these c***s?
  13. Cracking bit of business if true.
  14. Nearly dropped my Bovril