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  1. Totally agree. Even if it’s just for a season.
  2. f**k sakes. We’ve not started the second half.
  3. Thank f**k Morelos is so shit...
  4. Agreed. We really missed him against Hibs on Sat.
  5. Never a penalty. Even better
  6. I hate watching games on TV.
  7. Aberdeen v Hibernian

    Shout of the day came after a tirade of abuse aimed at said linesman - “you hivna even got a decent bald patch”. And he was right.
  8. Aberdeen v Hibernian

    The linesman on the South Stand side was getting absolute pelters. And rightly so. Can anyone tell me what the point of a linesman is? He waited until the ref had already made a decision before putting his flag up almost every time. Pointless.
  9. Aberdeen v Hibernian

    Ref was utterly appalling. Enjoyed the game, though. Great atmosphere too. Think we were the better team, but maybe that’s the red tinted specs.
  10. Aberdeen v Hibernian

    Ref trying his best to ruin a cracking game.
  11. P&b Running Club

    Not sure about Strava, @Gaz, but I'm sure there's a facility on Map My Run where you can search for local routes that people have done. Did just over 7.5 miles earlier. Was only supposed to do 6 and I grinned and waved like a loon at someone I thought was my friend on her bike, but it turned out to be someone else who I didn't know... Oh well. It was a good run!
  12. Saw this when Snapchat stalking
  13. P&b Running Club

    I had a very enjoyable 6.5 miles around town today. I went through 10k in under an hour for the first time since my injury 2 years ago. Delighted! Now just need to find 7:30min to get back to my PB...
  14. P&b Running Club

    What's wrong with the weather? I almost ended up in the North Sea tonight Wild out there! Runuary done. 100.6 miles for January. I'm beyond chuffed considering where I started the year. Been injured for too long.