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  1. Friendly Next Month

    ---------- Forwarded message --------- From: Scotland Supporters Club Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2018 at 15:29 Subject: IMPORTANT UPDATE | Hungary Ticket Collection To: Please note if you have bought a ticket for Hungary v Scotland you now have to collect your ticket in Budapest. View this email in your browser Ticket Collection Notice Hungary v Scotland Tuesday, 27 March 2018 - 8pm (local time) Groupama Arena, Budapest Due to a delay in the delivery of tickets from the Hungarian Football Federation, all fans will now be required to collect their ticket in Budapest. All postage charges will be refunded within 28 days. Ticket collection details: Monday, 26 March: 6pm - 10pm Tuesday, 27 March: 10am - 2pm & 4pm until kick-off Ticket Express Office 1146 Budapest Dózsa Gy. Street 1 View on Google Maps Please note the ticket collection point is 20 minutes away from the stadium. Tram 1 runs every eight minutes to the stadium from close to the ticket collection point. You will require your passport and current or previous membership card to collect your ticket. Every effort is being made by the Hungarian FA to seat everyone in their requested groups although they have asked us to let fans know they cannot guarantee it. Collection is for match-ticket holders only. No tickets will be on sale to Scotland non-ticket holders. Should you have any queries we can be contacted on 0141 616 6000 Monday - Friday or by email [email protected] Thanks, as ever, for your support of the Scotland National Team. See you in Budapest. Supporters Centre Copyright [emoji767] 2018 Scottish FA, All rights reserved. Want to change how you receive these emails? You can update your preferences or unsubscribe from
  2. Friendly Next Month

    Just had email from SSC Hungary game will be 100% collection due to a delay in getting tickets from Hungary
  3. Topman

    Bob Marley released a song in 1996 called WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND, it hit Number 42 in the UK charts. Some people would shorten what goes around comes around to Karma. It is a more likely story than let's see how many folk we can piss off and stop using our shops by calling for a boycott Think that covers all the text on the T-shirt nicely.
  4. Friendly Next Month

    http://www.uefa.com/MultimediaFiles/Download/Regulations/uefaorg/Regulations/02/50/54/37/2505437_DOWNLOAD.pdf The 6 UEFA Nations League dates must be played in even if Friendly, The match day Scotland stil have to fill is 14 - 16 October ( A match day is a three day period of Thursday-Friday-Saturday or Sunday-Monday Tuesday From the download, Article 20 Friendly matches 20.01 Friendly matches organised within the framework of the centralisation of commercial rights are also played on the dates listed on the 2018-20 National Team Match Calendar (see Annex A). 20.02 Under the supervision of the UEFA administration, the participating teams must make the necessary arrangements so that friendly matches are organised on the dates when such teams are not involved in competition matches. 20.03 Friendly matches must be cancelled or postponed if needed for rescheduling abandoned or cancelled competition matches. III
  5. Europa League 2017/18

    RB Leipzig v Marseille A Madrid v S Lisbon Lazio v RB Salzburg And the Red Bull derby was avoided.
  6. Europa League 2017/18

    Arsenal v CSKA Moscow - May v Putin and is that tear gas or something more deadly the police are firing in the air LoL
  7. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    I never add salt before tasting but for some things I will add pepper before tasting, Soup, mashed potato and if having a fry up then to the eggs (scrambled, poached or fried), mushrooms and tomatoes Unless I can see pepper obviously on or through them.
  8. Topman

    Good chance the designer, the manufacturer and much of the other stuff was not UK based reducing the possibility of awareness, Also have to remember it will be 28 years ago next month. A 25 year old fashion designer in China probably wouldn't have something that happened outwith their lifetime on their radar.
  9. Topman

    The ability of people to find insult and be shocked and over-react never ceases to amaze. http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-43424172 From the BBC article, Ms Brookes, whose 26-year-old brother died at the stadium, said the phrases "karma" and "what goes around comes around" were used by some rival fans who claimed Hillsborough was "God's punishment" for the Heysel disaster in which 39 mostly-Juventus fans died at a match against Liverpool. She also said the red colour, the number 96 and the rose were all symbols she associated with Hillsborough. Ms Brookes said: "I really do believe it is something to do with Hillsborough. "I would like it removed from sale and I do want (Topman) to explain how this shirt came about and what the thinking was." She said whatever the shirt's original message, "people will use it now as a way of antagonising Liverpool fans". Ms Brookes said: "Our 96 were decent human beings who did nothing wrong. "How would people feel if it was their loved ones being mocked?" Some Twitter users have expressed their "disgust" and called for a boycott. Liverpool now appear to copyrighted the colour Red, the number 96 and the Rose symbol as their property. Nena was lucky she sang about 99 Reb balloons not 96 red roses or she'd be on the boycott list too.
  10. Out of the mouth of babes...

  11. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    I'm assuming the kids death ray eyes stare is due to the fact this photo will prove beyond doubt that this p***k on the right is his father as they both have identical massive Scottish Cup handle Lugs.
  12. Champions League 2017/18

    If they want that standard of coverage should just move the studio to Atlantic Quay and get the BBC Sport Scotland staff to run it. Mind the Sport Scotland staff probably would struggle to be that good based on the current coverage of SPFL
  13. Champions League 2017/18

    Hoping the current political tensions and diplomat expulsions sees a much cheaper and slimmed down coverage from a studio in London/Salford rather than what would probably be a custom made studio overlooking Red Sq with hundreds of BBC TV & Radio presenters, editors, commentators, co-commentators and flunkeys living it up at 5 Star license fee expense, Let's see how excited Theirry Henry is about analysing Australia v France from Salford at 11am on a Saturday morning rather than all expenses from Moscow.
  14. Annoying things people write on Facebook

    That's close enough to not lose my shit about it, i'll accept that.
  15. Annoying things people write on Facebook

    15 + 15 + 15 = 45 4 + 4 + 15 = 23 4 + 3 + 3 = 10 3 + 4 + 4 x 15 = 165