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  1. Brechin City v Falkirk

    Tommy Robson is every inch the modern young gentleman footballer. Prison tats, fast as f**k and a better left foot than Roberto Carlos. And I love him more than I've loved any man, since King Louis v utd.
  2. Brechin City v Falkirk

    I'd like to see Thomas the terminating engine back in for this. He and sibbs are the silken fist in a steel glove
  3. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Delighted for Loy getting the goal and a decent and focused performance. It may be a long road back for Rory but we should be with him every step of the way. Some things are more important than money. Imperious again from King Louis
  4. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Based on his previous spell he's a better player than them, and offers something a bit different. He also came across as a consummate pro, so suggestions he's decided to chuck it for some flippant reason don't ring true, to me at least. Whatever, he seemed delighted to return and us to have him back. Come back shining soon Rory x
  5. The turnarounds vs the roundabouts

    Any livvy fans short of bus fare home after the game then am afraid a cannelloni any. Also didn't papardelle you not to bother following such a shitey football team. Lol Ok that's me done
  6. Money laundering, I've always assumed
  7. The Falkirk FC Thread

    2 of our more dependable players unfortunately. Whilst a decent cup run would be nice, league ought to take priority and I imagine that's how Hartley will see it. Shame as without TTTT in the middle of the park we'll likely concede dominance there. Knowing he's going to own you in another alpha-lionesque display is one thing, stopping him do it is another
  8. Morton v Falkirk

    Have Morton had the open top bus parade for us nearly not beating them yet?
  9. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Its pretty well established now that Hartleys primary talent is as a squad builder, identifying and procuring players to suit his system. Hes an obsessive student of the game by all accounts. In this context, what he may or may not have said to upset some already shitbagging underachievers is pretty much irrelevant. f**k them. If hes interested in developing his man management style, hes got no better mentor than Alex Smith, who the players frankly would die for. Plus hes like a little tactical buddha
  10. I Predict a riot... EEP 2/1/18

    If hes still with us, Id have Hippo playing lone striker for this. Be good to see him getting it up these twerps at least one more time
  11. Falkirk 0 v The Dobbie Machine.

    Be gd to see Muirhead kick Dobbie over the main stand
  12. Jamp is a perfectly cromulant word
  13. As opposed to the seniors doing the exact same thing? As to your last point, I admire your optimism but I see no evidence of this happening
  14. No overreaction to recent results here, but I'd have no problem with the development team playing our remaining fixtures. Bloods the youngsters, we get to watch a team that at least give a shit, and hopefully I never get to watch Joe McKee pretending to be a footballer again. Win win. Win.