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  1. Biify looking very decent here. Oh and Twin Atlantic are magic.
  2. FC Augsburg Home (white), away (Green) and third (grey). Yellow is a keeper kit.
  3. On the above, you can't play trialists in the league cup I'm sure, so that's the only real negative that I take from the changes to this competition. You need to have your squad signed up by July 15th, no easy feat.
  4. How did he manage to get a hold of a time machine?
  5. I bloody hope not.
  6. Kyle Hutton's 'performance' in the 3-1 win over you lot at Cappielow earlier in the season was potentially the worst I've ever seen from a professional footballer. And I've seen some fucking shite wear the blue and white hoops in my time.
  7. According to the Sun (I know), we're in for Dundee's ex-stranraer keeper David Mitchell. Good experienced competition for Gaston.
  8. I've not been able to see your last couple of posts on the app. I'm guessing it's an image or something?
  9. Wow, just wow. The guy is going through a poor run of form is all, could do with being taken out of the team to regroup. We forget that he's only recently turned 21, he's still a young lad. A few games on the bench, and a chance to regroup mentally, will do him the world of good.
  10. I bet that sounded hilarious in your head.
  11. Is there are way to keep up with the progress of the new stand at Tynecastle?
  12. It is an absolutely glorious day here on the Clyde Riviera. Perfect conditions for a game.
  13. I get a feeling that the midweek hammering with Boe in goal was at McDiarmid Park rather than Tannadice. Pretty sure it was a 6-1 defeat.
  14. Prices of food/drink are probably much of a muchness with here to be honest.