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  1. The Famous Aberdeen - Season 2017/18

    Frank Ross coming on loan to Morton according to the Daily Record (I know). Is he a wide midfielder by any chance? Other impressions?
  2. 2 for me is the best of a bad bunch. Gonna pop in tomorrow and see them in the flesh. Hopefully this is the last fan designed strip we have.
  3. Zombies v League Leaders

    I had a right good chuckle at that, fair play to the lad for the improvisation. Ref would have had a difficult decision to make had our player been any closer mind you. Echoing one or two others, I thought United yesterday were in complete control, with Fyvie and Fraser the two best players I've seen this season. They completely ran the show, but Scott McDonald up top won't score enough goals to allow you to run away with things. A good hold up player, and uses the ball wisely, but doesn't have the legs to get into the good positions he always used to anymore. As for Morton, well we lined up with the wrong team, had no out-ball as we didn't have any natural wide players, and the front 2 were given zero service to work with. I thought Harkins was our best player for the first hour but fell out of the game and should have been the one to go off before Murdoch. As soon as Thomson moved out wide, he was as ineffective there as he always is, and Jai looked like a lost wee boy on the left hand side, just as he did when he first came into the team in that area of the pitch. He plays through the middle or he doesn't play at all. We still lack pace in the middle of the park and solid options in the wide areas, but given we've had these deficiencies since pre-season, I doubt we'll see them being rectified any time soon.
  4. Tail of the Bank v The Hedge

    Was Watty your number 11? cracking set of tits on him.
  5. St Mirren v Morton

    Absolute fucking riddy [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23]
  6. Vietnam

    Fly into Hanoi. Do 3 days there, then head out to Halong Bay, do an overnight on a boat in the bay. Then back to Hanoi airport and catch a flight down to Hue, 1 or 2 nights will probably be enough there, but the Citadel is a must, then take the train down to Hoi An for 3 nights. Hoi An is probably top 3 in the places I've visited in my life, and I found a beer in a bar for 4,000 dong, or 13 pence by today's exchange rate. Lastly, fly down to Ho Chi Minh City for a final 3 nights, and if you find the time, head down to the Mekong Delta and sail down the rive to try some elephant ear fish. I absolutely loved Vietnam, would go back tomorrow.
  7. Travelling On Your Own

    Any recommendations of places to travel solo over Christmas? Single and don't have much by the way of family, so would happily avoid the constant sympathy from people at work who 'can't believe that I would be alone at Christmas' by just getting the f**k away from it all. Europe is probably out of the equation as I everywhere is still going to be Christmas mental, so what's the next best thing that wont break the bank?
  8. Buying tickets for German football games

    There's not going to be a general sale for the Braunschweig game. The DFB have it down as a high risk game so tickets can only be sold to members. Ah well, just need to watch it in the pub instead.
  9. Buying tickets for German football games

    Yeah I've fired them off an email, playing the tourist card, so fingers crossed they'll put a ticket aside for me.
  10. Buying tickets for German football games

    When do tickets generally go on public sale? Just booked up to go to Berlin on the 13th of September, and Union are at home to Eintracht Braunschweig on the Friday night, but general sale doesn't seem to have started.
  11. wullie360 is Scottish Football's Last Man Standing 2017!

    Week 1 - Queen of the South.
  12. TRNSMT Festival

    Biify looking very decent here. Oh and Twin Atlantic are magic.
  13. New Kits for 17/18

    FC Augsburg Home (white), away (Green) and third (grey). Yellow is a keeper kit.
  14. Group F

    On the above, you can't play trialists in the league cup I'm sure, so that's the only real negative that I take from the changes to this competition. You need to have your squad signed up by July 15th, no easy feat.
  15. How did he manage to get a hold of a time machine?