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  1. Who wins the league?

    I’d hoped to come down for the game but couldn’t manage in the end so appreciate the match report.
  2. Who wins the league?

    I believe that two clubs put their bid in for a license by the March deadline. Rumour has it that they were both looked at on merit and both have passed. Hopefully one is Lothian, Dalkeith possibly the other?
  3. Who wins the league?

    I’m fairly certain they would take it and would like to go up, but sadly for them I just don’t see it happening. Rumours emanating elsewhere tonight seem to suggest that Lothian are set to get their club license in time. I know Threave beat Kelty in a cup earlier in the season but I just think when it really matters, either Kelty or Lothian will play a completely different level of football to Threave when they playoff.
  4. The Duel for the Crown

    I had the exact same thought process. I suspect 2 or 3 will be dropped as they know that Tynie are likely to have to do the same as some of them will be running on empty too.
  5. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    I’m tipping Hutchie to be on f*re this week - an Eternal Flame, if you will!
  6. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    As were the Egyptians, and their funny walk........well, so The Bangles tell me! Speaking of which, it’s now officially Manic Monday time!
  7. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    They’ve actually ringfenced £200 of that to build a state of the art wall for fans to pee behind. They’ve clearly missed a trick - could of got the Mexicans to pay for it!
  8. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    To join the ‘pyramid’, the aforementioned shits have to be triangular in order to comply with licensing legislation. Bad news further south as apparently Auchinlecks number twos are all cylindrical and as such they have no desire to join said pyramid.
  9. The Duel for the Crown

    A real steely performance by LT today. That being said, 3 breathtaking saves from their keeper. Heres hoping Hutchie take care of business in midweek to set up a cracker next Sat! Great season in the EOS as per norm.
  10. The Duel for the Crown

    Trying to convince my better half here there’s no eateries so we’re forced to go to KFC........you’re ruining my moment here lol! Kidding, good to know actually, much appreciated. Teahut it is.
  11. The Duel for the Crown

    Disappointed my annual Welfare trip in midweek ended in defeat but looking forward to tomorrow’s cracker. Best of luck to both. Don’t think there’s a tea hut yet so may have to visit KFC on route. (For legal purposes, other fast food outlets are available!).
  12. Whitehill welfare

    I think you may be taking this a bit too personally. The joys of youth I guess. About a month ago I got abuse for daring to suggest the title was between Spartans and EK. Low and behold I was right - and it appears BSC may not even finish third. No one on your team felt compelled to jump in and say I was right. Go back and read my post again. At no point did I compare BSC to Hawick or whomever! I just said that all 4 four home games were winnable and that I’d expect a minimum 7 points. So realistically I’m saying it’s not impossible to get a draw at home to BSC - is that really that far fetched? Even if it doesn’t materialise?
  13. Whitehill welfare

    To be fair there’s been some very tough fixtures in there. 4 games left and all at home. No gimmie’s out there but Gala, Selkirk, Hawick, and even BSC are all winnable home ties. I’d be looking for 7pts minimum from those games. I’ll be taking my annual Welfare game in in midweek v Selkirk so will try be a lucky charm!
  14. Saughton game off!!!!

    Lothian v Leith this Sat (14th) has been switched to Ainslie Park with a midday kick off, as per EOS website. Potential title winning party afterwards with Spartans v East Stirlingshire at 3pm.
  15. Saughton game off!!!!

    Can’t these ‘javenilists’ - if that’s even a term, find an alternate home?