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  1. Lochee Harp

    Great thanks, will add to the todo list for next season.
  2. Lochee Harp

    Anyone know if Lochee Harp have moved into their new ground and if so when it happened?
  3. Lthv 17/18

    Great game for the fans to look forward too. Hopefully the wee bit of extra money they get will help towards one or two of the projects they have on facilities. Good luck for Sat!
  4. Kelty Hearts 17/18 thread

    Cheers will do. Yeah in a way be good if they both keep winning to set up two superb showdowns near the end in a winner takes all. Be even better if LT have a license to ensure that the champ actually gets promoted. (technically they may still need to play off again SOS winner but that would be a mismatch).
  5. Kelty Hearts 17/18 thread

    Should be . I'm going to head through for it. Have a feeling it will be a battle for a while but Kelty winning 3-0 by the end of the 90. Looking forward to the Lothian Kelty showdowns.
  6. Lowland Trapdoorwatch 2017-18

    Fantastic news! Here’s hoping Lothian Thi are next. Haven’t managed along to Saughton yet this season - anyone know if the rumoured upgrades have started being built?
  7. Groundhop 2018 dates

    Far too sensible a poster for this board! It can be good when game is switched as can see that game plus potentially another game or time with partner. I'm luckily enough to have been to all Scottish senior grounds plus vast majority of EOS, SoS, Lowland, junior, and even a fair few highland grounds too. Will still support the Scottish groundhop in March regardless in March. Been to a good few English grounds too. Keep up the tours, it's a great experience!
  8. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    Great news. Likely more to follow in coming years.
  9. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    Million percent spot on re West clubs. Very frustrating but I'm optimistic a solution will be found in due course.
  10. North Region 2017-18

    I therefore take it that there was no mention of the NCL integrating with the North Juniors from 2018/19.
  11. Welcome back East Kilbride

    Took in as a neutral too. Cowdenbeath had a fair amount of decent chances in that first half and could have been out of sight. Fair play to EK for making a real game of it after that. Good crowd too in spite of horrific weather.
  12. Welfare

    Cheers for that NB. Great game. Manson ran riot, they struggled to contain Healy, and the keeper had two magnificent saves. Something to build on for next season, especially if they can tighten it up a bit at the back.
  13. Welfare

    Meet and my mate just finished takeaway from La Cavalière in Dalkeith. Not to say I won't be at the pie hut at some point lol.
  14. Welfare

    Now now, let's try keep this focussed on the footballing aspect lol. Though happy to hear the really good tales in person :-p
  15. Groundhop 2018 dates

    I think that's the very point tho. Remember those grounds in England are essentially our tier 5 and 6 equivalent. National conference (tier 5) last year had Bristol Rovers, Tranmere this year......huge clubs. Groundhopping is about uncovering some hidden gems and not having to pay a lot to do so. These small clubs all have their own tale to tell and it's a great way to spend the weekend.