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  1. QOS V League Leaders

    By the way, after saying that i don't know how much the BOD would fancy the added expenditure to get the ground compliant, i would love QOS to get to the premier and i hope you find a manager that can get you there. The atmosphere at the ground is great and it reminds me of the days when there was still terracing at Love St.
  2. QOS V League Leaders

    It would cost them a fortune to get the ground up to standard. Also getting humped every week would also see the crowds plummet even further and therefore less money coming in. In other words they don't have the ambition.
  3. True but McCall was the master of fantasy talk back when we were humping his Clydebank team during the Hendrie era.
  4. QOS V League Leaders

    Sounds like Morton's BOD
  5. Mind that time everyone laughed and had us dead and buried?
  6. It's a matter of when, not if we win the league. Other teams can win their games in hand but the fact is i can't see us losing 4 games more than our rivals in the remaining 8 games.
  7. QOS V League Leaders

    I really should take up gambling
  8. QOS V League Leaders

    Bought a ticket for the terracing and as long as it doesn't piss down, i'm glad. I'd prefer to move about given that it's meant to be cold tomorrow.
  9. While I think we’ll win the league I just think taking care of one game at a time is a cliche, but nonetheless true. If we keep winning there will be points dropped by both Livingston and Dundee Utd and we could be almost there by April.. let’s beat QOS first.
  10. I think Morton will win this game and QOS will beat DU.
  11. QOS V League Leaders

    Or stay for the next train at 5 to 8? I'd imagine that won't be very busy.
  12. QOS V League Leaders

    I am aware of your game against Utd, feel free to beat them However this is our next game and we'll bring a big support and any complacency that might have affected us is gone after the defeat to Livvy, we're treating every game like a cup final now. I'll be traveling down on the train early and will quickly find a nice wee pub for pre match refreshments.
  13. Another step towards the title, looking forward to a day out in Dumfries. I think we'll win this 3-1 and hopefully be boosted by the return of Lewis Morgan.