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  1. Can't say I've heard any rumours of a 30% budget cut but if that is indeed the case then we're in big big bother.
  2. I've seen us pumped 7-0 at home by Livi and I honestly think tonight's result is more embarrassing.
  3. This will bring the crowds flocking back for the new season. Absolute embarrassment and pretty much guarantees we won't be qualifying for the next stage.
  4. Hopefully they choose to step it up soon cos this has been poor so far!
  5. I think its pretty much 100% guaranteed that there are more signings to come. The big thing is whether these signings are going to be squad fillers or guys that are going to improve our starting lineup. One game is obviously too early to judge but if things don't improve from today's performance then we're going to struggle I think.
  6. I'm trying to find something positive to say about his performance...... nope
  7. 1 more Morton goal would've clinched me £800 from a fiver
  8. I love the league cup!
  9. We've been brutal
  10. Unfortunately our remote location doesn't stop a good number of promising youngsters from being picked by Celtic and Rangers.
  11. Why? I've no idea if there's any possibility of him coming back but he had matured into a fine player before he was lured up North.
  12. Squad wise we are weaker at the moment but apparently are still due another 3 signings which may well improve things. We've improved our goalkeeper but I'm not convinced about our defence (although it did need tinkered) Midfield and up front are pretty much the same as last season. I'd still see us finishing 5th-7th currently.
  13. You spelt "could" wrong.
  14. I agree, now that the new signings have had time to gel there is no stopping us!
  15. Glorious stuff