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  1. Free Money

    Oh well, guess I’m just a lucky b*****d then!
  2. Free Money

    Bet365 inplay offer back for the FA Cup final - I seem to have been upped to £50 from my usual £25. I’ve hardly used them at all lately so dunno if everyone is getting £50?!
  3. Why not? If Livi are paying their players such a pittance then they shouldn’t be too hard to temp away!
  4. do you reckon Martin being fit will be a bad thing?
  5. Really like the look of both the home and away shirts so look forward to seeing the final product. Haven’t bought a shirt for years but can see me buying both of these!
  6. Doonhamers v Bairns

    Possibly. Being totally rancid at home may also be a factor!
  7. Doonhamers v Bairns

    Wow, what a shitey home support!
  8. QoS v Livi

    Which one?
  9. Win Counter

    I know, still raging at Wigan for busting my other coupon tho!
  10. Coupon Bursters

    Wigan for £5 1015/1 tenfold
  11. Win Counter

  12. Win Counter

  13. Have you been Kwiffed ?

    Yes the app is also very fiddly! Anyways, good luck with your bet!
  14. Have you been Kwiffed ?

    No they were both accas. My kwiffed bet actually won but several of the games were postponed due to the weather so ended up with about a 4/1 win. The odds they offer pre kwiff are pretty poor and the markets offered seemed pretty limited I thought.