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  1. Injury prone throughout his time here.
  2. Serves you right for busting my coupon.
  3. Useless fuckers! There's the coupon buster
  4. Yay, free bet win
  5. I think your okay, bet365 do an offer where they void correct score predictions for certain games if they finish 0-0
  6. 10 for a yellow and 25 for a red.
  7. Decent week so far, makes up for an awful weekend for me!
  8. Quickly becoming my go to bet this:
  9. 1st one clinched by Messi taking his top off after scoring at the death
  10. Place 2 singles pre match then the free bet is credited instantly.
  11. They seem to do it quite often, perhaps not quite every week though. Also the free bet also has to be used for a request-a-bet for the same game.
  12. Aye, free £5 bet if you placed 2 x £5 request-a-bets.
  13. Had Atletico 2-0 on the bet365 offer so this softened the blow of them not getting a 2nd goal.