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  1. Livingston v Queens

    I don't think our record against them in recent years is that bad that I'd consider them a bogey team? I agree though that I'd probably accept a draw but really think we are capable of getting a win.
  2. Gambling forum quick questions thread

    Good luck then!
  3. Gambling forum quick questions thread

    Did you get a refund?
  4. Gambling forum quick questions thread

    I think you've lost as the match is classed as a draw including the handicap I'm afraid
  5. Win Counter

    Keep the colts in I say!
  6. Win Counter

    cashed out a couple early - I'd have been slightly better off if I'd let them run but I can't complain too much!
  7. Win Counter

    Nice start to weekend Stranraer also on coupon
  8. Weekend Betting

    Going reasonably big on a St Mirren -1 and Raith -1 double. Pays 11/2.
  9. Weekend Betting

    St Mirren 8/11 to beat Hearts U20's and Raith 10/11 to beat Ross County's kids must be bankers surely?!!
  10. I'd imagine Dunfermline pull in a bit of support from other smaller towns in Fife (Fife has a population of 350000 odd versus D&G 150000) Our crowds are poor though.
  11. Coupon Bursters

    I pray to you that it can only get better!
  12. Free Money

    What year is it?
  13. Falkirk v Queens

    I'm assuming that you haven't read many Falkirk v Queens match threads!
  14. Midweek flutter

    this isn't going so well