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  1. I think folk should perhaps wait until the manager states there will be no further signings before they start the hissy fits regarding the squad!
  2. Oh dear lord please don't be true!
  3. He shares Rusty's inability to multi-quote
  4. What the f**k is an anolology?
  5. Ian Harty - purely for the fact he always seemed to do well against us!
  6. His point is quite clear! you seem unable to grasp the fact that just because a team has a good start doesn't mean they are the best team in the league. We finished 6th because there were 5 better teams in the league.
  7. It's not like the whole team has been punted! If everyone had performed in the same manner for the remaining 3/4's of the season then you would maybe have a point.
  8. If you can't have a bit of optimism about the coming season before a balls been kicked then what's the point! The thought of another season bobbling about in 6-8th doesn't excite me in the slightest.
  9. 5.30pm Local Community Centre Dumfries Voted: Richard Arkless (SNP)
  10. The dregs of society.
  11. I'm the same, I only use them regularly to keep them sweet for when this offer comes around as well!
  12. We get it - you don't like Naysmith and REALLY like Robinson! Pretty sure he'll have seen plenty of Atkinson in training to have gauged whether he considered him worth keeping.
  13. What an utter shitfest this has been!