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  1. Mitchell and Paton missed.
  2. Montrose v Queens

    I am aware of this
  3. Montrose v Queens

    This game doesn’t go to penalties - I would be surprised if we went out.
  4. Morton v Queens

  5. Queens v Falkirk

    Don’t get too down - it’s actually 8-3 on aggregate not 8-2.
  6. Queens v Falkirk

    Plucky effort at the end from the basement Bairns. Would’ve been a travesty if we hadn’t won that though!
  7. Queens v Falkirk

    As soon as you entered the ground for our last home game you could immediately tell that the pitch had recently had an obscene amount of black rubber pellets dumped on top of it. During the warm up you could see this was having a large impact on how the ball was rolling/bobbling and bouncing unnaturally - instantly drawing comparisons to the much maligned Alloa pitch of previous seasons.
  8. Gambling forum quick questions thread

    Quick google search:
  9. Queens vs Pars

    Jeez, I can be negative regarding Queens at times but everything you post seems to be slagging something!
  10. Weekend Betting

    Can’t see how this could possibly go wrong!
  11. Coupon Bursters

    Clyde conceding in injury time for £936
  12. Livingston v Queens

    I don't think our record against them in recent years is that bad that I'd consider them a bogey team? I agree though that I'd probably accept a draw but really think we are capable of getting a win.
  13. Gambling forum quick questions thread

    Good luck then!
  14. Gambling forum quick questions thread

    Did you get a refund?