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  1. World Cup Gambling Thread

    11/4 for the three favourites seems fair today, Mexico single at 4/5 also tempts.
  2. Unpopular opinions.

    Stephen fry is a pretentious oaf, not a ‘national treasure’
  3. Football Podcasts

    Been listening to totally football show and the guardian daily ones in the morning, obviously a fair bit of overlap. Had a bit more time today so listened to world football daily one for vicarys reaction to Argentina which to be fair he predicted, dotun was peak annoying and managed to make Adrian chiles seem likeable by comparison.
  4. World Cup Gambling Thread

    Contrived to lose a few quid today despite backing Croatia. Too much wastage on horses and fgs. Not a disaster.
  5. World Cup Gambling Thread

    Gone draw/France/draw in a small trixie today
  6. World Cup Gambling Thread

    Decent day had all three fgs favourites would of expected one brave however. Uruguay not covering the handicap was only disappointment.
  7. General World Cup Nonsense

    Seen the video of the wings on the Saudi plane catching fire yesterday. Terrifying.
  8. Have you let yourself go?

    Realising that walking to work and back doesn’t really compensate for what I eat and drink. Gonna do slimming world with missus after I’ve enjoyed this gout tastic week of debauchery for the World Cup. Done about 2000 steps total in last three days but still managed a Toby Carvery, dominos and got mortal for the England game in the boozer.
  9. Twitter

    That’s got to be him finished, he’s sprouted some shit in the past as well.
  10. Podcasts

    It’s ok but not essential.
  11. World Cup Gambling Thread

    Uruguay-1 is 4/5, should cover that no bother if they take chances and Saudi play as they did v Russia.
  12. World Cup Gambling Thread

    Hopefully a nice and predictable day. Portugal 7/10 is a decent single and got about 13/8 for treble with Spain and Uruguay.
  13. The Wrestling Thread

    Big cas gone, didn’t even get a best of luck. Odd..
  14. Last romper stomper was brutal, some of the storylines didn’t really go anywhere but I enjoyed it anyway.
  15. World Cup Gambling Thread

    Best day yesterday due to late Kane winner for double delight, was close with a few bets in Belgium game too. I think Colombia are a solid bet at 4:5, stuck speculative treble on with both African sides for 24/1, should of waited to see if salah was fit really. Ascot offers today as well, currywurst for breakfast and a week off work, what a time to be alive.