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  1. Best Live Wrestling Experience

    Was lucky enough to be at the sky dome for Rock - Hogan in 2002, amazing atmosphere
  2. Gigs

    At the drive in touring
  3. Theme changed to default 2016

    Aye sorted now thanks!
  4. Theme changed to default 2016

    Mine has defaulted from Berwick to Rangers.
  5. Football League 2017/18 season

    Paddy power had Ehiogu listed as possible replacement for Redknapp, poor form.
  6. A diary

    Matched betting in the main. Last year I had two new people opening accounts for me also.
  7. A diary

    Had best ever year last year I think diarised whole thing and finished 8.5k up. Started poorly this year, Cheltenham wasn't as good as previous and stagnated last few months but around £2300 up. Harry Kane responsible for about half my winnings towards end of last season.
  8. Weekend Betting

    Releavtively big single on chelsea
  9. Italian Football Thread

    I've literally got shirts of all the top sides, even Foggia, Venezia and Ternana in my collection. Had loads of Juve shirts as a youngster due to the colours so preferred them until I understood more about it all I leaned towards Lazio due to gazza connections, went to Lazio - Samp in the olimpico and the racism of their fans to the Bolivian/Peruvian hawkers was quite a turn off but the Samp fans were immense so started to 'follow ' then made a pilgrimage to the Luigi Ferraris to see them lose 1-0 to the brilliant early 2000s Milan side but the atmosphere was amazing. Also been to San Siri and Delle Alpi with Newcastle. Haven't really followed Samp in years, I like Verona after reading Tim parks book umpteen times but just more interested in the league genrally and want all teams to do wel in Europe. Would love Napoli to end Juve's stranglehold for the scenes but not holding my breath.
  10. Football League 2017/18 season

    I don't think safc are hated nationwide, it's probably just indifference. Couldn't blame people for hating a team that knowingly played a nonce though.
  11. Weekend Betting

    Was surprised by Leeds price at millwall around 8/5. Took the Skybet boost with Leeds, Liverpool and Man City at 5/1.
  12. Gigs

    Rocket from the crypt touring again later in the year, finally should get my white whale.
  13. Midweek flutter

    Left it after seeing Everton side thankfully! Thought you'd like my Tydfil titbit
  14. Midweek flutter

    Keeping an eye on Everton team, pretty sure the orobici are playing about 100 miles away from Bergamo. Not relevant but probably the last time they faced British opposition in the late 80s I think they were beaten by Merthyr Tydfil then Welsh cup winners and non league outfit.
  15. The Sopranos

    Frank Vincent (Phil) has died