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  1. Berlin

    Had a good weekend there last week and back in April for a stag/footy. Not read whole thread but schonefeld airport or whatever it’s called is the worst I’ve been to.
  2. Sky Bet Horses Offer

    I’ve just seen it’s the three horse field, sure it was the 1.15 when I got up for a piss earlier. Had a few no lose offers lately with Coral and Bet victor too.
  3. CONCACAF League of Nations

    Can’t be too many miss out if gold cup goes to 16 and has traditionally had guests. Only tiny island states and non Fifa type places surely? Not to say they haven’t done well in the past.
  4. World Cup 2018 Qualifying

    Other than Venezuela never making it that was the longest current streak for a South American side, just gutted solano and Pizarro never got to play in a wc.
  5. World Cup 2018 Qualifying

    For England or other European teams in pot 2 you’d want Russia, Poland, Portugal or maybe Belgium, then you can’t get any tricky scando countries or serbia and at worst get maybe Costa Rica and Japan. Even France or Germany would be preferable to Brazil Argentina and running the risk of 1 seed plus another euro imo. Can’t imagine Asian sides doing a lot or Africa breaking beyond the one team in the next round trend that’s gone on since 1990 I think. Got an early finish in for the draw as I’m a sad act.
  6. World Cup 2018 Qualifying

    Would prefer Italy to progress but can’t imagine either team having much of an impact on final stages. Be a shitter of a way to end for Buffon if they fail to progress.
  7. Not exactly spoiled for choice living in a new town but the old railway bridge is nice, sadly abandoned and we are now England’s second largest town without a station. Newcastle is my nearest proper city which has some immense architecture, third most listed buildings in England after London and bath I believe.
  8. Gigs

    Just recovering from qotsa in Berlin Saturday, not seen them in years and hadn’t listened to latest two albums much but great set list and show.
  9. La Liga / Copa Del Rey Ole

    Just booked flights to Madrid in February hopefully get to real game as they’re home to alaves I believe however even looking at nearer fixture the only tickets on the official site are hospitality, sure I won’t struggle to get tickets but any advice appreciated.
  10. The Wrestling Thread

    Got a loan of my mates account, really enjoying the Monday night wars.
  11. Monday Night Raw Live

    Nice line mocking piers Morgan and eb I by graves.
  12. New Kits for 17/18

    That makes more sense, can’t see why they wouldn’t like it thought, not seen Blue one yet. You’re not the bluenose who lived in oz then?
  13. New Kits for 17/18

    It’s my favourite of a good bunch. Do you mean most people on this forum?
  14. Weekend Betting

  15. Weekend Betting

    9:4 Burnley is massive imo. Not straightforward but I’d have them favourites given start they had and good Home form last year. I’d make them nearer 6/4