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  1. Good to see that Dumbarton fans are still irate with Div for trying to “damage our club”. Think their team has more of an effect on that with shoddy performances like yesterday.
  2. Will come as no surprise to any Saints fan that Carswell couldn’t do anything with the ball. That challenge was the only time he was seen today. Ref done us a favour keeping him on the park.
  3. Wonderful stuff & no one more deserving than McGinn. Hopefully relegation beckons for this Dumbarton mob.
  4. Toys well and truly thrown right out the pram. Resorting to personal retorts. Wonderful meltdown.
  5. Don’t have any issue with the price. More just how brutal a football match with Dumbarton is to watch. Granted they seem to be a bit more watchable at their place. Need a win to keep up the pressure on United and to make up for the terrible performance at Love St in December.
  6. Inverness are one of the better teams in this league & enjoyable to watch at that. It will be stark contrast to our game the following week. Hopefully lots of goals in this, with Inverness scoring none of them. I’ll be wrecked regardless.
  7. This is probably the thickest thing I’ve ever read. Fans allowed to have a laugh but player should be punished for giving it back in the only way they can. People in glass houses springs to mind. Tam O’Ware was fair enough in his celebration. No booking needed. Was nice of him to kiss the badge in between tweeting his love for Celtic, mind you.
  8. Imagine being this wound up over a player through jealousy of what he is currently achieving. There was none of this abuse back in March or August. Embarrassing performance from you and some of your cowshed mates.
  9. Shame for Fyvie that he looks to be out long term as he is a great player but great news for us, definitely weakens United. Hopefully don't allow that big diddy Durnan to prance about the pitch doing what he wants this time as he is very suspect. Davis back in beside Baird and looks as if Eckersley is out for a while so Stelios is the natural replacement for him, otherwise same team as usual. Hopefully Stelios plays like he did at Palmerston and not as he did against Dumbarton. Just thankful we don't have Lionel Messi up against us this week.
  10. The Buddies v Dundee United

    Nonsense. Our only weakness doesn’t lie in not having a scrapper in midfield. We have a decent team but by no means are we great. We were missing one player in Cammy Smith against Dumbarton and created nothing the whole game. Dundee Utd have a better squad as you’d expect, we have a huge task on our hands if we are to win the league. Gary MacKenzie was very suspect yesterday. Baird and Davis should be the centre backs, no qualms over that.
  11. Queens v St Mirren

    What a pile of pish. If Gary MacKenzie had cut out the most sublime pass there’s ever been like he should’ve, he’d be getting compared to Maldini right now.
  12. Queens v St Mirren

    No goal yesterday was “extraordinary” no matter who scored it. There were decent finishes. The Saints defence was all over the shop first 10 minutes. The two goals show that, much like Queens defence for our goals.
  13. Queens v St Mirren

    Great win after an awful start. It was as if MacKenzie forgot how to defend for the first 15 minutes. He was all over the place and the pitch didn’t help much either. Thought we were quite poor today, too much hoofing the ball to nowhere and ball bouncing off players. Not big on Stelios but thought he was great second half.