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  1. Rangers fans squealing about how good Goss and Docherty have been. Neither of them are anywhere close to being the calibre of Ntcham or Brown. The quarterly back in yer box dished out to Rangers.
  2. League Leaders v Dunfermline

    Agreed they were the two standouts today. No failures in the team today. Brechin caused us far more problems than Dunfermline today. Can’t remember Samson having anything to do, caused his own problem today with the backpass first half. Mullen deserved a goal today, his play was tremendous and first half in particular Flynn was everywhere. Dunfermline didn’t have a clue what to do with our midfield runners today. On the attacks it always seemed to be the case that we had one of Flynn, Smith or Magennis free. Another game down.
  3. League Leaders v Dunfermline

    Not enough digs into this shortarse keeper. He’s cack.
  4. I can exclusively reveal the game will be postponed tomorrow.
  5. League Leaders V Brechin City

    Brutal game. Thank god we got the win. Thought Jack Ross’ subs were poor and instead of changing it he went like for like. Gods knows where Ryan Flynn was playing when he came on. Then when he did change it, it was a sub that would just bring pressure on us. Some terrible shouts towards him in the main stand, short memories from some people. They will be those that Ross is referring to in his piece on the website. Thought O’Neil in goals for Brechin was the best player on the park. Great save for the penalty and everything else was routine for him but he at least done something of note. More shows just how poor the play was by outfield players.
  6. League Leaders V Brechin City

    Free kick aside Magennis has been poor. We are slow in everything we do.
  7. League Leaders V Brechin City

    So we now have two players who are quite adept at playing right wing yet we have problems filling the position? Why don’t we drop the whole team while we are at it because every single one of them played better earlier in the season. Before Livingston we went 10(?) games unbeaten and now we need to make various changes? Unthinkable to drop Morgan, he gives so much to the team both attacking and defending. He is a terrific outball at any time in the match. I think Hippolyte looked good last week when he came on. I would be tempted to put him in for Flynn however don’t think Flynn has done anything wrong to deserve to be dropped. I wouldn’t be in any rush to bring McShane back in, I don’t see anything he brings that Magennis can’t give us in midfield. We should be as attacking as possible today, Morgan happens to be our best threat going forward.
  8. I saw Donati in the directors box at the QoS game and thought nothing of it. This signing should confirm play offs for us at least this season.
  9. Livvy v League Leaders 17.2.18

    Livi were brilliant, soundly pumped us. It was nice of us to gift a couple of goals and a further 4 or 5 chances to them. Draw next week on Friday night please would be much appreciated. The post about Morgan getting put out for the season by the Livi player’s tackle is a bit OTT it was a bit rash but not that bad. Mullen’s tackle was far worse but that was the only tackle we put in all day. I thought he was off but yellow was fair.
  10. Amazed to read that Rangers are considered as part of a big 2 in Scotland. Diddy basket case of a club. Won’t begrudge Jack Ross a move unless it’s to Rangers. In that case I hope he fails and lands back at Saints 6 months later.
  11. Dunfermline V League Leaders

    Still in disbelief that the referee blew the whistle right on 93 minutes not accounting for the 23 seconds the ball was out of play during those 3 minutes.
  12. Dunfermline V League Leaders

    Say we do go up and then come back down. If both remain in the championship, you will still be miles off the top two of next season: Dundee Utd and Inverness.
  13. Dunfermline V League Leaders

    Just as well we don’t play a team of Aberdeen’s calibre every week then. Instead we face diddies like Declan McManus. Great win. Wonderful first goal and worked second goal. Good bit of dry yer eyes stuff from Johnson on the radio after the match. Finally Jack Baird getting the recognition he richly deserves and to think people were wanting him “rested” once MacKenzie was back fit. He got bullied in the air by M’Voto but apart from that he was brilliant. McManus and Clark caused him no problems. Haven’t seen it mentioned but Saints players were complaining over the goalkeeper after Baird scored, I missed it so have no idea what went on. McGinn was great tonight & particularly moany. I thought we were heading for a Bowyer/Dyer with him & Eckersley first half. Huge 3 points and one less to go but stay a long way away unfortunately.
  14. Aberdeen v St Mirren Scottish Cup Round 4

    Billy O’Brien was considered a good championship goalkeeper last season. He went to Dundee last season and kept a clean sheet, does that mean the difference between the championship and premiership was non existent? No it doesn’t. I agree there is a difference between premiership and championship however Craig Samson is not it.