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  1. If you're counting Stelios' goal in the win against Morton as winning us points then you surely have to do the same with Sutton. Which would be a shot on target after the Ayr game and a goal against one of the top teams. Chat of winning the league is very premature, our signings don't exactly suggest we are building a championship winning team. Time will tell.
  2. Don't see Baird as back up at all. During the run-in, after Davis' injury, Baird was tremendous. Everyone is always quick to put the boot in when he makes a mistake. I don't think we missed Davis all that much after his injury and that was all down to the performances of Baird. Baird & MacKenzie should continue to be first choice.
  3. On retirement, Crawford Allan has also retired. Good riddance.
  4. Correct. In the same way that footballers who don't celebrate scoring a goal because they played for the opposition are attention seeking prima donnas.
  5. Nike have Hibs'd it, according to twitter Josh Magennis is now a "Nike athlete".
  6. How else do you suppose he wins? Of course it doesn't really matter because McGregor will be splattered across the canvas. He's earned himself a nice pay packet. This has visions of Audley Harrison v David Haye as a contest. Except worse.
  7. Southampton in for Jack Ross?
  8. Relegated. f**k it.
  9. https://grenfellactiongroup.wordpress.com/2016/11/20/kctmo-playing-with-fire/ A statement released by the residents last year. Pretty much predicts exactly what has happened.
  10. The star bar in Pollockshaws. 3 courses for £3.
  11. Touting proper guff players as replacements & making such ridiculous claims like the above is far, far worse. We'll make do with Samson he's a decent enough keeper. Who knows who the number 1 choice will be. At least we look stronger than this time last year for goalkeepers.
  12. Gallacher's strengths can be found below:
  13. You are rumoured to be after the wonderful Scott Gallacher instead.
  14. St Mirren thread to be moved to the League 1 forum. Probably be wise to move the relegation express thread to League 1 as well.
  15. I'll be having Jack Ross at 7/1.