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  1. Being an avid follower of all things St Mirren you are well placed to comment, dull as dishwater.
  2. Glorious. Hope we can build on this. Saturday gave me hope and tonight has only given me more. Magennis & Mallan were outstanding. Found myself flying down a couple of rows at the end, every bruise that appears will have been worth it.
  3. The ref isn't going to send Miller off using Baird's word as his justification, get real. Baird was angry and rightfully went down the tunnel. Maybe Jack Ross was acting dignified and would rather take the matter privately if they believe there is a case. Maybe the club have reported it, maybe they haven't. We have nothing to gain from it now. We lost the game and lost a player for 3 games. Who knows.
  4. The suggestion had to come from somewhere in the first place regardless if there are pictures or not. Who knows if there was a bite, the pictures don't make it a completely impossible suggestion. How can Baird protest, he punched him in full sight of everyone? Why would Jack Ross defend him when he got himself sent off for such a clear sending off offence?
  5. I think that's a bit unfair, we looked like a team on Saturday. Even when down to 10 men we created a few opportunities. If anything Saturday gave me hope that we can make it out of this. We aren't going to have a man sent off each week, hopefully, so if Jack Ross can get them up for it again then we will get results. £50k would be embarrassing for Mallan. No chance. He was our best player on Saturday. Naismith who has had a poor start has been a far better player for us recently. Magennis and McAllister look real good young players. Saturday aside I think Baird is a good young defender. I think there is hope for us this season, we need to start picking up points soon.
  6. Hence why I said if. You don't know, I don't know, the only people who do know are Lee Miller & Jack Baird. Well if it's unprovoked then why hasn't Baird lashed out after an aerial challenge before? Why has he kept his head when we have been getting tanked all game yet loses it when we are 1-0 up and looking pretty comfortable? His only previous red card was for a handball, a game I attended, so in answer to your petulant question - no. We are well aware of where we are in the league and I'm sure Baird is feeling guilty of letting his teammates down, who put a lot into the game. The red card cost us the game hence why we are questioning why it happened given the way the game was going.
  7. If it is the case that Miller bit Baird then you'd hardly expect Falkirk to come out and say so as it would lead to a lengthy ban. I wouldn't put it past Miller to have bit him but then again I have no proof of him doing so. He definitely provoked Baird.
  8. I think it is fair to assume that he hasn't lashed out for no reason. I haven't once accused Miller of biting as there is no evidence of him doing so. Your explanation of him being fed up with the season and chucking it during a game where we looked comfortably the better team, a situation we have rarely been in this season, is a lot more ridiculous tbh.
  9. Precisely. Which makes your "likely explanation" all the more ridiculous and laughable.
  10. Highly unlikely explanation, given we were winning away from home. Not exactly a moment you are going to think aw f**k it this season is shite I'll just get myself sent off. If anyone was likely to get frustrated it would be Miller in this instance as his team was creating nothing and he saw very little of the ball unless it was punted up to him. Miller had won a few free kicks prior to this one but the majority, if not all, were against MacKenzie which made it all the more strange for Baird to react as he did. He also committed his fair share. Guess we'll never know just why he did punch him however he remains a fine young centre half who I'm sure will go on to bigger and better things than St Mirren.
  11. Bite or no bite it was a stupid thing to do. However I don't think we should lambast and punish Baird, he made a mistake like many others this season. He'll learn, it's a shame about the timing and with the way the game was going it obviously cost us. There are many positives to take from the first half of yesterday and even when down to 10 men we created quite a few chances and but for better decision making we could've scored another.
  12. If the punch did burst Miller's nose then at least Baird has something to show for it. Cost us in the end as we were playing very well. Mallan was tremendous today. Hippolyte should have had 2 yellows for diving. It was clear for all to see, first in the corner when he ran by Naismith and threw himself to the ground when he saw he had put the ball out of play, then for the one he did receive in the second half. Tuesday now I suppose.
  13. Stupid from Baird, needless. Miller up to his usual fouls. Great goal by Morgan. Hippolyte is a cheating fud, make no mistake about that.
  14. We haven't won for years