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  1. Not at all, it was a nothing match. United didn't look particularly good, us more so. Mistakes have cost us this season. Durnan is either thick as mince or had a Steve Jennings type arrangement as his red card today was ridiculous. I always remember United fans as having decent chants, funny at times. Today's were, in the main, boring probably because it was a group of unimaginative wee boys singing. However that bunch had me longing for a season ticket at the crucible, even more than St Mirren's play this season.
  2. United fans' chants and general patter is absolutely honking.
  3. Hopefully. He was excellent at Hibs, done all the simple things he needed to and covered the pitch. He wasn't afraid to put a tackle and he picked up a smart yellow card. You could see why he was brought in during that game, I hope he continues that form. He's had a tough time of it thus far but it's obvious that he is a better player than dross like Agnew and Carswell last year.
  4. Grainne is unbelievable
  5. Two really good goals from saints. Hutton was tremendous yesterday, I think he showed exactly what he could do. I'm hoping that we will now carry that performance into the rest of the season and Hutton can keep up that level.
  6. Great result and a really good performance. Baird was phenomenal, did not put a foot wrong.
  7. I'm going through for the day out, no guarantee I will make it to the game
  8. I'm with you. Doesn't make sense to me at all. This apparently 'meaningless' cup game would give Jack Ross a free week to evaluate the squad against a good opposition and thus prepare him further for when the games get meaningful again and points are available. I'd like to see Saints do well in any competition regardless of it's diddiness. I think given the circumstances allowing Jack Ross to evaluate the team and start to implement his own ideas/ways of working in a competitive environment prior to a league match would have been the perfect scenario.
  9. I don't really see how anyone can have a problem with what Alex Rae has said since leaving St Mirren. 6 games into a season isn't a long time, he wasn't given a chance to turn it around as the board didn't think he was capable of doing so. I think he can count himself slightly unfortunate. The football was pretty turgid and his tactics were questionable (mainly not allowing full backs to contribute past the halfway line) however I personally would've given him the first quarter of fixtures, I think he deserved more time based on the improvement he made when he took over from Ian Murray. Since leaving he has only has good things to say about the club in a time where he could have slated us and revealed all there is to know about St Mirren. I'm happy enough with Jack Ross, think I said earlier in the thread he wasn't the answer however after it transpired that John Hughes wasn't interested I don't think there was any other option really. I certainly hope that fans won't be calling for his head after 6 games regardless of form. Here's hoping he turns out to be a great appointment and I'm looking forward to his first match.
  10. Hold on, he's still managing Alloa this weekend? Who thought of that?! Get him in for Saturday!
  11. Hopefully the rumours of John Potter are true and we see a return of the trademark Potter hoof up the park & headers going out of play despite the defender motioning to head it forward!
  12. We're going to win the league.
  13. Jack Ross wasn't at the game last night. Danny Lennon was binned because after the cup win our form was horrific. At the time I didn't have a problem with the decision, when it transpired that Tommy Craig was his replacement then I had a problem.
  14. If Miranda Hart gets it I'm cancelling everything.
  15. Magic hat rumoured to be chucking his gig at Ibrox. Hope we aren't waiting for him.