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  1. I seem to remember Sutton coming on for Irvine against Morton to score the equaliser and Rae changing to 3-4-3. Who are the 3 in midfield? Hutton, quite rightly, has got a bit of stick this season for being pretty useless so I'm presuming he wouldn't be in the team?
  2. If he is signing a midfielder, wouldn't that be him fixing the imbalance of the squad? Sacking Rae is absolutely ludicrous talk. It's hilariously bad. Where has he stoutly defended his recruitment this summer? If the rumours are to be believed and he is looking to offload a defender in order to bring in a midfielder isn't that him admitting he is wrong? Why can't he play with 4 in the midfield with one of them being a defensive minded central midfielder? Hibs managed it. He has brought in some decent players, some guff ones too however every manager does. Had Quinn not got injured things would've been different and we may not have been having this discussion about the sudden imbalance of the squad - that's just the luck with injuries. Rae couldn't foresee that. Had Rae signed an extra midfielder instead of another striker and one of the strikers got injured leaving only 2, people would've been moaning about the lack of options up front. It's a lose-lose situation with injuries when you don't have the budget to stretch to a squad of 25 decent players. It's 3 weeks into the season, this knickerwetting is quite frankly horrendous. If it's that simple, you get in touch with Alex Rae with a deal completed for a defensive midfielder on terms and a contract that will fit in with our budget and improve the team. The answer is not Jim Goodwin who has all of sudden become some sort of world beater.
  3. We cannot afford to let Mallan go as we cannot afford a player of his calibre to replace him. We consistently produce a better standard of player than we buy in. Some of our best midfielders in recent times have been McLean, McGinn and Mallan all of whom have come through our youth system. Once Mallan leaves there is no way we would be able to afford any of the three. We lost Kenny McLean replaced him with Alan Gow. We lost John McGinn replaced him with Scott Agnew and Stuart Carswell. Talk of selling Mallan to allow us to get in replacements is crazy when his replacement will likely be half the player or if we are going by the last 2, no comparison at all. I'd far rather Mallan than 2 diddies, which is probably what we can afford. It's pretty evident that with Saints fans that we don't know what we have until they are gone.
  4. He threw the first one in. It's pretty much a carbon copy of the one at Livingston. Don't know why he is out there for the second one, he has far more awareness of what is going on in that situation however Baird should've punted it in to the stand. Gallacher is rubbish. Langfield is a far far better keeper. Langfield wasn't to blame at Raith, Webster hung Langfield out to dry by waddling back instead making any attempt to run.
  5. Replacing Langfield with Gallacher was a horrific choice.
  6. When is that reprobate, Barton, going to start discussing Rangers in the media instead of his boyhood heroes, Celtic? He's trying awfully hard to try to convince people he isn't a Celtic fan and failing miserably.
  7. Right you are... Quite the difference between appear to and claimed to mind you, this is obviously nonsense fabricated by you and passed off as some sort of source. £150,000 (at most, apparently) would be chased out the door along with the previous derisory offers.
  8. John Sutton hat-trick. 5-0
  9. With all due respect (absolutely none), I've read quite a few of your posts where you appear to have some sort of scoop and from what I remember it is always a load of shite.
  10. That penalty decision is absolutely baffling. Clear as day, no foul by Sutton either. Horrendous referee. In saying that it would've been an absolute travesty had we got anything from that game. 3-1 flatters us
  11. Ridiculous not giving the penalty for the Mallan challenge. Raith should be at least 3 up. The defence are making it so so easy
  12. St Mirren fans are both hilarious and clueless claiming Mallan would be no loss. Him going would currently leave us with a midfield of Hutton & Quinn, if anyone was to pick a midfield out of those 3 Mallan would be in every time. We don't have a replacement for him. If we get a ridiculous offer for him that would allow for reinvestment in the team then by all means give Mallan the option to move however saying he should be sold and the team wouldn't suffer as a result is shite and extremely unfair on Mallan. If I were Mallan I'd be sorely tempted to move on, and let's be honest if he wanted to he could easily engineer a move to a better team, and get it up the idiots amongst our support.
  13. Alan Fitzpatrick - we do what we want Everything I need and more in a tune
  14. Morton are a good team I think they deserve more credit than you are giving them here. 4-4-2 has worked for us, it worked against Rangers at home and barring fannying about at the back would've worked at ibrox. I see no reason to change, players need to perform better than Saturday and speed up the play. We are not a bad team and if the personnel suit this formation then we play to their strengths.
  15. It can work and I don't understand why you are writing it off after 1 game. We don't move the ball fast enough, all too often it's played to the centre of midfield and ends up back with defence instead of working it wide or forward. There has been really good link up play with the 2 strikers in each game as well. We do create chances - granted we were usless on Saturday. Morton played 4-4-2 on Saturday however moved the ball a lot quicker than us hence why they got at us easily in the first 30 mins. Mallan wasn't up to his usual standards so most of the time Hutton was chasing around. Hutton tries to much be like a Steven Gerrard type player and should really just stick to doing the basics and dirty work in midfield as I think he is more than capable of that. I think the full backs are more reluctant to get forward now, I had noticed in the league cup games that they very rarely get to the byline and instead of bombing down the line they will punt the ball in the box or play it back into midfield. With the 2 wingers we should be switching the play and moving the ball fast. Mallan tries this at times - when it goes wrong he is hounded - however we are horrendous for working the ball forward only to go backwards. The movement up front by Shankland in particular is pretty good and he does make good space for himself. I'd plough on with 4-4-2 however have the full backs pushing on more and helping the likes of Walsh, Morgan and Gallagher down the wings and have Hutton sitting in front of the defence. He has a tendancy to drift forward and leave us exposed, something Mallan can not and should not be relied on to do. On Saturday I'd go with Sutton and Shankland up front and Walsh in for Gallagher. I see no reason to go defensive on Saturday. Baird, in particular, got given the run around by a small, strong, quick player on Saturday. If we have other options avaliable for centre defence then I'd consider replacing him, if Raith have a similar forward to Morton, however I wouldn't be against Baird being in the team as he is a good defender for the most part.