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  1. If Miranda Hart gets it I'm cancelling everything.
  2. Magic hat rumoured to be chucking his gig at Ibrox. Hope we aren't waiting for him.
  3. Noticeable lack of headwear from Warburton as he made his way over to blame the referee for his teams inability to beat an Aberdeen side who quite clearly weren't up to their usual standards. Real shame that.
  4. Never a free kick. Glorious
  5. Andy Halliday's inability to make a decent forward pass is hilarious. Awful footballer and an absolute fud of a man
  6. This Garner character seems like a thoroughly unpleasant, diving, wee rat. He did the same in the old firm.
  7. Brilliant work by Sutton! He's come on leaps and bounds than when he was on Soccer AM. Derek Johnstone is a fool of a man & nothing more than a Rangers PR working on Clyde. I'm wondering how long it will take the Rangers fans to call for BT to be banned from Ibrox like they've done with the BBC... However I doubt they can afford to do that
  8. The clamber to bring back an ex-employee is embarrassing, whether it's Jim Goodwin, Danny Lennon or Gus MacPherson. They all left for a reason and haven't gone on to bigger and better things since, forget about them. Let's have someone with fresh ideas to re-energise this club. Jack Ross isn't the answer either.
  9. Too hasty a decision in my eyes. 6 games in & 4 managers in 2 years is ridiculous. I can't see the likes of John Hughes considering the job. St Mirren fans treatment of Rae has been completely shoddy. Imagine the seethe if a new manager comes in and plays 4-4-2. Might be an idea to give any prospective managers a 1 year deal from now on, might save us a fair amount of money.
  10. Imagine just how hurt true blue, billy boy & Rangers fan Andy Halliday will be after this loss. Tremendous.
  11. Rangers players & staff just jacking it in after the pasting they've taken. Glorious stuff.
  12. Kiernan had enough of a ragdolling for one day and decided to chuck it. Useless diddy.
  13. Joleon Lescott lololololol
  14. In Kiernan and Senderos you have got one of the worst centre half pairings in world football. It's laughable that Warburton didn't strengthen the defence over in the summer.
  15. I, in no way, champion everything that comes out our youth academy. However given the choice between Webster & Baird I think Baird is a better option. Webster has been nothing short of crap this season. We are forever leaking goals and his inability to run costs us. Baird has got potential, he is decent enough to be in the team now. I'd rather an young defender than someone who is nigh on done. Baird got given the run around against Morton earlier this season, as did Webster, and probably should've been sent off. In the games since I think he has performed reasonably well. I certainly don't see any reason for Webster to be in the team ahead of Jack Baird regardless of where they came from.