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  1. Warburton's 5-1 team put up a better fight than that team today.
  2. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. When Rae assembled his squad, there were not the above toys out the pram stuff about the squad. It was only once Rocco Quinn got injured and no replacement signed did the discontent begin. I thought him signing Clarkson for another year was, at the time, a decent move. I couldn't have been more wrong - he's woeful. You missed his worst signing that diddy, Gallacher. Making all these claims now is fair and well as we've all watched how it's panned out. Jack Ross improved the performances but not the results up until January. Since then the turnaround has been brilliant. Alex Rae is a useless manager, a dud. However no one was calling for his head last summer based on his signings. He's been squealing on the radio since that it wasn't his squad as he inherited some players. He's a shite manager.
  3. I'd be tempted to bring Storie in for Sutton and stick him on Andreu as the previous 2 games we've given him a free run.
  4. This is a golden nugget of complete shite. Kevin Bridges tours every 2/3 years maybe? Do you want one game of football every 2 years? Summer football is a hopeless idea. Nothing better than games at Christmas/New year. Couldn't care less about the national team, club football is fine and doesn't need changed. The League cup format change is good for the early part of the season. Stop greeting.
  5. If the first clip is a free kick then so is the second clip. At least Thompson is consistently shite with his decisions.
  6. No.15 for Falkirk best player on the park. Tremendous goal by McGinn. Never a foul for Falkirk's second Aird wasn't interested in the ball, he was half way down to the ground by the time Mallan got near him. Sutton was at fault for the first goal, the free kick was wildly over hit and no.15 dominated in every battle including that one. Keeper can't take the blame for that.
  7. Why would anyone want a player sold when they knew they were a decent player? Tony Andreu is the best midfielder in this division I'd have him ahead of McGinn & Forbes.
  8. Right wing. Drastic change in January has worked thus far for us, further change caused by Brexit can only strengthen St Mirren.
  9. Looking forward to this one, always enjoy games at Falkirk. Would take a draw and Jack Baird to punt Aird 10 feet up in the air.
  10. He's a decent player and got nothing in the way of service tonight. Instead of playing it into him the big no.3 was intent on scudding the ball straight out the park at every opportunity.
  11. Had a lovely evening. Special mention to Rory Loy and Jack Baird thought they were excellent. Amazing what Jack Baird can do when he doesn't have the crowd on his back. Morton's midfield were non existent. Thought Mallan was quite poor in the first half, played a couple of really good passes but all too often simple passes weren't getting there. Second half, he was tremendous along with McGinn. Stelios at full back - much better hopefully no more experiments with him on the wing. Great to drag Dumbarton back into it, hopefully ourselves and one of Raith or Ayr pick up enough points.
  12. It is a booking. Moaning about the referee is fair enough but moaning about a decision he got correct is ridiculous. Is the match officials earpiece just for show or do you think they might communicate through that? Not the referee's fault your player decided to be a tadger.
  13. Kenny McLean making Jason Holt look like the shite wee p***k that he truly is. Hilarious he gets a game.
  14. It was only last night that you "couldn't care less to be brutally honest". Yet I'm the one being precious. Quite. Having your leg broken or being spat at isn't cheating. You have no idea if the referee gave it on Loy's say so or not and neither do I. Either way it was a yellow card. Much in the same way as diving is seeking to gain an advantage, digging up the pitch to affect the trajectory of the ball is too. Yellow card for cheating. Mind games are fine. That wasn't mind games. I don't really see what is up for discussion here, your team were guilty of poor sportsmanship. We missed the penalty.
  15. He done it in full view of the linesman. Such cheating should not be getting discussed in the first place. Booking was spot on. It didn't excuse the penalty attempt.