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  1. Same way Mallan signed for Barnsley.
  2. Where has the suggestion of Smith come from? That would be a tremendous signing. He could do much better than Championship.
  3. Simon Murray gonna Simon Murray
  4. On behalf of all of those named above: Get it right up ye. Right up ye. Up ye.
  5. Think you can completely give up on the fantasy of Mallan going to Dundee, should've done so years ago. It would be as much of a waste of time now as it when when you put in that pathetic bid.
  6. We ran with Loy and Sutton since January with Smith being able to play across the front 4. 3 more strikers plus Sutton is far too much, that was one of the main gripes with Alex Rae's summer signings last year.
  7. It's been a while, dishwater.
  8. Davis would be a good signing however I wouldn't be against going with Baird & MacKenzie next season. Baird proved his worth once Davis got injured. He was the one player over the past couple months that didn't get the praise he deserved. Good news getting Eckersley signed, a solid left back in the latter part of the season. Will be interesting to see what happens with the right backs.
  9. Having the whole summer should allow the management team to complete a full search of LinkedIn instead of just the quick search carried out in January.
  10. Impossible. The two teams are heading into two entirely unrelated divisions next season
  11. What a day! Efe Ambrose was tremendous Also, get it up Alex Rae