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  1. Some amount of drivel getting spouted in here. It’s only May, the transfer window isn’t open & the fixtures aren’t announced yet we are to put pressure on Jack Ross. The season finished yesterday. He’s earned his right to talk to these other, bigger clubs. We just need to put up and concentrate on ourselves. I don’t expect Jack Ross to down tools while this is all going on. We could get off to a flier and end up losing Jack Ross in September. This is the best time for it to happen should Jack Ross leave. He probably will. The board have done the best they can by offering him an improved deal. All these calls for the club to make a statement and put him on gardening leave are nonsense and make us sound like the drama queens from Govan.
  2. Ideal! A young,enthusiastic manager learning from a wise old head.
  3. We need a manager with 2 first names again, no one else will do. Traditional first names, none of this Jackson or the likes pish.
  4. ICTFC 17/18

    Great move for Tom Walsh, Inverness played some excellent stuff last season. I doubt that will change next season, he'll be an asset to Inverness.
  5. Random Guy knows women, Random Guy knows everything. The Premiership is serious stuff. No more fantasy, no more laughs.
  6. Nonsense, he's earned the move. I think Ipswich is the job for him and we'll have to do quite a bit of a rebuilding job. I am resigned to him leaving this summer and probably this month. There's only so many times he can say no to a team down south. I'd fancy Jim McIntyre to take over when Jack Ross goes. He did a good job at Ross County and think it's been proven to be a poor decision in them getting rid of him.
  7. Martyn Waghorn’s dribbling ability from the halfway line should be enough to put Jack Ross off taking the job IMO.
  8. Real football tonight. No one is safe inside the ground. Wonderful advert for Scottish football.
  9. This isn't a beauty pagaent - I was referring to ability or lack of.
  10. Justice has been done. A team with Lee Robinson and Declan McManus should not feature in a televised game.
  11. Flynn has been a great signing since January. Can’t quite remember what game it was, might’ve been the Dunfermline game, but he was the best player on the park. He’s not the same type of player as Morgan or Smith who also play behind the striker but he’s a great option to have on the right. Him and Liam Smith played great together down the right in the latter part of the season. I think the signing of Flynn had a big contribution to our form from January on. He also kept Hippolyte out the team. We have no reason to doubt Flynn’s ability in the Premiership.
  12. Wee Jimmy Bell looking furious on the touchline there. Wonderful.
  13. You will struggle to see a worse performance at any level of football than James Tavernier has put in today.