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  1. A guy went for my mate before but didn't quite manage it as I hauled him back and no harm was done as he was thrown to the ground. I'd be useless in a fight however I would step in. I'm not worried about getting hurt, I'd obviously rather not nor would I go looking for a fight.
  2. Why? I'm sure his agent was doing a fine job of alerting clubs to the fact that there was a release clause. Why did Dundee not insist on a higher value for that clause if he was a £1 million player? £1 million for a player who has had one decent season is quite obviously a wild exaggeration.
  3. How hard will it hit you if you don't manage to get him? being in bits over a footballer leaving
  4. get it up ye!
  5. I, for one, could not give a f**k what Paul McGowan says at any point of any day anywhere.
  6. I'd agree with that. I think Rae has built a really good squad on paper, really hope he gets them going now. I would think we can put Saturday down as an off day. Irvine who is normally so reliable had a shocker, Morgan and Mallan were extremely quiet, Clarkson and Sutton had very little to go on. The options up front look really promising now. Shankland and Hardie both showed last season what they are capable of in this division. Hardie scored an excellent hat-trick against us last season. A couple of punts up the park resulted in two of his goals lets hope opposition defences are just as open as ours was that day and Hardie could score a load. Maybe we could see Shankland and Hardie starting up front this weekend given what Rae said post match on Saturday.
  7. Screamer. I quite evidently gave my foundation for my claim. Falkirk are the worst team I've witnessed for it. The game that springs to mind was 3-0 at your place, every single corner a Saints player was getting manhandled. It happened in the other games too, no. 44 is the worst offender for it. It wasn't a dig, it was an observation. I'm pretty sure I mentioned it in the match thread back then. Hamilton were guilty of it yesterday and saints were denied on obvious penalty, however as I said it doesn't surprise me one bit to see Falkirk getting punished for these fouls.
  8. Enjoyed watching Donati yesterday, didn't enjoy watching anything in a black shirt yesterday. Hopeless performance
  9. This has been a long time coming against Falkirk. I watched Falkirk defend corners against Saints last season and every game they were guilty of obvious fouls which should have resulted in penalties. It is possible to defend corners without grappling and throwing people to the ground. Houston should have a look at his team and the way he has instructed them to defend corners before throwing the toys out the pram about Bobby Madden. Falkirk are by far and away the worst team for these sort of fouls, it does not surprise me one bit that they are being penalised for it.
  10. True, hence why I called your team well organised.
  11. Let's hope those four can play a bit then. I think rotten is a very honest assessment of your team
  12. Good win, need to be scrapping wins in the league just like tonight. Ayr are a well organised team filled with rotten footballers.
  13. Good to see more attacking options coming in. I think Rae has a really tough choice at centre half this season. I thought yesterday Jack Baird was the best player on the park, aside from aiming punts up the park at Morgan instead of Sutton, he hardly put a foot wrong. Battled for every header, won more than his fair share and didn't look hesitant at all, probably the biggest criticism you could have had of him last season. His distribution was also pretty much spot on. I think we have the making of a tremendous centre half. Learning from the likes of MacKenzie and Webster can only be good for him as well. It would be a shame if Baird was to spend time out the team and I think on yesterday's showing Rae really cannot drop him.
  14. Andi Peters - tosser