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  1. Polar opposite of his performance against Livingston at home. No.10 had a field day that night, yesterday Buchanan gave him nothing. Took good command of the defence as he probably had to being the only centre half. Played a part in the second goal when set pieces were going to be our best bet going forward. It's one game but given the circumstances it was a very promising performance.
  2. Seeing those pics I think it might be a red given the ridiculous change in laws of the game. Tackling is just becoming a farce now. However, if Thompson is up to speed on those laws he should also be knowledgeable about the rules when a player receives treatment. Clueless buffoon. Buchanan was probably stand out player today. Didn't put a foot wrong and set up the second. Morgan, Smith and Reilly all had decent games too despite not seeing much of the ball. No.3 for Livingston was simply terrible. He gave up even bothering to attempt to tackle Morgan half way through the second half. The centre half on the other side wasn't much cop either.
  3. Thompson didn't get the memo. First Motherwell last week now us
  4. West coast of Scotland referee bias strikes again.
  5. The league & cup double is ours
  6. Those 30 people who complained should never attend a football game again. Cretins.
  7. I refer you to his twitter page.
  8. His haircut is unacceptable. Iced gem idiot.
  9. Best he'll perform all season
  10. Beautiful. I hope they cried themselves to sleep that night.
  11. Rangers look no better than last year. Another year of misery awaits.
  12. Rangers strikers are woeful, just as well they've got Waghorn to come back in next week. Alves looks pish just throwing himself into challenges in nothing areas and giving away free kicks every time.
  13. Grangemouth Bairn has shown themselves up to be a bit of an idiot both pre and post match. Firstly for getting so wound up by obvious wind ups suggesting St Mirren would wipe the floor with Falkirk and now suggesting there is a west coast bias from referees.