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  1. Decent draw for us although the type we would lose having won the more difficult tie, on paper, last round. Hope Morton scud them at ibrox
  2. Need to get another couple of wins, Falkirk are a good team. First half at the Falkirk Stadium in December and Saturdays performance should give us a lot of hope. It would be harsh to make any changes to the team who played yesterday unless they move on obviously. I'd take a draw.
  3. Garbage, absolute garbage. He looked comfortable at every corner, clean punches and not at all looking flappy. Best player on the park today. Second half especially he was everywhere. Very good win and decent performance. Worthy winners, Dundee were mince second half particularly. All 5 across the midfield were the particular standouts. Hopefully this will see Jack Baird back in the team permanently, I can see why Ross went with Webster after losing trust in Baird after the Falkirk game but he has to play along side MacKenzie. If anything I thought we could have had another 1 or 2 in the second half, didn't expect Dundee to be so poor. Clarkson was unlucky with his chance at the end, probably the first shot he has had since his goal at Hibs in October. Keeper looks a real find, night and day from Gallacher.
  4. This game has Thompson hat trick written all over it. You know it.
  5. We've been to Hibs and won this season, a better team than Dundee. We can win this, probably won't though.
  6. Good to see a new goalkeeper coming in. Hopefully that means another of Alex Rae's duds, in Gallacher, can get shipped out.
  7. Better than Gallacher. Setting the bar very low there.
  8. McMullan was throwing himself to the ground all day he caused his own problems, I thought Collum had a good game. Played advantage well a couple of times instead of giving a foul to Dunfermline. So while he did recognise the cynical (lol) challenges by Saints players he allowed Dunfermline the advantage. Also, Dunfermline had the better chances. It wasn't one sided. We had our fair share of chances.
  9. Alarming just how easy teams create chances against us and it seems to be a similar set-up. Most of Dunfermline's chances in the first half yesterday came from a ball in between the centre half and full back down either side. Same happened with QoS for their first goal. Full backs should be tucking in but we always have it where they defence is spread across the whole width of the park. I don't think it is solely the defences fault as they are usually man marking (or should be), the midfield are always caught out and opposition first to the ball. Yesterday Gary Irvine was left dealing with McMullan all on his own, granted McMullan done nothing with the ball, but a useful player would have had a field day. Similar to Naismith, who's opponent had more about him and caused problems.
  10. So 2 teenagers caused the ape-like reaction where Dunfermline fans were climbing all over each other in an attempt to get near the gate? You had just scored. Embarrassing all round.
  11. I was at the other end of the stand watching the game. I turned round when everyone else did. I have no idea what happened however having gone to the food kiosk not long after all this, what I saw was Dunfermline fans watching saints fans all the while the ball was down the other end akin to what they do at ibrox. Couldn't help but laugh as it's a game of football not gang wars.
  12. No, what was tragic was the reaction to this which wouldn't have looked out of place in the home end at ibrox. Climbing all over each other to get closer and achieve what exactly?! It was pathetic to see, at a football match which you were winning. It was like at ibrox where those who sit near the away corner go with the sole intention of watching the away fans and waiting for them to react to something on the pitch. Horrendous all round.
  13. Thought we were lucky to come away with a point today, got Langfield and no.9 being useless to thank for that. Good result and we were unlucky with a couple of chances but Dunfermline made far better chances in the second half. That miss in the second half makes you wonder if Gary Mac hadn't taken him down for the penalty and let him go on to shoot, we could've left with a win as his finishing was garbage. I thought no.8 for Dunfermline was everywhere in the second half, really impressive performance. Worrying to lose a couple of players to injury. Stories was quite busy in midfield I like the look of him. McAllister put in a good shift but he needs to improve his decision making when he's is in or around the box.
  14. Why so angry Dunfermline fans? Bit of a riddy getting that worked up
  15. Only time will tell but if there weren't changes to the squad this January then that would be more concerning. It might work out, it might not, in our situation it's a gamble worth taking. We can't get much worse. If we get rid of Clarkson (& Webster) then our squad quality would exponentially increase regardless of a replacement.