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  1. Smith and Morgan on the wings. Game will be ours.
  2. I'd far rather Friday night, Glasgow or Edinburgh than a Sunday or Saturday lunchtime/evening kick off. Ideally 3pm on a Saturday but bloody Alba have their mits on this much anticipated game obviously. Hope they announce it soon.
  3. Stephen McGinn loves scoring at Parkhead. 4-6-0 formation
  4. No chance. Clear foul he was backing into the keeper.
  5. Easy peasy. We'll be minted when we go down
  6. An away tie against against anyone but Celtic or Aberdeen please.
  7. Forbes' digs have been absolutely shite today.
  8. Morton left back as brutal as ever. Solid defence otherwise.
  9. Did I miss a sending off?
  10. Loyle Carner's new album is tremendous & from what I've heard of Rag'n'Bone Man's album that sounds like it could be quite the thing
  11. Time to embrace change, Elvis.
  12. Talking of Hampden, we'll be the only team that is currently in the Championship (providing Ayr survive the play offs) to play there next season. Not such a diddy team after all. With our current cup form I'd fancy our chances at Hampden.
  13. Quite. Ripping the pish out his own goalkeeper as well now.
  14. That would be true had I shouted anything at Carswell.
  15. Oh you don't like what I say so all of a sudden I'm incompetent? Dry yer eyes. He's crap and forever blaming other players. That is an honest assessment of Carswell's time in Paisley. I wasn't half as scathing of Kyle Hutton as most other St Mirren supporters heck I even had him as man of the match in a game we won. How does that fit in with your wee strop above?