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  1. Yeah, it's 4 years going from a test nation to associate (otherwise someone like Morgan could effectively play for both at the same time). The only time it isn't 4 years is from associate to test. In other news, Roy's dismissal today was the first instance of obstructing the field in international T20s. It was spot on as well.
  2. You are eligible to play for another test nation after 4 years from your last appearance, provided you meet the residency eligibility requirements. This doesn't apply when moving from an associate to a test nation though.
  3. That boy is utter garbage. Should be nowhere near a seat next year.
  4. And now Owen Moxon has done the same.
  5. Annan sweeping up all of the ex-Queens youth products. Dan Orsi and Owen Moxon signed there.
  6. France and Germany back in the calendar as well, which is nice to see.
  7. Just a suggestion, but is there no intention from the club to make use of facebook live or periscope for these types of events? It's entirely impractical for me to attend anything like it, but I would definitely sit and watch it if it was broadcast. It would also give those not there the chance to submit questions as well.
  8. 4, 3, 3, 1. Shouldn't have bothered.
  9. I dream of having a Volvo. My dad had a V70 then an XC60, the latter is easily the best car I've driven. So so comfortable.
  10. Oh dear...
  11. A 180 run win for Pakistan. That's an utter pasting!
  12. Booitsme annoyed the rest of the board, but never really posted about Queens.
  13. I saw you kick the ball out of play at least that amount of times, Lee, and I only got to 7 or 8 games!
  14. Your presumption is correct.