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  1. I've not read much about it, but I thought the proposal was for 8 'city' franchises, rather than counties? So they wouldn't be aligned to any particular county (although obviously sharing county grounds). I like draft systems generally, so I'm all for that.
  2. Very enjoyable. We're not a particularly rowdy bunch, and the game quietened everyone down even more by being so pish! As with most places though, everyone was very accommodating and friendly (even with its celebrating our 'goal' in the main stand). I feel your pain. We're exactly the same.
  3. Wife went up to bed a couple of hours before me and decided it was cold so put the portable radiator on. The room is now like a sauna. Window wide open to give it a chance to cool.
  4. What I would like to see: Atkinson Brownlie Dowie Higgins Carmichael Rankin Jacobs Thomson Thomas Dobbie Lyle But we'll probably be unchanged from Saturday. Away win.
  5. In Q2 Vettel was on course to go faster on his second run but backed off at the end so he didn't start the race on those tyres. I had thought about bringing that up with Hamilton's tyres, but it wasn't mentioned at all during the race, which I thought was odd.
  6. I think it must have been behind the line at the post. Look at the angle the ball moves away at from the line, and it's not like it was spinning a massive amount. It must have been behind.
  7. 3 of my 4 grandparents are still alive. My Grandad (Dad's Dad) died 10 years ago, when I was 15. I'm really close with my Mum's parents, and see them regularly. I see my Dad's Mum less often, though I really should make an effort to see her more often.
  8. I'm working today, which is not a RTBC, but it is the last weekend I will work for at least a very long time, hopefully ever.
  9. My view on both of these incidents is pretty much the same as this (although unsurprising given I had the same main stand view of it). Those around me seemed to think Thomson getting a yellow was harsh, my view was that it was minimum yellow card. It was one of those tackles that would have been seen as a good tackle 30 years ago, but you simply cannot dive in to a challenge like that in modern football and not expect to pick up at least a yellow card.
  10. Very boring race. The cars look great, but the lack of overtaking is pish. Mercedes (after Hamilton was being a whiny bitch about his tyres) made the wrong strategy call. I still expect that Hamilton will win the world title, he will qualify ahead of Vettel more often than not and there simply isn't that much scope for overtaking. A long boring season ahead.
  11. That is the worst game of football I've seen in a long time. If we're playing that formation, which suits the squad imo, we should play with more attacking wing backs.
  12. Until summer 2019. That is the worst 90 minutes of football I've seen in a long time. Raith are just as shite as us.
  13. Good to see Seb splitting the mercs, at least. We could have a proper title battle, finally!