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  1. F1 2018

    It's a shame it's only for this week. Race livery will be on it in time for the testing in Spain.
  2. F1 2018

    Haas are the first to reveal their 2018 car. Looks nice, the halo will no doubt standout more on daylight.
  3. The Queen of the South Thread

    We've never been top of league one.
  4. Reasons to be Cheerful

    One of the vending machines at my work never used to be able to cope with £2 coins. Would put one in and come away with about 3 cans of irn bru and £4 in change.
  5. Arnold Clark Horror Stories

    Not really though. I've bought 2 cars from them, and use them for most of my servicing, and never had an issue with them.
  6. The Queen of the South Thread

    On a Tuesday night? The total crowd won't be more than 1600.

    That game was incredible. Thoroughly enjoyed watching that. And f**k the patriots [emoji106] [emoji106]
  8. Out of the mouth of babes...

    We were in the car the other day, and the fuel light was on, but still plenty there. The wife comes out with "the engine sound like it's ran out of fuel". It was still running.
  9. The Cricket Thread

    Anyone play club cricket? I'm going back to it this year after giving it up when I was 16, 10 years ago. Looks like I'm getting my first taste of it in an indoor league game tomorrow night.
  10. League Leaders V QOS

    This is more interesting with the new signings we've got in this week. Would still take a draw.
  11. The Queen of the South Thread

    So Thomas playing here will benefit Killie, but Stirling playing at Dumbarton won't benefit us? At least be consistent with your logic.
  12. The Queen of the South Thread

    I'm quite happy with that. Decent business.
  13. Car advice

    I've had 2 Renaults over the last 9 years, I'm with Boghead ranter. Stay well clear.
  14. Car advice

    I agree, the LED headlights do seem a lot brighter. The rise in popularity of SUV style cars also plays in to this, as their headlights sit at the height of the windows on a smaller car.