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  1. I've refereed a game on that pitch at Falkland. Bizarre set up. Would like to go and play the course as well.
  2. Found his level now though. Plays amateur football in Dundee these days.
  3. Well done Sons. Barring some freak results next week, it's brilliant to see you here again next year. But as 19QOS19 says, you can forget about Dobbie, we're keeping him until he can't run anymore!
  4. It can be enjoyable because of the reaction it provokes from the opposition support. He's a twat, but it's funny as f**k.
  5. This happened with my neighbours car a good few years ago while they were away in holiday. Police disconnected the battery on it to stop it.
  6. I'd be happy for us to give them deals until January with an appearance based trigger for extension.
  7. They can try, but he won't go. He could have gone to a higher level in the summer but he's here because he loves this club.
  8. I'd play Atkinson Back 4 from the under 19s (they can't be worse at defending set pieces) Carmichael Jacobs Thomson Thomas Dobbie Lyle (if fit) If Lyle isn't fit then Hilson up top, or bring in Rankin and push Thomson in to a number 10 position.
  9. I have no idea how this all works, much research needed. Is the guy the Cardinals picked up any good?
  10. Dundee will be though.
  11. I like them both. I'm clearly in a minority on the away one though.
  12. *Cardinals [emoji6]
  13. Got Cardinals tickets. Excited now.
  14. Fucking booooo. 2/10