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  1. Week 14

    The bills game is fanatic viewing
  2. Dunfermline v Queens

    It's this season only. If you exclude the games we lost on penalties. So basically it's bullshit.
  3. The Cricket Thread

    I got up at 6 this morning with my kids, expecting I'd get to watch some of it. An absolutely pathetic capitulation.
  4. Week 13

    He has to be, he's been outstanding. Kamara and Ingram are on course to be the first RB pairing to both go over 1500 rushing yards in a season. Sean McVay is a stick on for coach of the year, the turnaround for the Rams from last season is mighty impressive.
  5. Week 13

    Rams humping the cards, again
  6. Parking fines

    Perth royal infirmary have a decent system. Parking is free, but you have to display a ticket in the 3 hour car parks, or a ticket and a slip that comes attached to your appointment letter for the 9 hour stay areas.
  7. Fairy Queens V The Highlanders

    Dobbie to score them both in a 1-0 home win.
  8. The Cricket Thread

    He's off to NZ to see family and practice. Puts him in a better time zone if he is called back in though.
  9. Week 12

    Fantastic end to the cardinals game. Expected to be beaten soundly, but played well. Great stuff from Gabbert to get in to field goal range at the end.
  10. F1 2017

    It really is awful. The old one was great.
  11. Thanksgiving Thursday 2017

    Enjoyed both of the games today. Chargers have been decent.
  12. The Queen of the South Thread

    We were full time in the cup final year, and I think more or less the year before as well, so this is our 11th or 12th season depending on where you start.
  13. NFL General Discussion

    Wouldn't be surprised if they pick one up in free agency, or trade for one, rather than bring in a rookie.
  14. NFL General Discussion

    Cardinals confirm that neither Johnson or Palmer will return this season
  15. The Cricket Thread

    If true, I think if England come out the first 2 tests no worse than 1 behind, then that boost would turn the series.