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  1. That is indeed correct.
  2. I came in to this thread expecting petty arguments about crowd sizes and the like. How disappointing. It never sits comfortably with me when the opposition fans are very pessimistic, I think I'd still be happy with a draw.
  3. Starts again this coming Friday. My boss and his family are the first lot up.
  4. I really don't understand what you're saying in your last sentence. Higgins and Guff were both very good players for us.
  5. The existing slip between saints and Tesco will still be there, I believe. It will join on to the new SB on slip. No road is going under the bypass, the structure they put underneath the road looks to be for drainage. If you look as you go by it now there is a big channel of water running through it.
  6. The NB off slip will stay the same, but the on slip will change. The existing slip will close and there will be a road from the current roundabout along to a roundabout at the new bridge, with an on slip on the other side of that. The SB off slip will move to before the new bridge, with a roundabout to a road that will cut across the existing on and off slips.
  7. They do indeed. The roundabout will be where the crematorium junction already sat.
  8. I think these are the key images that sum it up, all taken from the video on the council website.
  9. England win by an innings and 209 runs. An absolute hammering.
  10. 76-4 at tea. This will probably be over tonight
  11. I'd like to see a more attacking centre mid. That's the area I see us as weakest in an attacking sense.
  12. This one was purely to prepare England for the 2 day nighters they have in the winter. They reckon the next one in England won't be until 2020, if at all.
  13. West Indies 0-1 in the third over, Anderson with the wicket
  14. And Ali gone as well! That prediction went well [emoji23] Chance for Cook to carry his bat now
  15. With stokes about to come in, and Bairstow and Ali to follow, England should be looking at having 600 up by tea, weather permitting.