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  1. I'm trying some Innes and None tonight for the fitba.
  2. Drinking in the house can become a bad habit. I've found myself in some states just sitting in the house getting canned especially at the weekends if I wasn't going out.
  3. Wish I had a spare one
  4. I don't like predictions but i'll go for a 0-0 draw, no bookings, no sendings off and the crowd will be 5925 (1743 Falkirk fans). Dunfermline will miss a penalty and Hippo will hit the bar with a shot from the 18 yard line. At some point during the game the sun will shine and there will be some light showers.
  5. A few years ago I went 5 months without drinking as I was getting bad liver pains and the Doctor told me to lay off it. It's probably the best I have felt healthwise in years and I got my liver count back down to almost normal levels. On the whole I tried to avoid social occasions but the few I did go to I had c*nts holding their pints under my nose. I went to a local fitba teams player of the year dance and lasted an hour due to folk winding me up about not drinking. Eventually I just went back on the drink but this time I am determined to try and stay off it. When you tell folk on nights out that your not drinking they look at you as if you have some highly contagious disease.
  6. I'm the same I would never say I hate the Pars, I hate Celtic and Rangers. The blokes I work with who are Pars fans are good lads and the banter between us is good and well natured. I was through in Dunfermline a few years ago to see the Skids at the Alhambra. I was with a boy from work who is from Dunfermline and he thought it was hilarious telling all his mates in the pub that I was a Falkirk fan but everyone was brilliant and it was a great night.
  7. So you actually like us. That's really nice.
  8. Come on now, that's not fair. It means nothing to them. Stop being so needy [emoji16]
  9. That's actually quite a pc description. The worst I have heard involves a member of your family and licking a certain part of their body. It tastes the same but it's just not right. I would just stick to juice if I was in the house but I still want to be able to go on nights out and I couldn't drink juice all night. That was the only reason I asked how folk found them.
  10. Don't know I've seen plenty getting sent off from the bench.
  11. Jeezo Fash and Hippo will bounce off that big lad. Plenty penalties coming our way on Saturday. Hope Mr Beaton has his Ibrox red card with him, I've a feeling big JYMV might be on the receiving end.
  12. I see that John Beaton has been demoted from the Prem League this weekend after his showing at the H**s v Hibs game. They have decided to give him a nice wee friendly championship game to take the heat of him for a wee while [emoji16]
  13. I've now tried Becks Blue, Bavaria and Heineken and I agree. Heineken is definitely the best. When it's been in the fridge for a couple of days Heineken doesn't taste that far away from the real thing.