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  1. Gigs

    I love Low in High School so liked the set list but can see why loads have been underwhelmed by it. Saturday night in Glasgow was exactly the same with drunken bellends in the crowd.
  2. Brechin City v Falkirk

    Get in the Jak
  3. Gigs

    Seen a really decent Smiths tribute band in BTW, Falkirk last night. Frankly, The Smiths. Think they are from Glasgow, they are really good.
  4. Scottish Cup Quarter Final Draw

    Just glad to be in the draw. Will take anyone, hopefully a home draw though.
  5. Cove Rangers V Falkirk

    Think it's the morra night after the Aberdeen/United game
  6. Cove Rangers V Falkirk

    Feed the Yak and he will score
  7. Falkirk vs Brechin

    I'm sure there was 50 odd Brechin fans at the game. Got to be honest, I said to my mate on Tuesday night that is what you call real fans. To travel that distance on a freezing Tuesday night to watch your team who haven't won all season and have 4 points takes real commitment. Well done to each and everyone of you[emoji122][emoji122][emoji122]
  8. Liam Miller

    RIP Liam, such sad news
  9. Gigs

    Seen the Skids a few years ago in The Alhambra. Gig was fantastic but a bit too much black and white stripes on show for my liking [emoji16]
  10. Gigs

    Just bought weekend tickets for Party at the Palace. James headlining on the Saturday and Texas on the Sunday is excellent. Just 15 mins along the road from the house too is belting.
  11. Gigs

    A friend at work was at the concert they done in the Barrowlands with the paper mache heads and said its the best concert she has ever been to. Seeing them has been on my bucket list for yonks so i'll be a shaking wreck by the time 16th April comes round.
  12. Gigs

    Yeah, first time I will see them and I'm the same I cannot wait.
  13. Gigs

    Morrissey on 17th Feb, Arcade Fire and the Manics in April. ELO in October. Busy and expensive year so far.
  14. Gigs

    Went down to Newcastle to see James last summer and Peter Hook and the Light were the support. They were absolutely fantastic and the set was completed with Tim Booth coming on to do Love will tear us apart. Also seen them a few years back at The Liquid Rooms doing the complete Unknown Pleasure set, brilliant then too.
  15. The turnarounds vs the roundabouts

    Your Mathew Knox may be shite but no way does Craig Sibbald fall into that category.